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New Interactive Online Southern Youth Sailing Programs Directory

New Interactive Online Southern Yacht Club Directory

For the last five years, SOUTHWINDS has published in the April issue a list of the youth sailing programs in the southeast United States. We published them in April each year so that young sailors and parents had ample time to prepare for summer sailing camps. We originally started listing just the summer programs. Then we expanded it to include youth programs for the entire year, but we found it difficult to get the listings updated by March 1 for printing in April since programs weren’t always finalized by then. This year, I decided to create an interactive online directory. The advantage of the online directory is that organizations can create their own account and upload and edit it yearround, as seasons change and as programs change, plus list a lot more information. This service will be FREE to all non-profit organizations, with a small fee to all for-profit companies. The service will be up and running before April 1. We will email the organizations from last year and put their 2012 programs on the directory (marking them as 2012), allowing those organizations to “claim” their listing by registering an account. They will then be able to update their listing anytime. Every organization will also get its own page to expand its listing. They can run a small listing or a long one, even upload a logo and/or photos. These listings can be edited anytime. Organizations offering youth programs not printed in 2012 will be able to create a new account and post new programs. The area covered will be the southeast states where SOUTHWINDS is distributed: North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. We will also allow listings of programs in Tennessee, Arkansas, the Bahamas and the Caribbean. The directory will be accessed by going to our website and clicking the Youth Sailing Programs link. We will promote and advertise the directory monthly in the magazine. We will be looking for suggestions on developing and improving the directory.

SOUTHWINDS has always had an online Southern yacht club directory. It has only listed the name, city, state, website link and phone number. Along with our new youth programs directory, we will be expanding the club directory to make it interactive so that clubs can update changes and increase their listings to describe their club at length and upload logos and/or photos. Each club will also get its own page for expanded information. Clubs will be allowed to create an account and upload and change information as they see fit. We will post the current club information on the site and clubs will be able to “claim” an existing listing. The directory will be FREE. It will cover the same areas as the youth directory (see above). You will be able to access the directory by April 1 on our website. We will also be looking or suggestions for improvement.

North Carolina Charter Mini Cruising Guide in This Issue We published part I of “Bareboating in North Carolina” in the February issue, and at the end of the article stated that we would be publishing part II, a mini-guide to chartering in the state in March. Because of an error on my part, we did not get that in the March issue, so it is in this issue. Mike Alyea wrote both articles and did a great job on writing a guide to bareboating in North Carolina on page 36.

Boatyard Burnout After publishing a story on boatyard experiences in the February issue (“Surviving Boatyard Burnout” — available online in Back Issues), and then writing about my boatyard experience in the March issue, I am inviting others to send us their stories about boatyards. Send to

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