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CHARATERS: You (The reader) Your friend Taxi driver Zombie Mommy Dracula Dracula´s daughter

TIME: Night SETTING: A castle in Transylvania

PLOT: You were invited by a friend to stay over at his home in Transylvania to celebrate Halloween day so you decide to travel from Holland to Transylvania in Halloween Saturday night. When you go out of the airport you could see a castle in the distance and a path, so you start thinking which one was better: A) to walk towards the castle B) to walk through the path.

A) You decide to walk towards the castle and on the way you find a nice but mysterious girl who lead you to the castle. While you walk with the girl along the path you stare at her and find out that she has sharp teeth and their make her look like a vampire so that frightened you so you decide to: C) Run away the girl and start looking for a safe place D) Being brave and continue walking with the girl up to the castle. B) While you walks through the path you feel very scared as you hear spooky noises in the darkness suddenly you stumbled over a big rock as you try to stand up you feel the presence of a tall and smelly person and while you try to stand up and turn to see the person´s face you hear the sound of a car´s engine so you start thinking what was better to do if: E) Leave all your staff and run away to try to caught up the car F) Or turn and ask the smelly man for your friend´s address C) While you are trying to escape from the eerie girl´s company you see two caves each one in each side of the road so you start thinking that they are perfect places to hide from the girl G) Go inside the cave located in the right side of the path H) Go inside the cave located in the left side of the path. D) While you walk along the path, you start finding the vampire girl very interesting and intelligent. These aspects make you feel attracted. As a result of that feeling you suggest her I) Stop walking and drink a bottle of champagne that you have in your bag as a gesture of gratitude for her kindness J) Continue walking up to the castle to meet your friend. E) As you are scared, you don´t care about your belongings. You leave all your stuff and start running behind the car. You run like for 5 minutes yelling to the driver to stop! For your surprise the car stop and the back door opened and as soon as you go in you realize that the car is a taxi and the driver is a normal human being like you so that give relief to your heart. So you tell the driver all the spooky experiences you have lived while walking towards the castle. Then the Taxi driver warns you about the danger that surround that area and advice you better to go out of the place and call your friend from the airport. You better decided to follow his advice. When you call your friend from the airport, He tells you that he had made a mistake when writing the address then he apologizes and asks you about your welfare because the area where you were was known as the DRACULA´S LAND. After apologizing he promises to pick you up in the airport. THE END!

F) You turn and ask the smelly man for your friend´s address then the smelly man indicates with his hand to follow him, you don´t find it dangerous so you decide to follow him. However, The dawn was coming and you realized that he looks like a zombie and that you have no escape because he is almost your double size and if you try to escape he will caught you and eat you up, so you follow him in silence while thinking a way of escaping from him but you can´t do anything because the Zombie indicates you to go inside of a house then you go inside with your heart beating so fast. Inside of the house you see scary people and more zombies that surrounding you and pretend to eat you up so you start thinking that it is your end. You close your eyes and from the back of the room you hear a familiar voice that says WELCOME TO MY HOME MY DEAR FRIEND, YOU ARRIVE A LITTLE BIT LATE FOR THE HALLOWEEN PARTY. THE END! G) While you are running away from the vampire girl you see a cave located in the right side of the path so you decide to go inside but for your surprise on the floor it is resting a white silhouette that looks like a mommy as a result of that you start scramming and wakes it up. The mommy gets angry and as quick as you can run away he approaches you and hangs you up up to your death. THE END! H) While you are running away from the vampire girl you see a cave located in the left side of the path so you decide to go inside. Once you are there you see a maze which you follow, after 5 minutes of walking through the maze you see a door that lead you to the big castle you have seen from the airport, You open the door and go in. While you observe everything you feel a freezing hand on your shoulder then you turn and see a tall man, he say to you “Might I invite you to drink a glass of red wine”. You don´t have another choice so you accept it and after few minutes you start to feel dizzy and you drop dead. THE END! I)

As you feel very attracted by the girl, you suggest to stop walking and drink a bottle of champagne that you have in your bag as a gesture of gratitude for her kindness, she accept it and you both start drinking up to the drunkenness as a result of it. You start kissing her and you ask her if she wants to get married with you and her reply to your marriage proposed was positive. THE END!

J) As you really enjoy the vampire girl´s company you continue walking with her up to the castle. After a while, you reach the castle and for your surprise she introduces you as her boyfriend in front of all the members of her family. For that reason, you start to feel nervous because you don’t know if they are going to accept you. THE END!

Hyperstory outline laura beltran  
Hyperstory outline laura beltran