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SOUTH MOUNTAIN CHRISTIAN CAMP Winter/Spring 2008 Volume 8, Issue 1

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Construction has begun on another new lodge. Read the details in Camp News on page 2.

Camp Scholarship Notes: • 600 children will come to camp this summer. • 500 campers will ask for financial assistance. • Many will accept Christ for the first time, and others will rededicate their lives! • For just $140 you can give a child the opportunity to encounter Jesus Christ! Details on page 3

Captain’s Corner

Captain O.A. Fish, Retired Eastern Airlines Camp Founder/President

Scholarships “...Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them for of such is the kingdom of God.” Luke 18:16 NKJ It’s been about 40 years since God used this verse to launch the vision that is now South Mountain Christian Camp. This summer marks our 34th year of operation. Our focus to reach children who need God’s loving touch has never varied. It has been our experience over the years that about 80% of the children God brings to us need financial help in order to attend. In all these years, we’ve never turned away a child because they could not pay. We book every bed by faith and give God the glory for His faithfulness in meeting our needs. Of course, God does this by touching the hearts of people who faithfully support us. This does not mean that we don’t face time of discouragement and disappointments. For example, this past year we have had a number of big items stolen from the camp. Last fall we had a zero-turn, six-foot deck mower taken from our barn. Not long after that, a golf cart and chain saw were stolen from the basement of our office building. The golf cart battery died before the thief got too far, and so it was later recovered, but the chain saw was not. Then just before Christmas, the golf cart was stolen again. This time it must have been hauled away on a truck or trailer. Also taken were the cart battery charger and a large air compressor. While the responding police officer was filling out his necessary forms, he kept saying, “You guys sure do a good thing here.” After he had repeated this same thing several times, I said, “Yeah, over the 33 years we have been here, we’ve been able to touch thousands of young lives.” Then he gave me a big smile and said, “I know; I was one of those lucky kids.” With a humbled heart, I thanked God for helping me see that it is people, not things which are really important in life. The officer didn't say so, but I got the feeling he said “lucky kid” because if someone hadn’t cared enough to give, he might not have been able to come.

Summer Camp Forecast

Steve Collins Program Director

Continued on page 2

When I first considered the idea of doing a pirate theme this summer, I was hesitant. After all, pirates are drunkards, murderers, and thieves, right? What good could we possibly learn from them. But over a period of several weeks, God spoke to my heart about the need for passion among His people. We believe in God, but are we passionate about Him? This led me back to the pirates. If there’s any redeeming quality in pirates, it’s that they were passionate. They pursued treasure with their whole being, even if it cost them their lives. This year’s theme is called “Treasure Quest” and it’s based on the Matthew 13:44 parable about a man who gave up everything he had in order to gain a hidden treasure which is the Kingdom of Heaven. We’ll be having lots of fun with this theme. We’ll be wearing eye patches and saying words like “Ahoy” and “Arrgh!” Well have skits, puppets, and object lessons all tied in to this pirate theme. We’re even planning a real, live treasure hunt on the Camp grounds. But the important thing is, we’ll be teaching the kids that God’s Kingdom is a treasure which should be pursued above all else. We don’t want kids to just know about God, we want them to treasure Him.

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Camp News

Ten Most Wanted

Construction has begun on a new lodge. Modeled after the recently–completed Pritchard Lodge, it will include 28 beds and indoor bath facilities. We hope to have it ready in time for Fall retreats.

Following is a list of the top ten items needed by SMCC . These are in addition to our month-to-month expenses. Study the list and prayerfully consider contributing to any of these items.

You can support South Mountain every time you make a purchase at Bi-Lo. Read Charlotte’s Web for more details.

Our annual Appreciation Banquet and Open House is coming up on May 3rd. We would love to see you there. Your personal invitation is inserted with this newsletter.

Summer Camp applications are now available on our website. Visit for more information on downloading an application. Summer Staff employment applications are also available for any young men or women (18 or older) who would like to be Cabin Directors

Jo’s Tidbits


Tractor (40 horsepower minimum).


Twelve-foot mowing deck.


Electric golf cart(s) (to reduce traffic on Camp).


Heavy-duty basketball goal for gym.


Heavy-duty volleyball standards for gym.


150 plastic stackable chairs for cafeteria.


Chain saw.


10 sets of vertical window blinds for office building.


Commercial 2 or 3-door refrigerator for cafeteria

10. Volunteers needed for cafeteria, office, cleaning, etc.

Jo Hoselton Office Manager



•1 SWIMMING POOL •2 HANDFULS OF GAMES •100 + BUSHELS OF LOVE •3 PINCHES OF SILLYNESS •1 BIG GOD THAT BRINGS IT ALL TOGETHER Directions: Mix kids and cabin directors together till well blended and cabins are full. Add the cafeteria staff and feed everyone some good food. Then add all other ingredients and mix well to make a great week of camp.

Captain’s Corner (continued from page 1) Another disappointment this past summer was that of the nearly 500 needy campers we served, we only had scholarships to cover the cost of about 300 of them. This mainly happened as the result of losing the support of a charitable fund that is now closed. Also, a number of our long-time supporters have passed away, and others who have retired no longer have the means to give. We praise God though, that by tightening our belts and letting some maintenance items go undone, we still ended 2007 with all bills paid and free of debt. I’m sharing my heart with you so you will know that my greatest burden for 2008 is that we have enough scholarships to cover every needy camper who wishes to attend. Over the years we have been able to keep our camper fees the lowest

of any camp in our area. One reason we could do this is because, working with so many disadvantaged youth, we were entitled to certain commodities and milk subsistence. Much of this is no longer available to us. Also, inflation has hit us just like everyone else. As a result, we’ve had to increase our scholarship fee from $135 to $140 this year. Still with the excellent program we offer our campers, this is the lowest fee I know of anywhere. Thanks for letting me share with you, and may you be blessed in 2008!

Special Gifts received 9/2/07-3/15/07 IN MEMORY OF... • Ted Harrington by Mr & Mrs Ray Moseley • Jim Heffner by Louella Hefner • Elizabeth Sumner by Mr & Mrs Ed Hill • Ruth Miner by Kenneth Sabin • Whitey Lowery by Hazel Loswery • Paul & Bonnie Danforth by Mr & Mrs Carter Thornbury • William Yarbrough by Carrol Yarbrough • Ted Harrington by Mr & Mrs James Reep • Enika and Adam by Mr & Mrs Dennis Crowder • Doug Way & Family by JM Desantis • Bradley Woodard by JM Desantis • Samantha Hines by JM Desantis

Camper Scholarship Response If you are interested in providing a full or partial scholarship for a child to attend camp this year, please complete this form and return.

Name Address


IN HONOR OF… • Mr & Mrs Bill Debrule by Barbara Shuford • Mike Deck by Mr & Mrs Kevin Moody • Willie Podesta Young by Suzanne Rogert • Harry & Jo Hoselton by Mr & Mrs Paul Baynard • Pat Herron & Janice Thompson by Vivian Sitton • Lib Godfrey by Mary Costner • Joe & Lib Godfrey by Barbara Shuford • Mr & Mrs David Sloan by Barbara Shuford

Please check appropriate boxes: I want to provide _____ scholarship(s) at $140 each I want to provide a partial scholarship of $________ I am enclosing full payment of $________ I am enclosing $_________ now; balance to be paid later I will send entire payment of $_________ later Cut along dotted line to return this portion to office

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte Fish Executive Director

I have a hodge-podge of items I would like to mention to you all in this newsletter so here goes. 1-We are all busy in the office getting ready for the coming summer camp season. Steve is busy working on the program and interviewing for summer staff. Jen is taking reservations (believe it or not for Fall) retreats, Jo is busy with summer camper applications, and preparing banquet invitations. Roger is getting the grounds ready. OA is working with the men that are putting new roofs on some of our cabins that started to leak a few months ago (see photo), and he’s supervising the building of our 3rd lodge which is much-needed for retreats groups. 2- We still have our Royal Doll collection of all the States. Each doll is in its original box with a stand, flag, and a scroll giving a little history of the state. We would like to sell it as a unit. If you are interested or need more information just call the office. 3- We have made application to Bi-Lo to join their “boosterplus” rewards program. If you purchase from Bi-Lo they will give the camp 1% of your purchase back to the camp. There is no cost to you at all. All you

will have to do one time is show them our number when you use your discount card and from then on it will be automatic. If you’re interested in helping us in this way, call the office and we will get the information to you, or send us an e-mail. 4– If you support United Way through your workplace, you can designate your contribution to go to South Mountain Christian Camp even if you do not live in Rutherford County. All funds we receive from United Way go to pay for camper scholarships. Contact our office if you would like more details. 5- We would love to have your e-mail address if you would call the office or send it in to us. This is an easy way for us to bring you up to date on a regular basis. It saves a great deal on postage.

Workers repair and replace the roof on several of the cabins.

6- I want to thank all of you who knew I had surgery for praying for me. I have done exceptionally well. Back to driving as of Friday and working about ¾ of the day now. Still am not to lift anything over 10 lbs for the next 4 weeks but I can live with that as long as the family and staff can. God has really blessed and I know it was through you all praying.


South Mountain Christian Camp 1129 South Mountain Road PO Box 9 Bostic, NC 28018-0009

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Bostic, NC 28018 Permit No. 2

Website: Phone: (828) 245-3322 Fax: (828) 245-1659 Email:

Making a child at a time


Steve’s Story

Steve Collins Program Director

“Hello darlin’, how are you?” Jen was puzzled when she answered the office phone and heard this voice on the other end. The voice sounded like it belonged to an elderly woman who knew Jen personally, but she couldn’t match the voice to anyone she knew. As the conversation continued, the woman introduced herself. She lived in the Raleigh area and had been looking online for a summer camp to which she could send her grandchildren. She had become increasingly discouraged as she saw prices that ranged from $300 to $600 per child for a single week of camp. She prayed earnestly that God would help her to find a good Christian Camp that she could afford. When she found our website, she almost couldn’t believe what she was seeing. At just $140 per child, she would be able to send all four of her grandsons! She immediately began praising God for answering her prayer. That’s when she called Jen. She was so excited, she talked to Jen like they were best friends. Jen verified for her that the price on our website was indeed accurate and that it was for an entire week. Jen explained how she could print camp applications from our website. The grandmother rejoiced and thanked her so much for providing camp at such an affordable cost.

I have to admit, that story really helped me regain some perspective. I spend a good amount of time networking with other camp directors, sharing ideas with each other, and offering suggestions. When I see that they are charging $300 or more for a week of camp, sometimes I wonder if we should be charging more. But when I hear stories like this grandmother, I realize that South Mountain is fulfilling a special calling. We are reaching out to kids who otherwise would not be able to go to camp anywhere. The truth is, summer camp changes lives. Studies have been conducted by Christian Camp and Conference Association and American Camping Association which show that the spiritual impact of camp is dramatic, not just in the shortterm, but in the long-term as well. So an investment in a week of camp is an investment in a child’s life. Beyond the studies, I’ve personally seen this impact played out in the lives of campers like Jason. Jason first came to our Camp as a child. He was saved at camp and came back every year growing in the Lord. Eventually he became a JC, and this year he will be one of our Cabin Directors. Now he’ll be impacting the lives of other kids this summer, multiplying the effect that Camp played in his life so many years ago.

The Mountain Star, 8.1  

Biannual newsletter of South Mountain Christian Camp in Bostic, NC.

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