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Keri D. Brown ’06 and Benjamin P. Womack

Gayle C. Hayter and Robert L. Hayter ’94

Javier A. Rey ’83

Gwendolyn D. Bruchez and

Rosalie M. Hitchcock ’90 and

Paul B. Rosen ’79 and Jeremy D. Rosen ’13 /

Professor Vanessa S. Browne-Barbour Ernest V. Bruchez Jr. ’77

The Honorable Jay W. Burnett ’73 and

Associate Dean Catherine Greene Burnett

Bebe Burns and G. Fred Rhodes Jr. /

Margaret Mellon Hitchcock Foundation William M. Hitchcock

Jane C. Hogan

Jennifer Bruch Hogan and Richard P. Hogan Jr. ’85

Stutz Partners, Ltd.

Kimberly B. Horowitz and

Robert Carlson

Cynthia Hughes and Patrick L. Hughes

Professor Elaine A. Carlson ’79 and Professor Sandra J. Carnahan ’86 and Mike Carnahan

Daniel D. Horowitz III ’02

The Honorable Lynn N. Hughes and Olive Hughes

Melissa A. Cass ’07 and

Executive Vice President Emeritus

CME Group

Kirby, Mathews & Walrath, PLLC

Kory Cummings and John M. Cummings ’95

Gene Krane and James R. Evans Jr. ’81

G. Troy Pickett ’10

June Cowan and Robert W. Cowan ’01

Rebecca Davis and Grayson L. Davis ’74 Assistant Dean Elizabeth A. Dennis ’84

Helen Bishop Jenkins and Hays Jenkins Jr.

Irene Kosturakis ’86

Cathy C. Larrinaga and

R. Michael Larrinaga ’85

Elizabeth W. Dwyer ’07 and

Law Office of Grayson L. Davis, PLLC

Professor W. David East and Carol East

Lynne Liberato ’80 and James B. Flodine ’81

Alexander G. Dwyer ’07

ExxonMobil Foundation

Beverly R. Lee ’92

Aubrey S. Locke and Gene L. Locke ’81

Paul A. Rosen ’82

The Rosen & Rosen Law Firm, L.P.

Michelle Rusk and L. Giles Rusk ’66 Sophia L. Salazar ’93

The Honorable E.J. Salcines ’63 and Elsa Salcines

A.I. and Manet Schepps Foundation James D. Seegers ’93

Rebecca K. Skiba ’02 and Leo A. Skiba Andrew B. Sommerman ’86

Jennifer S. Stockel ’08 and David Stockel

Suzanne Suter ’78 and William T. Snypes ’77 Amy Dunn Taylor ’82 and Robert Taylor Professor Cherie O. Taylor Texas Bar Foundation John S. Torigian ’79 David Towery ’79

Patricia Nowak Turner ’84 and Thomas Turner Gretchen M. Umbeck ’95

Bridget Burke Vick ’09 and Gabe T. Vick III ’07

Amy C. Falcon ’08 and Kevin K. Falcon

MABATX Foundation

Vinson & Elkins L.L.P.

The Honorable Robert G. Fegers ’83 and

George W. Mauzé II ’83

Cindy Wallace and David C. Wallace ’92

Lloyd H. Falk ’81 Toni Fegers

Beth Ferguson and Stephen M. Ferguson ’05 Karen H. Garcia and Roland Garcia Jr. ’86 Professor Pamela E. George The Honorable Larry Gist Kevin A. Goldberg ’12

Gray Reed & McGraw, LLP Jan Fisher Greaves

Darlene Greco and Mac A. Greco Jr.

The Honorable Guy W. Griffin ’77 and Cindy D. Griffin

Nez Gross and H. Michael Gross ’71 The Honorable Eva Guzman ’89 and Anthony Guzman

Hagan Noll & Boyle, LLC

Halliburton Foundation, Inc. Haynes and Boone, LLP

Marathon Oil Company Associate Dean Bruce A. McGovern and Fabienne McGovern

Jo-Ellen Mooney and Mark F. Mooney ’77 Pamela R. Nelson ’01 and Bill Nelson Diane Nolen and Rand P. Nolen ’93

Cathryn Noll and David M. Noll ’00

Veronica North and Robert V. North ’07/ North Law, P.C

Jack C. Ogg ’62 Phillips 66

The Honorable Thomas R. Phillips and Lyn Phillips

Lylene Pilkenton

Professor Jean Fleming Powers and Bruce S. Powers

Sylvia L. Quan and Gordon J. Quan ’77 Katrina C. René and Malcolm J. René

Dat T. Vo ’16

Steve M. Williard ’93

Associate Dean John J. Worley and Ann Worley

Kellye Wright and M. Kyle Wright ’07 Paula M. Yale and Paul G. Yale * deceased

Listings as of Sept. 1, 2015 – Aug. 31, 2016

2015-2016 Donor Report  
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