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December 12—19, 2012

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Volume 19 No. 1


December 12, 2012

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The results of fines and money, since the City decriminalization of smoking weed. Since Chicago has lined up with (Continued on page 7)

By NATASHA KORECKi She rose from within the prosecutorial ranks to become the first woman and first Hispanic to hold the powerful post of Cook County state’s attorney but was still viewed by many as having an independent streak. Once States Attorney Anita Alvarez She won re-election with ease in November and was

said not long ago to be in line for a judgeship. But in the past two weeks, Alvarez has suffered two major embarrassments. Last week, a special prosecutor announced an indictment against Richard J. “R.J.” Vanecko, a nephew of (Continued on page 12)

was seen as a rising star.

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Certainly by all indicators the Black community is substandard to other ethnics’ economic parity of business ownership. Inasmuch, initiatives in March and May of 2007 was the founding of Black Wall Street ‘Districts Of' Chicago by South Street Journal, and simultaneously the Chicago League (CUL) launched ProjectNext of business development. Cheryl Jack-

son, the former CEO of CUL proclaimed “Chicago will be the next “Black Wall Street”. With such a statement BWSDOC has identified 21 business Districts in Chicagoland with the agenda to visually sustain and increase Black business. For the history tailored from Tulsa Oklahoma of 1921 African Americans were in control of their economics; just as Chicago’s China

Town, Greek Town and Little Village, now even the near west and south side of the Loop has quietly became classified as the new “White Wall Street” from the new development of the last ten years. A follow-up to BWSDOC Summit XVIII in strategy for resolutions to compliment Black History Month, representatives ventured for February as a check-point to meas-

ure objectives with the Nielsen’s report of Black History 2012 report; with the theme of “All Eyes on the District”. Ron Carter, founding chair of BWSDOC said “We are proud to take on this need purpose of our communities in the same spirit of our Fathers and Mothers of Tulsa, Oklahoma. This marks the 184 year (Continued on page 14)

(Continued on page 4)

Targeting Target over Reggio Pizza There has been an organized and

sustain public protest in front of Target in Chatham over R e ggio’s

As 63rd Street is targeted as another Black Wall Street District, the National Block Club University lead a march down the business strip displaying African Nations flags, in a promotion theme 63rd Street Makeover geared for a 90 days (Feb 2013 Black History Month) afterwards a visual of cleaner corridor, more African American businesses. Three African museums exhibits (Sudan-Somalia-Djibouti).

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Gardner ‘ball is in Mayor’s Court” no action By Chinta Strausberg Business icon Ed Gardner held a jobs protest in Evergreen Park where more than 2,000 people joined him in support. The protest lead to a meeting with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, before Gardner averted a mass protest on City Hall. What emerged from the mayor’s meeting was “some what optimistic” that African Americans will be included on construction sites throughout Chicago. Gardner said if he had not heard from the mayor he would march on City Hall 10,000 strong, told reporters his position is simple. All he wants is jobs for blacks on city construction sites especially in the African American community, and he made it clear that his fight is far from over. “I want to see black men and women working on all construction sites throughout the city of Chicago,” said Gardner. He wants half the jobs on these sites to be held by blacks. Gardner said he is “somewhat optimistic about his Business pioneer Ed Gardner speaks at 87th and Stony on his meeting with Mayor Rahm Emanuel as Clarence Woods looks on.

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Will Burns,

Kwame Raoul, Donne Trotter, Sandi Jackson,

Governor Pat Quinn announced the kickoff for the 2nd Congressional District vacancy after Jesse Jackson Jr. submitted a letter of resignation. His resignation is just another special election for the district as the congressman before him Mel Reynolds resigned after sexual charges sparked a special election in the 2nd district which resulted in Jackson being elected in a 1995. Jackson's office could not be reached for comment. Jackson has been absent from Congress for months as he deals with both the federal investigation and mental health problems that have landed him at the Mayo Clinic. His resignation means he will not be sworn in for the term he won in November.

Maureen Forte Anthony Beal,

He resigned from Congress with acknowledging mistakes were made tarnishing his outstanding congressional record and reputation. It has been rumored in recent weeks that he would resign as part of a plea deal. “For seventeen years I have given 100 percent of my time, energy, and life to public service,” Jackson wrote in a letter delivered on the eve of the Thanksgiving holiday. “However, over the past several months, as my health has deteriorated, my ability to serve the constituents of my district has continued to diminish. Against the recommendations of my doctors, I had hoped and tried to return to Washington (Continued on page 20)

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December 12—19, 2012

Rev. Dr. Lewis Flowers, Chairman of Westside Ministers Coalition pass. By Chinta Strausberg Rev. Dr. Lewis Flowers, 62, former President of the Westside Ministers Coalition and chairman of the Board, passed last night at his home at 2:50 a.m. having recently been released from a hospital, Rev. Phalese Binion, president of the Westside Ministers Coalition, confirmed Sunday morning. A Vietnam veteran, Dr. Flowers was pronounced dead at 2:50 a.m. at the West Suburban Hospital, according to his daughter, Blaire Flowers. Dr. Flowers had been in several hospitals prior to his death last night, Dr. Binion said. The powerful Dr. Flowers, who served for more than three decades as the president of that Coalition, was known for his battles on social justice on the West Side of Chicago particularly in the Austin community where, as a spokesman for the Community Reinvestment Organizing Project (COP), demanded that Mayor Rahm Emanuel include Austin, which reportedly led in the number of foreclosures, be included in the mayor’s $15 million Foreclosure Recovery Program. “The State of Illinois has lost a true icon,” said rev. Binion. “I just thank God he will now be able to rest but those of us who must go on and fill his shoes and pick up and carry on the work he has so tirelessly and restlessly fought for must go on. We have our work cut out for us, but we know we won’t let him down. We won’t let the people down and most of all we will not let God down. We will do it in a state of excellence and in Dr. Lewis’ memory,” Rev. Binion told this reporter.

Washington Park Speak Out on Red Line Project Beginning in May, 2013, the Chicago Transit Authority will be closing down its Red Line stations between Cermak and 95th Streets and busing riders to its Green Line station on Garfield Boulevard (55th). It has been estimated that in addition to the regular bus service, as many as 100 buses will be traveling down Garfield Boulevard—all to the dismay of many Washington Park community residents. The Washington Park Advisory Council held a meeting to discuss the Red Line reconstruction project and its impact on the Washington Park Community. “Earlier this year, the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) reduced the lanes on 55th Street and Payne Drive from two lanes to one at the stop sign. This has created early-morning traffic back- ups—sometimes with 20 cars—all going east on 55th or north on Payne. There was no community discussion or involvement, just one day, the lanes were changed and a bike path had priority over traffic,” explains Cecilia Butler, president of the Washington Park Advisory Council. From a commercial and residential standpoint, Garfield Boulevard is the busiest east/west thoroughfare on the South Side. Due to construction of a bus turn-around on 55th & Calumet, residents have been advised of street closings and parking changes. However, Butler contends that Washington Park residents should have been given the opportunity to submit their input. For info call Cecilia

Butler, 773.667.4160

Calls for Release of Police Officers from Jail “Austin Seven” It was 16 years ago that a federal grand jury indicted seven tactical officers from the Chicago Police Department’s 15th district in the Austin neighborhood. They were charged with stealing and extorting $65,000 from undercover FBI agents who posed as drug dealers. They were subsequently tried and sentenced to long prison terms. But this controversial case, supporters of the stillimprisoned “Austin Seven” officers say they have uncov` Volume 19 Number 1 is published by Jarrell Communications Inc.

Publisher and Editor: Ron Carter

South Street Journal

ered evidence that could and should lead to their release. According to supporters of the disgraced officers, the evidence will reveal that federal and local prosecutors, “framed the Austin Seven in a carefully-crafted conspiracy,” according to T.C. McCoy who worked in the same tactical unit as the imprisoned officers. McCoy and other supporters Friends of the “Austin Seven”(Clergy, Current and Former Chicago Police Officers) of the “Austin Seven” will present more of their evidence and issue a call for the immediate release of the remaining three officers (Edward Jackson, Jr., M.L. Moore, and Alex Ramos). Contact: T.C. McCoy at (773) 401-8371, who will be telling the ongoing story on cable TV of the Muri Muhammad and Bosey Edwards shows.

“Englewood Says No to Norfolk Southern Land Grab Proposal” The Resident Association of Greater Englewood (R.A.G.E.), with the Englewood Railway Coalition and other community are opposed to the sale of 104 vacant lots owned by the city, to Norfolk Southern Railway (NS) for the expansion of a freight yard in Englewood. NS proposed to purchase the parcels for $1,105,000.00, a cost less than $11,000.00 each, as reported in the Chicago Sun Times' Public Notices section. RAGE is contesting that the price of less than $11,000.00 per parcel is obscenely, and an insult to the taxpayers of Chicago and specifically Englewood residents. “The citizens deserve more and ironically, NS knows that they should pay more.” Reported Asiaha Butler, Co-founder and Interim President of RAGE. Public records show that in the past NS has paid at least $50,000.00 per parcel for 42 vacant lots and paid over $100,000.00 per parcel for the purchase of at least 12 vacant lots in Englewood”, states Steven Rogers, President of the Englewood Railway Coalition. The coalition wants NS to pay more, and also agree to a comprehensive community benefits agreement as they move forward with to expand their freight yard for 84 acres throughout Englewood. NS has been quietly purchasing homes in area for the past three (3) years, using means that have been described as an abuse of the threat of Eminent Domain. Their actions were never disclosed until September 2011, when Aldermen Pat Dowell (3) and Willie Cochran (20) demanded that NS formally announce their plans to the community. NS aggressive plan to secure the land for low cost is a hostile takeover of the Englewood neighborhood and R.A.G.E. are asking to city to reject NS proposal to the city of Chicago. However, reports are NS has close on most of the lots in questioned. For info visit or call 866-845-1032.

Exonerated: Anthony Fields, a prominent Certified Public Accountant, in the Metropolitan Chicago area was found not to be guilty by the Securities And Exchange Commision for selling fraudulent securities. In addition, Fields was found not to be guilty of selling Fictitious Financial Instruments, such as Bank Guarantees (BGs) and European Mid Term Notes (MTNs). It was discovered during the Fields trial in May of 2012 that The Department of Enforcement of the SEC failed to verify information that would prove that the Treasury Securities being sold by Fields was not fraudulent and that the buyer of the Treasury Securities was indeed a bonified buyer. It was also discovered during the trial that the prosecution for the SEC and its expert witness, John Reed Stark was unaware of the existence of European Financial Instruments, such as Bank Guarantees (BGs) and European MId Term Notes (EMTNs) and therefore accused Fields of selling Fictitious securities and as a result of their ignorance Fields was fined by their Administrative Law Judge, Carol Fox Foelak, $150,000 and Prohibited from being a broker and investment adviser permanently. Fields Plan to appeal the decision

New trial for

Writers: Chinta Strausberg, Sonja Predue, Francine Jeffries, Donnell Robinson, Everloyce McCullough Correspondent/ Contributor: Carl West, National; Kam Williams, Marketing Associate: Sonja Perdue

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Although the future of CAPS is still in question they are still meeting. But sources says the City of Chicago is preparing the rename of the citizens police operations. …….And on the point of policing A new Sheriff in this town? Democratic candidate Sylvester Baker, Jr. When elected, Baker wants to revamp Cook County Sheriff's office! We wonder if that means hiring or firing. WVON Perri Small (10 am) hinted she will start writing again, But for SSJ she will have full range on what she writes. …..And on the Radio, is Monique Spence leaving WVON for WGCI or is she going to do both? kicking it with The Morning Riot!!! And former SSJ writer Marie Johnson just published a new book, . Ms. Johnson is or is not the new treasure of the question new found National Black Wall Street Chicago. The Chicago Sun-Times sold again, and Ndigo newsmag may be back on the streets with a price on single issues. Supreme Court appointed former 6th ward alderman Freddrenna M. Lyle filling Cook County Circuit Court Vacancy making more money than as an alderman, over $100,000 a year; and Darlene Tribue of the Grand Crossing organization should know the new alderman Rod Sawyer has plans for the Black Wall Street District of 75th Street with entertainment. some residents, such as Kim Green on 74th and Indinaa are concerned that there will be no monthly ward meetings. Sawyer points out he goes to as many community meetings as possible. Dam if you do, Dam if you don’t. People are complaining that Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson showing up in the heat of the media oppose to creating the news. Apparently they will be criticized if that were there. Such a life. However word is they have some big bank accounts with such a life. Chicago Teachers Union is even asking members to double their contributions to their political action committee as the union eyes not just the mayor's race but City Council and statewide races too. So is their President Karen Lewis a running, as Cook County President Toni Preckwinkle can

Hey Dock Man! isn’t that City Hall across the street?

You mean to say we are being recorded?

YES !!!!!

be in the next mayoral election for February of 2015. And one can be assured that Dock Walls will be. So where will the windy city blow for Wallace Gator Bradley? And tell your parents to pull theirs’ up as well, and keep the skirts down, mainly the aldermen.

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South Street Journal ture. This meeting people can come with questions and concerns. In the meantime, take a moment to read In Honor of Journalist & Activist, Lu Palmer, this year's School Action Guidelines to review CPS' Utilization Standards, Wednesday, December 12 & ThursWhere: Metropolitan Apostolic Church day, December 13 - Barbara A. (4100 S. King Dr.)

Sizemore Academy, 6936 S. Hermitage Celebrates its 6th Annual Pre Kwanzaa Bazaar.. For more information call 773/535-9144. Karen Bozeman-Gross

the Chicago Chapter, N'COBRA on Sun., Dec 16, 2012 @ Washington Park Fieldhouse, 5531 S King Drive, 2 pm - 4 pm. Agenda: Post Human Rights Day Update; Reparations Movement update & a PreKwanzaa Celebration Friday, December 14th - R.A.G.E. HOLIDAY MIXER, New Visionz Cafe 8038 S. Ashland Ave. 6pm-9pm. Giveaways, Free Food and Networking!! Dec. 15, 2012, True Reflections and Freedom Annual event: AFRIKAN HERITAGE EDUCATION, Free and open to community, 9am - 4pm at NEIU Jacob Carruthers 700 E. Oakwood , Reception and Ceremony 9am - 10:30am, Workshops 11am - 2pm - Healing Circles- Village Youth Circles- Home Food Preservation $35-$65 Led by Barbara Pillow of Indigo spinsHousing is a Human Right $20 Connect with experts about mortgage fraud, real estate acquisition, and land ownership, "Reflections Celebration" 2:25pm - 4pm, Performance by Khari Lemuel, Reflections and Recognition by TraF.

Sunday December 16th ; (IBE/B-PAC) Infinity Building Economics/Black Political Action Committees meeting at 344 W. 119th Street at 4:00pm. For info call Pleasant Stephens/founder, 866-503-3589 or 866503-3589. Monday ACE'S BUSINESS NETWORK A'FAIR (ABNA). at 7:00am to 8:30am at St. Rest No. 2, 727 E 87th Street. Come with a pocket full of business cards and leave with a ton of new business connections. Contribution $5, Coffee and Tea are provided. Visit for more information on upcoming events and speakers!

December 17, 7-9pm, Commission on School Utilization Public Meeting. Chicago Public Schools will be closing and consolidating several schools this year and their deadline for announcing school actions was extended by the State Legisla-

Community Organizers Unite to rebuild our villages one block at a time! We C.A.R.E. Coalition's Unity Meeting Every Thurs.@ the Temple of Mercy Assoc. calling all Pastors, Deacons, New Blk Panther Party, FOI, OMIB, Moorish Americans, Hebrews, to the "Temple of Mercy Assoc., under the leadership of Min. Rahim 1716 W. 79th St. Friday DEC.28, 2012 Chicago State University: Office of Enrollment Management, In Association with:, Presents, KWANZAA CELEBRATION HARAMBEE na NGUZO SABA 2012, @ 4PM TIL 10PM. Chicago State University - 9500 South King Drive, Chicago ,IL. Jacoby Dickens Center – Gymnasium, KWANZAA RITUAL * CULTURAL PRESENTATIONS * UJAMAA MARKET, For More Info Go To Y2KWANZAA.ORG * Vending call 773.357.6154

The Chicago Chapter of Tuskegee DODO Airman announced the launching of their Legacy Flight Academy Program (LFA) on Black Wall Street – USA Blogtalkradio show hosted by Ron Carter, Chair of Black Wall Street Districts – Chicago and Publisher and Editor of South Street Journal. LFA is a unique, two-week aviation experience for students age 16-19 who have already demonstrated a sincere interest in aviation. Based in historic Tuskegee, Alabama, the LFA seeks to inspire minority youth towards a career in aviation Bronzeville Historical Society will officially open its new office at the Stephen A. Douglas Tomb Site - 636 E. 35th Street in Chicago on New Year's Day. Emancipation Day. Festivities will begin at 11am and end at 3pm. At 12

noon, libations. Friday, December 21, 2012, Art Opening Date/Reception: Title of Event: 41 Winters. New works by Sergio Gomez, Time: 7 pm to 10 pm, 33 Contemporary Gallery. Zhou B Art Center 1029 W. 35th St, 1st Floor, 33 Contemporary Gallery is a Chicago-based fine arts gallery promote and facilitate collaborations through the gallery, Exhibitions Dates: December 21, 2012 to January 12, 2013



Monday Saturday 9:00 am - 9:00 pm


10:00 am - 6:00 pm

December 12—19, 2012

FOX 32 News Friends of Ald. Sandi Jackson tell Fox 32 News she is preparing to resign from the City Council. They said she's unlikely to complete her current term and could be gone from Chicago next year. One said Mrs. Jackson would "have no choice but to quit the Council" if her husband, Jesse Jackson, Jr., goes to prison. His lawyers are currently bargaining with federal prosecutors over a possible guilty plea. "If he ends up in prison, of course she'll quit to care for the children," one friend said. No matter what happens, friends said Mrs. Jackson plans to continue raising her two children in Washington, D.C. Referring to daughter Jessica and son Jesse Jackson III, a friend reported, "Jess and Trey each like their private school. And the family can be much more anonymous in D.C. than in Chicago." One sign of her growing detachment: records kept by the city clerk show Mrs. Jackson missed more than 93 percent of 58 City Council committee meetings so far this year. She missed Monday's meeting of the powerful Finance Committee. The Wall Street Journal reported that Mrs. Jackson is a subject of the same investigation. It's reportedly focused on whether campaign funds were used improperly to rehab and redecorate one of the family's homes. Former

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Asst. U.S. Attorney Michael Monico told Fox 32 News that, if Mrs. Jackson did not have her own, separate defense lawyer, she needed one. Her husband reportedly learned last spring that the FBI was investigating his finances. He resigned Nov. 21, issuing a written statement that confessed unspecified "mistakes" and confirmed the FBI's criminal investigation. Former Rep. Jackson also cited ongoing treatment of his severe bipolar personality disorder. Friends said Mrs. Jackson has talked privately about a growing estrangement from her husband's family. "It's gone way beyond the normal tensions with the in-laws," said one. Sources told Fox 32 News, however, that Mrs. Jackson "is doing absolutely nothing to prepare for a run for her husband's former Second Congressional District seat. One added, "If Sandi runs for Congress, I'll jump off the top of the Willis Tower. Do you have any idea what she's facing right now? That's the last thing her family needs." Later in the day, a spokeswoman confirmed that Mrs. Jackson had no intention whatsoever of running for Congress. If Mrs. Jackson were to quit the Council, Mayor Rahm Emanuel would appoint her replacement.

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December 12—19, 2012

South Street Journal

kids.” The owner told Pfleger “Father, do you know that on every corner in Chicago they are selling weed. I do a lot for the community….” Pfleger told him, “What ever you are selling if it’s illegal I’m against it.” When the owner told Pfleger, he is trying to get himself a name, the supporters laughed. “How are you, sir,”? asked Pfleger. The owner said he is 35. “I’m 63. Do you think I care about a name.” The two went back and forth with Pfleger reminding him he had people come to his store buying cigarettes every day. They were minors. Pfleger said he will not ignore it. Later, the store owner shook hands with Pfleger and said he wants to meet with him Monday morning. He took a copy of the Community Agreement Form. M&M Mart storeowner Friday accused Father Michael L. Pfleger of being After the police arrived, and it anti-Arab and said more than 1,000 Arab merchants are up-in-arms at took a long time for them to come to him. He threatened to sue Pfleger but later shook hands and promised to the store, the officers checked the sign Pfleger's new "Community Agreement Form" which states he will store’s licenses and after taking the hire a black from the community and other reforms that will lessen the clerk and the owner in the back of the violence in the Auburn-Gresham community. (Photo by Chinta Strausberg) store out of view of the public, “some of these stores that are disre- emerged and said, “The owner wants By Chinta Strausberg With close to 150 supporters by specting the community.” you to leave his store and don’t come his side Father Michael L. Pfleger one Pfleger said. “I don’t care if all the back.” late Friday night declared a victory Arab storeowners are mad at me. You A stunned Pfleger told the officer, after three Arab-owned grocery stores think that bothers me? This is not an this is a public store and the owner accused of selling loose cigarettes to Arab thing. This is a right thing. can’t keep people from coming there, minors agreed to sign the Faith Com- Right, not white,” Pfleger said re- the officer repeated the owner’s demunity of Saint Sabina’s new minding the owner he was waiting for mand that they leave and stood in the “Community Agreement Form.” the police reminding him that he will entrance blocking any entry into the Armed with a stack of the forms, not tolerate his selling loose cigarettes store. Pfleger continues to hold Friday, 6:30 to minors. There was a lot of drama going on p.m. marches throughout the AuburnThe owner allegedly told Pfleger between Pfleger and a store employee Gresham community calling for peace he gives a church across the street who refused to sign the agreement and an end to violence, focused on $500. Pfleger said, “You give who which lists the store name, address, three “trouble” stores. $500 every month”? phone, owner’s name, store manHowever, while Pfleger quickly By then, the owner arrived at his ager’s name, years in business, the got two stores, that throughout the store and again accused Pfleger of number of employees including how week had refused to return his calls, being anti-Arab. “I’m not anti-Arab. many African Americans are working to sign the agreement, but he ran into I’m anti-wrong,” Pfleger there. a lot of drama at the M&M Food told the owner. Pfleger Pfleger accused of While police did issue Mart, 1642 W. 79th Street. He accused called the store a “menace” being anti-Arab ... a citation to the owner. the store of selling loose cigarettes to and that he gets numerous 1,000 Arab mer- Pfleger is demanding minors and after the store clerk re- complaints about the M&M chants up in-arms that these stores hire an fused to sign the agreement, Pfleger store. over demand they African American from called the police. The store license is registhe community or he hire a black or be will shut them down. After a flurry of calls by the clerk, tered to Lailafsalah-Safi. shut down. the owner ultimately arrived accusing After accusing Pfleger of The agreement calls for Pfleger of being anti-Arab and claim- being anti-Arab, the owner the owners to sign and ing more than 1,000 Arab merchants said the head of the Arab Mosque is agree to hire an African American to are up-in-arms over his demand that very upset with Pfleger. “I promise work at their store, to not participate they hire a black from the community you. I will shut this (store down). I in any illegal activities at their place or he would shut their stores down. have seven kids. How do you feel in of business, agree not to operate a Pfleger told him he has been in touch shutting my business down”? he dirty, unclean business or allow peowith Arab leaders and they are not asked Pfleger who said, “and I care ple to gather outside their stores. happy with these stores, the owner about your kids and I care about our Continue on Page 18 denied that and threatened to sue the priest. Pfleger vowed not to leave until the agreement was signed, asked the clerk to call the owner on his cell phone, that conversation became very heated. In talking to the owner Pfleger let him know they were waiting for the police because twice a minor purchased loose cigarettes on a Friday and Thursday. “I’m going to press charges,” Pfleger told the owner reminding him that neither is legal. Addressing the owner, Pfleger said, “What do you mean harassing you? I am not harassing your business. You’re harassing my neighborhood. I live here. Where do you live? Chicago is a big city,” said Pfleger when the owner told him he lives in Chicago. “I live here in this neighborhood,” said Pfleger. With debates over the phone Pfleger gave an employee the Community Agreement Form and told the owner, “You can be as angry or as threatening to me as you want. Pfleger in response to the owner’s accusation. “You said you’re going to make trouble for me. I am not antiArab. I’m not anti-anything. I’m antiwrong,” Pfleger told the owner. “You’re selling loose cigarettes to minors in the neighborhood I live in. Oh, the Arab store owners are talking about what I’m doing. Tell them to do the right thing, then,” Pfleger said. He told the owner he has spoken to Arab leaders who told him he was tired of (Continued on page 14) (Continued from page 1)

South Street Journal

December 12—19, 2012

Beasley School student toy drive for Hurricane children

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The U.S. Department of Labor has made available approximately $11.7 million in grant funds to serve adult offenders who are returning from incarceration to highpoverty, high-crime communities. The purpose of these grants is to provide an employment-centered approach to reintegration that improves long-term labor market prospects for ex-offenders. “The Labor Department is committed to getting all Americans back to work and to expanding opportunities for everyone who wants a job,” said Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis. “Stable employment helps exoffenders stay out of the legal system. Focusing on that end People is the right thing to do for these individuals, and it makes sense for local communities and our economy as a whole.” Authorized by the Workforce Investment Act, the grants will be awarded through a competitive process open to nonprofit, faithbased and community organizations. Participants will be individu-

als ages 18 and older who have been convicted as adults under federal or state law, but who have never been convicted of a sexrelated offense, with the exception of prostitution. Complete eligibility criteria are included in the solicitation for grant applications. Each year approximately 650,000 inmates are released from state and federal prisons, and return to their communities. Without assistance to make a successful transition, the majority of exoffenders return to criminal activity. Almost three out of five returning ex-offenders will be charged with new crimes within three years of their release prison, and do change from two out of five will be re-incarcerated, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. To view the full solicitation online, visit grants/find_grants.cfm. For info on the range of Department of Labor employment and training programs, visit

The Wallace “Gator” Bradley Scholarship is named for the sociopolitical activist and former gang member. He received the honor from Level Playing Field (LPF) creation for deserving Taylor Business Institute (TBI) students. This scholarship will provide TBI students with the financial support needed to better their lives through higher education. This is the first of several honorary scholarships Level Playing Field will create in honor of various Chicago leaders. Gator (as called) said, “I’m honored given the distinction of a scholarship in my name. I thank everyone for allowing me to serve my community in a way that helps bring an end to anti-social behavior by sharing with youth that an education is the path to success,” said Wallace Bradley. Bradley was given a chance by Cook County Commissioner Jerry Butler who hired him as an aide in the 1990’s. For over 20 years, Bradley has been shaping and redefining communities. His work has chal-

lenged local and national governments to step up their role in assisting urban communities through lobbying local and national politicians and leadership. Rev. Jesse L. Jackson selected him as a member of his 1994 delegation during his run for the presidency. This opportunity led him to meet former President Bill Clinton and help shape solutions that assisted with the urban problems. In 1999, former Governor Jim Thompson granted him a pardon. “These quarterly scholarship opportunities exemplify TBI’s continued commitment to assist at-risk youth living in underserved communities while pursing an education, said Lonnie Jenkins, president of Level Playing Field. “Bradley’s years of commitment to causes that support underserved communities serves as a strong example of what one person can achieve to better their community, inspiring Level Playing Field to create this scholarship in his honor.”

Walden in Police beating Oscar Walden 80,criminal justice activist who was beaten and forced to confess to a 1951 rape will get a new trial in his civil rights lawsuit against Chicago. The Chicago Tribune reported a federal judge determined the conduct of city’s lawyers in the trial was “unethical.” In his 2004 lawsuit, Walden sought $15 million. Former Gov. George Ryan pardoned him in 2002. After a six-day trial, a jury rejected Walden’s claims. His lawyers accused the city’s attorneys of missteps, including presenting the jury with graphic details of the rape and other evidence that had been barred. U.S. District Judge Ruben Castillo said the city’s attorneys had crossed a line. Walden Jr. has leaded activists calling on the city to do more to address decades-old allegations of police torture. From 1989 through 2010, at least 85 people have been wrongfully incarcerated. Dozens claim they were tortured into confessions by Chicago police officers.

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for the shooting. Morgan was acquitted of aggravated discharge of a weapon by a jury. Now, a surprising proceeding called Rule 23, calls for him to be retried by a new jury with the same Cook County Judge Clayton J. Crane on (4) counts of first degree attempted murder and (3) counts of Aggravated Battery. Chicago officers stop Morgan moving vehicle with its headlights off just before 1:00 a.m. In a flash Morgan is shot by the patrol officers. Morgan spent nearly a year in the Cook County jail unable to post the 10% requirement of his $2 millionbond until an anonymous donor provided nearly the entire bail. Morgan was a former Chicago police officer for eight years. African American Police League representative Pat Hill stated she is soliciting all attorneys, justice studies departments and students everywhere to write Cook County States Attorney Alvarez to withdraw the charges.

So touched by Hurricane Sandy, Samuel E. Love, 9, a third grade student at Beasley Elementary School, 5255 So. State Street, is holding a Christmas party Saturday, December 15, 2012, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at his father’s restaurant, Josephine’s Cooking (aka Captain Hardtimes), 436 E. 79th St., where Love is asking the public to bring toys for the children in New York. After watching news reporters showing the devastation Hurricane Sandy has caused, Love sent a note to his principal, Dr. Kim Brasfield, asking for her support in his holding a toy drive for the children who is facing a bleak Christmas. “Since I get so much for Christmas, I think these children should get some toys, too,” said Love. "When a child places socially responsibility on his or her shoulders to care for others in the world, it is inspiring,” said Brasfield. School officials agreed to support his toy drive if he would cover the cost of mailing the toys to New York. “I agreed to do that,” said Love who is the grandson of Josephine Wade, who along with her son, Victor Love, Samuel’s father, owns the Josephine Cooking. Samuel’s father, Victor Love, said, “I am so proud of my son, and I am hoping that the public will support this very worthy cause.” Admission to Samuel Love’s toy drive is free with a toy or $10.00.. For info: 774-908-7431.

Former Cop shot 28 times by Cops: The Howard Morgan 51, case, an African American Burlington Railroad police officer shot in the rear of his body (28) times by (8) Chicago police officers on February 21, 2005 and survived. Police reported Morgan shot at them. No criminal evidence has ever surfaced in the cause

No Matter What The Test May Be God Will Take Care of You Join

“God can do anything, but Fall”.

Leon Daniels, Pastor 821 West 69th Street Bible Study Tuesday 7 pm, Wed 6 pm Fri. Service 7 pm, Sunday School 9:30 am Sunday Service 11 am 773-487-9062

Bishop Lucius Hall, Pastor

First Church Of Love and Faith Schedule of Services: Sunday Morning Worship - 11:00 a.m. Sunday Evening Live Taping and Broadcast on WGCI -AM 1390 - 5:00 p.m. Tuesday Worship Service - 7:30 p.m. Saturday Channel 25 (Comcast) 7:00 p.m.

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture intended to curtail the illegal practice by food stamp recipients of using the Internet to trade their government aid for cash. There were 1,715 cases of fraud in Illinois in fiscal 2011, said Januari Smith, spokeswoman for the Illinois Department of Human Services, which administers the food stamp program in Illinois. Food stamps, known in Illinois as LINK Cards, are a joint federalstate program that provides lowincome households with credits to buy food. To circumvent the law, some people have used social media to set up deals to illegally sell their benefits. Fraud of less than $150, which is more than the worth of the average monthly LINK card, is a misdemeanor and can result in up to a year in jail for the seller and buyer. Nationally, for every $100 of food stamp assistance provided, about $1 is spent fraudulently, according to the USDA. The USDA’s announcement comes at the same time as the number of people receiving food stamps in Illinois has increased from 1.3 million in fiscal 2008 to 1.7 million in fiscal 2010, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit focusing on the major health-care issues facing the United States. Food stamp recipients in Illinois received $2.8 billion in benefits in fiscal 2010 compared with $1.7 billion in fiscal 2008, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. The cost of the program nationally has gone from

December 12—19, 2012 $34.6 billion in fiscal 2008 to $64.7 billion in fiscal 2010, according to the foundation. Lawmakers in Illinois tried passing a law last spring that would require photo IDs on LINK Cards. The legislation was watered down to only a study of the costs of adding the identification requirement, which stalled in the Illinois Senate. By Andrew Thomason Illinois Statehouse News The Chicago’s Online Auctions Surplus Autos, Equipment and Materials The City of Chicago has online auctions which include surplus equipment, vehicles, furniture, office equipment including computer products and other goods and materials. Select the link below to view or bid on current online auctions and view previous live auction results.

2001 FORD CROWN VICTORIA SEDAN 4 bidders in January 2, 2012 highest bid $202.50

Should you have any questions concerning the Online Auctions, call 312-745-4140 or send an email to onlineauctions.html. Search Engine Optimization? You’re run you own business and manage your own website. A. You want to rank higher in the search engines. Hence, optimize the searches for your products or services. B. You want more visitors. C. You want these visitors to do what? Buy, sell, click, join, read, share. When you see your number of hits or visitors and conversions start to increase, you’ll know that you’ve been optimized. Attend SEO workshops and receive an SEO REPORT created especially for your website, including a look at what your competitors are doing. R e g i s t e r a t to reserve your seat.

South Street Journal By Geri Bechard


ocial Networks are defined as a group gathered together as a community in an online environment, in order to meet new people, share ideas and exchange words. Contrary to offline (face-to-face) social networking, the normal boundaries of space and time are eliminated allowing communications at will day or night. In 2010 the advertising revenues generated through the use of Social Network marketing exceeded $1.6 billion in the US (Laudon & Guercio Traver). By year end of 2010 there were an approximately 500 million Facebook members worldwide (150 million in the US), 145 million Twitter users, and My Space has 130 million users with 50 million residing in the US (eMarketer Inc). These figures reflect a higher percentage of users than that of the United States. The numbers are impressive and the business and individual opportunities are endless. Cheryl Crane, a global business woman, believes that Facebook has expanded her world, opening lively conversation through sharing of interest and ideas that exceed that, of which, she has experienced in professional work environments. Laudon & Guercio Travers (2011) states that depending on the intention or goal of the individual or group, there are different types of online social network communities available to users. There are five distinguishable types of online social network communities. The general social networks like Facebook, Twitter and My Space, are used to meet with friends and share interests, ideas, and content. Practice networks such as Linkedin are used by professionals to help define and achieve goals through sharing methods and ideas. Interest social networks are as the title suggest, people gathering to explore common interest such as artists, politics, lifestyles, philanthropy, etc. (i.e. Affinity group communities focus on self-identity (women or Latin Americans etc.). The Sponsored networks are organizational and are characterized by the individual purpose of the group such as the election of political candidates (Barack Obama 2012). Sponsored networks are very effective in helping to achieving the

goals of its community. IT Executive, Al Travis, and a member of LinkedIn states “ The advantages of social networking are the exposure of products and services, coupled with business recommendations received from colleagues.” The average time a person spends visiting social networks is 5.5 hours per month with the average age of visitor’s being 35. Social networking is no longer considered a communications fad for restless teenagers; baby boomers are online socially networking. The percentage breakdown of visits for the top 10 Social Networking sites are as follows: “Facebook (80% plus), My Space (11.32%), Twitter (1.53%), Tagged (1.14%) , My Yearbook (0.88%), My Life (0.52%), (0.33%), Club Penguin (0.29%), (0.29%), and (0.20%)” (eMarketer, Inc., 2010b; Hitwise, 2010). Diana Joseph a beautiful stately woman who now lives and works in Africa says that online social networking has become a part and parcel of her daily life and enjoys the social interactions with new and old friends but dislikes persistently request from those seeking to establish love connections. You shouldn’t be so beautiful Diana. Just like, word of mouth advertising, social networking has become a preferred strategy in spreading product awareness and socializing. All things considered, it’s a wonder why marketers and advertisers are excited about marketing opportunities of Social networking sites. Amazing! As for me, Geri Bechard, I say: try it …. You might like it. Continue to join us for ongoing future chronicles in South Street Journal regarding actual online Social networking experiences as we explore and share the individual online social experiences of users. If you would like to share your online social network experience please contact us: email:

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December 12—19, 2012


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multiple cities and states that have decriminalized marijuana in the United States; The Ordinance went into effect on August 4th, 2012 which decriminalized possession of 15 grams of marijuana or less with a city fine ranging from $250-500. The ordinance was passed in a 43-3 vote. Under the new law Chicago police will have the discretion to issue tickets with fines. An important statistic was introduced by Alderman Burke highlighting that African Americans were 16 times as likely to be arrested for drug possession in Chicago as Caucasians. The burden of the criminal record has been found to contribute to the long term unemployment and eventual inflated incarceration rates among African Americans. The new ordinance does give young African Americans an opportunity to remain outside the criminal justice system. When taking into consideration that 78 percent of those arrested for marijuana possession in Chicago are African American. While controversial, Alderman Roderick T. Sawyer (6)decided to support this law as a good first step after provisions were added to give a community service option for indigent people who could not pay the city fine. Sawyer voted in support of the Marijuana Ordinance saying the law, as introduced gives police the option to write a ticket for adults found to be in possession as long as

they are not in a school, park or hot zone. Alderman Sawyer said, “At the end of the day substance abuse is a choice or an addiction and we need to teach people to make responsible choices rather than trying to legislate morality.” The police would continue to arrest those caught smoking marijuana or carrying it in parks or on school property. Those younger than 17 and anyone suspected of selling marijuana would also still be arrested. In March 2004, Carbondale, Illinois passed an ordinance which reduced the punishment for possession of cannabis or cannabis paraphernalia to a minimum fine of $250 in lieu of incarceration. In late 2009, Cook County and some northern suburbs also decriminalized cannabis possession of less than 10 grams or cannabis paraphernalia to a minimum fine for Unincorporated areas only as of 2009. In February 2009, the city of Springfield, Illinois passed an ordinance allowing possession of marijuana under 2.5 grams to per charged as an ordinance violation instead of as a crime. In early 2010, the city of Urbana, Illinois decriminalized marijuana. For the last ten years Sugar Grove, IL has had a similar decriminalization policy. In January 2012, the city of Evanston, Illinois decriminalized possession of 10 grams of marijuana or less with a city fine ranging from $50$500.

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By Michele Banks ith Michelle Obama’s thrilled to meet folks who truly visit to Chicago [and her wanted to learn how to improve their home as well], still fresh health through lifestyle change and don’t have to be overweight or ill to in my mind, I am motivated more than who wanted desperately to finally be concerned and/or proactive about ever to delve into this much-talkedsucceed in achieving long-term rechanging the direction of your health. about subject of obesity and lifestyle sults. I designed a comprehensive The power truly is in your hands. choices. It’s refreshing to see her wellness survey that would ultimately Many have adapted to the notion that hands-on approach to attacking the provide me with the most information our doctor is responsible for our problem of childhood obesity with her as to how to help one to achieve their health. This is where I say emphati‘Let’s Move’ program, her White nutritional/lifestyle goals. This was a cally that, “we are responsible for our House garden, her re-vamping the God-send for me because I needed a own health.” Nobody forces an adult food pyramid and Michelle’s focus on way to guide individuals through my to eat certain foods. However, you can eliminating food deserts in the comcustom lifestyle plan and introduce be forced to take medications when munities. This is truly a hard act to them to a wonderful selection of you display certain symptoms. follow but I’m honored to follow her whole foods and whole food suppleWellness is a state of mind, first… lead. ments that would complement their and it is a discipline that one must be I’m not sure how long my namejourney. willing to employ for the long run. I sake [Michelle Obama] has been conMost of us can admit that the hard- don’t mean fasting and becoming a cerned with wellness, but I was cata- est thing for a person to do is to ‘start’ vegetarian, [although these are pulted into the wellness healthy choices], but I do industry nearly 3 decades mean that you should ago. For myself, the nutriinvest some time into tion field was not on my learning ways to prevent agenda. Having been born or reverse illness. Alwith asthma, my mother though there are many succumbing to a diabetic who don’t believe that coma, and a few years of various conditions can be weight issues following reversed through nutrithe birth of my daughter tional guidance, it’s never has led me in the direction too late to fight the ravof finding ways to achieve ages of illness with whole wellness for myself and foods and special wholefor others. My focus is to food supplementation. teach willing participants Science can now back up how to take the focus off this seemingly improbof our ‘exteriors’ and able claim that good Michelle Obama in Chicago has been concerned with wellness, focus on our ‘interiors’. nutrition and exercise on a wellness program. So-called easy can actually reverse many common How Much Do You fixes like gastric bypass surgery, lipo- ailments. Spend On Beautification suction, crash diets, etc., don’t seem This is your wake up call. It’s time vs Preventive Health? to keep the patient well or in a healthy to commit to a better lifestyle starting The truth of the matter is that we weight permanently. today! To get started, check out Harare taught from the cradle to adorn The patient must become more mony Nutritional’s Moringa and see our bodies with beautiful clothes, aware of the alternative forms of well- what scientists say may be the most invest in our local beauty salon, live ness care and learn how to become “nutrient-dense plant discovered to in fine homes and drive fine cars. As more aggressive in making their date” that can provide your body with a result of our focus being a little health care provider accountable. the necessary nutrition to strengthen hazy, we lead the world in consumer You Must Be In Control and protect you. spending, obesity and poor health. It’s Don’t let the status quo get in the of Your Health time for change. way of your gift of wellness. Claim I had to make the decision whether your new body today and you’ll disAfter realizing that I had to become to remain on the ‘sick roller-coaster’ my first client [battle of the bulge], cover new ways to achieve your welletc., I designed a program that would or get off. I decided to get off and stay ness goals for pennies a day. Call 1 eventually lead to keeping the pounds off. 800-930-8758. The truth of the matter is that you off for a quarter of a century. I was Go to

Moringa (The Miracle Tree) is the absolute best in whole food nutrition. It contains everything the body needs to become healthy. There is no other tree like it according to scientists.

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December 12—19, 2012

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“I want to see black men and women working on all construction sites throughout the city of Chicago,” said Gardner. He wants half the jobs on these sites to be held by blacks. Gardner said he is “somewhat optimistic about his meeting with Emanuel. He said the mayor “… seems to show some sign of being concerned about making a change. That is all I’m concerned about that the things are not like they have been for the past many years in the city of Chicago.” Gardner spoke at a standing-room-only meeting with the Coalition of African American Leaders (C.O.A.L.), officials at BJ’s Market & Bakery Restaurant at 87th and Stony Island, Gardner said a protest that could have proven embarrassing to Mayor Emanuel and just days before the Nov. 6th election. “The ball is in the mayor’s court…,” Gardner said. “Chicago can be an example of what changes have to be made to see that Afro Americans get their share of contracts in this city and it certainly can be done,” Gardner said explaining that cities across this nation have similar problems. “Some how it’s easy for the union people, I guess, to go around, because I don’t think they have an innate desire to not want blacks to work, but someone has an impediment that is stopping this from happening and I blame the mayor for allowing it to continue.” Gardner blamed the mayor for not working with the aldermen and his staff to prevent this lack of blacks on the construction sites. “I am not going to stop at 87-yearsold until it is corrected,” he vowed. Mayor Emanuel told Gardner that the Red Line construction work is very important to him and that “many African Americans will be working on that project.” Gardner said the mayor “will be dealing with the unions right away, but they know all of the answers. They know what they are doing and what they are not doing. “They know when I see a site with nothing but non-blacks in the middle of a black community that they sent the journeyman out to do this job. They know what they did. It’s nothing new,” said Gardner. The organization of C.O.A.L. who will be meeting with his people on the Red Line and also on future construction sites throughout the city of Chicago.” Asked if he is going to shut down more job sites, Gardner made it clear.“Our job is

South Street Journal

not to shut down sites. Our job is to try to make life better for particularly African Americans. While Gardner said the mayor did not know why there is a scarcity of blacks on construction sites, he says the evidence is crystal clear. “I walk the streets of Chicago. I will see if black men and women are working,” said Gardner. Mayor Emanuel said he would be meeting with CTA Chairman Terry Peterson and members from C.O.A.L. which is headed by Clarence Wood. Gardner told Mayor Emanuel, “As far as I am concerned, he is totally and finally responsible to see that this situation is corrected, and he promised me he would do as much as he possibly can to correct it. Time will tell.” When told by reporters that elected officials have to live within the law and how could they achieve what he wants and live within the law, Gardner said,“…there are laws, but they are human beings.” Gardner said he told the mayor, “Look, I put my life on the line in 1943 for this country. “I come back here and I see a thing 70years later worst than what it was when I was struggling to be an American citizen trying to help this nation.” Gardner said no matter what the laws are, it is the mayor’s responsibility to change that, which is preventing blacks from working on these construction sites. “If they are preventing black African Americans from getting their fair share of job opportunity, that is his responsibility to see that it’s changed.” Asked if Mayor Emanuel committed to a percentage of jobs for blacks, Gardner said he wants half of those working on city construction sites to be African Americans. Since the major protest, representative of Gardner indicated there has been no change in the construction bids or hiring of Black workers. “Maybe one or two.” and no direct support from aldermen on the issue. However, Mayor James Sexton has been working with Gardner and the two major developers of the 92nd to 95thand Western construction site, Meijer’s and Menards, to get as many blacks hired as possible. The next COAL Coalition Power Breakfast is scheduled for Saturday, January 5, 2012 at 8:30a.m. BJ's Market 8734 South Stony Island Avenue (773) 374-4700

Contracts: Parity on city $1.2 mil. Aldermanic Menu” Howard Brookins (21) and chair of the City’s Black Caucus favors the proposal but question Black contract to ensure to do the work.

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city for the first eight months of this year. This is an increase from the mere eight percent ($96 million) they got for the same period last year. “Although the black contracting s u r ge sounds too good to be true, [Chief Procurement Officer Jamie] Rhee said it’s a product of the mayor’s decision to reform the scandal-scarred minority business program, return certification and compliance to the Department of Procurement Services and ‘really get out there and aggressively talk to people’ about upcoming opportunities,” reports the Chicago Sun-Times. Mayor Rahm Emanuel cited the number of jobs created for minority- and women-owned businesses, but charged the unions with training people appropriately for those jobs. For Hispanic businesses, it’s been a different story. Contracts to businesses owned by Latinos in the first eight months have dropped from 16 percent last year (worth $201 million) to 13 percent this year, or $118 million. The SunTimes says the gains for African-American businesses apparently resulted in losses for Hispanics and “non-minority” women-owned businesses; the latter saw their piece of the pie drop from five percent ($14 million) during the first eight months of 2011 to three percent ($26 million) this year. Overall, the city bought $1.2 billion in goods and services through August 2012.

Year after year it has been conveyed what can be done to address the lack of Blacks on city contracts while the monopoly of others (example 74th and Racine and 95th and Pat Dowell (3): Racine where “The implementano blacks tion of a Parity Legislation can rest worker on city with other organiprojects. zations oppose to A direct with the alderman. proposal to Example: The contract fairness Leading the supChatham Business Association, the is being looked port was Ald. Chicago Urban League, African at with the Al- Robert Fioretti 2 American Contractors Association and the Black Contractors United dermanic Menu Legislation, of $1.2 million per ward each year pro- thy Tillman 70/30 % (in favor of posed by Black Wall Street ’Districts community residents of her ward.). Of’ Chicago (BWSDOC) in 2009 However, a concern of the prowhere a host of elected officials posal Ald. Burns added, he did not made known their support including want to go to jail; pointing to alderthen Mayoral candidate Rham Em- man can be view in favoritism to manuel. contractors. Leading the support was AlderAl Wynn chair of Black Contracmen, Robert Fioretti (2) who has tors in the Neighborhood noted “It is i n di c a t e d he favoritism, to “….If they cannot address conwould hold hearmake up for distracts in their own wards they ings on Blacks parity in contracts lack of contracts and jobs” Wynn choice. Then they are useless to from the Alderadded “Our proother contracts.”. manic Menu. posal do need Other aldermen are 3rd ward alder- some legal ratification for fairness of man Pat Dowell, William Burns (4), all and transparences. But that’s why Roderick Sawyer, 6th Michelle Har- we have the aldermen.” ris,8th Toni Foulkes, 16th, Latisha Robert Moore, a contractor and Thomas 17th, and Willie Cochran involved with getting the proposal 20th who has agreed he will be a passed said, “It is our vision and sponsor to introduce it to a city coun- hopefully theirs (elected officials) to cil committee. Additional support structure steps of parity at least on came from Emma Mitts 37th and in the aldermanic menu level; that is theory Carrie Austin. 34th more accountable and reachable than Ald. Howard Brookins, Jr. (21) other bidding programs. If they canand Chair of the City Black Caucus not address contracts in their own has address the proposal over the wards they choice. Then they are years, but said moving forward or- useless to other contracts.” ganizations must at least secure Dowell called for a meeting of qualifying contractors for the work. those that can implement the parity, The ordinance proposal calls for such as the Chatman Business Assothe city with the aldermen to struc- ciation, Chicago Urban League, Afriture their allotment of contracts for can American Contractors Associabidding to meet racial parity based tion and the Black Contractors on its population of the ward on short United to be delegate agencies for term projects such as sidewalks and the city. curbs. The meeting has been schedule The Parity Legislation is a project for Saturday, January 5, 2013 at The similar to former alderman (3) Doro- Firehouse 720 E. 75th Street, at 2 pm.

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December 12—19, 2012

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At the top of the list the historic Forum building located at 43rd & Calumet at the Green line el. Congratulations to urban preservationist Bernard Loyd and his community development corporation Urban Juncture, for working in collaboration with the Bronzeville Alliance to save from demolition, the historic Forum building located adjacent to the Green Line EL at 43rd and Calumet.. said Lucus. Therefore, Black Metropolis Convention & Tourism Council (BMC&TC) in a collaborative partnership with the Bronzeville Alliance have taken on the grassroots, uphill campaign reached out to the city of Chicago's mayor Rham Emanuel and Governor Pat Quinn for support and assistance in finding the cultural and economic resources necessary to create an inclusive adaptive reuse plan for the building. Harold L. Lucas President/CEO, Black Metropolis Convention & Tourism Council Director. Bronzeville Visitor Information Center Tel # 773-373-2842, Web site portal:

43rd ST. Bronzeville

The original Checkerboard evolved 43rd Street as the blues district, including stars such as Muddy Waters and even Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones

Forty Third Street was once the Home of the Blues, a rich cultural history. Muddy Waters, Nat King nity to become an active participant Cole, Louis Armstrong, Sam Cooke, of preserving what is critical to our Quincy Jones and the original heritage of what makes Bronzeville. Checkerboard all evolved near 43rd And while corporations have Street, including stars such as Rolleasy access to capital and residential ing Stones playing on 43rd Street, developers can tap a range of public later renaming it Buddy Waters funding sources, getting private Drive and the Blues District. financing for a commercial project Since then 43rd Street is now the in a neighborhood like Bronzeville focus of becoming a Black Wall is a very tough climb. Jones said Street District campaign headed by many businesses just go for it. But Darva Walkins. She is joining other there may need to be flexibility in new businesses to develop the 43rd the way deals corridor into are structured.” targeted B e r n a r d stores that Loyd’s group has leaded targeting the this special Forum has page in South invested $1.5 Street Jourmillion in the nal. projects in Da who Bronzeville has been active with the spirit of Black Wall Street says he is pleased to be working on this step to Norman Bolden at Normans’ the future of Bistrol on 43rd & Ellis 43rd St. Bronzeville. “The 43rd Street now coming back,” says Jones, “We have the restaurants, clubs, and even custom apparel shops have opened and thriving between Wabash (long timer Mr. Johnson with Ann’s Pizza) to the lake with Normans’ Bistrol and in between there is Bronzeville Coffee House and others. As a community activist and presHarold Lucas ervationist over the past three decades, Harold Lucas of BMC&TC have been involved in saving significant landmark buildings in predomiand is working with nonprofit lendnantly African American communiers. ties, which has galvanized an inter“The city is used to working with national marketing plan focused on huge corporations,” said Loyd. “But the “Promise of Bronzeville". a process that will work for United Currently on 43rd another historic is almost certainly not going to work structure that must be saved is the well for us.” Forum on 43rd and Calumet to be “We need to realign our thinking added to the list of anchor landas a city to invest in neighborhoods, marks. because it is not trickling down from Now, underway in the Bronzeville community, Black Metropolis Convention & Tourism Council (BMC&TC) involved in a collaborative relationship with the Bronzeville Alliance and the Bronzeville Merchants Association on developing a marketing and branding concept for commercial business corridors of 35th Street, 39th Street, 43rd St. 47th Street and 51st Street the historic Bronzeville community. BMC&TC also introduced a resolution to the Black Wall Street project to designate south State Street between 18th street and 55th Street as the original Wall Street project in Chicago. This has been our protracted struggle. Lucas, saying “We are also calling upon all the other institutions and stakeholders that are located within our historic commu-

downto wn,” he said. “We have to do a lot better creating jobs for residents. We’re not capturing the opportunities.” From a heritage tourism and destination marketing perspective, look at how many jobs and entrepreneurial business enterprises have been created in the Supreme Life building, Chicago Military Academy, Wabash YMCA, Chicago Bee Building and the Anthony Overton building. All of these building were saved from demotion. When international travelers and tourist come to Chicago they want to better understand the authentic cultural history of the Great Migration and experience blues, jazz and gospel music, in addition to the politics that lead to the election of the first African American president of the United States. That is why the Black Metropolis Convention & Tou r i s m C o u n c i l BMC&TC is respectfully asking for support from Governor Pat Quinn and State Representative Ken Dunkin, who is the legislative leader in the Illinois General Assembly on heritage tourism development initiatives statewide. That is why the 43rd St. BWS is going to help in the driving force of economic sustainability in Bronzeville just as 47th and even 51st Street. The committee encourages the Alderman to work with existing business owners, community-based organizations and the general public to recruit additional cultural and nightlife options along the 43rd Street corridor. For more information contact Harold Lucas at 773-373-4822.

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South Street Journal

December 12—19, 2012

South Street Journal

Remembering Beauty Turner

some fantastical notion that our exercise gives us access to

Passed December 18, 2008


Beauty Turner "I'm a writer and a fighter," was how she liked to describe herself; with her wellknown greeting of "Hey Love" addressing anyone as well as to officials at the Chicago Housing Authority in which she was their throb. She passed December 18, 2008, as Associate Editor of South Street Journal. Ms. Beauty had the inside track on the reality of public housing, having spent 16 years of her life as a single mother of three in the Robert Taylor Homes. Once she started attending community and crimeprevention meetings, she found her calling, an energetic and stubborn problem-solver who was happy to listen. She started writing for community publications, including RC and the Residents' Journal. "She just came into our office on 43rd and King Drive one day and said 'I want to write,' '' said Ron Carter, publisher RC. "I didn't know who the heck she was." Ms. Turner told him that day, some 18 years ago, that she wanted to focus her attention on serving others. She put much of her energy into "Beauty's Ghetto Bus Tours," three-hour guided tours through the South Side, which included visits inside the homes of present-day public housing residents. She kept that focus until her end. During her time Beauty was a National award winning Journalist recognized by her peers with the First New America Award of it kind by the National Society of Professional Journalists, also a Winner of a Studs Terkel, Peter Lisagor, Associated Press award, Chicago Association for Black Journalist award, Courageous voice award for her activism, Black Pearl award, Woman of the Century award, and a Shero award from the Empowerment Zone Committee. Turner has been feature on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, Tribune. Curtis Lawrence, a professor of journalism at Columbia College and former Chicago SunTimes reporter who wrote about public housing, compared Ms. Turner to the civil rights leader Ida B. Wells. "Officials at the CHA tried to ignore her, and she just demanded to be heard," Lawrence said. She wasn't afraid to "ask questions that were uncomfortable and to keep pushing." Much of Ms. Turner's work was in giving other reporters a real understanding of public housing. "Like so many reporters, she was my bridge to CHA residents," he said. "She was behind a lot of stories that no one really knew about." "My mother was a gift for the world, a gift for all people," Landon Turner said. "If you couldn't speak for yourself, or fight for yourself, my mother would make sure your voice was heard."

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

When it Rain it pours on the former Governor Ms. Beauty Turner n Tuesday, December 9th 08, in the wee hours of the morning , many of us woke up to the sounds of heavy rain pouring on our rooftops, like a waterfall, or pecking up against our windows like birds eating, birds seeds. After leaving my television on all night, which I find my self doing, quite a lot these days, after finding myself staying up late, writing, when I open up my eyes, all I could see, were the bright colorful lights, that lit up my room with every flicker, and heard the sounds of early morning news. BREAKING NEWS flashed across the screen in vivid red colors, with a follow up report“'Governor Rod Blagojevich was arrested by Federal Agents in his home,'' as well as his Chief of Staff. For numerous of years a dark black cloud of 'allege' corruption hung over his head like a guillotine on a loose piece of thread ready to fall at anytime. But this morning that guillotine, and cloud that hung over his head dropped and, burst leaving him losing his head, all while soaking and allegedly saying 'You got to be kidding,” as the Agents usher him off to jail.!” When it rain, it pours! United States FEDERAL Agent Patrick Fitzgerald on television, reading off a slew of federal charges against the Governor, one of those charges he was trying to get some politicians an opportunity to allegedly pay him for The United State Senator seat, the one that President elect Barack Obama left vacant, after he was elected the 44th President. allegedly trying to auction off the Senator's seat. like a piece of rare art. Many Chicagoan say that pay to play politic, runs through Chicago like Lake Michigan runs along the shoreline , Chicago use to be known for gangsters, prohibition, Al Capone, Machine gun Kelly – now it's very well known for its unfair politics. Crook County- if you have enough money you can buy our parking meters , Every thing here seem to be for sell. Many politicians , who have already been indicted, known for dressing up Chicago like a cheap hooker, short skirt with big red lips, and fish net stocking, and high heels shoes, and called it the city that work! People told me that its good too see that the G men, are still on the case, just like in the days of old. Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn, who is next in line as acting Governor, appeared in a press conference recently and asked the Governor to either step aside or resign. The FBI say that the Governor


More than 60 of America’s leading civil rights, social justice, business and community leaders gathered in Washington, DC to discuss how to provide positive solutions to “key” issues in the Black community as President Obama embarks upon his second term. The meeting was convened by Marc H. Morial, President & CEO, National Urban League, Rev. Al Sharpton of The National Action Network, Ben Jealous, NAACP National President; Melanie Campbell, National Coalition on Black Civic Participation and numerous others. “We leaders in the African American community are gathered to convey our priorities for an agenda that moves our community towards economic empowerment and prosperity,” said Morial. “We embrace our historic role as the conscience of the nation. We are united in our mission to support and protect the well being of the AfricanAmerican community.” The leaders outlined steps to develop a public policy agenda for Black America. The communique was as follows: *Achieve Economic Parity for AfricanAmericans *Promote Equity in Educational Opportunity *Protect and Defend Voting Rights *Promote a Healthier Nation by Eliminating Healthcare Disparities *Achieve Comprehensive Reform of the Criminal Justice System fortunately many Black people who sat out the election of Barack H. Obama suffer from the same delusion as Tea Party type people. They are so deluded by the color of the skin of U. S. President they suppose, in the case of Tea Party people, he will take white privilege from them that he swears to uphold as the Leader of the White Supremacy Experiment called the United States of America. Meanwhile Barack Obama is their best hope to ensure U. S. survival of the bad Karma that is returning to it in spades (forgive the analogy)... On the other hand some cynical Black people are deluded into thinking that some of us Blacks who voted for Barack Obama now have


White supremacist power because we voted for him. Or that we are deluded ourselves and think doing IMPROPER work will get us the Freedom, Justice and Equality, that ONLY proper work will... The cynics would be better served to do what we were doing BEFORE Barack Obama, during his first term and continue to do during this transition into his 2nd term. Doing For Self the proper work that is enhanced at this time. The opportunity to do Proper Work at this time is certainly not because of the intention of Barack Obama. Save his NONE intended DIVISION of our natural enemies (anyone who doesn't know who your natural enemies are have not understood the work of Minister Malcolm X). The friction from the knee jerk emotion that the Black skin engenders in the White Supremacist psyche is energy that is power that Black people can use, is being used, and leaves us in a stronger place to continue our determination to do the Proper work that will help bring in the Glorious Day in our future known as Black, or Afrikan Liberation Day. Cynicism in any way, for whatever reason cannot be classified as Proper Work. If there are any sincere Cynics who is confused, do not know but would like to know, please ask somebody who is doing Proper work.... Otherwise, please do what the sincere among the 85% does, watch and wait for somebody else to do what you can actually do for yourself...that is if you do Proper Work. Or if you are sincere and would like to be a contributor, do as intelligent Black Journalist do every day. Write thoughtful commentary to awaken the Sleeping Giant, the 85%............Khalifah

Letters to the Editor Kickbacks exploit inmates’ families Dear Editor;


n Cook County jails, prisoners are charged as much as $15 a call to be in touch with their relatives. The exploitive rates can force families — already struggling with the burdens of having a loved one locked up — to choose between supporting their loved one or paying for heat or food. An Illinois study found that the price of phone calls from prison was one of the two barriers to family during incarceration. Why are the most captive and vulnerable being charged such brutal rates for a phone call? Because they can be. They have no choice in provider. The prison system cuts a deal with a telephone company that pays the state a “commission” — what the New York Times calls a “legalized kickback” — that ranges from 15 to 60 percent of the revenue. Thus, as a report by the Prison Policy Initiative details, state prison systems have no incentive to select the company with the lowest rates. Instead, the correctional departments gain the most by selecting the company that provides the highest commissions. The result makes prison-telephone use a cash cow for the phone companies — and a brutal exploitation of the families of prisoners who pay the charges. Not

surprisingly, over the past few years, three corporations have come to monopolize the service of 90 percent of all incarcerated persons, making it even easier to control rates. The Cook County Jail contract is with Securus Technologies. The Dallas-based company has contracts across the state of Illinois, and with a total of 2,200 jails and prisons nationwide, provides phone service for some 850,000 inmates. Securus peddles its service by emphasizing that the prison systems can make money for the prison systems. These outrageous rates make it harder for prisoners and their families to stay in touch. Yet studies show that family contact and support is directly related to the success of a prisoner after release. As the Prison Policy Initiative reports, the 2012 Republican Party Platform endorses “family friendly policies . . . [to] reduce the rate of recidivism, thus reducing the enormous fiscal and social costs of incarceration.” The 2012 Democratic Party Platform also supports initiatives to reduce recidivism. A sensible step would be to lower prison telephone rates. According to the Center for Media Justice, eight states have passed laws banning jail phone contracts that generate revenue for government bodies. But the Federal Communications Commission has been dithering for nearly a decade on regulations that would either break up monopolies or impose price caps on long-distance prison telephone rates and put a lid on the price-gouging. But action has been delayed in wake of an aggressive lobbying effort by prison phone companies. The phone companies and prison officials argue that the extra charges are needed to pay for security screening of inmates’ calls. But New York State banned kickbacks years ago, requiring low-cost service, while doing screening. Currently Global TelLink charges New York prisoners and their families


lack History is now on the streets with “Loose

Squares”; - at times you can hear a melody coming from the Loose Square man: on 35th Street, 47th Street, Madison Street, on the Red Line, Green Line, Blue Line —— in a smooth low tune: “Loose Squares”, on just about every block another one would say, “Loose Squares”. One single cigarette is called loose square; a new hustle to make ends meet. The loose square man may not be millionaires such as John Rodgers or William Daley or even President Barrack Obama, but he is following in this country’s footsteps of capitalism by providing a product, where many people cannot afford a pack of cigarettes due to growing cigarette tax burdens. This not pro smoking but the smoking embarrassment and in the manifestation of Black economics. As I rode on the Redline I stop loose square man Pitts, and ask about the business of Loose Squares vs. Black Wall Street. He paused, grinned, and then he laughed. “You know I am a poet, and you caught me wordless.” Pitts went on to say, "It's easy to get a profit from selling loose squares. Everybody wants them, so I supply them. I know a guy that made $100 a day. And another hustled up enough to get a car.” The high demand for loose squares is largely the result of high cigarette taxes. In Chicago, the tax on a pack of cigarettes is more than half of a $9 a pack with state, county and city taxes. In Chicago it is illegal to sell single cigarettes or loose squares without charging the tax. People have been arrested or fined for doing so. Pitts said he has a court date coming up for selling them with a fine of $100.00. But still he and others are back on the streets as they sound off the melody “Loose Squares”, operating somewhat non-discreetly taking a chance of another $100 fine. Even stores and gas stations sell them non-discreetly making a greater profit illegally. Food and More at 246 West 43rd Street was fined in $2,040.00 for deceptive practices and selling loose cigarettes. As those under 30 years of age, who are the main sellers. reports of 2010 African American males, 40% of them are unemployed, But with the entrepreneur spirit of the Loose Square business one can be reminded of entrepreneurship and the words of Malcolm X. “One of these days, when the Black Man, sees its time to open up the businesses at least in their own community it will be too late.” That’s the case as others operate stores and the brothers operate the loose squares many in front of the stores. On east 35th Street there

about 5 cents per minute for local and long-distance calls. Compare that with Georgia, where inmates pay $17 a minute for a 15-minute long-distance call. Again, by contrast, the federal prison system has inexpensive phone service, using a computercontrolled system that enables inmates to place calls to a limited list of numbers. Some 60 percent of our nation’s inmates are poor. If families accept their collect calls, the burdensome charges — it can cost less to telephone Japan — can help push families into bankruptcy or foreclosure. If families don’t accept the calls, they are consumed by guilt and contribute to the psychological isolation that can thwart rehabilitation. Rep. Bobby Rush from Illinois and Rep. Henry Waxman from California have joined in calling on the FCC to act. It’s time to end a shameless system that benefits a few big corporations at the expense of the poor families trying to support loved ones in trouble. JESSE JACKSON

Tell Your Alderman to Support an Elected School Board Dear Editor; he City Council Committee on Human


Relations held a public meeting in July 23, 2012, to consider a resolution to put a referendum on a ballot asking the voters whether they would like to have an elected school board. Call your alderman TODAY, and ask him/her to vote for the resolution. You can find your alderman's contact information at the following link. https:// Make plans to attend the hearing and provide public comments. If you cannot make the hearing, send your written comments to your alderman, as well as Alderman Joe Moore, the Chairman of the City Council

December 12—19, 2012

are only eight black owned businesses out of the over. A strip where is it too late for economic parity on 35th Street strip. Few blacks are self-employed — only 3.8 percent reported being self -employed in 2010 — making them about half as likely to be selfemployed as whites (7.4 percent. This is a reflection of most business strips in the Black community. But many can represent 75th Street where of the 110 businesses 95% are black owned. To this Black Wall Street was organized in 2007 May 19, by South Street Journal in honor of Malcolm X, with the spirit of what was done in black communities in Tulsa, Oklahoma of 1921, and even on once the Black Wall Street District on 35th and State Street. “THAT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THAT WE CAN DO NOW IS THAT THEY DID BACK THEN”. The BWS Campaign has been able to touch the meaning

21 Districts in Chicago. To each community is an awareness of their responsibility preparing for the year 2040. There is an obligation to be a policy with guidelines of Black businesses with community awareness to zoning and permits creating for economic parity as testified before Mayor Rham Emmanuel Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) Tax Force for blighted areas. A case as it was done for the “White Wall Street” at the near south and west sides of Chicago, 175,000 new housing units were built with commercial growth using TIF funds; replacing public housing. BWSC submitted to city aldermen,

Committee on Human Relations. You should also call and e-mail the members of the Human Relations Committee. I have listed their numbers below. You should also personalize and send the emails to the aldermen. Their email addresses are typically the ward For example, Alderman Jackson's e-mail address is Please check the link I provided above to verify the email addresses before sending the emails. Ward # Alderman's Name Office Phone 07 Sandi Jackson (773) 375-9180 16 Joann Thompson (773) 434-3399 17 Latasha R. Thomas (773) 723-0908 24 Michael D. Chandler (773) 533-2400 25 Daniel Solís (773) 523-4100 26 Roberto Maldonado (773) 395-0143 35 Rey Colón (773) 365-3535 43 Michele Smith (773) 348-9500 49 Joe Moore (773) 338-5796 The Human Relations Committee must approve the resolution, which must be approved by the full City Council. Chicago is the ONLY City in the State of Illinois that does not have an elected board. Furthermore, the Aldermen, who have been elected to serve the interests of Ward residents, do not have authority to vote on appointees to the CPS board, or on any policies and procedures that directly impact voters. Since 1995, the CPS board has only been accountable to the Mayor of the City of Chicago. This has resulted in a rubber stamp board that has often made decisions against the will of the Chicago voters. The current board of directors has shown a blatant disrespect for educators, students and their parents. They hold meetings and read papers while community members are providing public testimony; advance policies of school closings and turnarounds that have not been effective and have even proven dangerous. They award contracts to corporate insiders while refusing

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Chicago Metropolitan Area Planning (CMAP 2040) Local Initiatives Community Services (LISC) and the City of Chicago Department Planning, economic guidelines and policing for Black Wall Street Districts oppose to loose squares and disparity of economic planning. The directives have fallen on death eyes and ears. Many black communities are the focus of land use of commercial property as the city of Chicago is considering down zoning commercial space according to the Department of Planning The Black Wall Street agenda and campaign returns with a vision to establish purpose a self-supporting and replace the loose square growth. In the lack of funds to capture the agenda and campaign many are still fully determined, as indicated by guys wanting to purchase city owned property on 69th and Racine District, on hold by the city. As the Black Wall Street movement spread to the Westside of 16th and street, and the South Suburbs now at 21 districts in Chicagoland in a short span of time, the districts would first and foremost have to be economically assisted with government policy and guidelines that support this mission with special objectives. While riding on the 79th Street CTA bus, I notice a man in his 60's staring as I sat across from him. Two blocks before my stop, he pointed to my Black Wall Street cap, and said he has heard about Black Wall Street here in Chicago, "But where?" he ask. As riders listen in, I enlightened him of the 21 BWS districts, the Parity Legislation, the funding committee, the Youth and handed him a copy of South Street Journal as I existed the bus. Another case was standing on 35th Street at the former office and a young man early twenties, strolled toward me and raised his fist in the Black Power salute and said “Black Wall Street” and kept on stepping. Many things come to mind with those experiences, foremost is the urgency to duplicate what African Americans did then, as it is getting very late. Rather it is the Black Town, Black Wall Street, Black Chamber of Commerce's, the Million Man Marchers, community business organizations and the City of Chicago. Beyond Loose Squares there is the agenda to own the stores and sell the full pack as others. Or even more health care stores. Black History of February 2013 must have a different direction. Every program should include some form an agenda of Black Wall Street, so that Black History will have some marching orders; oppose to Loose Squares and “I

have a dream”.

to share the details of budgets with the public. They have recently rubber stamped a budget that will spend all of the CPS reserves and has resulted in a down grade of CPS bonds. As a result, CPS must now borrow money at higher interest rates, leaving even less money available for the classrooms. In some cases, votes have presented conflicts interest, or have advanced the interests of charter schools at the expense of traditional neighborhood school. We need a school board that is accountable to the voters of the City of Chicago, and will look after the interests of all children, regardless of what type of school they attend. Your assistance in this matter is most appreciated. If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to call me. Please forward this message to others. Sincerely, Valerie F. Leonard Phone: 773-521-3137 E-mail:

Single Mothers Dear Editor; he Climate of change in the United States has over twenty or so years not var-


ied as much when it comes to single parent households. The parents of the sixties, seventies, eighties, and so on have all had something in common a single parent living among them. The 2010 census for single parent households was at 9.9 million single parent households and in 2012 it ranges around 24 million single parent households. This number grows at an alarming rate and needless to say it won’t change much next year. However single parent households are not the drudges of society; they don’t create all the bad peo-

ple in the world and they aren’t the reason we have what is now the society we live in today based on the news reports. Single parents have created some of the worlds most established people such as The President of the United States Barrack Obama, basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal, and we have some very popular and famous single mothers such as Hallie Berry, Angelina Jolie, Brittney Spears, Nia Long and of course a local girl Val Warner. Sometimes being a single parent is by choice, and not necessarily by circumstances and single mothers triumph over their circumstances what ever life deals maybe you better know that where ever you go there is a single mother most likely working their or even running that business. Single mothers whether its grandma, auntie, nana, mommy, mother, a divorced mom, widower, and the girl next door. There here and pillars of the communities we live in today, and they are all Pearls. Corliss Crosby From PEARLS “Single Parents Journey” All Proceeds go to Sponsor Single Parents supported by the Organization Single Mothers of Pearls, Inc. For info call 708-845-9500

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December 12—19, 2012

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former Mayor Richard M. Daley, for involuntary manslaughter in the 2004 death of David Koschman — a case in which Alvarez had declined to file charges, saying there wasn’t enough evidence. Alvarez also argued that an outside prosecutor wasn’t needed. Now, the grand jury led by special prosecutor Dan K. Webb, a former U.S. attorney appointed by a judge, continues to investigate whether criminal charges should be filed against anyone from Alvarez’s office or the Chicago Police Department over their handling of the case. The second embarrassment for Alvarez came Sunday on national television. A CBS “60 Minutes” segment, recorded six months ago, put a spotlight on Cook County as the capital of documented false confessions. The U.S. Department of Justice has opened an inquiry into the interrogation practices in Cook County. At one point in the program, Peter Neufeld, codirector of the Innocence Project in New York, said that in one case, the Cook County state’s attorney’s office suggested in court that necrophilia was a possible reason why the DNA of a convicted rapist was found inside the victim. A group of kids were charged with the crime after confessing. The “60 Minutes” interviewer asked Alvarez: “It’s possible that this convicted rapist wandered past an open field and had sex with a 14-year-old girl who was dead?” Alvarez: “Well, there’s all kinds of possibilities out there, and what I’m saying is we don’t know what happened.” Reached by phone Monday, Neufeld said though the interrogations happened under a different regime, Alvarez’s remarks showed she is unwilling to change practices. “Frankly, there’s not a lot of difference between her saying necrophilia is a possibility in this case and saying the earth is flat,” Neufeld said. “For the state’s attorney to simply get up there and say, no, we have more confidence in the aggressive interrogations of teenage boys than to DNA hits to these offenders with known MOs — it indicates a lack of fitness to the job.” Capitol Fax political writer Rich Miller said Alvarez had committed “political suicide” with her interview on “60 Minutes.” “Anita Alvarez humiliates herself on national TV,” Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn wrote. Even some political allies of Alvarez were scratching their heads over why Alvarez agreed to do the CBS interview. “We are appalled, absolutely, unequivocally appalled by the lack of information [in the ‘60 Minutes’ report],” Alvarez’s spokeswoman, Sally Daly, said. “They did not include information that is critical to this case. Anita spent an hour doing this interview. We were ensured that we were going to get a fair shake ... I didn’t expect that from ‘60 Minutes.’ She could have easily not done the interview. She stood up and explained the cases publicly.” Daly said the piece failed to report key facts in the cases — the so-called Engelwood Four case and one in which a group of Dixmoor men’s cases were dismissed after they spent years in prison. That included some suspects pleading guilty and testifying against others before judges and juries. Activist Wallace "Gator" Bradley of The United In Peace Organization and other torture victim activists are properly raising the question will Alvarez continue to waste spending taxpayers dollars on the case of Gerald Reed when the former Illinois Torture Commission investigation clearly concluded that he was tortured. “These cases were presented multiple times to judges and juries,” Daly said. “Our office did a very, very thorough, careful review of these cases. She found that there was not enough evidence.” As for the Vanecko case, Daly said her office’s handling has been mis-portrayed as well, referring to Alvarez’s comment last week that she had a grand jury looking at the Koschman case before Judge Michael P. Toomin decided to bring in a special prosecutor. Vanecko’s indictment was announced on Dec. 3, the day Alvarez was sworn in for a second fouryear term as state’s attorney. Daly pointed out that former U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald was the keynote speaker at the swearing-in. Former Ald. Dick Simpson, a University of Illinois at Chicago political science professor, said Alvarez has had a “pretty undistinguished period as state’s attorney. “I am very unimpressed with her lack of ability to prosecute any of the corruption cases,” Simpson said.

South Street Journal

Rebirth of Salaam Restaurant a

"diamond" on 79th Street BWS District

By Chinta Strausberg "Welcome to your Salaam Restaurant," said Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan. After being closed for the past 12-years, Minister Farrakhan touted the reopening of the $5 million Salaam Restaurant saying it is a sign of peace in a troubled community with Ald. Latasha Thomas (17th) calling it a "diamond," that's symbolic of the beginning of jobs and black business growth. As a stream of excited supporters entered the restaurant, at 706 W. 79th Street, Strobe lights flashed across the building and crisscrossed the sky. Inside, scores of people were ushered to the second floor ballroom that was eloquently designed by Nation of Islam leader's daughter, Maria, and filled with beautifully colored delicacies from fruit to salmon. The entire restaurant is non-alcoholic and the food is all organically grown and purchased from Nation of Islam farms. There are three unique restaurants inside of the Salaam Restaurant-the Crescent Café that is adjacent to the bakery and is Wi Fi wired, an eloquent dining area and the majestic looking ballroom on the second floor. Father Michael L. Pfleger, who attended the special VIP reception, said: "The opening of the Salaam is a powerful sign of Hope in a time when we are experiencing such hopelessness in the world. Minister Ishmael Muhammad, Farrakhan's national assistant, also spoke urging all to support the rebirth of the Salaam Restaurant. Brother Leonard Muhammad, Farrakhan's chief of staff, said, "We're just proud of the fact that we were able to do it for the community. We know this is something that has been asked for by people in the city for many years. And we're proud to be going in the direction that was started by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad when the Salaam Restaurant was at 83rd and Cottage Grove years ago. When asked why was the Salaam Restaurant closed for 12-years, Muhammad said, "It was closed basically because it is a debt-free facility, over $5 million. He had some very huge difficulties with management…. "We are trying to do it again as an unprivatized business and we've brought in the management people we need to keep it going and make it work properly," said Muhammad referring to the restaurant's general manager, Calvin Hollins. Attorney Muhammad said they chose Calvin Hollins, who has owned and operated many restaurants including the E2 Night Club at 24th and Michigan where 21 people were killed after being trapped in the building. He was exonerated of all charges. The father of 10 children, Hollins is determined to make the Salaam Restaurant the very best in Chicago

Nation of Islam Leader Minister Louis Farrakhan urged everyone to support the rebirth of The Salaam Restaurant, located at 706 W. 79th St., after being closed for the past 12-years. (Photo by Chinta Strausberg)

having opened 17 different restaurants across the nation. Muhammad is hoping to capture some of Starbuck's customers with the coffee shop. "We also have a lunch and dinner menu until 9 p.m. every day," he said. Minister Farrakhan saying Elijah Muhammad always got the best for his people. Back then he bought a printing machine for $1 million with the stipulation that the company had to train his people how to run it. Farrakhan added Muhammad bought houses, apartment buildings; land packing plants, bakeries, supermarkets. "We had land in Georgia, land in Alabama, land in Honduras. We traded with Morocco bringing products in from Morocco. He sent his laborers to China to bring back products from China. "We were the largest fish distributors in the United States of America under his leadership."

Serving as the Masters of Ceremony was WVON's Cliff Kelley who said, "I think it's wonderful. The only person happier than me is the Minister himself. I have been here so many times and I was so distressed over the fact that it was closed. I heard it was going to reopen, and it's more beautiful than it was before." Kelley wants people to know that you do not have to be a Muslim to come to the Salaam Restaurant. "They can come here. They don't have to go downtown. You won't find any place better than this. Everybody is welcome here." Attorney Berve Muhammad, Minister Farrakhan's lawyer, said, "This is one of the most historic events that has taken place in this era. To see a jewel on 79th Street to reopen…. " Referring to other black-owned restaurants that have gone out of business like Izola's, Army & Lou's and the Original House of Pancakes on 87th Street, Muhammad said, "We see the Salaam Restaurant becoming this foundation for this South Side and a place where black people and others can come to have quality food and a quality banquet facility. "We don't have to go to Cicero anymore. We don't have to go downtown anymore and pay all that extra for parking," the attorney said. This is the vision of the Honorable Minister Farrakhan and provides us with an opportunity for economic development where we live." The restaurant is located in Ald. Latasha Thomas' (17th) Ward. "We're absolutely excited about it and this time we're going to make sure it stays open. We are going to support this banquet hall. They have fabulous food, the fine dining restaurant, the every day restaurant and bakery. "We're going to support this because this brings more opportunities to our community. This brings jobs, business, more vibrant 79th Street opportunities," she said. Thomas also announced that she would be holding her functions at the Salaam Restaurant and will be urging others to follow suit. The bakery would be opened from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Crescent Café opens at 11 a.m. through 10 p.m. and later on Friday's and Saturdays. The Fine Dining Room is opened from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. and later on the weekends. The restaurant is wired for Wi Fi. On the coasters, it reads: "Your real power is in trying to be right," There are also murals on the wall depicting the faces of black civil rights leaders. There are several 100-inch flat TV screens to watch. When you order your food, the waiters and waitresses are there to patiently explain the organic ingredients. Farrakhan has hired three of Chicago's top chefs including Jimmy Carter, the executive chef who was the executive Sous Chef for the Marriott Association for Marriot Hotels in Amsterdam and of Jordan, Chef Sammy La Gunas, who was born in Michoacan, Mexico who was the executive Sous Chef at the Hyde Park Caribbean restaurant and the Calypso Café, and Chef Kareem Roberts who is a "culinary infusionist."

7901 S. Wentworth Take 79th st exit 1.5 blocks west

773-488-9200 On the 79th St

Featured on WGN’s Auburn Office 449 West 79th Street Chicago, (773) 488-2004

South Street Journal

location. But question raised if other Pizza. organizations in the Chatham The Target store located at area are supporting the boycott. 8560 S. Cottage Grove sells Such as the Chatham Business pizza but will not stock and Association (which reports are sell Reggio’s pizza. which is benefits greatly from contribuproduced by Blacks and is the tions from Target), and other only wholesale Black owned stakeholder groups. Minister Rahim Pizza Company in the world. Mr. John Clark owner of Aton The United America ProReggio’s Pizza has received gress Association (UAPA) many honors for having one of have been organizing people the best Pizzas on the market. not to not shop there until “We feel it is wrong for outthey stock Reggio’s pizza, siders to come into our comcalling for a boycott of Tarmunity and not stock the get. goods that we produce.” said Mr. Emmett Smith –Store Web Evans founder and presiManager would not address dent of UAPA. “We are asking John Clark SSJ calls and referred to corall those who live in the Black porate office where the number is now community to not shop at any Target unlisted. “We are asking for every- stores until they stock Reggios Pizza. one’s cooperation.” said Min. Rahim We must stop spending our money Aton chairman of UAPA. “ We must with any business that refuse to stock let the owner know that we will not do goods that are produced by the busiany more shopping there until they ness owners who live in the commustock Reggio’s pizza. nity.” No reports were given based on the For info: Dr. Webb Evans 773-343Target sells due to the boycott. But, 7677 or Min. Rahim Aton 773-846UAPA has been successful in repre- 3 0 9 1 . R e g g i o s P i z z a a t senting black products and in store

December 12—19, 2012

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The organizers of Kusanya dream of a place where people not only begin to see each other and the community as something worth investing in again; but also, of a place of hope where people begin to realize their own worth and that of others. With that vision, On Sunday, December 9th members of the Englewood community gathered at the offices of Imagine Englewood If - 730 W. 69th St. in the celebration of Kusanya Cafe opening of an inline espresso bar on 69th and Green (825 W. 69th St.) that serves various beverages and locally made food items. Kusanya Cafe is an organization that exists to provide a place of empowerment and encouragement for the residents of Englewood through a comfortable and high-quality coffee establishment. Kusanya seeks to be so much more than a business within the community. They desire to provide a gathering place, an artistic outlet for youth and adults, and to be a place that

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South Side Community Federal Credit Union 5401 S Wentworth Suite 25, Chicago, IL 60609 Phone (773)548-5500

Prototype for Kusanya Cafe Installation at 69th and Green provides valuable programs and to support existing ones. By creating community with coffee, the cafe will provide a multifaceted platform to 1. bring together the residents of Englewood, 2. create an artistic and cultural center for people in the community, 3. be a resource for teachers, block clubs, and other service groups, and 4. employ people from the community. See Potential @ Kusanya Cafe campaign is all about garnering support to see that vision realized. Kusanya hopes to have outdoor seating and a stage for performers that hosts weekly events. SP feels Kusanya Cafe is important because it is an example of transformative living that involves residents reinvesting in the neighborhood through the provision of ambient

space. This sort of space becomes necessary for a community to culturally thrive. The very notion of the word Kusanya reflects such ideals. Kusanya means to amass. At Kusanya Cafe, residents will amass community & cultural wealth by reinvesting in their own backyard. See Potential @ Kusanya Cafe will be realized when they receive additional support in the way of funding from community members, local government, and banks. Organizers say it will bear evidence of movement towards a safe place for people to gather and enjoy coffee and culture. The show of support can convince banks that there will be a customerbase in the neighborhood. It will demonstrate the cafe will be a wellattended, well-loved space in the community.

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of the Black Wall Street Spirit.” Carter continued saying, “As President Barack Obama’s proclamation of ‘Wall Street to Main Street’: as our position of Black Wall Street”. During August, National Black Business Month is an observance of recognition of the importance of African –American businesses, individuals, institutions and businesses are encouraged to visit at least one black business per day. However, to really gasp those objectives preparations must be put in place. “Black History Month of February 2013 can be that preparation for August 2013. It is projected that the increased sales resulting from that traffic could result in more than 40,000 additional jobs during the month and as many as 450,000 if the patterns are continued over the course of a year. According to the Nielsen’s Reports; African-Americans represent a driving force in consumerism but represents less than 8% of business ownership and 3% of city contracts. While there are still improvements of doing better,

Seventy-Fifth Street the first District of BWS has achieved stability and is the only business strips that has

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Earlier, Pfleger stopped at the Throop Food Mart, 1259 W. 79th Street where after the clerk called the owner, the he signed the agreement. Pfleger explained he is not trying to shutdown the store but wants merchants to respect the community. Pfleger and his supporters went to the Phillips 66 Gas Station at 79th and Ashland where Pfleger pointed to a man with a white shirt and red hat he says is selling loose cigarettes to minors. When one man denied the alle-

December 12—19, 2012

South Street Journal

African American ownership in parity to their population (85% of the 115 businesses). Ironically, it has been a quiet secret in Chicago. In support of the Districts campaign, the Illinois State Senate Passes Resolution SR 0432 recognizing Black Wall Street District Chicago ( The SR 0432 resolution comes on the heels of two recent proclamations from Illinois State Senator Donne Trotter, and from Dorothy Brown, clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County Circuit Court of Cook County. Senator Kwame Raoul (D) 13th District, along with Representatives (then) William D. Burns (D) 26th District and Andre M. Thapedi hall, mid-scale restaurant, with con(D) 32nd District has signed on to ference room and reception/work the campaign. Honorable Dorothy area. Brown the clerk of the Circuit Court The owner is Ernest and Suzanne of Cook County presented a proclaArmstrong. Mr. Armstrong is the mation recognizing the Black Wall chair East of Cottage of 75th DisStreet District in Chicago. trict. Carter indicated this is a “This much needed facilwelcomed recognition of the ity will be an asset and an labor and energy of the Chianchor in the South Shore cago team. "We are pleased business community. By with this recognition but purchasing goods and there's still a ways to go. services from local providFar East on 75th street is ers, and hiring community the Quarry Event Center to residents, we will keep be opened at 2419-E. 75th Ernest Armstrong dollars circulating in our Street. The facility will chair East of Cot- community.” Said Mr. tage of open and operate an event Armstrong. “The Quarry 75th District center housing a banquet can accommodate 100-

gation, Pfleger said, “Ultimately, if he sells them on your property, you’re the one who is going to get arrested.” The man said he has filed a complaint against that man. “If you go in the store and ask for a cigarette and you tell them see the guy outside, that’s not good. That means you’re with it.” When the man denied it, Pfleger told him someone he sent there was told to see the guy outside. The gas station owner later signed the form and had it delivered to Pfleger before the march ended. The march ended at the steps of Saint Sabina’s rectory where Pfleger

said, “When we first did this at the gas station, they (the police) put him in their squad car and make an example of him, we are not getting that kind of cooperation now. Obviously, the tone afterwards was the police were more protective of them than us and that is unfortunate because we are trying to work them. This is not about anti anything.” Referring to the years he took on the stores for selling drug paraphernalia which led to a state law banning these drug equipments and the lessons he learned back then, Pfleger said, “You got to make an example of these

200 people in a upscale setting at moderate prices.” In addition to 75th Street and Stoney Island, Senator Earline Collins is preparing a resolution for west 69th and 79th Street.

On the Westside of Chicago Co-Chair Grady Norwood of the Illinois Black Chamber of Commerce and addressing the Westside of Chicago pointed out, it is important to recognize and understand the full potential of Black

stores…. People who come in communities and open these stores be they black, white, brown, they don’t care. They are just here to make money; so we got to make them do right. No one is just going to do right. You got to make them do right.” Pfleger is asking his supporters to call the City Hall Consumer Service Dep a rt me nt b y di al in g 311. “Grandma told me the squeaky wheel gets the oil. We’re going to become a squeaky wheel,” said Pfleger. In declaring a victory, Pfleger said, “We stopped business from going on (at the M&M store), and they know

Darva Thomas (312) 566-1794

businesses in Chicago. BWSDOC have reached to collaborate with the City of Chicago and focus on the AfricanAmerican business agenda.” Said Norwood, “Too often, the business agenda of Chicago have not address the inherent differences of our community, overlooking the disparity impact it has had on the social problems from education, crime and cultural impact, that influence role modeling for generations to come.” The North Lawndale Black Chamber of Commerce has proclaimed its area as “Black Town” with three Black Wall Street District of 16th Street, Madison and Chicago Ave. Abu Baka Nurrinddin representing Chicago Avenue called for a cease in (Continued on page 15)

we are serious.” When asked about the Express Food Mart located at 77th Street where Pfleger and his supporters found outdated food and Pfleger got the store manager to admit he sold loose cigarettes to minors and was selling drug paraphernalia, Pfleger said the store has allegedly hired a black who says he is retired and is satisfied with making $5.00 an hour. That isn’t good enough for Pfleger who said, “That’s not acceptable. That’s slave labor. We want minimum wage. We want a legitimate job.”

South Street Journal

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demolition of commercial properties owned by the City for consideration of rehab. He provided a listing of 'abandoned buildings' and 'vacant lots' along Chicago Avenue from Sacramento Boulevard (3000 West) to Austin Boulevard (6000 West). Nurrinddin said “For the west side this is just the tip of the iceberg.” Community activist and entrepreneur, chairing the Madison Street district, Rev. Jeff Haynes has proposed a shopping mall on the Madison/Pulaski area. Now back on track after Haynes proposal got sidetracked by then alderman Ed Smith as then existing food grocer Moo & Oink was concerned about the competition. Community member Arthur Pledger pointed out, the proposal is more of a movement, and “We should have embraced a long time ago. I believe Rev. Haynes is an indispensable resource we Jeffery Hayes should reach out to as he does have knowledge of these grants and funding sources. However Haynes explained that in Chicago, you need the local alderman approval before any type of project can be green lighted. This is something called “aldermanic privileges” which the city of Chicago deny exist but it appears all projects submitted to the City do have alderman approval on it. “We hope to optimize efforts to develop the business agenda beyond those that coincide with the heap of Black History Month or other traditional themes in line with the Nielsen’s Report of the projected $1.4 Trillion consumer consumption.” Norwood said. “Our collaboration with City is important because it helps raise awareness of the importance of participation in their studies, projections and surveys in line with the Chicago Metropolitan Area Planning of 2040. The latest district identified is BWS South Suburb (back page story), West 63rd street speared by the National Block Club University with the campaign of National Block Club University (NBCU).

Community organizations, including Chicago’s Woodstock Institute, report evidence of high rates of governmentbacked loans made both to borrowers in communities of color and to borrowers of color in their new report, “Paying More for the American Dream VI: Racial Disparities in FHA/ VA Lending.” Data from home mortgage loans originated in seven US cities in 2010 show that black and Latino borrowers and borrowers living in communities of color received government-backed loans (“GBLs”)—insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) or guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)–significantly more often than did white borrowers. Borrowers who purchased homes in communities of color received government -backed loans twice as often as did borrowers in predominantly white communities. Homeowners in communities of color received governmentbacked refinance loans more than three times as often as did homeowners in predominantly white neighborhoods. In the Chicago area, FHA and VA loans constituted a staggering 75 % of all home-purchase loans made in communities of color—the second-highest rate among the seven cities in the study. The Chicago also saw the second-highest rate of FHA and VA home -purchase loans made to black borrowers, with FHA and VA loans comprising 82 percent of loans made to black borrowers. Homeowners in Chicago-area of color obtained government-backed refinance loans nearly five times as often as did homeowners in predominantly white communities, and black homeowners received them almost

December 12—19, 2012

ous neighborhoods. NBCU Wednesday team wanted to provide a forum for business owners to dialogue with block by block leaders that have the ability to increase the business owners sales and marketing.

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dra Bivens of the 51st Street Business Association proposed using neighborhood business groups which serve as delegate agencies for the city to monitor TIFs and conduct outreach to NBCN has launched the residents. “The community has yet to see a recampaign called the ‘63rd port on the number of jobs and small businesses Street Makeover’; a camcreated by TIF,” she said paign to work towards Bernard Loyd, a local entrepreneur who is making 63rd Street a vireceiving TIF funding for a commercial develbrant corridor on the south And on the east of 63rd is the opment at 51st and Prairie, pointed out that side. It is called a vision is Woodlawn District which would Bronzeville TIFs have heavily favored residenfor the stakeholders to be more than one commercial tial projects and done little to create local jobs. control the direction of strip, from King Drive to Cottage Loyd’s Urban Juncture is developing four res63rd. Grove from 60/61st to South Chi- taurants, each featuring different aspects of “The best part of the cago. The campaign is lead black cuisine, and a produce market, 63rd Street Makeover is by Blacks In Green (BIG). with 140 jobs projected.TIF funding that the residents along "The major focus is on has been approved to cover $3 million Syron Smith of National Black 63rd street are the major 63rd Street" states Naomi of the project’s $9 million cost. Club University and A. Butler of stakeholders and therefore Residents Associations Greater Davis of BIG, "But we are The Black Wall Street District staff has has the greatest influence including the whole thing successfully planned seventeen EcoEnglewood along 63rd street over decisions in this for historic purposes: as a nomic Summits with over 50 resolu‘Make Over’ march. makeover.” Said Syron whole, it's the southernmost tions voted on since May 2007. The Smith of the NBCU. portion of the Black Belt of the Great summit dealt with Chicago MetroRev. William Smith noted that there is a promotion schedule Migration". Davis added that its "A TIF politan Agency for Planning, Black for at least 90 days moving to Black History District and including Chicago's first Samuels, Chair, Contractors in the Neighborhood west 79th District Month of 2013, after that the visual effects middle class neighborhood". Woodlawn and the Black Better Business Bushould be noticeable. “We will have a more has 6 commercial corridors: 61st, 63rd, and reau and the designation of 75th Street as the positive loitering by religious leaders, cleaner 67th, King, Cottage, and South Chicago. Black Wall Street District in Chicago. corridor, and more African American businesses On the west district of 79th St. “I think there’s been a base here for many over time on 63rd Street. That includes three Rev William Samuels o f years,” said Webb Evans of the United AmeriAfrican museums exhibits (Sudan-Somalia- Commonweath Community Church is the chair can Progressive Association that has been spearDjibouti).” of 79th St. west. He points out the opening of heading Black Economic for over 42 years, “We Currently 63rd street from Western to the Dan the Salami Restaurant on 79th Street and another will be developing ongoing promotions to inRyan is a free for all with very little coordina- proposed restaurant on 79th and Morgan is driv- crease the sales for the businesses on the strip”. tion, stated Smith. He points out with four major ing traffic to the district. In addition the Temple "This story of the spirit of Tulsa, OK (1830 to transit points; the economic impact is leaving of Mercy Association mission is to enhance the 1921) is intriguing and exciting mainly because this community and going to support others economic development of by purchasing prop- it was intentionally kept out of the history books with no vested interest in the survival of the erty where the rent which includes a parking lot, and aggregate of courses of Black study in a community. “By creating this Makeover with laundry mat and two other store fronts on the schools, colleges and universities." Summit XIX the strip being a Black Wall Street District, we north side of the street between Hermitage and will be held January 26, 2012, to kick off Black will be getting organized taking action and be- Paulina on 79th street. History Month, registration form and other inginning to reinvest into our own community.” formation can be obtained by calling 773—668Every Saturday for 5 minutes we will ask 5318. different residents to hold up a billboard sign for Listen for details on the upcoming convention The community have three districts 43rd, a business or agency that is impactful to stop- 47th, 51st and some consider 63rd part of Bron- at Black Wall Street – USA which airs every ping the violence in our community. This will zeville. Thursday evenin g at 7p.m. on do multiple things to help strengthen Chicago The community have five TIFs with nearly The call-in and unite the community. And every Wednes- $100 million in revenues have generated only number is (347) 326-9477. day is economic day for our block by block nine projects, seven of them residential, and structure across 167 of America's most danger- only one (Urban Juncture’s) commercial. San-

63rd West District

five times more often than did white homeowners. Among the seven cities: • Government-loans made up almost 67 % of the home-purchase loans made in communities of color. • Government-loans made up 27 % of refinance loans made in communities of color. • Government-loans made up 3 of every 4 home-purchase loans made to black borrowers, and 2 of 3 loans made to Latino borrowers. • Black and Latino homeowners received government-refinance loans 3.5 and 2.1 times more than did white homeowners, respectively. “These patterns are symptoms of a deeper problem: the lack of access to prime conventional loans by borrowers and neighborhoods of color—in other words, ongoing redlining,” noted Spencer Cowan of Woodstock Institute. Although banks are making conventional loans, the report’s analysis indicates their provision of conventional credit is far more restricted in communities of color. The report underscores the need for policy makers to address inequalities in finance, with the following recommendations: • Fair lending enforcement has to be a top priority at all levels. • Regulators must ensure fair access to affordable mortgages. • Mortgage servicers, securitization trustees, and banks must keep foreclosed properties in good repair. • The Community Reinvestment Act must be expanded and vigorously enforced. Contact: Katie Buitrago, 312-3680310 or

63rd Street East

In Bronzeville,

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December 12—19, 2012

South Street Journal

By the Deacon doc:

we have the power to really look back and forward to really pumpwould like to say congrats to ing up what Steppin is really all the South Street Journal for 19 about to audiences from everysuccessful years of serving the where and every culture as our City of Chicago and community as network will cater urban variety well as the country. It is my honor not one culture, but cultures all to write for such a wonderful pubacross the spectrum. lication. We are on the Fiber Optic So much has happened in the cable outlets, Time Warner, Com‘Steppin’ community this past year cast, and well you get the picture and to show love to it all, myself doing our indie thing and letting and partner syndicated radio perviewers know what’s really real, sonality Mel Devonne ( formerly of not keeping up with the Jones but v-103 ) have started the ‘Hott Enre-inventing the Jones. tertainment Television’ Network or (HETE) where are programs This network is 100% for the will air in markets all across the people and Steppin will play a country. major part. To all that are ready for this column -- yes this means you. We have to make sure everyWe have to do our part to let those one takes this dance serious as we outside of this dance community do. And so viewers local national know about the Breast Cancer and global will see specials on causes, the Steppin in 26 cities holiSteppin, ‘Steppin With The Stars’ day. Our juniors that Step rather our Indie Movie ‘Keep On Steppin’ than hang on the streets, the 50 written by Mel, the first animated and older steppers, Just the entire cartoon series the Steppin Stones Industry of Chicago Style Stepabout an entire family that Steps pin!!! Steppin is POWER. From the Grandparents on down to the Grandchildren documentaAnd we as Steppers have to ries DVD's the whole nine. The use this power to create jobs, a President of the United States Steppers Union for those that ‘Steps’!! You feel me? teach, sell and promote this extraordinary dance. This is new home of the ‘Step On IT’ urban ballroom TV show. Now And so I would like your sup-


port in helping us make all of these ventures total successes. I know we can. Check our live stream version of the HETE network on 24/7 and stop by or whatever you want to share, drop us a line at and to have myself or Mel host your events. Mel will give your special events a mention on his national radio show as well. Thanks again to Mr. Ron Carter and the South Street Journal family and I look forward to another 18 years. So (Step On IT)........ To see the National ‘Step On IT ‘Urban Ballroom Dance TV show and our other HETE TV programming follow this link to the 3 min. montage...hope u enjoy...( link: video/9445172532b18b4d/ H.E.T.E TV network America's Premier Urban Broadcasting Network ‘If it Ain’t HETE then… It's COLD ‘!!!! Tune into HETE programming in markets across the country including Chicago WJJVs 62.2 with Step On IT!!! And our 24/7 Livestream

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December 12—19, 2012

The Four Tops Benefit Gala.

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betrayal. There’s one secret Keisha can no longer hold inside, but she’s afraid of the outcome. Dean Richards of WGN9 news proclaims "Englewood: The Growing Pains of Chicago" the most talked about Indy film in Chicago! Now you have the opportunity to see what all the talk is about! On Thursday, Dec. 13 the International Black Film Festival of Nashville will be screening the film online via

The Chicago Community along with the Entertainment Industry's Celebrities joined the masses November 30 at the UIC Forum by showing their support and solidarity with A Holiday Benefit Gala, Starring Motown Leg-


ends The Four Tops also featured Chicago's own Michael Manson. The net proceeds from the event benefited Celia Gregg AME Church Restoration. Sponsors and Supporters, Nekst Generation Entertainment, UPTOWN Magazine, Chicago Defender, V103, Happy's Pizza, MarketingCamp, LLC, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary and UIC Forum. In the year 1939, Celia Gregg was founded by the Rev. J. W. Jefferson and named after the wife of the late Bishop John Andrew Gregg, the church was named after her because of her great work in the field of missions. The Rev. George W. Vann, the second pastor, made giant footprints as he served with love and devotion. The influence he wielded yet permeates the hearts and history of this monument of God. The Rev. W.L. Childs, was the third pastor, under his leadership a larger fellowship was reached along with the relocation of the church. To him we are indebted for the purchase of the building at 740 W. 59th St, in Chicago, IL.

The Experience with The Rance Allen Group,


view / Mini-Performance / CD Signing. At ~The DuSable Museum of African American History, 740 East 56th Place, Friday, December 14, 2012. Doors 6:30 PM - Experience 7:00 PM, Join us as we celebrate the release of the CD/DVD "AMAZING GRACE". Share the history of an iconic gospel group's career in an intimate setting interview, a mini-performance and a CD signing with STELLAR AWARD winners The Rance Allen Group, Tickets $20. Receive the new CD/DVD when you hand in your ticket at the door ONLY! Tickets Available at: The Music Experience, 1959 1/2 E. 73rd St., Chicago, IL. Tickets Also Available Online at:, 773-493-0154 M ythologies : Challenging “Otherness” and Other Tropes of American Pop Culture, Curated by Rashayla Marie Brown. Sullivan Galleries, 33 S. State St., 7th floor, Left side of gallery, Exhibition Open now –January 4, This exhibition explores the work of emerging artists of popular culture and mass media. Including a range of references from Trayvon Martin to cheerleading squads, Mythologies investigates the vernacular of pop culture in a variety of media including photo, video, painting, and fibers. Jury: James Britt, Simone Jelics (Co-organizer), Shahrazad Shareef, Artists: David Alekhuogie, Rashayla Marie Brown, Alexandria Eregbu, Christina A. Long,


ayisha Chanel Ruby Humphrey Chanel was born March 21, 1987, on the North side of Chicago in the Cabrini Green Projects. She grew up in a single parent home, with her mother Jackie, two sisters and four brothers. This was fertile ground for the budding actress. From a young age she was an entertainer: putting on short skits for the family, imitating people she saw at school, playground, etc. Her freshman year a Rodger Sullivan High School, Chanel met the founder of Genesis at the Crossroads, Dr. Wendy Sternberg, who set her on her course as an actress. At the age sixteen, Chanel was writing and performing in her own work as part of the (MTW) Musical Theatre Workshop program. Through this program, Chanel was the star in the musical, Alone in the Belly of the Whale, as well as other plays. Her ability on stage and her experience caused her to be discovered by Joyce Piven, who saw the promise in Chanel’s abilities and granted her full scholarship in the Piven Theatre. Chanel studied there for eight years and also served as the teacher’s assistant. Chanel’s graduated from high school in 2006 and is currently a senior at Columbia College Chicago, majoring in Musical Theatre and studying to become a teaching artist. She has landed roles in various independent

films and plays including, Taming of the Shrew (2006), Rejected Seed (2010), Joe Turner Come and Gone (2011 The Kings Way (2011), Altered (2012), and Englewood (2010). Chanel’s is currently promoting the Chicago premier of an award winning feature film, supporting actress in

Englewood: The Growing Pains in Chicago, where she plays the role of Keisha. Keisha, an eighteen year old college student facing everyday challenges, trying to figure out ways to keep a healthy balance between the relationship she has with Calvin and embarking on a whole new chapter as a freshman in college. To most people, Keisha comes off as a very well put together person, but what lies behind this “perfect” image is a collection of insecurities, trust issues, and

6107 S. King Dr. Chicago, Il 60637, 773 684-3220

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Quinn said that the bill as proposed lacked proper ethical oversight including "loopholes for mobsters." If a bill does eventually pass, Country Club Hills wouldn't exactly be a shoo-in. Other south suburban cities have expressed interest in a

December 12—19, 2012

South Street Journal

casino as well. Officials unveiled their plans for the casino width an artist's rendering of what it would look like. The Country Club Hills proposal would be built on vacant land at the northeast corner of South Cicero Avenue and 175th Street, near Interstates 57 and 80.

Even if gambling expansion is approved, Country Club Hills would have to vie with other suburbs for the license for a south suburban location. Ford Heights also has a developer and location lined up, and dozens of towns spanning six townships -- from Calumet City to Chicago Ridge -would be allowed to make a pitch to the Illinois Gaming Board. But Country Club Hills Mayor Dwight Welch said his suburb's proposal is best because of its central location and because Paulos says the casino could be open only 18 months after a license is approved. "We've got to win this license," Welch said at a news conference at the site, standing with Paulos and other backers of the proposal. "It's our turn, there's no question about it."

From a business point of view this is an opportunity of a lifetime. Who wouldn’t want to become part of the 1% in a capitalistic country? The poor and near poor are patronizing casinos in hopes to strike it rich. If lawmakers approve the proposal it would create jobs, but it would also impoverish the area. One of our major concerns is placing a casino near a senior high-rise. The casino would be easily accessible for social security recipients to cash and spend their monthly paychecks. Complaints already surface about living on minimum income only to shoot craps (no pun intended) to hit the golden ticket. While Country Club Hills unveil plans to open a casino, the residents and surrounding communities must be

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vey for discarded food. A total of 17,601 toys were given to individuals and a total of 4,597 toys were given to children from 13 different community organizations throughout the south suburbs. “We had over 3000 children participate in our 18th annual Toy Giveaway at the FieldKim Stratton, the gospel singer will join Ms. house in Markham Loquator B. Dinkins for this years LBD Enterthe Sunday before prises/South Suburban Toys for Kids Christmas Christmas. Party at Adrinanna, 163rd and Dixie Highway. This Christmas continues Party for the youth will be Sunday December 16, from Unit #4 in Hazel Crest, Illinois. 10 am to 2 pm, with special guest Today, LBD Enterprises/South Kim Stratton, the gospel singer legSuburban Toys for Kids continues to end, Adrinanna, 163rd and Dixie feed the hungry. When food stores Highway. allow, over 5600 people a month “Our primary mission at LBD come to us for sustenance. Unlike Enterprises/South Suburban Toys for many other food pantries, we do not Kids is to feed homeless children turn away needy people due to their and others in need in the south subzip code. urbs of Chicago.” Says Ms. D. In addition, we also provide gently Ms. D began inviting these hungry used clothing and household goods folks in for a meal after the restauto those who are in need (nothing is rant closed for the day, and, as word ever sold to our patrons- everything spread through the community, she is given away) and distribute up to was soon operating a food pantry out 10,000 toys around the Holidays. of her home on Maple Lane in MarkLBD is committed to fostering ham. LBD Enterprises has had sevgrowth and independence in families eral locations in the south suburbs in the South Suburban communities over the years and is presently loof Chicago. “Our program strategies cated at 16710 S. Richmond Street, focus on children, families, the eld-

Lafayette Gatling Sr. and his wife, Marguerite, who are known for their own several businesses is more know for Gatling's Chapel is venturing with a Nevada company to build a $250 million casino.

erly, the homeless and people who are temporarily or periodically in need of assistance.” Ms. D said, “We will provide the fundamental support necessary to enable others to eat balanced nutritious meals, thus promoting good health. We will foster the need of those seeking employment by offering job training workshops, clothing and transportation funds, thus enabling them to reach their fullest potential. We will break the cycle of poverty in our neighborhoods.” LBD has partnered with many different organizations in its 35 year history, including the Marine Corps' Toys for Tots Program and Larry Jones' Feed the Children Mission. We are also starting after-school and weekend computer classes for children, to give those without computer access in their homes the opportunity to become computer literate. Donations: LBD Enterprises/ South Suburban Toys for Kids is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization with nonprofit charitable status with the IRS. Secure PayPal donations can be made Please contact us for more information at 708-596-7168

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December 12—19, 2012

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Jackson led a mock groundbreaking in Peotone with RainbowPUSH, and the Rev. Jesse Jackson with a group of ministers called for the third air port in Peotone. Township while emphasizing fiduciary responsibility within the Black community”, states Mr. Dawkins. As Blacks have begun leaving Chicago for more affluent south suburbs in large numbers, much like generations of whites before them, Black Wall Street South Suburban goal is to keep a substantial portion of African American dollars circulating amongst African American businesses. Although the census data does not indicate where those who left Chicago ended up, the new population figures show that Matteson recorded the largest numerical increase in blacks of any city in the Chicago area. BWSSS is in the process of opening its new office in Glenwood Plaza, 18419 S. Halsted in Glenwood, IL. A website, designed by Board Member Michael Perkins, has been developed so that businesses can begin networking immediately. The website is We encourage all African American businesses to join. Mr. Dawkins states that we have to develop ways to help ourselves. The African American dollar is very powerful in our community. If we patronize our own establishments, we could share a larger piece of the wealth in this country. There was a time in the 1960’s where we could see the circulation of the dollar amongst other Black Businesses. Black Wall Street South Suburban will be a source for small business to come to for support of their business. People associated with BWSSS think this is a "smart" growth. It also raises important questions about the adaptability of the face of Black businesses in the suburban transition (part of the overall urban evolution). The roles and functions of black businesses in south suburban have been changing for a long time, and some cities have done better than others in realizing this and adjusting to it. Mr. Dawkins states that one major development towards accomplishing the BWSSS goal is the coming of The Empowerment Zone Event Center (TEZEC). TEZEC is designed to serve as an affordable event center; training center; or meeting center for anyone who has the need. Board member Frederick Williams, will also coordinate many events, such as: a Black Expo; Day in the Park; investment groups, to name a few. In February 2013, Black Wall Street South Suburban will have a launch event. This event purpose is to bring awareness to the development of the Black Wall Street South Suburban. Stay tuned for more information on this upcoming event! As we enter into the new year, Black Wall Street South Suburban will definitely be a cutting-edge tool to be utilized by the Black businesses. Be with us on the republishing of South Street Journal, December 6, 2012. With a section directed to and by the South Suburbs, Now with our office in South Suburbs (18417 Halsted, Glenwood.)

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...75,000 votes of its 225,000. The base is the suburbs which also covers parts of Cook and Will counties and all of Kankakee.

The 3rd Airport Peotone vs. Gary trouble for one of the main companies. The Canadian company to build it found it is unthird airport. der a widespread investigation. However Claude Spivey a south suburban Days before the shovels pierced the dirt in that sits on a Jackson’s taskforce for Peotone, Will County; the offices of SNC-Lavalin reported to SSJ, “Jackson has lead this pro- were raided by the Canadian Mounted Police ject as an elected official should. But this is a for a second time. Canada based SNC is people project first.” caught in a financial scandal with ties to forThe long awaited removal of railroad tracks mer Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi and his for GCA Runway 12-30 family. expansion is moving forIt wasn’t the first time SNC ward. In addition to the had big problems. In Februground breaking of the run ary, the company fired a vice way, representatives of president and financial officer Chicago Mayor Rham Emaccused of helping smuggle manuel were present. one of Gaddafi’s sons to Without Jackson Jr. who Mexico. SNC consultant still opposes Gary for the limesits in a Mexican jail. light for ALNA, has said it In March the CEO resigned will produce thousands of after the investigation caught jobs compared to Gary, as him signing off on $56 milthe first new major comlion dollars worth of nonmercial airport in the United existent projects. States in over 40 years. On SNC’s website, there’s John Key, a businessman a picture of what will be the of Gary and radio host, Abraham Lincoln National supporting the GCA over Airport, boasting itself a key Peotone points out Gary is a backer of the $700 million bigger picture for Black Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson dollar project. economic development as of Gary, Indiana may see more WGN learned the former vice an alternative to construct- than a new runway track for president of SNC was arthe Gray/Chicago International ing a new airport near Peo- Airport (GCA), due to the com- rested in Switzerland charged tone. Citing “we” must putation of former Congress- with fraud, money laundering build the greatest city. and corrupt practices. man Jesse Jackson Jr.’s Key added expanding The Illinois state government GCA, an advantage to its closer proximity to is in general favor of construction at Peotone. downtown Chicago, expanding and supple- However, Governor Pat Quinn has been slow menting O'Hare and Midway, an alternative to move into partnership with the plans. Tax to constructing a new airport near Peotone, revenues from a new airport at Peotone Illinois. would go to the Illinois state government, The delay of the Gary airport expansion while those from an expanded Gary airport has been challenged since former Mayor would go to a regional airport authority, and Richard Hackett. Now agreements have been thus to the cities of Chicago and Gary. reactive over a year to extend the runway In a prepared release, Key said “Gary’s another 1,900 feet by the removal of railroad local challenges represent a microcosm of tracks from the northwest end of the airport’s Black America’s national urban challenges main runway. This agreement allows the and present the perfect composite setting for airport to move forward with plans to become evidenced based solutions.” Key added; Chicago’s third major airport Mayor Wilson “Gary / Chicago Airport also has a robust declares. amount of existing capacity and logistical Jackson led a mock groundbreaking in strengths which when maximized properly; Peotone with Rainbow-PUSH, and the Rev. will create urban sustainability for south ChiJesse Jackson with a group of ministers called cago as well.” for the third airport in Peotone. “We’re getSpivey added that the ALNA committee is ting ready to occupy the Peotone airport,” he in the stages of preparing a full statement in noted “We must make the site of Peotone a the leadership of Peotone. “We will realize its site of protest.” full potential and will see a resurgence that Jackson personally built a coalition of mu- will surpass many of our visions for the south nicipalities and companies to finance and suburbs of Chicago.” build it. WGN investigation found there’s serious (Continued from page 20)

Kankakee. And the district is just a little over 51 percent African American and 10 percent Latino. Ministers joining the race are The Rev. Dr. Larry D. Pickens, a Chicago native, attorney and pastor of Southlawn United Methodist Church in the Calumet Heights neighborhood, as well as Rev. Corey Brooks of New Beginnings Church who lead the crusade on the roof top on 66th and King Drive, hinted he is considering running. State Senator Toi Hut- Rev. Corey Brooks chinson is being mentioned as well as State Rep. David Miller name has been tossed in. The real viable candidate if he decides to enter, Debbie Halvorson State Senator Donne Trotter, who just recently been arrested for the possession of a gun a the airport; And also a possible candidate is Cook County Chief Administrative Officer Robin Kelly (D), who was unsuccessful in her bit for State Treasurer. Jackson comes from a safe Democratic district. The seat should easily stay in Democratic hands. It went 82 percent for President Obama in 2008. However, Debbie Halvorson is banking on that if she just sustains the same level of support she got in her loss to Congressman Jackson that that base of support is enough to win with a multiple field of Black candidates. However question are Black political ego's that great that some kind of consensus candidate cannot be agreed upon to secure that a district specifically designed for a Black representative stays with Black representation? Or are the Halvorson supporters right to feel their victory assured because of the multiple Black candidates. Contributed story by Correspondent: Carl D. West

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Officials unveiled their plans for the casino width an artist's rendering of what it would look like, at Cicero Avenue and 175th Street.

By Francine Jeffries In its continued growth over five years, Black Wall Street has now expanded to the development of its South Suburban hub. Jeffrey T. Dawkins is the chairperson for the new district within Black Wall Street. Rigthfully so, data from the 2010 Census reports--the City of Chicago has been shrinking because the black population has been heading to the suburbs. More specifically, the southern suburbs of Chicago. One path that so many black middle-class home buyers have followed from Chicago’s South Side in recent years ends just off Lincoln Highway, past the entrance to the Newbury Estates subdivision in Matteson. The subdivision, about 30 miles from the Loop, represents only part of a much greater migration to the south suburbs from 2000 to 2010. In all, Chicago’s black population declined by about 181,000 people, or 17 percent, in that period, according to recently released figures from the 2010 census. The rapid contraction of the black population was the main driver of the city’s overall population loss of about 200,000 in the last decade, a fact noted by Rahm Emanuel in his mayoral inauguration speech in May. “Our mission is to design, develop, and promote AfricanAmerican businesses within the Thornton, Bremen, and Rich (Continued on page 19)

In south suburban Country Club Hills, Club Hills. This was the largest track of land controlled by Lafayette Gatling Sr. and undeveloped land left in Cook County and his wife, Marguerite, who own when completed, it will be the several businesses and claim to largest minority owned develophave the nation's largest Africanment in the world. American-owned and operated Developers say the proposal funeral home, Gatling's Chapel will create 1,000 permanent fullis venturing with a Nevada comtime jobs, and around $50 million pany to build a $250 million in the first year of operation. casino. But the company has a long Cannery Casino Resorts road to travel before it gets to that wants to build the casino and Lafayette Gatling Sr. point. Any new casino would 200-room hotel at Cicero Avenue and 175th need legislative approval, and Gov. Pat Street, near the Interstate 80 and Interstate Quinn has already vetoed a casino expan57 interchange. sion bill this year that would have allowed The Gatlings would be partners in the for a riverboat casino in a south suburban development. In, 1994, the Gatling’s purlocation. chased the 482 acres of land in Country (Continued on page 18)

Jeffrey T. Dawkins is the chairperson for the new district within Black Wall Street serving the south suburbs of Chicago.

At it again in the social service providing for the south suburb youth and their families. Ms. Loquator B. Dinkins started feeding hungry people in the south suburbs of Chicago in April of 1974 when she noticed that people were searching through the dumpster out back of her restaurant in Har(Continued on page 18)

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and continue working on the issues that matter most of the people of the Second District.” However the federal investigation many say contributed to Jackson resignation. Jackson Jr., was easily reelected. Despite not having actively campaigned. He has been one of the most capable young political leaders in Chicago's present and future, now he must relegate himself as a footnote in Chicago politics. As mildly put it in his goodbye speech, "He hopes he's remembered for the good he's done." Jackson for the most part is more aware than most, that in the game of politics, once you're gone, you're gone and forgotten; especially if your departure was forced. All the fine work and legislation implemented and directed to Jackson's voters, the congress or his community is lost in translation after the smear campaign an alleged misdeed floats closer to the surface. Even before Congressman Jackson Jr. announced his resignation, rumors were buzzing around the state of Illinois in terms of who would succeed him. It was only a matter of time, so it was quite shocking to see so many acting as though they didn't know this day was coming. Now at least voters can wrap their thoughts around someone as their potential leader. There are at least 10 candidates: Maureen Forte is the first to publicly announce her candidacy for the district vacancy. Forte is the President of the Chicago Chapter of Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network. State

Senator Kwame Raoul who replaced President Barrack Obama’s Senate seat and strived with interest in his U.S. Seat; Attorney Sam Adams, Jr; who is attachment to convicted Governor Rod Blogoivick; 9th Ward Ald. Anthony Beale; who may be the Mayor' Emanuel's choice has officially formed a political committee. Beale filed electronically, with the Illinois State Board of Elections organizing Beale for Congress. Beale, who has served in the City Council since 1999, was the youngest alderman to be elected at that time. The 9th Ward is one of seven Chicago wards that make up the 2nd Congressional District.

Jonathan Jackson, the brother of the former Congressman has been mentioned, but the name stake probably has had its last run in state politics. Same goes for 7th Ward Alderman Sandi Jackson; her name is linked to her husband. Ald. Will Burns of the 4th Ward is positioned right and has done all the correct things during his tenure as State Rep. and now as alderman. So Burns would be formidable if County Presid e n t Toni Preckwinkle would have a say if he should run or her chief of staff, Kurt Summers. Ex-NFL player and newly elected State Rep., Napolean Harris has submitted his name as a candidate. Which the question raised can a South Suburban become the next congressman for the district. Known candidates from the South Suburbs are former Rep. Debbie Halvorson who has ran against incumbent Jackson Jr. and Marcus Lewis, an independent candidate who ran for the office once before, has announced he’ll make another bid for the seat. Also announced is former congressman of the district, Mel Reynolds, who resigned the seat that Jackson won in a 1995 special election and was convicted on charges of child pornography and sexual misconduct with a 16-year-old campaign worker. The district is not a dominate Chicago district as it use to be. Chicago has only about 75,000 votes of its 225,000. The base is the suburbs which also covers parts of Cook and Will counties and all of (Continued on page 19)

The 3rd Airport Leadership wound, Airport company link to bad business: Gary, Ind. sees hope By Everloyce McCullough Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson of Gary, Indiana may see more than a new runway track for the Gray/Chicago International Airport (GCA), due to the computation of former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.’s health and federal investigation. His long pet project, the 3rd airport called Abraham Lincoln National Airport in south suburb Peotone faces not only leadership problems but business and well. Jackson lead the campaign for the Peotone airport to fix Chicago’s southern suburbs own economy for the last 17 years, has pushed to build the $700 Million ALNA. Shadowed over Jackson’s resignation and the absence of his leadership may give Mayor Wilson the boast it needs for a more focus of Gary being Chicago’s (Continued on page 19)

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