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free time, and the families they nurture at home. When you give back to our law school, you are reaching a helping hand out to the Houston community, to nonprofit organizations across the country, and to the next generation. A single gift instantly becomes a shining light to many. In fiscal year 2015-2016, that light gleamed as radiantly as ever. Your generosity allowed us to award 870 scholarships totaling more than $3 million. With your help, we sent talented students to conferences and competitions, where they gained valuable skills and continued an unprecedented championship streak. We hosted relevant and timely continuing education sessions for local attorneys,

helped small-business owners protect their livelihoods, and sought justice and asylum for victims of human trafficking. All of these acts and more, big and small, were made possible by your invaluable contributions. So, on behalf of our faculty, staff, and students — and their clients, neighbors, mentees, parents, children, spouses, and friends — thank you!

Donald J. Guter, President and Dean

2015-2016 Donor Report