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Wheelhouse™ High-Density Mobile Storage System Wheelhouse™ High-Density Mobile Storage System steel carriages feature an exclusive modular design with the flexibility and durability to satisfy today’s storage needs. Welded, bolted and riveted construction provides an economical high-density mobile storage system that allows for future expansion and minimizes overall installation time. Carriage Section for Wheelhouse High-Density Mobile Storage System shown with Floorless Anti-Tip Rail)

Carriage Side Profile Front Wheel Housing

4-Post Shelving Upright Post

2 1/8" (54 mm) Shelving Post Recess

Floorless Anti-Tip Rail

Existing Floor

BENEFITS 1. Wheelhouse design allows for maximum use of vertical storage space. Bottom shelf is just 4 1/4" (108 mm) from the top of rail. 2. Interchangeable carriage wheel housing design allows for future growth and reconfiguration. 3. Unique 2 1/8" (54mm) shelving post recess adds to overall unit strength and mobile shelving stability. 4. Wheel housings available in 37 different widths, permitting optimal storage space planning with Spacesaver 4-post or case-style shelving and accessories. Back-to-back shelving options available. 5. Modular construction without the need for cross-bracing allows for easy installation. 6. Optional in-rail anti-tip feature adds tip-over protection.

DESIGN AND CAPABILITIES The highly modular carriage is constructed of heavy gauge welded steel wheel housings with their own internal, shelving support plates to insure load support, carriage squareness and rigidity, without the use of cross-bracing. This design ensures easy carriage operation under cyclic load stress.* The carriage sections are joined together through the utilization of 7-gauge steel shelving support plates and 14-gauge side profiles. The modular carriage side profiles provide connection points that secure the recessed shelving post to the carriage. This design allows easy installation, future expansion in all directions and/or relocation. The optional in-rail anti-tip, which is attached to the movable carriage, secures the carriage to the rail. All these modular features create the uniqueness of the Wheelhouse Mobile Storage System.

*Cyclic load stresses are the weight and forces placed on all parts of a mobile system as it cycles back and forth and as it rests. The force of movement combined with the weight of the stored materials is transferred to the storage housing and down the storage housing’s vertical members to the carriage, represents the cyclic load stress on the carriage. From the carriage, the load is transferred to the bearing/axle/ wheel assembly where it becomes a point load that is then transferred to the system’s rails, and finally floor. S t o r a g e

S o l v e d®

TECH DATA C a r r i a g e S y s t e m s

APPLICATION Wheelhouse™ High-Density Mobile carriages are designed for dual flange guidance systems and are compatible with Spacesaver powered, mechanical assist and manual systems. In-rail anti-tip is included when required. Compatible with non-grouted floorless rail, grouted rail with raised floor and ramp, and grouted recessed rail. Anti-drift brake is standard on mechanical assist systems with floorless rail.

Connecting Shaft

Shelving Support Plate

Shelving Upright Post

Wheel Housing

Carriage Side Profile Wheelhouse High-Density Mobile Carriage Section

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS WHEELHOUSE CARRIAGES: Carriages shall be a maximum 750 lbs. (1,116 kg) per lineal carriage foot (meter) capacity. Wheel housing shall be constructed of 12-gauge steel and include two welded shelving support plates of 7-gauge steel. Carriage side profiles shall be constructed of 14-gauge steel and shall contain four rivets and four bolt holes with which to secure shelving upright post to the carriage. Carriage wheel housings, carriage side profiles and shelving shall be powder coat painted from manufacturer’s standard colors. Specifications are subject to change. Patent Pending.

All carriage wheels shall be precision machined and 3" (76 mm) in diameter. All carriage wheel housings shall be joined together by a full-length 1" (25 mm) diameter tube connecting shaft. All wheels shall have two permanently lubricated and shielded ball bearing assemblies with spacers on both sides of all wheels to minimize friction between wheels and carriage. [Anti-drift clutch brake assemble shall be provided on mechanical assist carriages installed on floorless rail.] [Powered carriages shall be provided with a 90 VDC motor.]

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