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Second question comes from Denise, “ I am thinking about relocating from where I presently live. Any thoughts about when would be a good time to move�??


The first thing I sense is a glowing shape that looks like a lower-case g being pulled up and un-rooted, The scene is in a twilight, semi-dark setting and not everything is visible as your eyes adjust to it. First it seems stuck then as it gets pulled a little more it slides out easily. As you look at what comes away it has a coiled shape and movement to it. You seemed surprised at the depth and size it had grown to. The next thing I see is a child carefully putting their toys and precious things in an old wooden toy box. The feeling here is there are things going on that you aren't completely aware of yet as if someone else is making plans for you and you're not sure how you feel about it. I wonder if there is a child involved in this or is it your childlike side. Lots of careful consideration is happening but there will always be something that come up.


Casting a chart for the time of this question I get the sense your optimum time to move would be after Jupiter changes signs on 6/25/13 and Mercury goes direct 7/20/13. If you would like to research this matter further we do offer some astrological guidance on best location for you based on your chart. Feel free to contact us if we can be of further assistance! Good luck.

Around the timing it feels more Spring Summer and I keep hearing April.

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