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Cardinal Carter grad publishes her first children's book

By Mark Ribble

LEAMINGTON — Stephanie Scott grew up in Leamington amidst a family of eight and attended Queen of Peace Elementary School, before graduating from Cardinal Carter Catholic Secondary School.

The long-time fan of the Leamington Flyers recently published her first children’s book called ‘Buckle Up: A Children’s Imaginary Journey About Self-Control’, aimed at helping children cope with the ups and downs of life’s journey.

“Life can be challenging at times, and unpredictable, with ups and downs and all sorts of things we can’t control,” she says. “It’s like driving a car on a bumpy road. We can’t wish the bumps away. We can’t control who travels those roads with us, or make the sun shine on our journey if it’s a rainy day. But we can control how we feel about it.”

After leaving Leamington, Scott completed her B.A in Child and Youth Care in Toronto and is a Child & Youth Counsellor, but enjoys getting back to her roots and visiting Point Pelee National Park and other attractions in this area.

Stephanie Scott with her new book, Buckle Up: A Children’s Imaginary Journey About Self Control.

Stephanie Scott with her new book, Buckle Up: A Children’s Imaginary Journey About Self Control.

The book is filled with illustrations by Olga Barinova and Scott’s story weaves throughout, with help from a bird who acts as the guide, called Nini.

“With Nini as your special guide, you will take a driving journey in your imagination, a road trip in your mind, with you in the driver’s seat,” she says. “You’ll learn how to face life’s obstacles and disappointments with healthy, positive green thoughts and wait patiently for the rainbow that will surely follow the rain.”

The book is aimed at children between the ages of five and 10 and is a must read for families or educators who want to promoted self-awareness in their children.

If you’d like a copy of ‘Buckle Up: A Children’s Imaginary Journey about Self-Control’, you can find it online through Amazon, Chapters Indigo, Barnes & Noble, and the Friesen Press online bookstore. eBook is available through Kindle, Google Play, and Apple.

The physical book will soon be available at Leamington’s own Aziz Fruit Stand, as well as various local book stores.