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Council runs up £100m Deficit Media reports say that the Conservative run Nottinghamshire County Council have a £100 million deficit in their budget, despite the massive cuts that they have made. The cuts they have made at County Hall have affected local residents in recent years, such as selling off the care homes that a number of local elderly residents have moved to. Now they’ve gone so far that Eric Pickles, the Conservative Secretary of State for Local Government, has written and told them to stop. The cuts that the Conservatives are making are not just about saving money, they are destroying local services and especially the voluntary and care sectors, at a time when they are so desperately needed. By contrast the Liberal Democrats on local Councils around the country have cut costs, protected services and stayed within budgets.

Despite savage and unnecessary cuts to local services the Conservatives at County Hall are still failing to manage the budget. Image source:

The Liberal Democrats recognise that people are under enough pressure at the moment without the council making it worse. Every single Liberal Democrat run principal authority in England has kept its council tax the same this year, something neither Conservatives nor Labour can claim.

Local Planning for next 20 years Following our earlier report in Focus, the Conservative controlled Council has pressed ahead with its plans to stop any new housing in the villages, except for large housing estate extensions to Southwell, and a small development in Sutton. Many residents of the villages have expressed real concern about the policy. “Without a small number of new houses in our village, the village is just going to die. Local young people can’t afford to live here, and our local services are just going to disappear,” said Former N&SDC Cabinet member Cllr Peter Harris identified a small affordable housing one resident. project in Southwell to help local people live to locally and our villages thriving.

The final plan is being discussed now, but the Council still agreed to press on with the policy.

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New PCSO for our villages

Peter Harris welcomes the recruitment of more Crime Fighter in our village.

Following a campaign led by Peter Harris, the Southwell and Caunton Safer Neighbourhood Team is recruiting for another PCSO to take the team covering Caunton and our villages to three officers.

Peter Harris said, “I am looking delighted that the Police are recruiting a new PCSO for the village. This will really help tackle the rural crime that we are experiencing. Although crime is falling thanks to the good work of our local team, it is good to see that the issues of rural crime are being tackled.” Cllr Peter Harris is the Chairman of the Southwell Safer Neighbourhood Team, which meets regularly to discuss matters of concern to local residents. Cllr Christine Rose chairs the Caunton and Sutton SNG. Please keep these contact numbers in your phone book. PC Tony Hayes Tel: 0115 967 6999 Ext 800 7673, Mob 07813 550212. PSCO Richard Dunn Tel: 0115 967 6999 Ext 855 5761 Mob 07595 074292 To find out more about our local Safer Neighbourhood Group, call Peter Harris on 816000 or email

Labour out of the local race In the recent by-election in neighbouring Lowdham and Epperstone, the Lib Dems ran the Conservatives a close second, increasing their vote by a 36% swing. Labour and the Independent candidates gained few votes coming third and fourth. The vote shows how the Lib Dems represent local views effectively in what had always been, up until now, a Conservative stronghold. In our village and the surrounding Labour are also out of the race here.

Labour have been telling voters for months that there is a better way of dealing with the economic mess that they created, without saying what it is. Now they have admitted that this isn’t true, and they have no “Plan B.” Southwell and Caunton Liberal Democrat campaigner Peter Harris said: “Labour lied repeatedly to voters about their economic strategy. They still refuse to accept blame for the mess they caused and they now accept that they have no way out. They owe everyone who voted for them an apology!”

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