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SOUTH MOUNTAIN CHRISTIAN CAMP Winter/Spring 2007 Volume 7, Issue 1

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The Pritchard Lodge is finished! Read the details in Camp News on page 2.

Camp Scholarship Notes: • 700 children will come to camp this summer. • 600 campers will ask for financial assistance. • Many will accept Christ for the first time, and others will catch a new fire! • For just $135 you can give a child the opportunity to encounter Jesus Christ! Details on page 3

Captain’s Corner

Captain O.A. Fish, Retired Eastern Airlines Camp Founder/President

And the Lord said, “Who then is that faithful and wise servant, whom his master will make ruler over the household…” Luke 12:42 NKJV Since God first trusted Charlotte and me with the vision of South Mountain Christian Camp (1972), we have strived to be faithful to the task. We have been witness to untold miracles and seen thousands of lives touched with God’s love during this time. Many of you have stood with us as faithful partners over the years. Truth is, we are getting older. All too often I am saddened to have to remove names from our list of supporters who have gone on to be with the Lord. No one wants to see this ministry continue on for future generations more than Charlotte and me. We have a very supportive board and a staff who share this vision with us. Don’t worry, the two of us have no plans of retiring any time soon. We will be here as long as God enables us to be involved, but we feel it is time to make wise plans to help secure the financial future of the ministry. A few of you have indicated that you want to include SMCC in your estate planning— others may be interested. To help you and us with this planning, a good friend and faithful supporter, a member of my Thursday morning Bible study group, and one who shares our vision for the ministry has stepped forward and offered his services. As a means of introduction, I have asked Kirk Wilkerson to write the following article: The Planners Perspective Social Capital is a term many people have not heard of. Quite simply, it is the capital assets we use for social advancement. When we give to organizations like South Mountain Christian Camp (SMCC), we are investing not only in God’s Kingdom but also in the social betterment of Continued on page 2

Summer Camp Forecast

Steve Collins Program Director

One of the problems with the English language is that sometimes it’s just not very descriptive. We use the same word “love” to describe our relationship with God and our relationship with our dog. In Greek writings, there are many words for love, but the word agape was used very sparingly before the New Testament because it carried little meaning. But when Jesus came teaching about the love of God, He used this word. Paul later gave a clear description of what agape love was really like (1 Cor. 13), and the meaning of true agape was forever changed. I want our campers to understand the difference between human love and agape love. Paul wrote to the Ephesians, “May you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep His love really is. May you experience the love of Christ, though it is so great you will never fully understand it.” Understanding God’s love is a journey, and so this summer’s theme will be called “Agape Road Trip.” Our goal is to give campers a better understanding of the true nature of God’s love. We’ll use games, videos, stories, skits and object lessons to present it in a way they can enjoy and understand. And I’m convinced that once they get a glimpse of His love, their lives will be changed.

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Camp News

Ten Most Wanted

Construction still continues on the new staff house. This building is finally closed in, but there is still plenty to do before it will be finished.

In our last newsletter, our Ten Most Wanted list asked for an air compressor and a chain saw. Special thanks to Wayne Litaker for meeting this need.

Following is a list of the top ten items needed by SMCC . These are in addition to our month-to-month expenses. Study the list and prayerfully consider contributing to any of these items.

Also in our last Ten Most Wanted was the need for new flags for our office. A special gift of an American Flag which had flown over the U.S. Capitol was received in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Donald Shoemaker. The new Pritchard Lodge is finished and ready for Spring retreats! This new facility was funded to a large degree by Gail Searcy Ward , and is named in memory of her son Morris Pritchard. It was built in just a few months with the financial support and volunteer labor of the Grace Emmaus Community. Pritchard Lodge features 28 beds, in-house bath facilities, and central heat and air-conditioning.

Pritchard Lodge.


Staff House (funds, materials, and volunteers).


Tractor (40 horsepower minimum).


Twelve-foot mowing deck.


Electric golf cart(s) (to help reduce traffic on Camp).


Heavy-duty basketball goal for gym.


Commercial 2 or 3-door refrigerator for cafeteria..


150 plastic stackable chairs for cafeteria.


Commercial-grade planer.


10 sets of vertical window blinds for office building.

10. Volunteers needed for cafeteria, office, cleaning, and grounds-keeping.

Jo’s Tidbits

Jo Hoselton Office Manager

The end of 2006 and the beginning of 2007 has brought new challenges for those of us at South Mountain Christian Camp. With Steve‘s broken leg in a cast, his seriously cut finger and smashed thumb, Jen’s injured eye and Roger’s two broken ribs, not to mention Charlotte’s broken shoulder in a sling. Oh Lord, not one more thing. O. A. has been running around with the energy of a young pup as he watches our new Pritchard Lodge go up. As I reflect on all that has happened I am thankful that ALL things work together for good to those that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.

Captain’s Corner (continued from page 1) our society. Investment of social capital is investment in improving our society. And what a blessing! Unfortunately, many organizations like SMCC have a tendency to see those investments dwindle as benefactors age and go home to be with the Lord. For many non-profits, their every existence can be put in jeopardy unless the responsible use of His resources is considered. As a financial planning and investment advisory firm, Covenant Advisory Group exists for one reason—to help people glorify God through responsible stewardship. Believing all things are His, we strive to educate and assist clients enact stewardship plans for the long-term advancement of God’s

Kingdom. As a fellow supporter of SMCC, I believe we must consider not only the present needs, but also the needs of generations to come. God has called us to ensure that His Word will continue to be presented at places like SMCC, for when we do that, lives continue to change. With that in mind, we want to make ourselves available to each and every supporter of SMCC to answer any questions and serve in whatever way possible. Faithfully serving, Kirk Wilkerson President, Covenant Advisory Group (828) 245-7242

Special Gifts received 9/9/06-3/17/07 IN MEMORY OF... • Elizabeth Sumner by Lucille Gast • Elizabeth Sumner by Judith Walker • Elizabeth Sumner by Elsie Frazier • Reggie Weary Family by Joyce Desantis • Sue Reeves by John Clower • Paul & Bonnie Danforth by Mr. & Mrs. Carter Thornsbury • Bill Yarbrough by Carrol Yarbrough • Leah Griffins by Joyce Desantis • Martha by Mr. & Mrs. Roy Long • Thomas Davis by Martha Davis • Jim Hefner by Louella Heffner • Ralph Nichols by Home Depot Inc. • Ola Mae Lingerfelt by Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Wilson • Charles M. Hunt by Mr. & Mrs. George Tilton • Mr. Hardin by Joyce Desantis • Estelle Aldridge by Lillian Warren IN HONOR OF… • Bill & Martha Debrule by Barbara Shuford • Joe & Lib Godfrey by Barbara Shuford • Harry & Jo Hoselton by Mr. & Mrs. Paul Baynard • Carolyn Horton by Nancy Jones • Art & Jane Herron by Joan Butler • Pat Herron & Sue Hardin by Vivian Sitton

Charlotte’s Web

Camper Scholarship Response If you are interested in providing a full or partial scholarship for a child to attend camp this year, please complete this form and return.

Name Address


Please check appropriate boxes: I want to provide _____ scholarship(s) at $135 each I want to provide a partial scholarship of $________ I am enclosing full payment of $________ I am enclosing $_________ now; balance to be paid later I will send entire payment of $_________ later Cut along dotted line to return this portion to office

Charlotte Fish Executive Director

I am going to deviate from my normal type of column and tell you a story that happened on Dec 17, 2006 to me. For many years now our family has adopted a large family (because we are a large family) from the homeless shelter for Christmas items. These items are brought to my home and I deliver them. On the evening of the 17th some of the grandchildren were at the house and I saw this as an opportunity to let them load the car. I went to the garage to move the car to the front of the house. As it was evening, I turned on the garage light to see how to get to the car but immediately turned it off so I would not have to come back in the same direction. As I walked to the car in the dark I tripped over a Christmas box and fell into one of the steel posts that support the house. The pain was excruciating! After a few minutes I was able to get my cell phone from my pocket and call upstairs to tell OA to come down. I kept getting sick to my stomach and trying to pass out so it was off to the hospital where they confirmed I had broken my shoulder. In a day or so while having my prayer time I was asking God what did I need to learn from this. Almost immediately

the answer came. “Stay in the Light” I began to ponder this over a few days. If I had left the light on, I would have seen the box and been able to avoid it. It is the same with God. We need to stay in His light (the word). When we do, we will not fall, get hurt and have to recover from dumb mistakes and disobedience. Check out 1 John 1:5, John 8:12, 11 Cor. 4:6 , Luke 2: 28-32 and there are others, but these are the ones that spoke to me the most. Healing and therapy is taking time but I know that God is in this also. REMEMBER STAY IN THE LIGHT!!

SPECIAL NEED We’ve gotten a lot of use out of our swimming pool over the years, and it continues to be a favorite activity for almost all of our campers. But in order to keep operating the pool, we must do preventive maintenance from time to time. Right now we are in urgent need of replacing the finish on the pool. The work can be done for about $20,000. If we don’t get this done soon, the water could begin to seep behind the pool which would result in much greater cost to repair the damage. Please pray that God would help us meet this need.

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Bostic, NC 28018 Permit No. 2

South Mountain Christian Camp 1129 South Mountain Road PO Box 9 Bostic, NC 28018-0009

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Making a child at a time

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Steve’s Story

Steve Collins Program Director

Sweat, blood, and tears. These are not things that we enjoy experiencing. We’d rather have relaxation, comfort, and peace. Unfortunately that’s not always the way life goes. It reminds me of a time when Matt Kramer, my Assistant Director for several years, was talking with a rebellious camper. She told Matt that she always did things her own way and always got what she wanted. Without missing a beat, Matt looked at her and said, “Well, welcome to Earth!” It would be nice to live in a world where everything was perfect and everyone was happy. But if that’s what you’re looking for, you may be on the wrong planet. We live in a fallen world. We don’t like to think about death, abuse, violent crime, and war. But not thinking about them doesn’t make them less real. I’m reminded of this every time a camper begins to open up and share the pain that they’ve experienced in their lives. Their homes are not just broken, they’re shredded to pieces. I’ve talked with campers who

never knew their father because he’s in prison

slept outside on the street to avoid a drunken parent

called 911 when their mother overdosed on drugs for the fourth time

have been abused their entire lives and now live in a group home

witnessed the murder of a family member and now endure nightmares every night

Every time I hear their stories and see their tears, I wish I could pull out a magic wand and make all the pain go away. But then I remember something better. I remember how big my God really is. And I remember how much He loves us. Then I tell them. And when the love of God reaches their hearts it permeates their souls and they are filled with peace, hope, and joy. I can’t take their pain away. I can’t change their circumstances. But I know Someone who can, and I want them to meet Him. That’s what the ministry of South Mountain Christian Camp is all about: giving children the opportunity to meet Jesus. Once they’ve had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ, they are changed forever. If you’d like to give a child this experience, prayerfully consider sponsoring a camper through our scholarship program. See page 3 for details.

The Mountain Star, 7.1  
The Mountain Star, 7.1  

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