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SOUTH MOUNTAIN CHRISTIAN CAMP Winter/Spring 2006 Volume 6, Issue 2

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Before you have that yard sale, consider making a donation to SMCC! Check our 10 most wanted items on page 2.

Camp Scholarship Notes: • 700 children will come to camp this summer. • 600 campers will ask for financial assistance. • Many will accept Christ for the first time, and others will catch a new fire! • For just $130 you can give a child the opportunity to encounter Jesus Christ! Details on page 3

Captain’s Corner

Captain O.A. Fish, Retired Eastern Airlines Camp Founder/President

2006 is shaping up to be a very eventful year. On March 7, I turned 72, and I might add the old body is in pretty good shape. Of course the real me, my spirit man, will be forever young. On July 25th Charlotte and I will celebrate our 50th “Golden” Anniversary – still in love, and still partners in the ministry. This will be our 32nd year of operation here at South Mountain. I look back with “no regrets”. Through the camp we have been privileged to touch thousands of young lives with God’s Love. I will never grow tired of seeing the glow on their faces when a camper encounters Jesus for the first time, or of attending Friday morning baptisms where through the years we have witnessed over 2000 smiling faces coming up out of the water. One morning last year I was really taken back when a little girl came up to me smiling and said, “My grandmother got baptized here when she was a little girl.” It’s been a joy to have watched many of our young campers grow up and respond to God’s call into their own special ministry. The thing that touches Charlotte and I the most in this ministry is the faithful army of friends and partners who have stood with us over the years. More than seventy percent of the campers who have attended would not have been able to do so if it were not for the financial help of this army. We have never once had to say “no” to a camper who needed a scholarship to come. Each year we book every available bunk by faith, and God has honored that faith. This year we are having to reach a little deeper into this well of faith. We missed out on a grant that last year (Continued on page 2)

Summer Camp Forecast

Steve Collins Program Director

In C.S. Lewis’ collection of tales called The Chronicles of Narnia, the author creates a fantasy world in which common children play a key role in overcoming evil and restoring freedom and justice. These stories contain countless allegories of the Christian faith that have connected with millions of people throughout the world. Inspired by these books and the recent movie release, I have decided to name this summer’s theme “The Chronicles of Neuma.” Neuma is the Greek word used in the New Testament for “spirit.” While the theme will be based on The Chronicles of Narnia, the teaching will all be based on the Biblical concept of the spirit. In 2 Corinthians 4:18, Paul urges Christians to “look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal.” God wants us to learn that there is much more to this life that what can be seen with our physical eyes, and we are much more than just a physical body. We are spiritual beings, and in our spirit we have direct communion with God. This will be the basis for our summer theme.

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Camp News

Ten Most Wanted

Construction continues on our new staff house. This building is nearly closed in and we hope to have it ready for Steve and Jen to move in by this summer.

We’re also in the planning process for building a new cottage. The Grace Emmaus community is working with us to see this project through to completion.

Following is a list of the top ten items needed by SMCC . These are in addition to our month-to-month expenses. Study the list and prayerfully consider contributing to any of these items.

In our last newsletter, our Ten Most Wanted list asked for a full-size pickup truck. Special thanks to Herb Eplee who donated a 1997 Chevy. Thanks to Elaine Copeland who donated a lightweight table saw. Pray with us that we will also be able to acquire a heavy-duty table saw for larger projects.

Jo’s Tidbits

Jo Hoselton Office Manager

In the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth, He also created Christian camping, and He said that it was good. Now the Christian camps were void of all life, so He created mosquitoes, snakes, raccoons and all sorts of insects and wildlife, and He said that it was good. One day God was walking on the camp, admiring His creation when the mosquitoes came to Him. They had formed a committee and they were complaining that they did not have enough food.


Staff House (funds, materials, and volunteers).


Tractor (40 horsepower minimum).


Twelve-foot mowing deck.


New performance puppets for chapel programs.


Sports equipment for summer camp.


Commercial cooler for cafeteria.


150 plastic stackable chairs for cafeteria.


Commercial-grade planer.


Heavy-duty table saw.

10. Volunteers needed for arts & crafts, cafeteria, office, cleaning, and grounds-keeping.

God listened to their complaints, and at that instant, God spoke an d there were children of all ages. The mosquitoes were jumping up and down for joy. God said that it was not good for children to be alone. So He created men and women with tireless bodies, supernatural energy, and a quick, accurate mind that could multi-task, and He called them Camp Staff. And God said that it was very good. And that, my friends, was the very beginning of Christian camping.

Captain’s Corner (continued from page 1) sponsored 100 campers. Charlotte and I have beat ourselves up because it was our fault that we did not get the application in on time. We really feel bad about it, but at the same time we keep reminding ourselves that God is our source. Somehow He will again supply our need for 2006. Sponsoring a camper is a very good investment. One friend who did so was thrilled when she picked up the little boy she had sponsored and he told how he had accepted Jesus into his life. Later she called me for advice as to whether or not she should call the boy’s mother and offer to take him to church with her the next Sunday. I suggested that she pray and ask God for favor before she made the call. In just a little while she called me back, her voice was beaming as she told me that the mother said no to her offer, but added that because the family had seen such a change in the boy

that the whole family had decided to go with him to church. Maybe you would like to become a sponsor. Or maybe you could share our need with your Sunday-School class, or other social group that you might belong too. An UNCAsheville bible study group (these were kids without much money) had a jar that they would throw their loose change in when they came to bible study. They taped a sign to the jar that read “Change to Change a Life”. A little girl from Houston, TX held a yard sale to raise money to sponsor a child. I could share many other such stories that have touched me deeply over the years– stories that express God’s love so beautifully. Thanks God for letting Charlotte and I be a part of Your Love Story here at South Mountain Christian Camp

Special Gifts received 11/1/05-3/15/06 IN MEMORY OF... • Debbie Lee by Jean McGee • Doris Odenwaldt by Carol Odenwaldt • Sam Bolling by Mr. & Mrs. James Morrah • Sam Bolling by Mr. & Mrs. A.J. Rose • Paul & Bonnie Danforth by Mr. & Mrs. Carter Thornsbury • Jerry Jenkins by Mr. & Mrs. Walter Miller • Sam Bolling by Mr. & Mrs. Adam Jessie • Sam Bolling by Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Krueger • Sam Bolling by Mr. & Mrs. George Benton • Sam Bolling by Mr. & Mrs. Roger Hager • Sam Bolling by Mary Benton • Sam Bolling by Assisted Living of Newport • Clyde Graham & Albert Way by Joyce Desantis • Jerry Jenkins by Nancy Jones • Ted Hammond by Carol Odenwaldt • Jeff Hefner by Louella Hefner • Martha Crick by Joyce Desantis • Verda Scoggins by Sara Ledbetter • Bill Yarbough by Carrol Yarbrough • Son of James Dinsmor by Willie Young • William J. Ruane Houseing by Willie Young • Betty Cobb by Mr. Wayne Cobb IN HONOR OF… • Bill & Martha Debrule by Barbara Shuford • Joe & Lib Godfrey by Barbara Shuford • Harry & Jo Hoselton by Mr. & Mrs. Paul Baynard • Mr. & Mrs. J. Tolliver Davis by Nancy Jones • Ralph Fay Nichols by Mr. & Mrs. Russell Hamilton

Camper Scholarship Response If you are interested in providing a full or partial scholarship for a child to attend camp this year, please complete this form and return.

Name Address


Please check appropriate boxes: I want to provide _____ scholarship(s) at $130 each I want to provide a partial scholarship of $________ I am enclosing full payment of $________ I am enclosing $_________ now; balance to be paid later I will send entire payment of $_________ later Cut along dotted line to return this portion to office

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte Fish Executive Director

I have two things on my heart as we are preparing for the summer camp season of 2006: 1) The staff has just returned from our annual Christian Camping Conference. This year it was held at Ridgecrest in Black Mountain. When it is so close it is good for as many of the staff to go that can. It is great for us to get with others who are in camping and exchange ideas for 2 days. We began each day with early morning prayer and a bible study before breakfast. Breakfast was followed with a number of great classes. Some of them were “Developing Creative Camp Themes,” “Employment Law Overview,” “Ins and Outs of Food Service Ordering,” “Effective and Legal Interviewing,” “Dining Services Styles and Food Trends,” “Recreation Programming,” “Employee Handbooks: Do You Need One?” We had a total of 25 classes we could choose from. We also had a chance to tour the facilities of Ridgecrest and see how they operate. All the teachers of the class’ are professionals in their own fields. In the evening we had a great husband and wife team that led us in praise and worship. Then our guest speaker chal-

lenged us to live an authentic Christian life. We ended each evening with a time to visit and share our camping experiences and learn from each other. 2) We came away energized to start the new camping season but we need help. Following is a list of some specific areas in which you might be able to fill a need. Please prayerfully consider if you might be able to help out in any of these areas. a) We need SPONSORS to help the children be able to come to Camp. b) We need physical help, cleaning, painting/repairs, mowing grass, weed-eating, and other odd jobs. c) We need people in the office to help with phone calls, filing, checking applications and greeting people as they come to visit. d) We need help in the cafeteria to serve the children and to help with clean-up for all 3 meals. DO YOU HAVE SOME TIME YOU WOULD LIKE TO DONATE? PLEASE GIVE THE OFFICE A CALL AND LETS SEE WHAT WE CAN WORK OUT.

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Bostic, NC 28018 Permit No. 2

South Mountain Christian Camp 1129 South Mountain Road PO Box 9 Bostic, NC 28018-0009

Phone: (828) 245-3322 Fax: (828) 245-1659 Email:

Making a child at a time

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Steve’s Story

Steve Collins Program Director

Most of you are aware that the focus of South Mountain Christian Camp is to reach out to economically disadvantaged children. Our firm policy has always been that no child will be denied the opportunity to attend camp for lack of funds. If they cannot pay, we still allow them to come and simply trust God to provide for the expenses incurred. Recently I was visiting the campus of Columbia International University with the goal of recruiting some quality summer staff members. As I exited the interstate onto the road which led to the school, the Holy Spirit impressed on my heart to look around at the community. I was astonished to see how run-down and poverty-stricken the area seemed to be. My heart went out to the inhabitants of that neighborhood, and I wondered if the students at CIU were at all involved in ministering to these people. Shortly after arriving on campus, I met a local pastor, and CIU doctoral student, named Reggie Flynn. Pastor Reggie wore a black shirt and clerical collar with denim overalls. My first impression was that he wore the uniform of a servant. As he began to speak, my second impression was that he served out of an abundance of joy. The brightness of his smile was surpassed only by the exuberance of his voice.

Pastor Reggie shared about a ministry he had started shortly after moving to Columbia. It is called “The Nehemiah Project” and is focused on rebuilding the dilapidated neighborhoods through which I had passed on my drive earlier that morning. Just as Nehemiah felt a burden for the people of Jerusalem, Pastor Reggie feels a burden for the people of his community. It is that same burden which drives us here at South Mountain. We are committed to reaching out to those children who are so often overlooked by society. We are able to minister to nearly 700 campers a year, but about 80% of them are unable to pay their camp fees.

Pastor Reggie Flynn Founder of The Nehemiah Project

Many times I have been asked by other camp directors how we can afford to offer camp scholarships to so many children. It’s then that I proudly tell them about you, our faithful supporters. Because of the generosity of people like you, South Mountain Christian Camp continues to operate debt-free. When you provide a scholarship for a needy child, you are making an investment in that child’s life. And these children who are overlooked by so many people in our society have the opportunity to experience summer camp, and more importantly to experience Jesus Christ himself.

The Mountain Star, 6.1  

Biannual newsletter of South Mountain Christian Camp in Bostic, NC.

The Mountain Star, 6.1  

Biannual newsletter of South Mountain Christian Camp in Bostic, NC.