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BOATYARD BURNOUT — SEND US YOUR STORIES We really enjoyed the “Surviving Boatyard Burnout” story in the February issue. Anyone who has owned boats for a long time and done their own work in a yard has “been there, done that” at some point. Those of you who are new to the life and think Jay and Lindsay’s experience is an exception— and “it won’t happen to me”—be ready for a surprise! A big thanks to them for sharing their story, and kudos for persevering and getting out and enjoying the cruising lifestyle. Fair winds, Jay & Lindsay! Jeff Grossman and Jean Levine Two Can Sail (sailing instruction)

FREE SERVICES? FOR REAL? Re: “Free Services” March 2013 “Letters” Can you tell me the law Capt. Jay cites that provides for free water, toilets and trash? You see, I just paid my monthly city utility bill when I picked up my latest issue. It runs about $80 a month here in St. Augustine, even though we often use around the minimum amount. Perhaps next month I could just cite Jay’s law. I also pay around $300 per month toward property taxes. Seems like some of that must go toward all these “free” services? Jeff Goff St. Augustine, FL Jeff, Can’t say I can quote the laws as I am not quite sure they exist. I do know that public bathrooms are provided all around the country at parks, community buildings, etc. Boaters need to go as much as most people, as far as I know. Same with water, but boaters do need a little more than that provided by a public drinking fountain. I don’t see a problem with offering these services “free” to boaters to a limited extent. Many people don’t like it as they think they are freeloading, but I think that’s a ridiculous supSee LETTERS continued on page 10 News & Views for Southern Sailors

AS HURRICANE PROOF AS YOU CAN GET Locks on Both Sides — Minimal Storm Surge – No Tides 11 Miles West of Lake Okeechobee on the Okeechobee Waterway Stuart


Moore Haven

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Jeff and Jean, I enjoyed it so much that I wrote an editorial about my first—and my most memorable—experience in a boatyard. Just writing it brought back fond memories of my times in boatyards. I didn’t mention that some of my best experiences in boatyards were the people I met, who were all great. Maybe it’s because we were all in the same boat—so to speak. But I always learned a lot from people about how to do things, and in the boating world, there’s always more to learn. After thinking about it, I am hoping that others will send us stories about their boatyard experiences. But they don’t have to be burnout stories, as being in a boatyard, even with all the surprises in extra money and labor that come with boatyard work, they are all part of the “messing about boats” world that we all enjoy. Editor


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Lake Okeechobee

★Glades Boat Storage

La Belle Ft. Myers


Haul Outs: $2 per ft haul Storage Rate: $3.60/ft Work Area Rate: $17/day-$15/day — for project boats after 2 months in work yard Pressure Wash Rate: $1.50/ft for single hull & $1.75/ft for cat

24-HOUR, 7 DAYS A WEEK WORK YARD ACCESSIBILITY • Owner-operated by boaters for boaters • 8’ deep channel off the Waterway in freshwater section (for engine flush) • 40-ton lift — boats up to 16’ 6” beam • Dry storage at $4.50/foot per month • Crane Service • Auto/RV/Trailer Storage • Hot Showers!

GLADES BOAT STORAGE 2152 Boat Yard Rd. • Moore Haven, FL 33471 OFFICE PHONE: 863.983.3040 AFTER HOURS/WEEKENDS: 941.722.7722



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