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How do you want Southwell to change over the next 20 years - A Community Plan for the town? Many residents have responded to the District Council’s plans for six new housing estates around the edge of the town. It is now down to the Planning Inspector to consider these views, and Focus will report. The Coalition Government’s Localism Act gives the town an opportunity to have its own plan if the District Council’s views are different from residents. The Town Council has agreed to start the process of putting together a ‘Neighbourhood Plan’ for the town. We can decide what type of houses we want and where they should go. The Liberal Democrats have consistently argued that new development should be for smaller houses that younger people can afford, and for houses close to the town centre that elderly people want. Despite the Conservatives saying in the previous election that ‘there was no need for new housing estates’ in Southwell their plans for new estates, many of which would , to judge by the proposed densities, be 4/5 bedroom houses, are not what is needed here - what do you think?

Conservatives say ‘No new playing field for school’ The Conservative run County Council has now told us that it is not going to provide a fourth playing field at the Minster School, despite its earlier promise to do so. This means that the ‘community pitch’ that was to be made available will not go ahead. The pitch should have been made available for the town, as a pitch was lost at Moor Field when it sold land to below market price to Anchor Trust and the County Council for new housing for elderly people at Moorfield Court. The Town also leases the old Minster playing fields for £4000 a year from the County Council. ‘We are not getting a fair deal from the County Council,' said Peter Harris. ‘They should keep their promise to get this pitch for the town to use.’

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Potholes progress? The Town Council’s Highways Group continues to press for potholes to be filled. It is very disappointing to hear that Conservative run Notts County Council has the third highest costs for pay outs on damage to cars from potholes. This money should be prioritised for repairing the roads. If you see new potholes please let Peter Harris and the team know by mailing southwellfocus@gmail. com or calling 816000.

Gas Main disruption on Westgate and Church Street Residents and businesses are pleased to see that the work on the gas main has finished - with the disruption that it caused in the town over. The new road surface will be monitored to make sure that no potholes will occur there in the future. One issue raised was how the bus services were alerted when the road was closed - and the poor way in which this was advertised. Peter Harris contacted the Council and bus companies and notices were put on the bus stops - after the road was closed, but this is a matter that we will be following up for any future road closures in the town. Printed, published and promoted by C Gunton-Day on behalf of P Harris (Lib Dems) all at 14 Hillside Drive, Southwell Nottinghamshrie NG25 0JZ

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Tory misleading newsletter Some residents have contacted Focus about misleading statements in the Conservatives' leaflet. A number of incorrect statements have been made about the town. In the run up to the election many allegations will be made by our opposition, and residents will be right to be sceptical. In the recent by-election in Lowdham and Epperstone, Conservatives complained about some statements in Focus which they did not want to be revealed! Police were involved and much time and resources were wasted until the statements were found to be true and the ‘investigation’ by Notts Police was dropped.

Planters in the Market Square Following the revelation that the District Council pays for flower planters in Newark Market Place but has refused to do so for Southwell - we are pressing the District Council to do a better job of flowers for Southwell. It is the Town Council that pays to install most of the planters and baskets in the town, with some local business doing their bit on their own property too. Our thanks go to those who look after the planters and baskets - making the town so attractive this summer.

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