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Southsea Folk

Southsea Folk Southsea Folk is a quarterly photographic project capturing the essence of the creative community in Southsea. Select individuals – artists, designers and business owners – are photographed in their environments and the result is an inspiring celebration of this special area.

Issue 4 is here and, after the success of introducing an artist to design the front cover, we thought we would do it again. Meet Carrie, who is renowned for vibrant colours in her work that are bound to brighten anyone’s day. Carrie is an artist based at Hotwalls – read what she has to say on page 6 about working in Portsmouth. I hope you like her design of Albert Road; you can see this artwork sitting proudly in the Southsea Deli. I love how it represents the many independent businesses we have along that stretch, each providing their own little piece of Southsea and creating a community. We have lots of exciting articles for the website this autumn, so have a look online for features on artisans, makers, independent business owners and artists that make this area a very creative and exciting place to live! We are expanding our writing team, so if you love to write and want to shout about something in Southsea then we want to hear from you! To enquire about being involved in future publications email or, for online content and advertising,


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Southsea Folk

The Team

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Lou’s the boss when it comes to online

Carrie’s raw, edgy, artistic style sets exactly

Danny loves food and finding out about

Jo is a mum of two, living and working on

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all the cool things happening in the city.

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competitions and events – like our gin club!

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Her love of art and illustration is a passion

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She also runs a blog and various social

Winchester) she loves the Southsea vibe

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media pages under the name Northern

and she’s part of the team at Dimples &

future blog posts. You can find her hiding

food, live music and all things creative. Jo

Interior Girl (she’s from Yorkshire!). She

Daisies. Carrie’s available for commercial

in a cosy corner with a wedge of cake,

is available to quote for design projects.

loves art and interiors and can often be

and wedding photography.

notebook in hand.

found at exhibitions and launch events.



Southsea Folk

“I moved to Southsea 23 years ago and never left, despite spending many years commuting a fair distance every day for work. I just never wanted to leave. Friends from all over the world tell me how much they love it when they visit too. Four years ago I started my own business, and through this (as well as getting my dog Rufus) I have gotten to know so many more people who live and work in this city. I love the creative and thriving independent business scene, and I love that I get to help many of them through my business, and the fact that we have beach and city right on our doorstep is an added bonus.” - Caroline Sumners fiftyonedegreesuk/


Southsea Folk

“I’ve moved all over the place but have been in Southsea for 27 years and can’t imagine anywhere better. After a long career in health I have loved the change in direction that belonging to Fire Monkey Arts has given me. I live near the seafront and my 2.5 mile walk to the studio has to be one of the most stunning commutes you could ask for. I especially enjoy talking with the public, running small art workshops in collage and promoting the work of my fellow artists. Southsea has a vibrant, varied and nurturing arts community and I still pinch myself when I remember I am part of it, and I love all the small local businesses many of whom I’ve come to know as friends.” - Carrie Swinburne www.instagram/floramorauk_art Studio One Hotwalls


Southsea Folk

“I’m a graphic designer specialising in branding and packaging. Becoming part of the creative community here is something that keeps me constantly motivated: the range of creatives in Southsea is definitely special, as is people’s drive to do bold and good things. I moved back to Southsea after working in Zürich and I have much cause to be glad that I did. Southsea is full of people doing wonderful and surprising things and it’s a constant joy to see people create and thrive here. It’s also a great to place for me to walk Buster!” - Tim Ames


Southsea Folk

“Southsea has a charm all of its own, and Castle Road in particular has such a diverse range yet a really strong sense of community. That’s why we decided it was the best place for our third barbership. The clock tower barbership hidden beside Tony Wood Hairdressing was the first to open and celebrates its third birthday in October. Our second ‘off grid’ barbership is hidden in Blue Cannon Alley in Gosport, so we wanted our next premises to be just as good. Hidden at the back of Hillfield trading, we like people to find us or be recommended to us. The semi-hidden feel really helps. A lot of the decor for the fleet also comes from people who are clients – we really want people to feel a part of the barbership, which is essential to grow that community feel.”  - Jamie Martin 65 Castle Road



Southsea Folk

“The path to becoming the brand we are today could not have been a more organic growth experience. We never intended to sell tees, let alone open a shop, and the journey was something we never expected. Since 2010 when we printed 30 tees for fun, we’ve been blown away with everyone’s support. It’s fair to say we have one of the best followings a brand could wish for, and a lot of this comes down to Portsmouth & Southsea’s sense of ownership and pride for this island city. Everything that flows through the brand is related back to our beginnings and our love for Portsmouth & Southsea. Every aspect of what we do is inspired by our surroundings, from amazing architecture and design all the way to putting our feet in the sea.” - Tristan Savage / Co-Founder 87 Marmion Road


Southsea Folk

“I’ve lived in lots of different places, but Southsea is the first place I’ve felt like I belong to a community. I’m a textile artist and teacher and I’ve been part of the Hotwalls Studios since they opened, at first as part of collective studio, then sharing with another artist. Being a part of the studios has allowed my business to grow and I’ve recently been able to expand and take on a whole studio to myself, thanks to the support of the other artists and management team. It’s a fantastic place to work and lovely that people can come in for a chat and see what I’m up to. The open studio arrangement makes me feel a part of the wider community in a way I couldn’t imagine if I was working from home.” - Kim Edith Studio 6 Hotwalls


Southsea Folk

“I have lived in Southsea for most of my adult life and have made such wonderful friends, many of whom are creative souls, who work independently in Southsea. We all love the strong community spirit and the support everyone gives to local businesses. I am also a proud member of the Portsmouth Players and regularly perform in musicals at the Kings Theatre. We are so lucky to have such a stunning theatre on our doorstep!� - Ed Chase The Southsea Abode 2d Albert Road


Southsea Folk

“I have been a Portsmouth & Southsea resident for 31 years. Within this time I have witnessed many changes but one thing remains the same: local people supporting the growth of small creative businesses. This island city has so many talented artists, designers, makers and people who strive to support all and showcase their work. Since I started SPIN360° I have had the opportunity to meet many of these people, which has been a real pleasure. Supporting local and British small businesses is paramount to me.” - Craig Palmer





Southsea Folk

“We have always had businesses in Southsea, together and separately: it is such a rare jewel of a place to live and work. We love that our thriving seaside town offers such a diverse range of independent bars and restaurants, all jostling to cater to the demanding tastes of local residents and visitors. There was no question when we had the opportunity to take on Becketts, a Southsea institution for almost 30 years. Our Grade II listed buildings have been meticulously refurbished over the past two and a half years to produce a lively venue in the heart of Southsea. We constantly strive to create the best possible experience for our highly valued guests, who enjoy a choice of six luxury bedrooms, a busy bar, a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner and staff who are always ready to add that little extra touch.” - Soraya and Jason Parker 11 Bellevue Terrace, Southsea, PO5 3AT


Southsea Folk

“I have encapsulated some unique artworks, artefacts and photographs from Southsea and far beyond. Each frame holds something valuable, but also often very personal, to my customers. Each day brings a new treasure to the door. Working with my customers to achieve the look and style of presentation is always an interesting challenge from box-framing medals and trophies to displaying family archives and unique artworks from many of Portsmouth’s fine artists. Castle Road is home to many antique shops and I am often asked to restore and reframe olde treasures. I have had the pleasure of framing works by Picasso, Hirst, Banksy, Tracey Emin and – a particular favourite with our Portsmouth connection is – a Grayson Perry tapestry. My frames have been hung in the Royal Academy and surrounded award-winning international works by several local artists.” - Chris Wiliams chriswilliamsbespokeframing 66 Castle Road


Southsea Folk

“Not many people know, but Portsmouth was once known for its soap making and restorative sea bathing. I founded Southsea Bathing Hut with a mission to bring that heritage back to life. We started at local markets and people were instantly so supportive. In response to customer feedback, I developed a full range of natural, vegan, cruelty-free skincare products, to suit every need. In June this year we were thrilled to open our natural skincare apothecary on Albert Road. It’s a perfect spot for us. We make everything there, by hand, and we’re part of a community of awesome independent businesses. I’m passionate about giving our customers the best skincare experience possible. Inspired by coastal beauty, our products are great for the skin and good for the soul – just like a dip in the sea.”    - Samantha Worsey 2c Albert Road


Southsea Folk

“We set up Bored in Elm Grove back in 1997 as we felt there was need for a store that supported the skateboarders of the long established Southsea Skate Park and also the wider alternative audience at that time. Twenty years on we now have solid roots in Albert Road and an established online store retailing goods throughout the UK and across the world. There have been so many talented people involved in the business over the years. Skateboarders, artists and designers have all made important contributions, and many continue to be good friends of the store. Southsea is a great melting pot of people and cultures and we feel very lucky to part of it: there’s a good mix of independent retailers which you simply won’t see in many places in the UK. We are in a unique spot.” - Gary Scott 23 Albert Road


Southsea Folk

“Setting up the brewery in Southsea Castle has been a challenge, but we love having our brewery in such an iconic building, right in the heart of Southsea. When the castle was built by Henry VIII in 1544, there was probably a brewery to keep his troops hydrated, so we are bringing back a piece of Southsea’s history. King Henry would surely have approved! We brew our beers in small batches of around 500 pints. Some we bottle by hand, while the rest goes into barrels which go on tap at the brewery. We brew during the week but open for tasters and take-outs at the weekends. We love seeing people enjoying our beers at the bandstand, along the beach and on the common. In the summer there’s such a buzz around the area; it’s like Southsea comes alive when the sun is out!”      - Dave Eastwood Southsea Castle, Clarence Esplanade



Southsea Folk

“I have been in the hospitality trade since I was 16 and, whilst I moved away to other cities to learn my trade, I realised there’s no place like home. A beautiful natural landscape is the backdrop to our vibrant and fun city space. Over the last ten years I have been lucky enough to manage businesses in both Albert Road and Marmion Road and have witnessed first hand the growth of the brand that is ‘Southsea’. The Marmion has enabled me to go on a fantastic journey of meeting some truly wonderful people in both staff and regulars, as well as developing working relationships with local traders in art, food and drink. Like The Marmion, Marmion Road is developing into a really special place which showcases individuality, character and choice. Come pay the road a visit...” - Matt Chapman 20 Marmion Road






Southsea Folk

“I was born and raised in Southsea and after moving to London and meeting my husband, we really wanted to raise our family and start a business on the coast - of course, Southsea was our natural choice. When the opportunity arose to take over the café within Southsea Tennis Club’s beautiful building, we jumped at the chance. We’ve been open for five years now, and our focus on promoting and serving amazing south coast produce, and creating an inclusive, family environment, is the same as ever. Watching Southsea families grow and develop has been a privilege.” - Nell Faux Clarence Esplanade


Southsea Folk

“I moved to Southsea in 1999, from Wales. I started university, toured in a band and joined the local community. After graduation I stayed, spellbound by something here. This little island city had worked its way into my heart. Four years ago I founded Southsea Sangha, an open access, Buddhist meditation community. Our awesome crew of volunteers are committed to building sangha (community), which practises loving kindness, compassion and wise action: a community practising mindful living. Our community is committed to practises of what bell hooks describes as “spirit, struggle, service and love” - the values the Buddha taught to motivate progressive social change. The sense of community here is strong. We’re grateful to be part of it.” “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead - Daniel Sutton-Johanson 153-155 Albert Road 


The The RA RA @ @ Portsmouth Portsmouth A A new new display display of of prints, prints, drawings drawings and and sculpture sculpture from from the the permanent permanent collection, collection, celebrating celebrating 250 250 years years of of the the Royal Royal Academy. Academy. Image credit: Lightbulbs, mono-print, 1991. Dims: 31.5cm (h) x 43.5cm (w) ©LisaMilroy2018. Image credit: Lightbulbs, mono-print, 1991. Dims: 31.5cm (h) x 43.5cm (w) ©LisaMilroy2018.

Portsmouth Museum | From 7thth July 2018 | Admission Free Portsmouth Museum | From 7 July 2018 | Admission Free 28


Southsea Folk

“Yoga with me will open your heart, calm your mind and encourage you to love your body. My classes are Lucid Yoga: clearly explained & easily understood. Yoga is accessible for everybody. I teach comprehensive, traditional yoga, and encourage you to develop your own practice within the group. Physical practises create space and suppleness in your body, and improve strength and stamina. Breathing, meditation and deep relaxation leave you feeling replenished and relaxed. As well as Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, I offer Yoga Therapy, personal tuition, yoga for pregnancy and post-natal recovery, workshops, retreats and teacher training. With more than 4000 hours, teaching experience over 12 years, I am a registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals.� - Lucy Barlow



Artwork by Carrie Swinburne

Profile for Southsea Folk

Southsea Folk Issue 4  

'Southsea Folk’ is a photographic project capturing the essence of the creative community in Southsea. Select individuals - artists, designe...

Southsea Folk Issue 4  

'Southsea Folk’ is a photographic project capturing the essence of the creative community in Southsea. Select individuals - artists, designe...


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