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Benny Agosto ’95 runs through a task list with Madison Kauffman, marketing director at Abraham-Watkins, as he gears up for a busy workday.

the Mexican American Bar Association of Texas (MABATx) Foundation, even though Agosto himself is Puerto Rican. His dedication to equality extends beyond racial lines, and he is keen to point out that females account for 50 percent of lawschool enrollment, yet the percentage of women in corporate law remains low and the number of women partners is far less. Agosto said he appreciates the time the firm has lent him over the years to be actively involved in such associations. While these commitments certainly

added to an already demanding schedule, the changes that Agosto has influenced in Houston and beyond have positively affected minorities who may otherwise have been overlooked. By introducing people of different colors, cultures, and genders to the legal profession, organizations allow these individuals to gain firsthand legal experience so they can determine how to grow legal careers beyond academia. Referencing a recent study that reported the legal profession as the most underrepresented in terms of minority

involvement in the United States, Agosto stated, “We need to make a concerted effort to bring minorities and women to law firms and to the boardroom. Every member of the community needs to be represented.” Helping others in the community is certainly woven into the fabric at Abraham-Watkins. Agosto said that the practice keenly watches Sorrels at the helm and follows his lead. Under Sorrels’ direction, Abraham-Watkins has evolved from a firm with little diversity to one


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InRe Magazine - Fall 2018  

InRe Magazine - Fall 2018