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Southpointe Magazine

Issue 0214



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Southpointe Magazine


Letter from the Executive President Dear members, neighbors, and friends:

2014 – off to a great start

We thank all of the businesses and visitors for being a part of the Southpointe Tradeshow for 2014. Although this is our 20th year celebration we now hold two shows each year putting us at 24 shows in total. Our special thanks goes out to WPXI-TV News for their second year as official TV media sponsor. As our official radio sponsor, KeyMarket of Pa with Froggy along with their 50 local community stations, has been a partner for 10 years. We appreciate the public service announcements with Froggy and sister stations. Our official print media sponsor is the Pittsburgh Business Times with ads, event announcements and articles. We are always looking for new opportunities with media, marketing and business partners in the future. Just call us with your ideas for trade, partnerships or mutually beneficial marketing proposals. We have evolved into a ‘Regional Chamber’ with members around Pittsburgh from as far away as Monroeville, Cranberry, South Hills and the Airport Corridor. Our members from neighboring cities include Wheeling, Morgantown and the city of Cleveland and others on the Eastern side of Ohio. Don’t forget to attend our monthly Network Lunch which has become the largest lunch networking event around Southpointe with as many as 200 attending. We have had a two year relationship with Bella Sera. Owner and chef Jason Capps has given us the best of Italian cooking with minimal cost. For more information visit Our thanks go out to the advertisers in this publication and most importantly to our 20,000 readers. Our first magazine was published in the summer of 2011 making this our 9th edition. Our signature copywritten map has been published since 2004. We appreciate your suggestions and input. Please be sure to support our businesses listed in the magazine. As always, we would like to have breakfast, lunch or cocktails with you to discuss your business and how the Southpointe Marcellus Shale Chamber can help you grow. Contact or 724-873-7777 Thank you,

“Your Success is Our Business” Don Hodor

Executive President Southpointe Marcellus Shale Chamber of Commerce 724.873.7777




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Join one, belong to all three

2014 • Volume 4 • Issue • 02

Publisher - Southpointe Total Media / Southpointe Telecom Managing Editor - Don Hodor Advertising Director - Terry Caldwell Lifestyle Editor - Rita Yunker Front Cover Photo By- Southpointe Telecom Layout & Design By- Mike George Published by Southpointe Telecom 125 Technology Dr. Suite 103, Canonsburg, (Southpointe), PA 15317 Phone - 724-873-7777 • E-mail - All Copyrights Reserved © Southpointe Total Media / Southpointe Telecom 2014 Printing by: Knepper Press

Issue 0214




• 150,000 SF / 30,000 SF Floor Plans

• Walking Trails and Garden/Sitting area

• Free Parking - 4.5/1,000 Ratio

• Walking distance to Southpointe Town Center & 2 hotels

• Building Signage with I-79 visibility • Located in a Campus setting

• Only building certified LEED® and Class-G in Southpointe


Southpointe Magazine

Issue 0214


Southpointe Magazine


Business Development

Career Advancement Seminar at Southpointe

Pictured is Lauren Mitchell, General Manager Mark Acerni, and Don Hodor planning the Southpointe Job Workshop on April 17, 2014 at the Southpointe Golf Club.

Based on past surveys, we have realized that careers are available in the area but connecting with the right opportunity has been a challenge. This year we are holding a unique day long workshop directed to advancing your career. On April 17, 2014 we will be holding a ‘Career Workshop’ This will be a unique opportunity to improve the odds of finding the right career by using proven techniques. There will be a

general session with a panel discussion centered around the important steps needed to select and advance in the career you want with the best pay and opportunities. “There will be several modules and workshops to attend in order to help improve career results” said Don Hodor, Executive Director of the Southpointe Chamber. Itinerary: • Learn how to write an effective cover letter and resume. • Determine various methods to obtain qualified career leads. • Master how to properly secure the interview. • Understand why it is important to speak well and dress for success. • Correct interview and post interview procedures • Techniques for career advancement and career satisfaction Job seekers and career minded individuals can attend any or all of these seminars. Companies will be exhibiting their career opportunities along with organizations that will help you advance forward in your career. Finally, a training video will be available to all who attend. For registration, go to

Issue 0214


All New Homes Built In The Overlook at Southpointe and Ironwood II Come Standard With Granite Kitchen & Master Bathroom Countertops, Kitchen Islands, 9’ Ceilings On 1st & 2nd Floors, Hardwood Flooring In Kitchen, Powder Room, Hall & Foyer, Ceramic Tile Floors In Master Bathroom, Crown Moulding And Much More!

Call Today For A Personal One-On-One Appointment Call | 724-949-0079 Visit | Social |


Southpointe Magazine

Issue 0214


Southpointe Magazine


Natural Gas Technology

Chasing the Dream of Half-Price Gasoline from Natural Gas

A startup called Siluria thinks it’s solved a mystery that has stymied huge oil companies for decades. • By Kevin Bullis on January 15, 2014 those used to make plastics. And it is relatively expensive to convert natural gas into liquid fuels such as gasoline. It cost Why It Matters Shell $19 billion to build a massive gas-to-liquids plant in The world depends almost exclusively on oil for chemicals Qatar, where natural gas is almost free. The South African and liquid fuels. energy and chemicals company Sasol is considering a gas-toliquids plant in Louisiana that it says will cost between $11 At a pilot plant in Menlo Park, California, a technician pours billion and $14 billion. Altogether, such plants produce only white pellets into a steel tube and then taps it with a wrench to make sure they settle together. He closes the tube, and oxy- about 400,000 barrels of liquid fuels and chemicals a day, which is less than half of 1 percent of the 90 million barrels gen and methane—the main ingredient of natural gas—flow in. Seconds later, water and ethylene, the world’s largest com- of oil produced daily around the world. modity chemical, flow out. Another simple step converts the ethylene into gasoline. The white pellets are a catalyst developed by the Silicon Valley startup Siluria, which has raised $63.5 million in venture capital. If the catalysts work as well in a large, commercial scale plant as they do in tests, Siluria says, the company could produce gasoline from natural gas at about half the cost of making it from crude oil—at least at today’s cheap naturalgas prices. If Siluria really can make cheap gasoline from natural gas, it will have achieved something that has eluded the world’s top chemists and oil and gas companies for decades. Indeed, finding an inexpensive and direct way to upgrade natural gas into more valuable and useful chemicals and fuels could finally mean a cheap replacement for petroleum. Natural gas burns much more cleanly than oil—power plants that burn oil emit 50 percent more carbon dioxide than natural gas ones. It is also between two and six times more abundant than oil, and its price

Powerful pills: Two versions of catalysts developed by Siluria to convert natural gas into ethylene, which can be used to make gasoline and chemicals.

The costs are so high largely because the process is complex and consumes a lot of energy. First high temperatures are required to break methane down into carbon monoxide and hydrogen, creating what is called syngas. The syngas is then subjected to catalytic reactions that turn it into a mixture of hydrocarbons that is costly to refine and separate into products.

For years, chemists have been searching for catalysts that would simplify the process, skipping the syngas step and instead converting methane directly into a specific, desired chemical. Such a process wouldn’t require costly refining and Quick screen: A technician separation steps, and it might consume less energy. But the at Siluria operates some of chemistry is difficult—so much so that some of the world’s the company’s equipment for top petroleum companies gave up on the idea in the 1980s. quickly making and testing Siluria thinks it can succeed where others have failed not new catalysts. because it understands the chemistry better, but because it has developed new tools for making and screening potential catalysts. Traditionally, chemists have developed catalysts by has fallen dramatically now that technologies like analyzing how they work and calculating what combination of elements might improve them. Siluria’s basic philosophy fracking and horizontal drilling have led to a surge is to try out a huge number of catalysts in the hope of getting of production from uncon- lucky. The company built an automated system—it looks like a mess of steel and plastic tubes, mass spectrometers, small ventional sources like the Marcellus Shale. While oil costs around $100 a barrel, natural stainless steel furnaces, and data cables—that can quickly synthesize hundreds of different catalysts at a time and then gas sells in the U.S. for the equivalent of $20 a barrel. test how well they convert methane into ethylene. But until now oil has maintained a crucial advantage: natural gas is much more difficult to convert into chemicals such as Continued on page 28

Your local telecommunications EXPERTS for 20+ years!

Issue 0214


Southpointe Telecom has installed small/medium size office systems in Southpointe as well as major projects such as the one pictured in Atlanta (right picture)

A. G. Spanos development project in Atlanta’s District. CCTV, Internet & cabling engineered by Southpointe Telecom

We specialize in:

local telecommunications EXPERTS for 20+ years!

• Infrastructure Cabling Video Production CCTV Cameras Internet Connectivity Infrastructure Cabling • WeInternet We produce, record, design and installConnectivity We design and install We layout, engineer edit and post your ads, CCTV cameras your internet system and install Cat-5 & CCTV Cameras commercials and viewed from from the outside Cat-6 cabling for offices, • systems training. Ready for your smart phone or network to your desk. multi-family and • laptop. Aerial Photography YouTube or web site All documented wiring residential homes. elecom has installed small/medium size office • Video Production A. G. Spanos development project in “Southpointe Cloudprojects technology.” Tristate Trailer Ask about uthpointe asdesigned well asour major such as the Atlanta’s District. CCTV, Internet & cabling “Don’s crew gives us 24/7•help desk for our 580 online our aerial In House Magazine Production n Atlanta (right picture) engineered by Southpointe Telecom students.” Salisbury Univ. Student Housing photography “The Southpointe crew installed our office cabling on and video • Layout & Design schedule.” Hatch Mott MacDonald production “We were able to remote view our Virginia U. construction site cameras” Gilbane Company


Your local telecommunications EXPERTS for years! Pictured20+ Bill Griffin, Videographer, Don Hodor, Pilot

SOUTHPOINTETELECOMMUNICATIONTECHNOLOGY 125 Technology Drive, Southpointe, PA 15317 724-873-7777

125 Technology Drive • Canonsburg, Pa 15317 Video Production CCTV Cameras Internet Connectivity (724)873-7777 We produce, record, We design and install We design and install or Southpointe Telecom has installed small/medium office system edit and post your ads, CCTV cameras yoursize internet

abling neer & A. G. Spanos development project in Southpointe as well as major projects such as outside the Atlanta’s District. commercials CCTV, Internet &and cabling viewed from from the r offices, systems insystems one pictured in Atlanta (right picture) engineered by Southpointe training.Telecom Ready for your smart phone or network to your desk. d YouTube or web site laptop. All documented wiring es.


signed our Cloud technology.” Tristate Trailer Ask about gives us 24/7 help desk for our 580 online our aerial ts.” Salisbury Univ. Student Housing photography pointe crew installed our office cabling on and video edule.” Hatch Mott MacDonald CCTV Cameras production Internet Connectivity Infrastructure Cabling o remote view our Virginia U. construction site We design and install We design and install We layout, engineer services your internet system CCTV cameras cameras”and Gilbane Company install Cat-5 & Cat-6 cabling for offices, multi-family and residential homes.

systems viewed from your smart phone or laptop.


Video Production We produce, record, edit and post your ads, commercials from thePictured outside Bill Griffin, Videographer, Don and Hodor, Pilot training. Ready for network to your desk. YouTube or web site All documented wiring


echnology “Southpointe Drive, Southpointe, PACloud 15317 724-873-7777 designed our technology.” Tristate Trailer Ask about “Don’s crew gives us 24/7 help desk for our 580 online students.” Salisbury Univ. Student Housing “The Southpointe crew installed our office cabling on schedule.” Hatch Mott MacDonald “We were able to remote view our Virginia U. construction site cameras” Gilbane Company

our aerial photography and video production services

Pictured Bill Griffin, Videographer, Don Hodor, Pilot

SOUTHPOINTETELECOMMUNICATIONTECHNOLOGY 125 Technology Drive, Southpointe, PA 15317 724-873-7777



April 24, 2014 At the Hilton Garden Inn/ Southpointe For more information and registration, visit or call 800-235-8474 Top safety manufacturers exhibits, new product displays, educational seminars Complimentary lunch

Find realistic solutions to “Keeping Your Workers Safe”

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Business Updates

President Obama Visits Area News article from North Central PA

President Obama Touts Shale-Fueled Growth in Manufacturing

President Obama traveled to the Marcellus Shale region and spoke at the U.S. Steel Irvin Plant in West Mifflin, just outside of Pittsburgh. The president touted the resurgence of manufacturing jobs in the area, which has been fueled by abundant natural gas production. Mario Langhi, President and CEO of U.S. Steel Corporation, introduced President Obama and provided some much-needed context into how the steel manufactured there is used in our daily lives. More specifically, the steel made at this facility is being used to manufacture pipelines needed to bring natural gas to our homes. And while the steel industry manufactures and provides pipelines, the natural gas industry has supplied steel plants like Irvin with cheap natural gas, which keeps production costs down. “Steel made at our Mon Valley area locations by our more than 3,000 employees is transformed into objects which are essential to modern society,” Langhi said. “Items like cars and trucks, household appliances, industrial equipment, parts for jewelry, watches, computers, and robotics.” Langhi also added, “Every steel manufacturing job creates seven jobs in the U.S. economy.” These plants are not only providing high-paying jobs to hardworking Americans, but they also supply other industries with the necessary materials needed to do their jobs — from fertilizer plants in the Dakotas to steel industries located right here in southwestern Pennsylvania. Natural gas is fueling these facilities and making it economically viable for companies to invest in America. As President Obama stated during his speech at U.S. Steel: “Business leaders are starting to realize that China is

no longer the best place to invest and create jobs, America is.” Thanks in no small part to increased natural gas production and availability, companies are now moving to the United States, and we’re also seeing a considerable amount of reshoring here in America. President Obama noted that this reinvestment in America “is creating a manufacturing renaissance, resulting in the lowest employment rate in five years.” He added: “This company helped build America and over 100 years later we’re still at it. It’s manufacturing the pipes to transport cleaner burning natural gas and the production of light weight alloy used to make fuel efficient cars. You’re part of the rebound of the great American steel industry. Businesses like U.S. Steel have created eight million new jobs over the past four years.” President Obama went on to say that for the first time since the 1990s, manufacturing is adding jobs, not losing them. Natural gas production and end use have not only cut air emissions and helped reduce CO2 levels to what they were in the mid ’90s, but it has also created hundreds of thousands of new jobs. Now with the manufacturing industry having easy access to cheap and abundant natural gas, a proud American industry once again has the ability to expand and create more well-paying jobs. The Pennsylvania State Energy Plan estimated that, “by 2020, shale gas development will contribute nearly $14 billion in economic activity to Pennsylvania and generate $5.6 billion in federal, state and local taxes.” With President Obama backing this industry and all the jobs it creates, manufacturing will have the continued opportunity to grow not only here in southwest Pennsylvania, but all across the county. BY FEED: ENERGY IN DEPTH MARCELLUS IN GAS INDUSTRY JANUARY 30, 2014

Issue 0214


Three Rivers Volkswagen

All Southpointe, Racetrack Road, and Washington County Business Association Companies and their Employees will receive: - - - - - -

Exclusive Southpointe Partnership Pricing Pick up and delivery service from Southpointe while you work Shuttle Service Complimentary wash with every service Loaner Vehicles if needed Free PA State Safety Inspection

Example of Southpointe Partnership Pricing 2014 VW Jetta SE W/ Connectivity and Sunroof MSRP: $24475

Three Rivers Discounted Price $23681*Exclusive Southpointe Partnership Price - $22981 with 0.9% financing. Or **$269/month for a 36 month lease

*$22981 price is with financing thru VW credit. ** 36 month lease is plus tax, with first payment and plate fee due at signing. Both are with approved credit

Phone: (855) 732-1601 Service: (855) 732-1602

“Manufacturer’s programs subject to change”.

3694 Washington Road McMurray, PA 15317

Southpointe Magazine


Cruise the Beautiful Three Rivers! There is no better way to showcase your industry’s success than on the clean and bountiful three rivers. A Private Event aboard a magnificent Gateway Clipper riverboat features the beautiful landscape along the riverbanks, wildlife in and along the rivers and, of course, the wonderful hospitality of the Gateway Clipper Fleet. For your next event, show off the three rivers and show your pride in being a valued member of the Western Pennsylvania business community by joining a Pittsburgh Tradition that thrives on the lifeblood of this region – our beautiful three rivers!

Corporate Meetings & Dinners • Cocktail Parties Employee Recognition Outings • Fundraisers Formal Galas

The Gateway Clipper Fleet is a Proud Member of the Southpointe Marcellus Shale Chamber of Commerce.

Contact your Private Event Sales Manager 412.355.7965 •

We aren’t only on the three rivers!

Issue 0214


You Stand on Our Good Name Every Day.

We are proud to support our local community. We provide Carpet Area Rugs Hardwood Laminate Vinyl Ceramic With five locations in greater Pittsburgh, Rusmur Floors invites you to call or visit the location nearest you – or click on today. n




Bridgeville (Main location – 52 years of quality) 500 Station Street 412.221.6366 Hours: M, W, Th 9:00 am - 9:00 pm T, F, Sat 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Closed Sunday Live here? So do we! Moon Murrysville North Hills Whitehall








PA Contractor’s License #1961 PA Contractor’s License #1961

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Business Update

Shale Lease Agreements If any of your clients have signed a Marcellus Shale agreement – or plan to do so in the near future – they may have questions as they begin to manage the complex matters associated with their newfound financial resources. Without question, high on the list is to reevaluate their goals and determine if they prefer to work with an investment professional to build a well diversified investment portfolio that will help them to achieve their financial objectives. The proceeds from a Marcellus Shale transaction may provide them with the flexibility to achieve their current goals earlier than expected, including retirement or a second home. Whatever the goals may be, an investment professional can help them as they work to identify changes to their cash flow needs, invest their funds to meet those needs, address their goals, and manage risk. Landowners may seek to find the proper balance between what can enjoy today – and what they may want to preserve for future financial security. Some examples of things to consider:

• Protection of assets from creditors • Updating retirement and/or education plans • Reducing taxes by using financial planning techniques • Developing trusts, where appropriate, to help preserve wealth for future generations • Managing the ultimate transfer of wealth to beneficiaries At PNC Wealth Management, we have a team of specialists who can work with you and your clients, and assist you in making smart decisions about your clients’ specific financial issues. The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. (“PNC”) uses the name PNC Wealth Management® to provide investment and wealth management, fiduciary services, FDIC-insured banking products and services and lending of funds through its subsidiary, PNC Bank, National Association, which is a Member FDIC, and uses the name PNC Wealth Management® to provide certain fiduciary and agency services through its subsidiary, PNC Delaware Trust Company. PNC does not provide legal, tax or accounting advice. For more information call Joyce Salizzoni at 412-762-7944. “PNC Wealth Management” is a registered trademark of The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. Investments: Not FDIC Insured. No Bank Guarantee. May Lose Value.

Issue 0214



Southpointe Lifestyle • Happy 2014 from Rita Yunker Lifestyle Editor • Dr. Geno Pisciottano: Chiropractic Center at Southpointe • Local Updates • Local Dining Map

Welcome To Our New Life Style Section

Southpointe Magazine


LifeStyle Happy 2014!!! As the New Year begins, I find myself, as we all do, making New Year resolutions that are both personal and business oriented. I shall not bore you with my personal goals, but I shall share with you my number one business goal which is to grow Lifestyles. In my last editorial, I mentioned that this section will be a work in progress. Having been in business all of my life and growing up Rita Yunker Southpointe Telecom with family members that have been business owners, I realize that money Magazine & only stretches so far and that, if you are Lifestyle Editor a smart business owner, you pick your poison. However, in order to thrust this section to the level that I would like to see for our spring issue, I do need your help. Since the third edition of Lifestyle will be our spring issue, I would like to concentrate on fashion and beauty for men and women, arts and entertainment and health and wellness. Of course, education and general business will always be included within the section. That's me to your right - C.J., Carole Hoag of The C. J. Hoag Recruiting Group. I specialize in understanding the recruiting needs of law firms and corporate legal departments to provide the best resources in law firm management and support staffing. I also provide support staffing for all industries. My focus is on the unique needs of each client to match the business culture as well as the skill set. I am the founder and CEO, with a reputation for more than 15 years built on confidentially, trust and personalized service. I am a Pennsylvania Certified Women Owned and Operated Company. I would appreciate the opportunity to provide you with paralegals, legal secretaries, administrative assistants, receptionists, oil/gas abstractors, accountants, office managers, and other support staff on temporary or direct employee hire basis. Carole Hoag The C. J. Hoag Recruiting Group (412)276-3150

We are very fortunate that Pittsburgh is not only a fashion oriented city, but also has much to offer with our excellent and varied performing art programs. In the style of Pittsburgh, we also have those establishments that can teach those various skills that help to channel the talent that is needed. In addition, we are flooded with many outstanding preschool and private educational establishments that many people are not aware exist. Since the chamber’s number one goal is to introduce business owners to other business owners, I would like to let Lifestyles help with that process. Therefore, if any of you have any suggestions concerning businesses or educational institutions that I might contact, have any connections within any of these organizations, or would like to write an article and/or advertise, please reach out to me. I can be reached at or 724-873-7777 Ext.5. Finally, please plan to attend our monthly networking lunch. It will give you an opportunity to say hello not only to me, but also to a room full of smart-minded business owners who also want to grow their business. I can promise you that it will be money well spent. Happy Reading, Rita Yunker

“Successful recruitment requires my personal attention! Whether placing a legal secretary for a law firm or an accountant for a corporation, I match culture as well as skill set.” — Carole Hoag, President

The C. J. Hoag Recruiting Group We take pride in finding the best fit – for your business, your culture, your career. • Professionals • Paralegals • Legal Secretaries • Admin Support

The C. J. Hoag Recruiting Group Specializing in Law Firm and Small to Mid-Size Corporate Placement (412) 276-3150 A Pennsylvania Certified Women Owned and Operated Company

Issue 0214


LifeStyle: Health

“Doc Geno, I’d come see you but my back is good; all I have is a little arthritis.”

This is an all too common conversation I have with colleagues, friends and even family. I’m not quite sure what I find more troubling - that our society has come to accept the pain associated with ‘a little arthritis’ as something not worth addressing or that far too many people think chiropractic care is only for folks with a backache! For over a century, doctors of chiropractic have successfully helped millions ofindividuals recover from spine-related health problems but there is so29 much more to the story… tional Products” The human body possesses a natural ability to restore itself; itand relies on a healthy nervous system to do this. Life’s s is an innovative exciting y basedevents in Pittsburgh, such as auto accidents, injuries, repetitive work, and provides premier, personalized home stress are just some of the factors that can overwhelm h an online store that offers ng items thatbody’s can be custom the ability to adapt. Joints can lock up and result in d or logo. irritation and/or Products Specialist Joe Bass, pressure on the nerves. Chiropractic care stomerassists comes first! work by correcting these structural defects (or theWebody making certain that our customsubluxations), and restoring the body to its optimal form and the best products, and the best function. So, how do I know if I have a subluxation?

motional products is to get your ognized by potential clients. vertising, promotional items n tangible, everyday products. ty and boosts your company’s of the customer,” Joe said. Give Good Promotional

We’re dedicated to serving Southpointe’s financial needs for the long term.

Just give Joe a call at or order online at

Ever since we opened our doors in this community, we’ve made it our business to help people become better investors. How? By listening to you, then talking. By being not only at your side, but on your side. It’s a commitment we make to every person who trusts us with their hard-earned money. Call or visit a branch today. No matter what level of investor you are, we can help you in your financial decision making.

Mike Pruszynski V.P., Financial Consultant McMurray Branch McMurray Branch 1061Waterdam Waterdam Plaza Drive 157 Road, Suite 204 Suite 240 McMurray, PA 15317 McMurray, PA 15317 (724) 942-0740 (724) 942-0740 © 2012 Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. All rights reserved. Member SIPC. CS09601-187 (0506-2300) ADP34769ABOA (05/11)

Unfortunately, you don’t. What you feel is a symptom – pain, tenderness, swelling, tingling, numbness or spasms in the area of the back, neck, hips or extremities. Symptoms, which can be labeled as arthritis, headache, carpal tunnel, sciatica… all respond to chiropractic care. Let’s discuss what is commonly known as arthritis. As we age, many of us start to feel pain in certain joints. A doctor might make the broad diagnosis of arthritis, an inflammation of the joint that causes pain and stiffness. The most common type of arthritis is osteoarthritis, which occurs when the cartilage between the bones in the joint breaks down, causing pain as the bones grind against one another. Other common types of arthritis include rheumatoid, gout, lupus, and scleroderma. Depending on the type and severity of the condition, physical therapy and different combinations of drugs are often prescribed to relieve pain and reduce swelling. Chiropractic care may be helpful in reducing pain and lack of mobility in arthritic patients. Lack of movement reduces the use of the joint and decreases range of motion, which

Continued on page 22


Southpointe Magazine

LifeStyle: Health & Local Updates “Doctor Geno” Continued from page 21 makes the condition worse. Chiropractic adjustments may help to increase mobility in the joints, causing more movement and a reduction in pain, also helping to slow down the progression of the condition. So, the next time you find yourself having just ‘a little arthritis’, before you reach for an over-the-counter pain reliever or anti-inflammatory medication, consider the alternative, chiropractic – a centuries old profession that helps the body heal itself – naturally. Dr. Geno Pisciottano is the owner of The Wellness Chiropractic Center at Southpointe which is located within The Health Club at Southpointe at 1001 Corporate Drive Canonsburg, PA 15317. For more information, please visit our website at or call us at 724.743.4500. Let us help you to Live the Wellness Lifestyle.

Southpointe Chamber-Non Profit Status We are pleased to announce that the “Southpointe Shale Energy Chamber of Commerce” has been assigned a non-profit status from the IRS. “This status will open many doors for the chamber and for members of other non-profit organizations who would like to expand their resources and partner with us.” Stated Don Hodor. “Our next step is the organization of our Board of Directors and detailed mission statement. We are asking for volunteers to help with this important change and direction that we feel will have a major impact on the region as it grows.” The Southpointe Shale Energy Chamber is a member of the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations and will be working closely with the state organization based in Harrisburg. PANO is a community benefit organization for Pennsylvania 501(c)3's.

Update on Southpointe Town Center II

The Southpointe Town Center is on schedule in spite of the severe weather over the past two months. GMH’s plan for the multi-family housing portion of the Southpointe Town Center includes a four-story 376 unit luxury apartment community built on 8.10 acres. The building design will be a continuance of the highly successful Southpointe development and Southpointe Town Center. It will enhance and embrace the natural connection of the live/work/play philosophy that is being established at this key gateway location. The grand entrance to the property will be situated along Main Street and will be an extension of the urban streetscape consisting of high-end retail and quality restaurants. Additional pedestrian entrances will be on all sides of the building. Southpointe Town Center II has plans for Saga Hibachi Steakhouse and Sushi Bar, All Star Sports Bar & Grill, Zoup!, Crazy Mocha Coffee, Yogurt shop, Nail Salon, and more.


Issue 0214


Lifestyle: Local Dining

Call Southpointe Telecom Now!! We solve all your computer, phone, internet, and security issues. STT is a local business located in Southpointe. Call: 724-873-7777


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58 (414 Morganza Road)



e n g e l e m b r o i d e r y. c o m

Find a home you will love with Pittsburgh’s #1 homebuilder


Learn more at


4100 Washington Rd McMurray, PA 15317

#1 Marcellus Supplier!

63 18


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Mother’s Day Brunch

A Taste of Italy

A Wine & Food Festa • April

Easter Brunch

Grillin’ & Swillin’ A Beer & BBQ Event • May


RESERVE YOUR TABLE TODAY. 724.745.5575 ENJOY LUNCH AT THE BISTRO ~ ONLY $13.99 We serve up a quick and tasty dining experience with our all-you-can-enjoy weekday lunch buffet from 11am-2pm, including an extensive and super-fresh salad bar, house-made soups, multiple entrées, assorted sides and specialty desserts. No reservations necessary.

conveniently located 1 mile from southpointe 414 morganza road, canonsburg, pa



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Natural Gas Technology “Chasing the Dream” Continued from page 12

The system works by varying both what catalysts are made The process of making and testing catalysts isn’t completely random—Siluria has the work of earlier chemists to guide it, of—the combinations and ratios of various elements—and their microscopic structure. Siluria was founded based on the and it has developed software that sorts out the most efficient way to screen a wide variety of possibilities. The result is work of Angela Belcher, a professor of biological engineering at MIT who developed viruses that can assemble atoms that what used to take chemists a year Siluria can now do in a of inorganic materials into precise shapes. Siluria uses this couple of days, Scher says. “We’ve made and screened over 50,000 catalysts at last count,” he says. “And I haven’t been and other methods to form nanowires from the materials that make up its catalysts. Sometimes the shape of a nanowire counting in a while.” Nonetheless, some seasoned chemists are skeptical that changes the way the catalyst interacts with gases such as methane—and this can transform a useless combination of Siluria can succeed. Siluria’s process is a version of one that chemists pursued in the 1970s and 1980s known as oxidative elements into an effective one. “How you build up the structure of the catalyst matters as much as its composition,” coupling, which involves reacting methane with oxygen. The problem with this approach is that it’s hard to get the reacsays Erik Scher, Siluria’s vice president of research and deSouthpointe tion Magazine to stop at ethylene and not keep going to make carbon velopment. dioxide and water. “The reaction conditions you need to convert methane to ethylene do at least as good a job, if not better, of converting ethylene into carbon dioxide, which is useless,” says Jay Labinger, a chemist at the Your Success matters. Beckman Institute at Caltech. In the late 1980s, Labinger wrote a paper that warned researchers not to waste The Crowne Plaza their time working on the process. And history seems Pittsburgh South to have borne him out. The process “hasn’t been, and The Crowne Plaza Pittsburgh South is doesn’t appear at all likely to be” an economically viThe Crowne Plaza Pittsburgh is conveniently located across South from the conveniently located across from the South Hills Village Mall, within able one, he says. Yet in spite of the challenging South Hills Village Mall, within walking walking distance to restaurants, upscale chemistry, Siluria says the performance of its distance to restaurants, upscale shopping, light rail shopping, entertainment entertainmentand and light catalysts at its pilot plant have justified building two rail transit system accessing Station transit system accessing Station Square larger demonstration plants—one across San Francisco & Downtown Pittsburgh. &Square Downtown Pittsburgh. Bay in Hayward, California, that will make gasoline, • 179 guest rooms including a and one in Houston that will only make ethylene. • Only 9 variety miles from Southpointe, one great of suites. The plants are designed to prove to investors that the block off of Route 19. • Extensive meeting and banquet • Extensive meeting and banquet technology can work at a commercial scale, and that capabilities the process can be plugged into existing refineries and • capabilities Extended Stay accommodations • Guest Suitessuite and with a offerRooms, a two room chemical plants, keeping down capital costs. The comking sizeStay bed,accommodations a living room with Extended pany hopes to open its first commercial plants within a pull outroom sleeper a offer a two suitesofa withand a king kitchenette. Fully equipped with four years. Siluria can’t tell you exactly how it’s solved size bed, a living room with a pull refrigerator, microwave, stove the problem that stymied chemists for decades—if outtop, sleeper sofa and a kitchenette dishwasher, coffee pot, and indeed it has. Because of the nature of its throw-everyfully equipped all the utensilswith you’llrefrigerator, need. stove Wi-Fi, top, dishwasher, thing-at-the-wall approach, it doesn’t know precisely • microwave, Complimentary Business Center and Fitness Center. coffee pot, and all the utensils you’ll how its new catalyst works. All it knows is that the • need. PJ’s Grille & Bar serves breakfast, process appears to work. lunch and dinner with • Complimentary Wi-Fi,along Business The hope for finding more valuable uses for natural extended in Center. PJ’s Lounge. Center and hours Fitness gas—and making natural gas a large-scale alternative Outdoor andserves Patio Bar open • • PJ’s Grillepool & Bar breakfast, during summer to oil—doesn’t rest on Siluria alone. The abundance of lunch and dinner along with extended hours in PJ’s Lounge. cheap natural gas has fueled a number of startups with other approaches. Given the challenges that such efforts The Crowne Plaza Pittsburgh South have faced, there’s good reason to be skeptical that they 164 Fort Couch Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15241 will succeed, says David Victor, director of the Laborawww. tory on International Law and Regulation at the Uniphone:412-833-5300 versity of California at San Diego. But should some of them break through, he says, “that would be seismic.” CrownPlazaSouth.indd 1 1/4/13 10:45 AM

Issue 0214 Issue 0214

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ST Mary’s Mary’s ST Fish Fry Fry 2014 2014 Fish Beginning Ash Wednesday, March 5th Every Friday during Lent thru Good Friday Open 11am until 7:30 pm.

Maine Lobster Rolls These Babies are Authentic in Every Way! The Real Deal!

Lump Maryland Crab Cakes •Lump MarylandBlue Blue Crab Cakes Homemade weekly - Heart Healthy and Very Good!

•Sea Scallops •Baked Salmon •Baked Fish Sea•Maine Scallops •Fried Fish Lobster Rolls Premium Wild-Caught, Simply Pan Seared

Baked Salmon Six ounces, Norwegian, Baked to Order

Baked Fish Arctic Cod Baked with Butter & Lemon Finished with Italian Bread Crumbs

Fried Fish Atlantic Cod Hand Breaded in Seasoned Panko and Deep Fried in Heart Healthy tri-fry oil!

ST MARY’S FISH FRY ROCKS! 10 St. Mary’s Lane, Cecil, PA 15321

For complete menu & more information on our quality products visit us on the web Download and send your order or email your order to On event days call 412-221-9771

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Business Update

Energy Contractor Expands in Pittsburgh Ref-Chem, L.P., an Odessa, Texas-based company with offices in downtown Pittsburgh, is seeking additional space to accommodate a planned expansion here, a company official said Wednesday. The industrial contractor came to Pennsylvania to tap into the Marcellus and Utica Shale drilling and began ramping up its local operation in 2012. “Many of our existing clients, including upstream and midstream companies, have operations in Pennsylvania and neighboring states,” said Billy Hinton, Ref-Chem’s manager of business development. “We have been assisting clients in Pennsylvania for some time now. Adding this office demonstrates our desire to remain quickly and easily accessible to our clients,” Hinton added. Last June, Ref-Chem began leasing office space in Pittsburgh’s Gulf Tower. At the same time, their chairman, Harvey Page, announced the completion of a three-story, 40,000 square foot office in Houston, Texas. The Houston office combines three of Ref-Chem’s previous locations into one large complex, bringing together Ref-Chem’s engineering and construction groups. Expanding operations into Pennsylvania and following the

upswing in construction activity is typical for the privatelyowned firm, which is active in most of the major shale plays across the country. Company-wide, Ref-Chem employs more than 1,000 workers in its three offices and will continue to recruit locally as the Pittsburgh office shifts into a larger space. Miles Smith, a vice president with CBRE’s Pittsburgh office, is assisting Ref-Chem with a property search to accommodate the company’s equipment storage needs, fabrication, and other support services. Physically expanding is a sign of the growing need for experienced industrial companies in the local shale market as well as the company’s sales volume, which has more than doubled since 2010. “The increasing demand for EPC and specialty contractors in this region as well as natural gas infrastructure being in the genesis of development have made this a great market for us,” said Bruce Stewart, NE Area Manager of Ref-Chem. Stewart added, “We look forward to serving new and current customers with even greater resources and personnel during 2014.”


call for details and the minimums 412-258-5944 adno=SP179267

Printed & Delivered by

(412) 243-4215

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Featuring the freshest seafood in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. Only 10 minutes from Southpointe

Open for din ner Mon-Sat 6 o 4 t i r F at 4pm Mon : ess s n l i a s i u c b pe e

Bar w a R rat ur s • o o p h r o y c pp • Ha act us for t • Con es lunch

Starting April 14th Lunch and Dinner Will be 7 Days a Week Call us 412-914-8013

Young or old, early or late, everyone can vacation at Rumfish Grille Buy one entree, get half off 2nd entree of equal or less value. Good thru April 30th 2014



Bring this ad in to receive promotion. Not valid Fri & Sat after 4pm.)

1155 Washington Pike Bridgeville, Pa 15017

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Identifying The Most Cost-Effective Produced & Flowback Water Disposal Options In The Utica & Marcellus

15% OFF



March 26-27, 2014 | Canonsburg | Pennsylvania Identifying Cost-Effective Strategies For Produced Water Disposal & Reuse In The Utica & Marcellus:

Examining Innovations In Disposal Options, Treatment Technologies & Centralized Storage & Recycling Facilities To Drive Down Costs Of Disposal & Maximize The Percentage Of Water Reused Expert Insight From 20+ Industry Major E&P Operators And Regulatory Authorities

What’s New This Year? • TREATMENT FOR DISPOSAL: Examining The Cost-Effectiveness Of Different Treatment Methods To Remove Salts From Produced Water For Safe Discharge Into Streams

Rick McCurdy

• INNOVATIVE DISPOSAL OPTIONS: Evaluating Evaporation, Public Treatment Facilities And Other Innovative Disposal Methods As An Economically Viable Alternative To Disposal Wells


• OPERATOR COLLABORATION: Assessing The Feasibility Of Building Centralized Treatment And Storage Facilities To Reduce The Transportation, Storage And Recycling Costs

2014 Focus Areas:

Manager - Chemicals & Water Reclamation

George Stark Director External Affairs

Cabot Oil & Gas

Tommy Wilkerson Water & Drilling Waste Manager US

Carrizo Oil & Gas

• WATER TREATMENT TECHNOLOGIES: Examining Electrocoagulation, Chemical Treatments And On-Site Treatment Technologies To Determine The Most Cost-Effective Method • WATER STORAGE: Comparing The Construction And Maintenance Costs Of Storing Water In Tanks Vs. Above And Below Ground Pits To Determine The Cheapest And Safest Option • REGULATIONS: Examining Latest Sourcing, Storage, Disposal And Reuse Regulations In Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York And West Virginia To Ensure Compliance In Operations

Rob Hilliard Regulatory Manager

Burnett Oil Co.

Dave Spigelmyer President

Marcellus Shale Coalition Jim Schmidt Water Management Engineer

Talisman Energy USA Official Partner:

Silver Sponsors:

Steve Tipton Completions Engineer

Newfield Co-Sponsors:

Organized By:

Jeremy V. Manno

M Follow us @UnconventOilGas

Infrastructure Design Coordinator Marcellus & Utica

Carrizo Oil & Gas Visit Website To Register Or Contact: (1) 800 721 3915 Or

*Terms & conditions apply, discount applies to new registrations only.

• ALTERNATIVE WATER SOURCING: Evaluating The Potential Of Using And As A Water Source To Determine It As A Cost-Effective Method Of Minimizing Fresh Water Sourcing

Issue 0214

The Official Security Company of the February 2014 Trade Show


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Goodbye To A Friend:

It is with great sorrow that we announce the death of Dale Risker’s father (Chester J. Risker, age 92) who died peacefully with family at his side. Dale has been our chamber president for 4 years and board member for 20 years. Pictured is Dale with his father receiving a military award from Congressman Tim Murphy at a special event held by the chamber to honor WWII veterans. Chester J. Risker (May 21, 1921 - January 21, 2014), 92, of Elizabeth Twp., died Tuesday, January 21, 2014. He was born May 21, 1921 in West Newton and was the son of the late George and Laura Curry Risker. He was husband of the late Ethel L. Maurer Risker, who died August 14, 2007. He was a retired Motor Inspector and Electrician for the former US Steel National Tube Works. He was a member of F & AM Blythe Lodge 593 in West Newton, Elizabeth VFW, South Pointe Marcellus Shale Chamber of Commerce, and the Honda Gold Wing Club. (He rode his motorcycle till he was 85 years old). Chester was a WWII Veteran, inducted into the Air Force as an airplane mechanic and then was transfered to the Army during the Battle of the Bulge. He received numerous medals including the Good Conduct Medal, the European African Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with 2 Bronze stars, the WWII Victory

Medal, the Army of Occupation Medal and the American Campaign Medal. He was the first of three generations of licensed airplane pilots, which includes his son, Dale and grandson, Cody He is survived by his sons, Chester G. "Butch" (Vicki) Risker of Fort Lauderdale, FL, and Dale W. (Deborah) Risker of Joffre, grandchildren, Scott Risker of Forward Twp, Chad Risker of Cedar Key, FL, Blake Risker of West Chester and Cody Risker of Olmsted Falls, OH, great-grandsons, Joshua, Trey and Colton, sister-in-law,Daryl Risker of West Newton, and nieces and nephews. He was preceded indeath by sisters, Betty Belser, Joan Messner and Gladys Kane and a brother, Norman Risker. Condolences may be made at

Issue 0214


Chamber Board and Staff

Chamber Board and Staff Members

Don Hodor Southpointe Chamber Founder, Executive Director, Telecommunications Engineer and Owner of Southpointe Telecom

Dale Risker President of Southpointe Chamber, Owner/Operator of World Wide Technical Services, Franchisor of Shake ‘n Twist stores

Victor Cabiles is our Social Media and Membership Director.

Jim McDonald President of Monaloh Basin Engineers, a Pittsburgh-based Civil Engineering firm

Lou Gadani Local Canonsburg Businessman, Distributor for Vernon Sales Marketing and Promotional Products

Bill Gardner Senior Business Systems Consultant with Amcom/ Xerox

Joyce Salizzoni Banking Advisor PNC Wealth Management

Bill Griffin On Site Technician for Southpointe Telecom & Staff Photographer

STAFF MEMBER Mike George is our Director of Technology. Mike handles everything from video production to magazine design and layout, network and computer repair.

STAFF MEMBER Terry Caldwell Director of Business Development and Magazine Publications

STAFF MEMBER Brad Herman is our new Videographer and Video Editor

Ellie Nesser California University of Pennsylvania, Southpointe Campus

Karl Skrypak Vice President and General Counsel, HyitaTech Consulting, LLC

Nancy Wood Southpointe Telecom Marketing Agent

Rita Yunker Southpointe Telecom Magazine & Lifestyle Editor