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5 Tips for Designing a Great Backyard

Introduction If your frontyard is often all about appearances, as it’s the first part of your house people notice when they’re visiting, when it comes to your backyard the key word should be "comfort". When you’re returning from work and want to relax, even though it’s nice to have pieces of furniture that catch the eye, it’s how you feel when you enter and sit down in your backyard that’s going to matter the most. In this presentation, we will show you how – with 5 simple tips – you can find the right balance between aesthetic and coziness matters.

Go Green Adding a garden, whether it be a fruit & vegetable garden or simply a small area where you grow flowers, is one of the best design tools at your disposal for arranging your backyard. Not only does it keep in line with our goal of making the backyard a calm and peaceful place where to retreat to reenergize, it’s also a real treat to the eye as it truly adds that sense of a small corner of paradise to the whole.

Get Comfy Seats When the time comes to choose your patio furniture, your first reflex might be to go for the visual aspect of the set. Now, we’re not suggesting that it’s the wrong way to go about picking seats for your backyard but, every candidate that you select, make sure that you test it fully. Sit down and spend some time, changing positions, etc. In the end, if you want to pick a set that matches the style and color of the rest of the backyard, it’s the "feel good" factor that should once again guide your choice. What good would it make to take the best looking chairs if they’re so uncomfortable that you end up never using them?

Get the Heat Up Heaters have a special place in backyard projects as they truly embody functionality made design. They serve both purposes very well as they warm you up when the temperature plumets at night while also making for beautiful decorative items. But if you really want to take that concept to the next level, you can forget about patio heaters and rather opt for a fire pit. Fire pits are all the rage at the moment and for one good reason: no other addition can, in an instant, create such an eerie atmosphere. Just light up the fire and you’ll be thrown back to camp memories from your childhood when you were roasting marshmallows over the flames.

Install a Hot Tub You can’t possibly talk about unwinding and not think about hot tubs. They make for the ultimate relaxation tool. When selecting your hot tub, just make sure to pay attention to the following criteria: •Number of people who can enter the tub at the same time •Number of jets to regulate the water pressure •Price VS quality •In-ground VS above-ground

Get Some Help If the four aforementioned tips should already help you in designing a backyard where you will be able to take it easy and recharge, the best way to go about it is still to speak with a professional of the field. An expert landscaper will take the time to listen to you and understand what it is exactly that you want to take out of your backyard. And she will work with you to make that vision become a reality. Just make sure to interview several professionals before hiring one. You want to deal with a person with whom you connect.

Conclusion Designing a great backyard is no rocket science. You simply need to sit down for a second and think about how to make it the most cozy place possible. You will need furniture, a way to keep you warm when the sun goes down, and – if you can afford it – accessories to spruce things up such as a hot tub, a BBQ grill and a pergola.

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Tips for Designing a Great Backyard  

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