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In addition to our giving societies, we also provide special recognition for those who have given to the law school every year for five or more consecutive years. An annual gift, regardless of amount, is a valuable investment in our future.

10-14 years of giving

Lauren C. Ravkind and Morris D. Weiss ’85

Dean Emeritus James J. “Jim” Alfini and

Sally Bell Rutherford

20+ years of giving

Courtney Carlson ’08 and Brandon Siegmund

Candyce T. Beneke ’94 and Bruce E. Beneke

Carol Alfini

The Honorable Timothy M. Basquill ’83 and Katharine B. Basquill

Debbie Brothers and Gregory A. Brothers Professor Elaine A. Carlson ’79 and Robert Carlson

Javier A. Rey ’83

Connie Stevens and Joseph M. Stevens Jr. ’72

Jennifer O. Stogner ’06 and Brant J. Stogner ’06 Martha J. Stone ’01 and David Stone

Geraldine A. Sullivan and James B. Sullivan ’69 Suzanne Suter ’78 and William T. Snypes ’77 Sharla L. Thompson and

James D. Thompson III ’86

Judith A. Dunn ’89 and R.E. Dunn

Professor Sandra J. Carnahan ’86 and

Jacquelyn Tinsley and J. Goodwille Pierre ’00

Connie Hays and Michael S. Hays ’74

Caroline T. Cookingham and

Professor Michael E. Wheeler and

M. Karinne McCullough ’87 and

Assistant Dean Elizabeth A. Dennis ’84

Karen H. Garcia and Roland Garcia Jr. ’86 Sally J. Langston ’91

William McCullough

Imogen S. Papadopoulos ’84

Beth A. Plummer and Jim Plummer

Mike Carnahan

Jay H. Cookingham ’86

5-9 years of giving

Professor W. David East and Carol East

Susan M. Aaron and Charles M. Aaron ’79

Michael J. Durrschmidt ’82

Associate Dean Maxine D. Goodman and

The Honorable James T. Worthen ’80 and

Nez Gross and H. Michael Gross ’71

Laura T. Worthen

15-19 years of giving

Steven B. Goodman

Lisie Houren and Jay R. Houren ’83

Aileen Clay and Patrick N. Clay ’76

Associate Dean Bruce A. McGovern and

Professor Pamela E. George

Tina L. Mohr ’75 and David N. Mohr

William M. Hitchcock

Rene Hoover and W.G. “Jerry” Hoover ’81 Cheryl Morse and Randall W. Morse ’78

The Honorable Thomas M. Reavley

Brenda Lanza and Nicholas J. Lanza ’89 Fabienne McGovern

Margaret B. Moody and James H. Moody ’76 Professor Shelby A. D. Moore and Darryl Moore

Professor Olga L. Moya

Professor Jean Fleming Powers and

Jan Mullins and Terrell S. Mullins /

James D. Seegers ’93

Professor Francesca Ortiz

Randall O. Sorrels ’87

Anastas F. Pass, M.D. ’00

Bruce S. Powers

The Willard and Anne Levin Foundation

Chris R. Snyder and Robert L. Snyder II ’77

Caroline O. Pass, O.D. and

Frances C. Stephens and

Lylene Pilkenton

Nicholas C. Stephens ’87

Richard H. Anderson Jr. ’82

Laurent A. Baillargeon ’74

The Honorable Jay W. Burnett ’73 and

Rosalie M. Hitchcock ’90 and

Susan Anderson and

Melissa B. Johnson and J. Ken Johnson II ’86

Irene Kosturakis ’86

Linda S. Dudensing and Carl Dudensing ’61

Stephen Alderman

Casey A. Armstrong ’08 and

Helen Bishop Jenkins and Hays Jenkins Jr.

The Honorable Carolyn Dineen King and

Associate Dean Catherine Greene Burnett

Nikki Agosto and Bernardino Agosto Jr. ’95

Executive Vice President Emeritus

Marleen Myers Bergman ’80

Linda G. Boyko and Philip W. Boyko ’77

Patricia J. Wheeler

Nancy Durrschmidt and

William B. Stripling Jr. ’72

Ann M. Trentin and Michael S. Keenan ’84

Sheryl Unger and Jeffrey M. Unger ’84

Sylvia L. Quan and Gordon J. Quan ’77

Rajinder K. Amolenda ’08

Mina M. Banerjee ’09 and Arijit Banerjee ’09 Professor John H. Bauman and Kathleen Bauman

Aditi M. Befroui and Amir R. Befroui ’12 Andrew B. Bender ’12

Lauren L. Berlin and Richard D. Berlin ’06

Genora A. Boykins ’85 and Dwight Boykins

Keri D. Brown ’06 and Benjamin P. Womack Valerie Burman and Darryl M. Burman ’83 Bebe Burns and G. Fred Rhodes Jr.

Kathy Carpenter and Brent Carpenter ’86 Kimberly L. Chandler ’01 and Gerald Chandler

Rowena G. Compton

Angela A. L. Connor ’13 and Joshua J. Connor Lisa L. Dahm ’95

Masoud A. Darvishi ’08

Donna K. Davis ’98 and William S. Davis

2015-2016 Donor Report  
2015-2016 Donor Report