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Jennifer Deaton and David B. Deaton ’98

Professor Joseph K. Leahy and

The Honorable David Walker ’59 and

Jane H. Doerries and Eric W. Doerries ’76

Karen F. Lee and Stephen H. Lee ’94

Connie Burnett Wallace ’84 and

Elizabeth W. Dwyer ’07 and

Marathon Oil Company

Susan B. Wallach and Neal L. Wallach ’86

Sara F. del Pozo and Ephraim del Pozo ’97 Lenora DuBose ’94

Alexander G. Dwyer ’07

Amy C. Falcon ’08 and Kevin K. Falcon

Rebecca L. Leahy

Karl P. Long ’09

Lisa M. McChristian and

Sean M. McChristian ’08

Mary Leahy Farnan ’83 and James E. Farnan

Robert R. McDonough ’08

Barbara Fenton and George M. Fenton ’80

The Honorable Michael W. Meyer ’65

Jerry A. Farneti and John Farneti Jr. ’77

Professor Derek Fincham and Joni Fincham Kathleen Wells Fletcher ‘86 and Terry J. Fletcher

Mary Lou Flynn-Dupart ’84 and Mike Dupart

Lindsey C. Moorhead ’11 and Christopher A. Beard

Gloria J. Moritz and Johnny L. Moritz

Darlene Greco and Mac A. Greco Jr.

Corliss Nettles and Eugene M. Nettles ’74

The Honorable Eva Guzman ’89 and

Jack C. Ogg ’62

Catherine B. Hanslik and

Christopher P. Hanslik ’95

Noelle Hirschfeld and Neal W. Hirschfeld ’80 Barbara E. Hirt and Jeffrey A. Hirt ’89

Lisa M. Hodges and Colby S. Hodges ’10

Diane Nolen and Rand P. Nolen ’93 Monica M. Ortale ’93

Haley A. Paul ’13 and Zachary T. Paul

Alicia A. Pearce and Andrew D. Pearce ’07 Porter Hedges LLP

Amanda Pritchett and William L. Pritchett ’14 Professor Jeffrey L. Rensberger and Annette Rensberger

Stephanie A. Holcombe ‘09 and

Julie Riddle and J. Albert Riddle ’86

Kimberly B. Horowitz and

The Honorable James M. Rush ’80

Randall G. Holcombe ‘14

Daniel D. Horowitz III ’02

Cynthia Hughes and Patrick L. Hughes

Courtney N. Rosen ’13 and John T. Kovach ’13 The Honorable E.J. Salcines ’63 and Elsa Salcines

The Honorable Nancy K. Johnson and

Kara Salton and David W. Salton ’07

Brooke I. Jones and Michael P. Jones ’09

Amanda L. Shaw-Castro ’09

Tim Johnson ’84

Angie K. Kaitson and E. Chris Kaitson ’81 M. Dilshad Kasmani ’07

Gene Krane and James R. Evans Jr. ’81

Kathy Kronzer and Walter J. Kronzer III ’87 Raymond M. Kutch ’09

Ashley S. Langley and Curt M. Langley ’90 Cathy C. Larrinaga and

R. Michael Larrinaga ’85

Christine Sampson Willie ’94

Eleina M. Wyatt and Paul B. Wyatt ’13

Mark A. Mitchell ’92

Jason F. Muriby ’11

Carey L. Hain ’11

Dr. Joseph R. Willie II ’91 and

Rebecca L. Miller and Benjamin P. Miller ’06

Dora Ann Gostecnik ’03

Anthony Guzman

Steve M. Williard ’93

Helen B. Wils ’88 and Leonard A. Goldstein

Desrye M. Morgan ’96

Dean Donald J. Guter and Patricia A. Guter

John B. Wallace

Francis X. McIlvaine ’84

Major Jeffrey A. Gall ’01 and Suzette Gall Joel R. Glover ’13

Virgia Walker

Janet Schellinger and Antoine C. Schellinger ’13 Rebecca K. Skiba ’02 and Leo A. Skiba

Patricia A. Speer and Thomas A. Speer ’62

Sarah A. Stamey and M. Harris Stamey ’07

Angela A. Stout ’07 and Adam P. Curley ’08 Beth Sufian and James A. Passamano ’90 Kellee Suggs and Wilbur E. Suggs ’09

Bridget Burke Vick ’09 and Gabe T. Vick III ’07

Michael J. Woodson ’12

Elaine Roch Young ’94 and Donald C. Young III Amanda A. Zimmerman ’08 and Marc R. Eichenbaum ’08

Listings as of Sept. 1, 2015 – Aug. 31, 2016

2015-2016 Donor Report  
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