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some of the developments and sented at a special, limited-seating some of the planned innovations. dinner, instead of during a regular “We will have much better telsession. evision coverage,” he said. “The Ross Webb of Fort Myers’ Edison technology will be outstanding. Sailing Center was honored for his “Each boat will have tracking outstanding outreach and inclusion devices and we will use helicopters efforts. Last year, he and his wife, to monitor the races.” Stephanie, were recognized for an On a regional note, Cathy Potts outstanding community sailing of the New Orleans’ Southern Yacht program, an organization that they Club, and Danny Killeen of the Pass have directed for 30 years. Christian (MS) Yacht Club, were on Community Sailing Award winners (from L to R): The Downtown Sailing Center in a panel that discussed preparation Mark Naud, interim executive director at Lake Baltimore, MD, won that award at (and recovery) from a natural disas- Champlain Community Sailing (accepting More Than this symposium, and the Clearwater ter. Hurricane Katrina’s name came 10 Years of Hallmark Performance); Kate Neubauer, Community Sailing Center, which outgoing executive director of Lake Champlain helped host the NSPS, was recogup several times. Meka Taulbee of Sailfit in Community Sailing; Rachael Miller, winner of the nized for its “Camp Awesome” in Virginia Long award; Jen Guimaraes, winner of Clearwater talked about fitness Creative Innovations in Programming. the outstanding adaptive communitraining programs for junior sailors. ty sailing program. Rich White and Bonnie Monroe, also of Clearwater, disThe outstanding organizational support award went to cussed the ups and downs of an autistic sailing program. the Caloosahatchee Marching & Chowder Society, Cape White and Ken D’Agostino of Sarasota were part of a Coral, FL.   panel on how to create visibility in government and business. Jane Pimental of the New Bedford (MA) Community It was entitled, “Making an impact in your community.” Sailing Center was honored for her excellence in instruction. Jon Faudree, Jacksonville University’s new sailing Pimental used to coach youth in both Sarasota and Venice coach, served on a panel that covered using existing equipuntil a year ago when she returned to New England. ment for a variety of projects.    The outstanding year-round program director award As always, one of the symposium’s highlights was the went to Greg Fisher of the College of Charleston in South annual community sailing awards. This year, they were preCarolina.

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