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University Growth annual report 2015–2016

Office of University Advancement President Dr. Ken Shaw Vice President for Advancement Tami Condon Director of Alumni Vonda Seals, ‘87

annual report 2015–2016

Director of Development Dean Waterman Director of Marketing & Public Relations Darcy Force, ‘04

We appreciate the loyal alumni and friends whose contributions of time and money to Southwestern Adventist University exemplify commitment to making a difference in the lives of our students. This annual report recognizes gifts received between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016. Pledges and commitments for gifts scheduled to arrive in the future are not included in this listing.

Table of Contents Nursing Grads in the Workforce.................................................. 5 Giving Circles.................................................................................. 7 Enactus Team Goes National........................................................ 9 Sustaining Members.................................................................... 10 A Fresh Outlook.......................................................................... 12 Raising the Roof.......................................................................... 13 Southwestern Legacy.................................................................. 17 Memorial Scholarship................................................................. 18 Mizpah Society............................................................................ 19 New Endowment......................................................................... 20 A Different Perspective............................................................... 21 Rankings....................................................................................... 22 Alumni Giving............................................................................. 24 Alumnus Gives to Nursing Building......................................... 28 Corporations & Foundations..................................................... 29 New Staff for University Advancement.................................... 30 Faculty & Staff Giving................................................................. 32 Big Dreams Become Reality....................................................... 33 University Friends....................................................................... 35 Upcoming Initatives.................................................................... 37

Photography courtesy of Caressa Rogers and SWAU Department of Marketing and Public Relations

Year in Review: Highlights & Awards Highlights Riding the Air Waves- KJRN The Journey is the campus-based station, reaching over 85,000 weekly listeners in the DFW area and just recently ranked #20 out of the top 50 Christian stations in the nation. A new tower was installed, increasing the reach by more than 300,000. Digging for Dinosaurs- As a result of the Dinosaur Research Project, begun in 1997, a Dinosaur Science Museum will be built Fall 2016. The bottom floor of Scales Science Hall will be renovated. The space currently holds more than 20,000 dinosaur bones excavated by faculty and students from a bone bed in eastern Wyoming. You can view the bone collection at Going Green- The Committee of 100 Cafeteria went to a tray-less system to save water and energy. The resulting savings in food,

energy, and water costs created a 17% net gain for the department. You Asked, We Listened- The Fire Science program (A.A.S.) provides an associate degree and a variety of certifications. The first class graduated from the program in May 2016.

Awards The Enactus Team won the Enactus Regional Competition and placed as a finalist at the Enactus National Expo, placing them in the top 10 percent nationwide. The Film Production class won Best Student Comedy Short at the Lionshead Film Festival in Dallas for their short film The Prepper, under the direction of awardwinning professor Kyle Portbury.

The Marketing Department won Best in Class for Best Promo Video (I Choose) and Best in Class for Story-telling Video (The Dinosaur Research Project video).

Students and Faculty • Our retention rate is 73%. • Our students come from 31 states and 32 countries. • Enrollment for 2015-2016: 790 • 61% of our faculty hold doctorates.


of our recent graduates in biology, computer science, math, education, English, music, and theology are employed or in grad school

Business Strategy Competition— Student team tied for 1st place worldwide. annual report 2015–2016


2016 Nursing Grads in the Workforce


f there is one question that most new graduates cringe at hearing it is, “What are your plans after graduation?” Thankfully many in my class, the nursing class of 2016, can answer with, “I have a nursing job!” It is beyond exciting and rewarding to have four years of hard work come to fruition in the form of a job. The Southwestern Adventist University Department of Nursing has the privilege of sending their students to two magnet hospitals, a level one trauma center, and other hospitals with trauma, stroke, and cardiac designations for clinicals, which is the nursing equivalent of an internship. Not all nursing schools have access to such top-notch hospitals. This amazing privilege has allowed a large portion of the graduating class to have jobs even before graduation. I personally have been blessed with a position in the ICU residency at a level one trauma center. Of the 25 residents accepted into this program, five of them are graduates of


southwestern adventist university

Only 25 residents were picked (out of 10,000 graduates state-wide) and 5 of them were Southwestern 2016 graduates. Southwestern’s 2016 nursing class. Texas produces about 10,000 nursing graduates a year. In addition to my ICU residency, three are in the Neuro Progressive Care Unit and another is in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The rest of our class has jobs in a variety of hospitals. One student placed in another residency program in an ICU located in Fort Worth (where two 2015 graduates currently work), another was accepted into a residency in downtown Dallas, and two have jobs in hospitals in Waxahachie, one of which will be working in the emergency department. It is rare for a new graduate to get into the ER department right out of school. Several graduates will be starting at Texas Health Huguley Hospital in the Progressive Care Unit, another will be starting an operating room nurse residency in Dallas, and another will begin as an emergency room nurse at a children’s hospital. This is only a short list of those who have been blessed with jobs immediately after nursing school. If there is one thing that nursing school showed us it is that the job market is very competitive. But something that we as a University and student body have been blessed with is a good reputation. “Texas Health Huguley Hospital is excited about the partnership with Southwestern Adventist University,” says Tammy Collier, Vice President for Patient Care Services. “Students and our clinical teams work together to develop clinical skills and professionalism in nursing. We believe this partnership encourages growth on both sides and prepares new nurses as a part of an active and participative team member. We are lucky to have this alliance.” Competitive hospitals are asking for our graduates to apply and come work for them because they know that a Southwestern Adventist University graduate is not

only qualified, but also has a heart for service.

Author Tiffany Falcon (pictured this page, far right) is a 2016 nursing graduate and an ICU resident in Dallas. annual report 2015–2016


2015–2016 contributions totaled $10,000+

President’s Council Anonymous (three donors) Jeff S. & Nichole Bromme Mariano & Sally Chavez Laurice Durrant Randall & Debra E. Fowler Ray Halbritter Jeff Hannes Alta Sue Hayes & Ben Chambers James K. Hopps

C. Lynn & Brenda Keith John D. & Barbara Koobs Heber & Beth Lacerda Kuk-Wha Lee & Daniel Won Guillermo R. & Angela J. Pechero Cherub R. Reeves Grace Thomsen Estate Ken & Ann Shaw Daniel & Joyce* Zacharias

*deceased 8

southwestern adventist university

2015–2016 contributions totaled $5,000–$9,999

2015–2016 contributions totaled $2,500–$4,999

President’s Fellows

President’s Associates

Enga Almeida David Barkley Jeff D. Decocq Howard & Sherry Dudley Peter D. & Phyllis A. Durichek Kenneth A. & Pamela D. Finch Edmund L. & Ginger A. Fry Anne S. Goorhuis Raymond & Marilyn Herber Edward A. & Judy L. Laue Jea H. Lee Steve R. Nelson Evan C. & Sheree P. Nudd Dan & Jean Petr Henry & Verna R. Reid Jorge & Zaira S. Rico Donald D. & Mary A. Ross J. Barry* & Joni Siebenlist Charles A. & Nancy Sims Scott Stewart Timothy & Susan K. Szutz James H. & Cheryl The Travis T. & Kim D. Tubbs

Bruce & Audrey Anderson Oscar D. & Amparo Becerra Donnie H. & Michelle C. Beeson Roy V. & Leona Berglund James H. & Alice M. Capps-Hudgins Galyn & Joyce E. Cyphers Don & Terri Gibson Thomas & Gail Hazelwood H. Cecil & Mary E. Hopps Robert J. & Sylvia Hosteter Deryl & Linda G. Knutson Karl & Esther M. Konrad Russ & Jeanne Laughlin Valerie E. Liggett C Y & Ruth A. Liu Wesley and Gigi Marquart Norman* & Irene Martin William J. & Elizabeth J. McCracken Dennis & Kathryn McMullen Daniel E. & Karyn Mertz Dan & Jean Petr George P. & Dorothy J. Saxon Ron & Pamela H. Spivey Winston B. & Ingrid Stanley Rick W. & T’resa A. Weaver Wayne & Lela D. Williams Verlin Yoder *deceased annual report 2015–2016


Enactus Team Goes National


outhwestern Adventist University’s Enactus team placed as a semiquarter finalist at the Enactus USA 2016 National Expo in St. Louis, MO, for the second year in a row. The win places them in the top 10 percent nationwide of university Enactus teams. They also placed as finalists in two topic competitions, for which they won cash prizes. “The opportunity to participate at the national exposition is a great chance for students to highlight the work they’ve done during the year,” says Enactus sponsor, business professor, and alum Ana Patterson. “Placing at the national level validates all of our efforts to work on projects that improve our local and global community. It inspires our team to work harder to improve our existing projects and find sustainable solutions to new problems through entrepreneurial action.” The University Enactus team presented on 4 of their 5 yearly projects, consisting of Business in a Box, Cleburne Thrive, Beeyond Design, and Rez Refuge. The title of the presentation was “Pause, Engage” as it focused on creating opportunity, action, and progress within the community by taking a moment to pause and engage. With a total of 58 active members, the team was able to fund a total of $12,206 in community projects and impacted nearly 3,500 individuals. The competition trail began in April when twenty-nine Southwestern students travelled to the Enactus Regional competition and job fair in Dallas. The competitions are challenging, team-oriented events that create a sense of accountability and motivation for teams to continually improve the quality of their community projects. In total, 18 colleges and over 200 students participated in the regional event. Wal-Mart, the presenting corporate sponsor, interviewed and extended written job offers to seven students. Of those, three were Southwestern seniors.


southwestern adventist university

2015–2016 contributions totaled $1,000-$2,499

Sustaining Members Anonymous William M. & Mary L. Adams Michael E. & Wanda Agee Raymond E. & Jean A. Alway Bruce Anderson David & Isabel Anderson William A. & Yvonne Baker Danny C. & Nina Ballenger Laurence & Mary Banks Kiff W. & Traci R. Barker David & Wife Barkley Duane & Sharon Barnes John & Georgana Barrett Christine C. Baskin William E. Boston Annette Bowyer David E. & Lilly A. Brain Mark Brooks F. Kenneth & Betty J. Brown Thomas G. & Lynda Bunch Neil & Leah Buthorne Randall R. & Doris F. Butler Beth Carlson Joseph & Clara L. Cavallaro Lee-Roy & Nelva Chacon Robert G. & Vivian B. Cooper Jason Crawford Jaime & Pat Cruz Ian D. & Jan Curnow Phil K. Dalgleish Johnson Dellosa Jerry & Joan Denny Renard K. & Jayne A. Doneskey James A. & Marcia L. Dyche Marc & Carolina Elysee Michael & Lorene England Marvin Faudi

Todd & Melinda M. Goodman Scott & Susan Grady Robert & Loa Hagelgantz Dale E. & Deb Hainey Barbara R. Harsany Dennis R. & Mary K. Haslam Shaun Hayes Gary & Betty A. Heinrich George W. & Marjorie M. Hilliard Clem G. & Phyllis E. Hobbs Edmund F. & Krisha Hodge Sallieann Hoffer Franklin R. & Bonnie R. House Larry R. & Carolyn L. Howerton Donald L. & Sharon Jernigan Cleo & Shirley Johnson Rafal Toczylowski & Ewanah D. Johnson Winsome Johnson Carl & Emelia E. Johnston Adam & Margaret Kerbs Ronald H. & Kerrie Kimbrow Willfried & P. Dian Kowarsch Heber & Beth Lacerda Joseph & Louise Laughlin Ron & Mary Alice Layland E. Charles & Tami Lewis David & Heather D. Lorenz Frank B. & Maxene F. Lovell Ornon A. & Lois Madison Debbie Manasco Arturo & Angie Marquez Benjamin & Callie McArthur Peter & Amy McHenry Roger L. & Kathy Mekelburg

Each practice room in the Mabee Center features sevreal beautiful photos of instruments taken by students.

Larry L. & Judith Miles Gordon A. & Julie Miller Wayne & Shannon L. Mitchell Leroy A. & Angelia K. Montoya Larry R. & Jeannine Moore Lawrence F. & Lilianne Moore Danny & Lisa D. Myers Stuart L. & Lillie Nelson Aline L. Nolan Patricia A. Norwood Tom & Belinda O’Neil Stephen & Micki D. Orian Yddo & Mary Ortiz John M. & Kathryn R. Page Ruben D. & Christina Pechero Orlando J. & Merlyn Perez Audrey F. Phinney Michael P. & Kristin Priest Cesar A. Puesan Wayne E. & Mary Ellen Pundt Arthur A. & Marsha Rasmussen Donald L. & V. Marie Redwine Charles N. & Kristi Reeves Cherub R. Reeves Susan Reeves Emily Reynolds J. Carlos Ribeiro Alfred J. & Joy Riddle Dan E. & Jeannie Roberts Jimmie R. & Carolyn Rogers Wilbert A. Roth Stanley E. & Laura E. Rudisaile Brady D. & Debra K. Rusk Joe & Narcissa Saladino Manford L. & Dixie F. Sandefur Lillie Belle Sanders Joseph R. & Luz A. Seboek

annual report 2015–2016


Sustaining Members continued Tony W. Seery Jonathan M. & Cinthia M. Seitz Timothy L. & Janet G. Sellers Lane & Renee Sensabaugh Dan & Louis Serns Brian E. & Rachelle K. Sicher Torrence & Barbara Simons Lowell N. & Shirley Smith Michael V. Smith Robert N. & Karen J. Smith Wanda R. Smith Jerrod M. & Danae Songy


southwestern adventist university

Ingo & Nancy E. Sorke Richard & Olga Spaulding Steve & Beverly Stafford Cristina M. Thomsen Max A. & Betty A. Trevino Travis T. Tubbs John Turman Gerald & Beverly Ullrich Lolita Valdez Alfredo & Sonia Vergel Douglas & Ruth Walker G. Joel & Patricia J. Wallace

Mark Wallace Ellsworth & Barbara N. Wareham Russell T. & Angela L. Weaver Randall L. & Elizabeth White Fairris D. & Sharon Wicker Joe & Cheryl E. Wolowsky Andrew P. Woolley III Brady K. & Laura Wright Randy R. & Joyce Annette Yates Periza Zaninovic Valerie J. Ziesmer


A Fresh Outlook - Plant Updates

rom the moment she stepped on campus, Mrs. Ann Shaw wanted to do her part to enhance the campus life experience. Together with the campus maintenance department, Mrs. Shaw has updated many of the buildings on campus with minor repairs, new carpet, and new paint. The campus now sports a fresh upgrade that took a lot of hard work but didn’t break the bank. She wasn’t done there though. Mrs. Shaw wanted to highlight student art so she worked with many students on different projects including oils, acrylics, and photography. The halls in most of the buildings across campus are now graced with both student art and some of her own art as well. These updated spaces, such as the Mabee Center (below), now encourage artistic expression and collaboration while the unique 2d paintings in the Scales Science Hall feature chemical and biological elements. The result is a fresh, bright, and upbeat facelift to the campus.

In addition to leading renovation crews and painting her own works of art, Mrs. Shaw (pictured far right) bakes thousands of cookies several times a year for all of the students, including for the first assembly of the year. She even includes vegan and gluten-free options. Additional pieces of art, now featured in campus facilities, are scattered throughout the Annual Report. Pictured top: Mrs. Shaw and student Andre Doneskey present his new painting. Mrs. Shaw asked him to do a painting to represent our theme this year, UKnighted - so Andre mixed in knights, the round table, and being united in our missions with Christ. Right: the renovated lobby of the Findley Administration Building. annual report 2015–2016



southwestern adventist university

Raising the Roof, and our Test Scores N

ursing students from Southwestern Adventist University are continuing to gain a significantly positive reputation in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Because of this, the program is bursting at the seams. You’ve probably heard by now about the campaign for the new nursing building. But have you heard why the program is growing so quickly? New scholastic and community initiatives have been implemented in the Southwestern Nursing Department. As a result, Southwestern students are ranked as some of the most well prepared nurses in the nation. Nursing graduates across the United Sates are given a National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) to determine if a new nurse is safe to begin practice at an entry level. The ability for nursing students to pass this exam on the first attempt is a marker of an institution’s quality. In 2016, the National NCLEX average pass rate across the nation was 84%. Southwestern Adventist University outperforms most nursing schools with a pass rate of 97%. Within the State of Texas, there are 113 Schools of Nursing. Southwestern Adventist University ranks in the top 10% at number 10 out of 113.

“In the United States now, medical errors ranks number three for cause of deaths,” says Dr. Sallieann B. Hoffer, Chair of Nursing. “That’s scary. We have to work together as faculty to change those statistics and make our students as safe as possible by the time they leave us.” Nursing students are now offered extensive NCLEX test preparation. Kaplan, an exam preparation company, offers a live four-day review on campus. In addition, each nursing student receives Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) exam preparation software. This software provides practice exams and simulations. Since implementing these tools, Southwestern has seen a 20% increase in NCLEX test scores. In the classroom, students are encouraged to actively participate in learning.

Southwestern adventist university nursing department ranks in the top 10% in the state of texas.

They focus on evidencebased projects, applicable to professional work after graduation. Professors often team-teach class to provide more expertise on a subject. The majority of Southwestern Nursing Faculty members are educated at the doctorate level with a wide variety of specialties. “What makes Southwestern so unique is that our professors not only have outstanding credentials, but they are guided by Christian standards and possess a heart to serve others,” says Hoffer. “The nursing professors give so tirelessly in order to ensure the students success.” Several new faculty members recently joined the Southwestern Nursing Department. Fay Foreman arrived in August. She is a neo-natal nurse practitioner with a master of science in nursing. Hoffer joined the nursing faculty in January. In addition, Dr. Terri Gibson joined the faculty last year and is now leading students in a new community initiative called Wellness Counts. “Wellness Counts is a partnership with Texas Health Huguley Hospital, the Keene Seventh-day Adventist Church and the Southwestern Nursing Department to address community needs,” says Gibson. “It’s one thing to learn about your health, but it matters that you make changes annual report 2015–2016


so you can be healthier and stay out of the hospital.” In addition to Wellness Counts, Southwestern nursing students are incredibly involved in the community. In the last year, they offered a clinic at the Keene Business Expo, volunteered with Meals-onWheels, gave a bone-marrow drive, went on a mission trip to Nicaragua, and more. “We are super proud of our students and faculty for holding the bar high,” says Gibson. From the NCLEX to community outreach, Southwestern nursing students are taught to be caring and professional nurses. The new nursing facility will enable Southwestern to attract students who desire to attend


southwestern adventist university

a school where state-of-theart equipment is used that simulates real-life situations in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and clinics where they will work. Nursing students already account for a quarter of the University’s total enrollment and the major continues to be one of the top draws for local Johnson County students. With all of this growth in the department, the urgent need for the new Nursing and Administration Building increases. Nursing department classes are spread out between four buildings but space is still cramped. The new building will provide space for growth and the latest in technology. Southwestern students and staff have been witness to one miracle after another

From the nclex to community outreach, Southwestern nursing students are taught to be caring and professional nurses.

Page 12: Two nursing students practice procedures on a new-born medical manikin. Photo, left: The latest rendering of the Nursing & Administration Building. Top photo: Two nursing students practice admitting a patient in the simulation center. Above: Nursing faculty Jean Alway teaches a student to run an IV on a medical manikin.

as University alumni and friends allowed God to answer prayers for this project through them. In a three week span, a total of $4.2 million in gifts came in for the new building. What a testimony of God’s power for our students! As of this printing, $9.7M has been donated, with another $4M given in pledges! Administration anticipates this amount will cover all the construction, architectural costs and other fees. Funding is still needed to cover the furnishings and equipment. It is anticipated that construction of the new building will commence Spring 2017 and the grand opening of the new building will take place prior to the beginning of the 2018 fall semester. As

the new building begins to rise up out of the ground, it is a testament to God’s providence, and the commitment of hundreds of donors to Southwestern Adventist University, and its students. “I am overwhelmed by the response. We are so grateful to our alumni and friends for the response to this project,” says Dr. Ken Shaw, University president. “We have seen Him work miracles and bless this project.” To learn more about the new building and how you can support the project, visit Makala Coleman is a 2015 communication graduate and freelance writer.

annual report 2015–2016


Lifetime contributions totaling $25,000+

Southwestern Legacy Anonymous (nine donors) Gloria Allen Americo & Lourdes Baca Ralph* & Thelma* Bailey Timothy & Donna Bainum Julian Ball John E. Barroso Nelle Beavers Anna Beem Kenneth C. Beem Paul Beihl Robert & Wanda Bell* Irene T. Black* Sylvia Brickman* Jeff S. & Nichole Bromme Thomas G. & Lynda Bunch Randall R. & Doris Butler John C.* & Remy Cabansag Barbara Caddel Rex E. Callicott* Victor M. Cano* Alice M. Capps-Hudgins Arthur & Joyce Chadwick Mariano & Sally Chavez Frances I. Clark* James & Patricia Cloud* W. Harold & Merelyne Collum Trammell* & Margaret Crow John M. & Joan Curnow Galyn & Joyce E. Cyphers Joe & Annabell L.* Day Mary A. De Ginder Jeconias L. Demiar Harold A. & Nelma L. Drake Laurice Durrant

Melvin B. & Margaret Elliston* T.A. Casey Bert & Mildred Feather* Kenneth A. & Pamela Finch Monnie Findley* Loy G & Ruth C. Foll* Randall & Debra E. Fowler Edmund L. & Ginger Fry R. T. Hadley* Robert T*. & MaryAnn Hadley Ray Halbritter Jeff Hannes Fred L. & Virginia Harder Alta Sue S. Hayes & Ben Chambers Altus E. Hayes* Orville L. Hayes* Gary & Betty Heinrich Raymond & Marilyn Herber Ladon W.8 & Mary Ann Homer H. Cecil & Mary E. Hopps Herbert M. & Ivanette Hopps* James K. Hopps Donald L. & Sharon Jernigan Annetta M. Joers* C. Lynn & Brenda Keith John Knudsen* Karl & Esther Konrad John D. & Barbara Koobs Heber & Beth Lacerda Edward Laue & Judy L. Myers Laue Jea H. Lee Kuk-Wha Lee & Daniel Won Victor R.* & Caroldene Lee

Nursing student Sabrina stands next to her ink drawing in Hagen Hall, the current nursing building. The drawing depicts a young nurse praying with her sick child patient.

Charles R.* & Hermine Leffler Lyle W. & Carol Linscott Ornon A. & Lois Madison George M. Mathews* Catherine Max* Donald R. & Anne McAdams Dan & Ruth* McAdams Jerry & Bobbi McIntosh Ellsworth & Sharon McKee Dennis & Kathryn McMullen Gerald A. McMullen Denzil & Donna McNeilus Garwin & Marilee McNeilus Alvin Meier* Ralph B. Mosley* Gwynne Neufeld* Lillian L. Nigosian* LaVerne Northrop Sheree Parris Nudd & Evan Nudd Guillermo R. & Angela Pechero Ruben D. & Christina Pechero Charles Poellet* Charles Popejoy* Lawrence W. & Misti Powell Marie T. Prindle* Edward F. & Janelle Reifsnyder V. L. Roberts* Herbert J. & Irene Roth* Lyndell Rusk* Charles C. Sandefur* George P. & Dorothy Saxon Ross H.* & Marjorie Seasly E. Frank* & Avanelle Sherrill Reginald R. Sherrill

*deceased 18

southwestern adventist university

J. Barry & Joni Siebenlist Villa L. Sierk* Harold & Annette Simmons Charles A. & Nancy Sims Viola Skala Robert N. & Karen Smith Henry D. & Kimberly Spells Timothy & Susan K. Szutz James H. & Cheryl The Kenneth P. & Juanita Thompson Eugene & Grace E. Thomsen* Henry A.* & Ruth Thomsen Dudley & Muriel Tomblinson* Sylvia L. von Pohle Douglas & Ruth Walker Leroy & Grace Wharton* P. H. Wilson* Lloyd & Jean* Wilson-Fitch Ernest & Vera Wolfe* Randy R. & Joyce Yates Daniel & Joyce* Zacharias Ed & Ann Zinke

Memorial Scholarship


ianmarco Vergel was completely intrigued by nature from a very young age. From the time he and his brother were very small the family went camping, on museum outings, and watched hours and hours of nature videos together. Before he was even ready for first grade, Gianmarco was sure he would one day be a marine biologist or a paleontologist, and that dream never wavered. Gianmarco’s parents, Alfredo and Sonia, led their family in many discussions about science, research, and creation vs. evolution. When Gianmarco did start school he instantly navigated to and excelled in the sciences and nature subjects. He loved to continue these discussions with anyone who would engage with him, whether it was family, friends, or the professors at Southwestern Adventist University where his parents work. “Gianmarco was always very enthusiastic about science,” remembers Dr. Amy McHenry, biology professor at Southwestern. “He loved nature and was always asking questions—two signs of a good biologist. I especially remember working with him during summer day camp to learn about how the heart pumps.” In 2015, Gianmarco was diagnosed with AML (acute myloid leukemia). The campus and community rallied with the family and prayed for his recovery. A month after his initial treatment, his leukemia seemed to be in remission but he started presenting other symptoms that were not leukemic. The doctors then diagnosed Gianmarco with HLH (Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis), which likely came about as a result from his initial treatment. The doctors attempted to treat it. A cure is sometimes found through a bone marrow transplant. While the doctors never found leukemia again, the HLH took over so quickly that they didn’t even have time to try for a bone marrow transplant. Gianmarco passed away on January 6, 2016 at 9.5 years of age. As Gianmarco is unable to follow his dream, Alfredo, Sonia, and brother Lucas have set up this scholarship to give someone else with a similar dream the chance to see it fulfilled. annual report 2015–2016


ESL student Paloma signs one of two paintings she did, that now grace the walls of Dilts Chapel in Harmon Hall.

2015–2016 Planned Giving Contributions

Mizpah Society Anonymous Sandra Adams James C. & Cinthia L. Aiken Gloria Allen Janet F. Allen Eric D. & Loretta Anderson Jeffrey C. Anderson Donald L. Armstrong Beverly Beem Anita V. Black Tina A. Bottsford Kip & Elizabeth Bowser Harvey J. & Carolyn Byram Lane F. & Amy A. Campbell Conway P. Campbell Lois Campbell Jaime & Marina B. Capangan Mariam Carr Tramaine Carr Mari N. Chandler RoseMarie Channer James Crawford Lillian M. Davis Karla P. Dechavez Don Drane Laurice Durrant

Mary L. Elder William H. Elder Joseph Espinosa Ruth A. Fillman Charles J. & Evelyn R. Griffin MaryAnn Hadley Fred L. & Virginia Harder Frederick John A. Harder Leona Harder Dwight G. & Shari A. Harriss Ella M. Harvey Curley Hayes Raymond & Marilyn Herber Samuel & Tiffany L. Hernandez Jim R. & Roxy J. Hoehn H. Cecil & Mary E. Hopps Joan E. Hughes Maynard Irvin Ann M. Jobity William Kilgore Elia & Dena King David & Juliet Knight Christopher Suzanne L. LeBrun Kristine A. Lemons Lyle W. Linscott Jessica L. Lozano

Eder S. Marski Norman & Irene Martin Iris N. Mason Robert McChesney Esther A. McCluskey Richard L. McCluskey Marilyn F. McCluskey Robert R. & Beverly A. Mendenhall Joyce A. Miller Mark A. & Dawn R. Miosi Lawrence F. & Lilianne Moore Tiffiny D. Nguyer Kisha R. Norris LaVerne Northrop Sheree Parris Nudd & Evan Nudd Betty L. O’Dell Charlinda L. O’Dell Joan Ogden Jean Oliphant Paula J. Owens Russell G. Owens Lenora M. Payne Douglas R. Peterson Jean Peterson

Pictured above: Students participating in one of the University’s “Small Groups,” Bible studies led weekly by students. The groups are characterized by similar interests and study subjects, such as prophesy, the books of the Bible, grief support, and more. 20

southwestern adventist university

Shelley D. Peterson David E. & Suzanne Phillips Phillip G. Polley Thelma Polley Jerry L. & Sharon Potter Jarrod D. Purkeypile John & Aquila Read Donald L. & V. Marie Redwine Marie-Ann Ribold Jorge Rico Glendal & Shelly Robinson Nancy Rodriguez Joseph E. Ross Mary A. Ross Carol Sample-Condray Patricia J. Sasser-Ford Brenda K. Schnell Linda S. Schweitzer Bryan E. Sellers Avanelle Sherrill Greg & Darla Sullivan Janice L. Sutton Gary M. & Elaine Temple Charles M. Underhill Juan & Lolita Valdez Cherisse L. Varona Orton Varona Caleb A. VinCross Jill Vollmer Marjorie S. Wallace ArsNande Williams Lloyd A. & Edith Willis Linda M. Wilson Jean Wilson-Fitch Sharon Wion Randy R. & Joyce Yates

New Endowment


r. Laurice Kafrouni Durrant, former nursing faculty chair, gifted $25,000 to create an endowed scholarship to honor her father who was passionate about witnessing and education. The new endowment will be given to a theology student who exhibits dedication and passion for witnessing. The scholarship will be named the Ishak Hanna Kafrouni Memorial Scholarship. Durrant credits a picture she received of her father on Father’s Day as the impetus for the creation of this new endowment. She remembers her father as a man who lived his faith and was an enthusiastic witness to others, including his own children. Of his five children, two became nurses, two became teachers, and one became a surgeon. This is Durrant’s third endowed scholarship; the two previous scholarships were created in memory of her husband and mother. Southwestern Adventist University’s nursing department also created another scholarship in Durrant’s name, in honor of her years of service. Dr. Durrant is pictured above, center, with Vice President for Finance Joel Wallace, President Ken Shaw, and Religion Department Chair Jorge Rico, as she presents a new endowment gift to the University.

annual report 2015–2016


A Different Perspective Southwestern in the eyes of a non-Adventist


southwestern adventist university


nitially I was a little bit apprehensive about attending Southwestern Adventist University because I was not raised a Seventh-day Adventist. I was raised in a non-denominational Christian home. We studied the Bible every night together. During our studies, we noticed that the Sabbath commandment says to keep the seventh day. As a family, we decided to start keeping the Sabbath. We hadn’t heard of Adventism until I visited Southwestern’s campus. I soon found that I didn’t need to worry. While Southwestern is a very spiritually strong campus, I’ve never felt forced or pressured into being an Adventist. There is no judgment that I don’t identify as an Adventist. My professors and fellow students really exemplify Christ’s example to love and accept everyone.

Southwestern is a spirituallystrong campus... exemplying christ’s example to love and accept everyone.

During my freshman year, I attended Week of Prayer. It was a wonderful experience to see my fellow students leading out. I was so impressed that I decided to give the Keene SDA Church a try. I now consider it my home church and plan to continue attending after graduation. Now a junior, I still find the whole campus atmosphere friendly and helpful. My professors go the extra mile and it is easy to make friends.

As a freshman, I lived offcampus with family so I didn’t immediately get involved in all the events but I still found it easy to be accepted as part of the Southwestern family. Classes are just the right size and the professors are so caring and so helpful. However, I really didn’t intend to go more than one year because I thought I needed to go to a larger school for more experience and opportunity. As it turns out, Southwestern was exactly what I needed, for two reasons. Because Southwestern is a smaller school, I didn’t expect to find a lot of opportunities but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m a communication major and my professors are very well connected. They are always looking for new ways to help their students get experience and opportunities. Though my emphasis is in Public Relations, I’ve had the chance to branch out in audio, visual, and photography to get a more rounded experience. I’ve had the opportunity to develop way more skills than I thought possible. Southwestern is just such a supportive network and I now realize how unique it is. In talking with friends at other schools, I know I was meant to be here. I believe that God guided me here and I would recommend Southwestern Adventist University to anyone, regardless of religion. This has been a very positive experience. This is my family. Author Victory Rigdon is now a junior communication major at Southwestern Adventist University. She works as a DJ for the University radio station, 88.3 The Journey, and for the Marketing Department. She is pictured on this page, far right in photo, and on page 23, right.

annual report 2015–2016


Rankings #22

US News Regional Colleges West Rankings


southwestern adventist university


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of our students receive financial aid

Hanging in the Barron Building, this painting by Ann Shaw depicts Luke 17:19 - “Your faith in Me allows Me to heal you.”

2015-2016 Giving by Class Year

Alumni Giving Class of 1920 Lillian L. Nigosian Class of 1936 Morris C. Lowry Class of 1939 Daniel I. Coggin Class of 1940 Marjorie A. Seasly Class of 1942 Corinne Bates James L. Bothe Class of 1943 Dorsett G. Feyen Ornon A. Madison Class of 1944 Lillian M. Proctor Class of 1945 Jack W. Clarke Ruth J. Jones Florence E. Otto Class of 1946 Jetty K. Kimbrow Jean Peterson Class of 1947 Evelyn L. Fisher Lillie Belle Sanders Barbara N. Wareham Class of 1948 W. Harold Collum George W. Hilliard Marjorie M. Hilliard

Class of 1949 Arthur F. Bell Arthur Carlson Hallie G. Glass Raymond Herber Joseph L. Ray Class of 1950 Beryl J. Bason Helen Johnson Lawrence F. Moore Vivian A. Raitz Carlson Manford L. Sandefur Class of 1951 Paul H. Blankenship Barbara N. Jacobs Aline L. Nolan Jerrine Seery Katherine Southard Betty J. Taylor Class of 1952 Jonnie L. Bietz Winnie M. Lacey Sue S. McCarthy Olga Spaulding Hubert C. Watkins Carol J. Workman Class of 1953 Jeanine Griffin H. Cecil Hopps Franklin R. House Zela Padon Class of 1954 William E. Boston Mary Ann Homer Betty J. HuddlestonBrown

Frank B. Lovell Charles A. Sims

R. June Melton Charles L. Prowant

Class of 1955 Zerita J. Hagerman B. Jake Knight Dellene I. Meister Clinton Roberts Rachel Robinette Wesley E. Taylor

Class of 1959 Robert W. Bischoff Sharron L. Boruff Donna G. Hines Rosemary E. Hooks Marilyn E. Senier Walker L. Thomas

Class of 1956 Cleona R. Bazzy Gaylen W. Johnson James E. Miller V. Marie Redwine Sharon L. Sawyers

Class of 1960 Anonymous D. Wayne Cuilla Lillian M. Davis Vera L. Dyer John D. Koobs Carolyn R. Longhofer Ruth E. Pope Patricia J. Sasser-Ford Violet Louise Vasil

Class of 1957 Gail Anderson Yvonne Baker Duane Barnes Betty L. Dillard Evelyn R. Griffin Katie A. Lamb Earline M. Miller Marvin L. Moore Jo Ann Platkowsky Dorothy J. Saxon George P. Saxon Class of 1958 William A. Baker Pat Cruz Joyce E. Cyphers Jim R. Hoehn Roxy J. Hoehn Frances A. Jaramio Merritt L. MacLafferty Ross A. McClain

Class of 1961 Winnie Shirlene Bailey-Alexander Sharon Barnes Harry J. Bennett Betty A. Heinrich Gary Heinrich Valeetah R. Motschiedler James G. Norman Emily Reynolds Aida E. Roy Clevridge R. Sinclair Max A. Trevino

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Alumni Giving continued

Class of 1962 Thomas D. Biles Beverly H. Binder Billie F. Cross Eva L. Hevener Ronald D. Hill Betty E. Hold Willfried Kowarsch Ron Layland Yddo Ortiz Joan L. Ortner Karen A. Putnam Beverly J. Reed James M. Root Don C. Schneider

Larry R. Howerton Virginia L. Martin Gordon A. Miller Arlene Mitchell Wanda R. Smith Rashelle E. Stirewalt William W. Tucker

Class of 1963 Bialquin D. Arellano Helen E. Bailey Mary Balliviero Guinn Marvin Faudi Jane Huff Tomasia A. Leatherwood

Class of 1969 Carla Baker Kenneth D. Cartwright Connie M. Goltz Benjamin E. Leach Mary Ellen Pundt

Class of 1964 Richard D. Combs Lana J. Finch Willie K. Florida Marilyn F. Justesen Laura B. McVay Verna R. Reid Jimmy B. Riddle Charles H. Zacharias Class of 1965 Donald D. Fortner Daniel M. Jackson Paul Kunce Beverly K. Nason Howard J. Reynolds Earl L. Robertson Thomas E. Sonsel Class of 1966 Custer R. Feather Shirley I. Hammack


Class of 1967 Barbara L. Coleman Kathleen L. Esteb Sophia Millet David L. Perry Class of 1968 Cheryl R. Schram

Class of 1970 Peter L. Archie Charles A. Cherry David A. Coggin Elizabeth A. Gillin Jim O. Girard Larry R. Moore Billy E. Wright

Stephen Orian Susan E. Stepp Class of 1973 Irvin F. Enoch Randy F. Gilliam Micki D. Orian Laree J. Reidenbaugh Dan E. Roberts Class of 1974 F. Kenneth Brown William D. Guinn David K. Miller Steven Poenitz Janice C. Stewart Dwight M. Taylor Class of 1975 Richard L. Bothe Peter D. Durichek Esther J. Feather Nancy L. Kimbrow Heinz Linser Louis Nunez Brady D. Rusk Norene M. Sofranac Barbara A. Voth

Class of 1971 Fred L. Bruce James B. Clark Jimmie R. Rogers Kenneth E. Simpson

Class of 1976 Mickey N. Ask Tilman C. Benson Clara L. Cavallaro Johnny Chacon Robert L. Clarke George (Chuck) C. Dart Julius Korgan Alice L. Weakley

Class of 1972 Jean A. Alway Ronald C. Barber Larry E. Blewett Larry W. Boughman Alta Sue S. Hayes C. Lynn Keith Deryl Knutson

Class of 1977 Anonymous Georgana Barrett Brenda Bosque Dennis J. Carlile Barbara A. Jahay Frank M. Jenkins Lisa J. Jenkins

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Dan Jensen Jo Ann Loignon Janice A. Miller Sheree P. Nudd Vialo Weis Sharon Wicker Class of 1978 Kiem-Loan Chin Kenneth A. Finch Ronald L. Foust Rhonda S. Garner Mitchell E. Johnson Deborah N. McLaughlin Nancy Schneider Winston B. Stanley Dana E. Thiry Cristina M. Thomsen Arlene S. Tucker Class of 1979 Brenda G. Brown Norma Cleasby Melvin K. Donesky Robert A. Foster Larry D. Hiday Debra S. Hughes Catherine McFeeters Lois Mikesell Daryl D. Thomas Class of 1980 Daniel C. Allen Lee-Roy Chacon Judy L. Laue Beaman T. Senecal Anita F. Seymour Class of 1981 Anonymous Michael E. Agee Elizabeth Cheever Renard K. Doneskey Lisa K. Foster Nilsa A. Johnson Lilyana Kuntchef

Randall L. Roberts Robin C. Sagel Renee Sensabaugh Deborah M. Smith Pamela H. Spivey Leila V. Weatherman Roberta K. Yeagley Class of 1982 Wanda Agee Rafael A. Canizales Phil K. Dalgleish Marcia L. Dyche Tommy Hassell Carla S. McLaughlin Jim L. Moreno Orlando J. Perez Timothy I. Sellers Milton R. Siems Barbara Simons Trinidad Torres Allen D. Weber Class of 1983 Norma J. Adams America M. Baeza Jeff S. Bromme Stephen W. Burton RoseMarie Channer Nelly Del Aguila Joe R. Ellis David F. Fisher Carol J. Healy Carrie Keubler John A. Loewen Angelia K. Montoya Alfred J. Riddle Carol Sample-Condray Class of 1984 Paula M. Brown Jamie W. Burt Edmund L. Fry Phyllis E. Hobbs Brian E. Sicher Robert E. Weaver Donna L. Webb Linda L. Zabinski

Class of 1985 Jean M. Aldridge Noemi Blanco Silvia Collins Valerie F. Jacobs Steven R. Rooks Donna Walton Randy R. Yates Class of 1986 Mary L. Adams Frank Blanco Dawn Goad Yin T. Schaff Michael V. Smith Class of 1987 Carie A. Anderson Marina A. Anderson Danny and Nina C. Ballenger Gilson R. Girotto Donald C. Hines Doris D. Magers Laura E. Rudisaile Jeff L. Schuetter Brenda M. Theus Kimberly Ziesmer Fox Class of 1988 David E. Brain Kuk-Wha Lee Elizabeth O. Page Angela J. Pechero Charles N. Reeves Valerie J. Ziesmer Class of 1989 Anonymous Michelle C. Beeson Russell Chin Heber Lacerda Tammy A. Muse Carol J. Putman Doris A. Sorenson Angela L. Weaver Christine L. Weis

Class of 1990 Mark A. Bond Dana R. Hansen Joana D. Johnson Wayne & Shannon Mitchell Erik H. Nieves Michelle M. Perrilliat Cherry R. Vogel Cheryl E. Wolowsky Class of 1991 Russell B. Adams Monique A. Flott Paul H. Gnadt Valerie E. Liggett Jean Petr Nancy E. Sorke T’resa A. Weaver Class of 1992 Anonymous Kiff W. Barker Donna Berkner Daniel H. Chadwick Renee Crawford Jeff D. Decocq Tracey N. Dobkins Todd Goodman Dawn R. Miosi Steve R. Nelson John M. Page John E. Pope Jerry L. Potter Cherub R. Reeves Terri Romero Elizabeth A. Tyre Class of 1993 Judy R. Curran Robert M. Durkin Michael Griswell Irene F. Herr Elizabeth E. Konrad Jea H. Lee Dwayne W. Mauk Kimberly A. Spells

Robert S. Stumph Lisa Walker Class of 1994 Keith J. Armstrong William J. Cote Chad Johnson E. Charles Lewis Kristi Reeves Robert N. Smith Beverly Stafford Melisandra Zubik Class of 1995 David Barnes Kerry Howard Ewanah D. Johnson Class of 1996 Kevin and Renee A. Crawford Lynette E. GuruleThomas Dennis R. Haslam Heather D. Lorenz Sandra L. Putnam Travis T. Tubbs Melisandra Zubik Class of 1997 Clayton Blehm Jennifer L. Dohlman Debra E. Fowler Colleen S. Lay Wesley and Precious Marquart Paula Montgomery John Mutchler Michael P. Priest Laura D. Reich Joshua M. Samaniego Christopher D. Tharp Class of 1998 Margery Johnson Fernando A. Planells Gary W. Pundt Elizabeth White

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Alumni Giving continued

Class of 1999 Heather L. Crews Lora B. Friesen Sarah A. Henderson Edmund F. Hodge Jason H. Kowarsch Christopher LeBrun Benjamin Orian Ana M. Patterson Jesse Sutton Class of 2000 Mary R. R. Jacobs Mandy L. Samaniego Class of 2001 Ryan J. Long Lisa D. Myers Marybel G. Orellana Chris T. Sauder Class of 2002 Ian D. Curnow Beth A A. Halvorsen Linda Koh Erin Miranda Class of 2003 Amparo Becerra Melissa George Audrey Lilian B. Hunt Amanda L. Perry Jonathan M. Seitz Justin Woods Class of 2004 Jacelin Cadet Darcy D. Force Carrie D. Hall Class of 2005 Anonymous Jason R. Cruz Seymour Morgan Patricia A. Norwood George Vander Veer


Class of 2006 Kevin Bruce Shannon M. Bullon Jennifer L. Feese Wendy C. Feese Edgar G. Geisendorff Shari A. Harriss Christine Homs Ruth Just Frederick G. Thomas Janelle D. Williams Class of 2007 Ella L. Anderson Marina B. Capangan Sarah J. Proctor Laura R. Seery Class of 2008 Krystal Berrios Mary E. Capen Chloe Northrop Rosibel Ordonez Carmen M. Reyes Deyvy Rodriguez Estela Valencia Class of 2009 Tiffany L. Hernandez Lindsay Ikonne Rachel L. Lawry Ethan J. Muse Danae Songy Class of 2010 Kennie Jenkins Daniel M. Leach Aldrin L. Muya Nanziwe Ndebele Jorge Rico James H. The Duane Valencia Kimberly Vanhoose Class of 2011 Benjamin E. Garcia Kenneth Lopez Heston W. Williams

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Class of 2012 Dastinee Duncan Benjamin Garcia Justin S. Lopez Aaron R. Moses Ana Patterson Class of 2013 Raisa S. Bryan Anthony W. Foster Mabio Gomes Larissa Knopp Class of 2014 Cindy Gaytan Luisa F. Manu Francisco J. Ortiz Andrea L. Roda

Class of 2015 Anonymous Lezenia Z. Cortes Laura E. Groessel James Johnson Manuel A. Molina Cesar A. Puesan Yesenia A. Santizo Tony W. Seery Karen D. Vallejos Nikki L. Weis Chelsea A. Zabala Class of 2016 Janet Garcia-Fisher Class of 2017 Francisco A. Robledo

Alumnus Gives to Nursing Building


ivitas Senior Living, owned by Wayne (‘83) and Misti Powell, gifted $100,000 to benefit Southwestern Adventist University’s campaign for a new nursing and administration building. The Powell’s said they see this gift as an investment in the Johnson County, as well as Wayne’s alma mater. University president, Dr. Ken Shaw, stated “This generous gift will make a substantial difference in how we educate nursing students on campus. It will positively influence our students for years to come

as we will be able to provide state-of-the-art nursing skills labs and simulations labs. We are profoundly grateful for the leadership of Wayne and Misti Powell at Civitas Senior Living and their support of our University.” Civitas Senior Living specializes in development, acquisitions, operational management, and consulting for senior housing properties, including assisted living, memory care and independent senior living communities. Under the leadership of Wayne and Misti Powell and

the experienced Civitas team, Civitas currently manages 20 senior living communities, with approximately 1,000 employees, throughout Texas. As a company that is passionate about senior healthcare, Civitas is excited to see Southwestern growing and improving their nursing program. Civitas, currently located in Fort Worth, Texas, will be relocating their home office to Johnson County, just south of Alvarado, in early 2017, initially bringing about 20 new jobs to Johnson County. Pictured below: Wayne & Misti Powell (center) with their Civitas management team, and University Board Chair Larry Moore and President Dr. Ken Shaw (right).

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2015–2016 contributions

Corporations & Foundations 3 Angels Messengers Motorcycle Association Ackermann Plumbing Co. Adobe Systems Incorporated AFP - Fort Worth Metro Chapter All Regions Services, Inc. Amazon Services LLC American Endowment Foundation American Religious Town Hall Ardmore Institute of Health At Home Healthcare Irvin C. and Evea J. Bainum Foundation Bean Chiropractic Bennett’s Beyond the Streets Callicott Foundation Charles E. Weniger Society of Excellence Chisholm Trail Retirement Estates City of Keene Cleburne Ford Communities Foundation of Texas Country Cars


southwestern adventist university

Designs for Giving DeSoto Janitorial Supply Elqui Valley Foundation ExxonMobil Foundation Family Medicine Associates P. A. Fidelity Charitable Fleming Construction General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists General Insurance Service Gilliam, Wharram & Co., P.C. Hazlewood Charitable Foundation Huguley Memorial Medical Center Humanities Texas ICUT Foundation Jane G. Ziesmer Living Trust Johnson County Education Foundation Lane Concrete & Excavation, LLC Laser Tech Solutions Level13 Apparel Lone Star Chrysler Dodge Jeep

The Mabee Center now has beautiful new display cases to showcase student art. Featured in this exhibit are clay art pieces inspired by the story of Anne Frank.

Long Family Dental, P.A. Mission Hospice My Tribute Gift Foundation, Inc. Pinnacle Bank Proway Healthcare LP Philanthropic Services for Institutions Raintree Homes, Inc. Read-Billingsley Real Estate Richard’s Paint & Body Sewell Cadillac Southwest Estate Services, Inc. Southwest Resource Group Inc. Southwest Sales Sprint Foundation Texas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Cleburne Texas Health Huguley Hospital The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma Town Hall Estates Ulrich Barn Builders Valley Fence Company Versacare, Inc. Wash Depot

New Staff for University Advancement


outhwestern Adventist University is pleased to announce the appointment of Tami Condon as the new Vice President for Advancement, Vonda Seals as the new Director of Alumni, and Dean Waterman as the new Director of Development. Condon will oversee the Office of University Advancement, which includes Alumni Relations, Development, and Marketing and Public Relations. Condon graduated with a Bachelor of Science in interior design from Andrews University in 1991 and a Master of Arts in leadership in 2013. Her creative background has served her well, where most recently, she was director of Alumni Services for Andrews University. While there, she was responsible for engaging a constituency base of more than 94,000 alumni and friends from 145 different countries. Condon did this by planning, promoting

and conducting nearly 100 events annually, on campus and around North America. She has always had a passion for connecting current students with alumni and nurtured these relationships by initiating networking and mentoring opportunities and was responsible for pioneering the successful Andrews Ambassadors initiative, to engage prospective students. Her experience has also included development, production and messaging of alumni marketing materials, including website and social media outreach. She is married to Lloyd Condon, AIA, a registered architect, and they have two children, Jessica, 21, and Joshua, 19. “I have been impressed with the Christ-centered campus and inspired by president Ken Shaw’s commitment to excellence” says Condon. “Exciting things are happening at Southwestern Adventist University and I’m incredibly honored to join a team that is distinctly

committed to increasing knowledge, sharing our faith and providing exceptional service.” Vonda (Nicholas) Seals attended the University, when it was known as Southwestern Adventist College, from 1985-1987. An Oklahoma native, Seals graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a B.A. in English in 1990. She married another Southwestern Adventist College graduate, Roy Seals (‘87). The couple has three children. Together they spent the next 29 years working at boarding schools, the latest being Mount Pisgah Academy in Asheville, North Carolina. Seals joins the team with a variety of skills gleaned from years working to engage students and alumni at various Adventist boarding schools. Dean Waterman brings experience in fundraising for church growth projects and a charisma and enthusiasm for helping Southwestern

Adventist University succeed in providing an exceptional education experience. Waterman will work closely with Vice President for Advancement Tami Condon and President Ken Shaw in finishing the current phase of the building campaign and working to grow the University Annual Fund and Endowment Fund. Waterman attended Southern Adventist University before transitioning into pastoral ministry in 2003. He is currently completing his MBA from Trinity Theological Seminary. Waterman’s decade of business experience prior to pastoral ministry, as well as his experience developing and leading strategic plans, program growth initiatives, and fundraising in local church development, makes him a welcome addition to the Office of University Advancement.

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Across the campus, photo collages highlight campus outreach programs, plays, concerts, trips, sports, and more. This collage is in Hagen Hall, the current nursing building.

2015–2016 contributions

Faculty & Staff Michael E. Agee Wanda Agee Enga Almeida Jean A. Alway Clinton J. Anderson Marvin E. Anderson Luz Arauzo Paulos Berhane Donna Berkner Jonnie L. Bietz Beverly Bottsford John W. Boyd Thomas G. Bunch Randall R. Butler Arthur V. Chadwick Silvia Collins Robert G. Cooper Pat Cruz Diem Dennis Rachel E. Denny Jayne A. Doneskey Renard K. Doneskey Jonathan Duarte Dastinee L. Duncan Robert M. Durkin Laurice Durrant Vera L. Dyer Marc Élysée Michael England Darcy D. Force Bob Gardner Terri Gibson Randy F. Gilliam Susan Grady Dale E. Hainey Fred L. Harder Barbara R. Harsany Charlotte Henderson Tiffany L. Hernandez

Sallieann Hoffer William Kilgore Kerrie Kimbrow Karl Konrad John D. Koobs Jason H. Kowarsch Judy L. Laue Russ Laughlin Daniel M. Leach E. Charles Lewis Morris C. Lowry Nicholas Madhiri Luisa F. Manu Irene Martin Benjamin McArthur Peter McHenry Robert R. Mendenhall David D. Mendoza Judith Miles Earline M. Miller Ronald Mitchell Manuel A. Molina Aaron R. Moses Tammy A. Muse Kisha R. Norris Patricia A. Norwood Marybel G. Orellana E G. Parry Ana M. Patterson Amanda L. Perry Dan Petr Hudson Portbury Jerry L. Potter Marsha Rasmussen John Read V. Marie Redwine Verna R. Reid Denise Rivera Glendal Robinson

Amy Rosenthal Carol Sample-Condray Marcel Sargeant Arthur Schwarz Jonathan M. Seitz Ann Shaw Ken Shaw William R. Sheppard Erwin Sicher Danae Songy Gerald Springer Janice Steyn Greg Sullivan Cheryl The James H. The Daryl D. Thomas Cristina M. Thomsen Charles M. Underhill Lolita Valdez Duane Valencia Roberto Valencia Alfredo Vergel G. J. Wallace Arthur L. White Sharon Wicker Gregory A. Wicklund Janelle D. Williams Edith Willis Lloyd A. Willis Jared Wood Andrew P. Woolley III Randy R. Yates

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Big Dreams Become Reality T

he Communication Department at Southwestern Adventist University has some big dreams. “We’re just blowing it up,” says Mike Agee, department chair and University alumnus, speaking of the Communication Department. “We’ve got dreams, we’ve got some big plans. We’ve doubled our enrollment. So come along for the ride!” The plans started taking shape with the hire of Kyle Portbury, the award-winning director of the recently released Adventist film Tell the World, who joined the team from Australia in fall 2015. He also directed the television series Beyond the Search, which won 14 international awards including the prestigious


southwestern adventist university

CINE Golden Eagle. Kyle’s award winning documentary The Mountain Within chronicled the challenges of 7 disabled climbers as they tackle Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and features an original score by Emmy award-winning composer Michael Price (BBC Sherlock). The department is no stranger to awards. Communication Department chair Michael Agee, who is also the General Manager for KJRN The Journey radio station, won three Dove Awards (and several others) at his previous station. The Journey just recently placed #20 out of the top 50 Christian radio stations in the nation and has grown to over 85,000 listeners weekly. Veteran communication

professor Glen Robinson has written 20 books, more than 200 published articles and stories, and won two national Angel awards in editing and writing. But the professors aren’t the only ones winning awards. In June 2016 the film production class won Best Student Comedy Short at the Lionshead Film Festival in Dallas for their short film The Prepper. The class worked together, under the direction of Portbury, to produce the short film. After completing The Prepper, each student in the class also produced individual short film projects. One of those films, produced by student Shane Miosi and titled 100% Match, was recently officially selected and screened at the Rockport Film Festival in Texas. For the students, this is

exactly the experience they’re looking for. “I found it pretty cool that our film was accepted into the Lionshead Film Festival,” says Justin Hudgins, senior communication major, who had the privilege of accepting the award at the Festival. “I can say that I wasn’t expecting to win an award. This whole experience was quite rewarding for me, as making films is something I have an interest in doing.” New experiences are quickly becoming the norm for the Communication Department. Earlier in the year the department hosted its first 24hour film challenge, with teams attending from all over the U.S. The event culminated in a film festival with celebrity judges, including Michael Price, Emmy Award-winning composer of the hit BBC series Sherlock, and Chad Gunderson, coowner of Out of Order Studios in Dallas (a film production company). The event was so successful, in fact, that the University has decided to make

it an annual event. Spring semester of 2017 sees the completion of the new tower for KJRN, extending the station’s reach to more than 300,000 new listeners. It will also see the launch of something else new - The Institute of Christian Film. With a number of screenplays already in discussion with major studios for distribution deals, “We are working hard to create real world opportunities for our students,” says Portbury. “Southwestern is in a unique position thanks to some very strong contacts on the distribution side of the film industry, but we can’t do it alone. The institute is currently actively looking for financial investment to realize these opportunities for our students to become the next generation of Adventist storytellers who will take the Adventist message global.” To learn more about how to get involved, visit film.

Pictured top left: Kyle Portbury teaches student Tanya to use the editing software. Right, from top: The new tower is delivered, the previous tower that is being replaced, and Mike Agee in the KJRN studio with student Andrew.

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2015–2016 contributions totaled $1-999

University Friends David Adams Donald E. Adams Aly Allen-Engstrom David Anderson Oyinkan Awoniyi Jim Bailey Betty J. Ballard Janice R. Banks Laurence Banks David Barkley Hilde Barrera William Blaylock Randall Booker Ronald Bowes Lisa M. Brown Margaret Brown Barbara Bryant Rene Campos Laura Cerva Cherrie Ciron David Coggin Marco Coto Mary Cotton Israel Cuevas John M. Curnow Maria L. David Rocio Dezotell Maria Diocares Howard Dudley Kitty Evans Lori Fisher Millie C. Fisher Scott Forner Allen Forte Paula Foust Pat Fritz Ronald Gaban Janet Garcia-Fisher Cecilia Geslani


southwestern adventist university

Bruna Glavan Joellen Goldberg Mabio Gomes Agnaldo Gouveia Chris Hagelgantz Hanna L. Hedrick Leon Henderson Robert C. Hewes Alden Ho Iris Hockema Justin Hopps Kyle Infante Bruce James Jenny Jernigan Brenda Jimenez Sheri A. Jircik Austin Johnson Chad Johnson Helen Johnson Peilan Johnson Glenda F. Jones George Kafrouni David Karmy Inna Kendall Sally Killough Hanna Kim Tammy King William Kingren Tina Kinsey Robert Kirby Duane A. Kraft Mark Kuckes Paul Kunce Donald Kutzner Levi J. Landelius David Laubach Dennis Laursen Gabriele Ledford Patricia Lee

Titled “Jesus Stands at Your Door,” this piece of art was done by Mrs. Ann Shaw and hangs in the Barron Building, the home of the theology and religion department.

Melissa Loewen Niki Lorenz Jean Paul Louis Arturo and Angie Marquez Sharon Mayes John McFarlane Tonya McVay Lowell Meister David Mendoza Eric Nieves Mabel Noverola Edward O’Connor Tom O’Neil Ladelle Ong Jorge L. Ortiz Martha Ortiz-Cavalcante Linda Pacheco-Torres Elgina Parilla E G. Parry Ila J. Perkins Elizabeth Peterson Yamilet A. Pizarro Layla Portbury Cameron Porter Lynne Preston Douglas E. Rebok Chanda Reins Gordon Retzer Thomas G. Rhodes Elaine Rice Joli Robinson Roy Robinson Dare Rosebery Emily Roth Wilbert A. Roth A.G. Ruben Marguerite L. Russell Rafiq Salleh-Flowers Heidi Salmi

Sylvana Shaffer Debra K. Shaw Tom Shepherd Jorge Sifuentes Michael Simmons Andrew Smith Brenda Smith Nancy Smith Norene Sofranae Vera Sousa Wanda Speteri Donna C. Spotts Joseph Stafford Elena Stankovik Ana Sweatt Barbara K. Taylor Somi Thomas Carlos Troche Donald W. Upson Tressa Vazquez Lizzie Velez Shannon Veneziani Cherry Vogel Joe Watts Linda A. Wedel Debbie Wharton Jennifer Whittington Catherine E. Wiist Heston W. Williams Alvin A. Wilson Lindsey Wilson Abeba Wondem Leslie Woolley Proceso B. Zabala Saul Zuniga Pictured above: Students enjoying Biology class.


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Upcoming Initiatives

Building the University endowment to enhance the legacy of Southwestern Adventist University alumni. Visit to learn more about the 2020 Alumni Legacy Endowment.

Our newest circle of giving consists of 100 individuals, or businesses, who commit to a gift of $1,000 in 2017. The beneficiaries of these gifts are various departments on campus who submitted proposals for funding through IMPACT100. A gift to this initiative can be made one time, or by 10 recurring payments of $100 each. Visit to learn more! Dean Waterman, Director of Development | 817-202-6233 |


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annual report 2015–2016


annual report 2015–2016


Annual Report 2015-2016  

Featuring the giving and highlights of the 2015-2016 academic year.

Annual Report 2015-2016  

Featuring the giving and highlights of the 2015-2016 academic year.