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WEEK OF OCTOBER 10-16, 2013



October Offering Well, we made it through the heat and humidity of the summer and we are now able to appreciate the cooler temperatures of autumn. Speaking personally, I would gladly trade in those heat-filled muggy days of summer for the temps we enjoy in early fall. Fall is filled with so many exciting times. I hope you take advantage of all it offers, not only for yourself, but for your family‌especially your children. When you are happy, it impacts your loved ones in a positive way. Allow me to share with you some things you may do with your young children with an emphasis on this wonderful season: Consider festively decorating, with the help of your child, a box that you can use to collect canned goods and other non-perishables to be shared with a neighbor, the food pantry at your church, or an organization you know is collecting for a good cause. Ask your preschooler, as you move through the grocery store, which item he would prefer for your food box, the

Autumn leaves are now falling, Red and yellow and brown. Autumn leaves are now falling, See them tumbling down.

Wee Notes By Brenda Holland-Robinson

green peas or the green beans. This limits his choices to healthy ones. Buying a few extra items each week as you shop won’t destroy your food budget and it’s a small price to pay to help teach your child generosity and sharing. Your little guy will enjoy moving those food items from your grocery haul to the special box you designated for the purpose. Talk to him about why you are preparing the box and wonder with him who might get the box. Pray for families who may not have enough food. By Thanksgiving, there will be enough food in your box to make a real difference for a family. Sing or say with your child:

If you are outside, gather hands full of colorful leaves and show your child how to toss them into the air as he sings. If inside, use real leaves you have gathered, or cut some leaf shapes from colorful paper Enjoy a healthy snack outside. Consider fresh fruit slices, graham crackers, and apple juice. Remember to ask God’s blessings on His provisions. If you prefer, use this blessing: God is great, God is good, And we thank Him for this food. Amen. Don’t forget to thank Him for giving you your child, too. God bless your parenting efforts. Š 2013 Brenda Holland-Robinson

Really Useful Ideas This reporter ran across the following ideas during the past few weeks and thought folks would find some of them useful as we try to solve small problems that life throws at us. Everyone buys Chapstick, especially during the upcoming winter months. When this small canister becomes empty, use it for hiding emergency money, especially when on vacation. Not many thieves would think to look there for the extra cash that you have stored! If you’re in a hotel/motel and run out of chargers, the TV usually has a USB plug. If you need a flathead screwdriver in a hurry, basic power plugs usually fit medium and largesized screws. Check it out! Does your trash bag try to cling to the trashcan when trying to pull the full bag out? Try drilling holes near the bottom of the trashcan. The air let in will help to release the bag with no suction issues. Don’t burn yourself with those hard to reach jar candle wicks. Just light a stick of spaghetti and light the wick with that, but do it quickly! When heating leftovers in a mi-

Community News & Views By Kathleen Mitchell

crowave, space the food out in a circle and it will heat more evenly. I tried this and it works. Put a small amount of water in a glass and place in the microwave as you reheat your pizza. This keeps the crust from getting too chewy. After popping microwave popcorn, separate the bag opening just enough for the unpopped kernels to fall out. Shake the bag upside down over a bowl to catch the kernels and then open the bag to enjoy the popped corn without dealing with those pesky kernels that refused to pop. Use a bread tab to hold your spot on a roll of tape. Use a magnet to find nails and studs in your wall. A frozen, saturated sponge in a bag

makes an icepack that won’t drip all over when it melts. Fill your plastic water bottle Ÿ full of water and lay it in your freezer on its side to freeze. After it is frozen, fill with water and you have ice cold water on the go! Use a staple remover to save your fingernails when trying to add things to your key ring. Turn an empty six-pack drink holder into an outdoor dining kit. It’s just the right size to hold forks, knives, spoons, mustard, ketchup, etc. We’ve just returned from a trip and I noticed that this following tip is true. If a green exit/street sign is above a street on the left, you will exit to the left. If it’s on the right, your exit will be on the right. This tip helps one to get into the correct lane ahead of time. Use a spring from an old ballpoint pen to keep your charger cord from bending and breaking. If you have an old pool noodle and park your car in a garage, split the noodle and attach half of it to the wall to protect your car door from scraping the garage wall. Now, how’s that for being frugal?

Fall Foliage “Closed� It’s still terribly dry and, in case you weren’t aware we have one, October 15 through November 30 is Virginia’s fall fire season. Outdoor burning is not restricted so far in our area but there are several places in the state where burning is not allowed right now. The 4 p.m. burn law is not in effect during the fall, only February 15 through April 30. This is because during those months the winds are elevated, the relative humidity is low, and the fuel or debris on the forest floor has dried out. The Virginia Department of Forestry reminds us that debris A Walk in burning is the #1 cause of wildfires followed by intentionally set arson the Garden fires. Our state experiences more By Rose Allee than 1,200 wildfires that burn more Charlotte County than 10,000 acres of land each year. Master Gardener While that is bad enough, we are very fortunate compared to other areas of the country. Taking even the simplest precautions will significantly reduce the occurrence of wildfires and the threat to homes and residents. Hats off to Smoky. Rose had not as yet planned a trek into the mountains to view the fall colors, and it’s just as well since the government decided we don’t need to have a little getaway to see a little bit of God’s best work. However, if you just want to ride and ride and ride, the Blue Ridge Parkway is still open to vehicular traffic. You won’t be able to visit Mabry Mill, Peaks of Otter Lodge and Restaurant, the Blue Ridge Music Center, or go camping. Eat before you go or take a picnic lunch to eat on the side of the road. Overlooks will still be available at least, and of course, travelers can always venture into nearby towns like Bedford or Buchanan to eat and shop. Apples are apples and pretty leaves are abundant on the side roads, too. The Peaks of Otter Lodge having to close is one of the saddest things. A new manager just took over there in August, employing 72 people who have been told already to stay home. Mabry Mill has 44 full-time and part-time employees who will be sent home. And you know what? You can multiply these two examples by hundreds and realize the effect our government’s actions (or lack thereof ) are having on the country’s economy. Well, you know all that already and the editor of this paper will take care of all the editorializing.


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If you can identify this Charlotte, Prince Edward, Lunenburg County, or nearby location, you could be a winner! Complete and mail in the form below.

Where is it?________________________________ NAME:____________________________________ ADDRESS:________________________________ __________________________________________ PHONE:___________________________________ EMAIL____________________________________


If you can identify the items pictured above, you could be a winner! Complete and mail in the form below.

What is it?________________________________ NAME:____________________________________ ADDRESS:________________________________ __________________________________________ PHONE:___________________________________ EMAIL____________________________________

How it Works:

Identify the object or location in either of the pictures above and send your entry form in to the Southside Messenger at PO Box 849, Keysville, VA 23947 or email it to with â&#x20AC;&#x153;What is it?â&#x20AC;? in the subject line. PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR FULL ADDRESS IN ALL EMAIL ENTRIES. Entries without contact information will not be considered.

All photos will be taken from public property in Charlotte, Prince Edward, Lunenburg Counties, or other nearby locations. Readers are welcome to send photos for inclusion in the contest.


140 King Street, Keysville â&#x20AC;˘ 434-736-8599 and

North Main Street, Chase City â&#x20AC;˘ 434-372-0355


And the winner is... Shaudna Eppes of Burkeville for identifying the Moton Museum in Farmville, and Mary Freeze of Carlotte Court House for recognizing the Sphinx breed of cat. Both winners will receive a coupon for a free breakfast combo meal at Subway in Keysville or Chase City.

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