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Guide by my side

Growing up spiritually was, at times, complex, yet it was an experience I would never exchange; I was blessed to have met my personal spiritual guide when all felt lost to me. My guide taught me to love myself, and who I was to become. She shielded the world’s darkness, only showing the light. These teachings made me one of the lucky ones growing up. I wasn't your average child, a freak accident made me different. I had no site to my left eye, and my right eye was covered with a patch to make the left one stronger. Truth is, the doctors didn't know what they were doing, and I was their form of research. In order to shield my parents from the pain, I would go outside, and get lost between the lush gardens they displayed. I had many friends out there; one, specifically, shines through to this very day. I am grateful for still having this unique guide by my side. When you’re a child who is called "weird" because your world is different from your class mates', its tough. To get to say that I knew a great spiritual guide who held me through all of the hard times... Well, that goes down like chocolate cake. When you’re called "the four eye pirate," among many other names, one needs to find the light within. How we find that light is not as easy as we’d hope; looking for our spiritual guides whose frequencies are higher than our human ones, is always a treat in disguise. Teasing had brought me home, day after sad day, in tears; my mother had had all she could take. She decided I needed a year off. How she did this, I have no idea, but home-school was great. A sweet lady gave me lessons (truthfully I didn't learn much I would repeat the 1st grade). I am a great believer that the universe has a plan for us especially when things don’t turn right side up. What I learned that year at home was far more powerful than any school could ever teach, not even Hogwarts School of witch craft and wizardry. I had hands on teachings from the mystics, and it showed. Esmeralda, my spiritual guide, showed me basic healing with herbs, flowers, waters, and oils all when I was eight years old. Our talks lasted hours into weeks and the stories of how the fairies are

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South Shore and Cape Cod Metaphysics  

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