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SOUTH MOUNTAIN CHRISTIAN CAMP Winter 2002 Volume 2, Issue 2

The Mountain Star Inside this issue:

Captain’s Corner

Captain O.A. Fish, Retired Eastern Airlines Camp Founder/President

Ten Most Wanted


Camp News


An Adventure to Wholeness

Double Blessings!


"Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely: and may your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ!" (1 Thessalonians 5:23 NKJ)

Calendar of Events


Charlotte’s Web


Steve’s Story


SNEAK PREVIEW of floor plan for new staff housing and retreat cabins— Charlotte’s Web, p. 3.

Camp Scholarship Notes: • 700 children will come to camp this summer. • 600 campers will ask for financial assistance. • Many will accept Christ for the first time, and others will catch a new fire! • For just $125 you can give a child the opportunity to encounter Jesus Christ! Details on page 3

About three years ago I got a wake-up call concerning my physical health. I found myself going downhill fast: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sugar high, low energy and overweight. I kept praying for God to heal me. Then He hit me with this sobering thought: He would strengthen me spiritually in my inward man, but it was up to me to take care of the outward man. By my heavenly Father's grace and encouragement on June 9, 1999 I started on what's called the Hallelujah Acres diet—a strictly vegetarian diet consisting mostly of carrot juice, barley green, and raw fruits and vegetables. The improvement to my health has been nothing short of a miracle. But more recently, God has been revealing to me a teaching on taking care of the whole person: spirit, soul and body. Steve, our Program Director, has been helping me put it on a computer-generated PowerPoint® presentation. Charlotte and I first shared the teaching at a couples retreat. Since then I have been sharing it with individuals, Bible study groups, and churches. We have all been amazed at the revelation it is bringing people concerning their personal ongoing relationship with their heavenly Father. It is this close intimate relationship with the Father that ultimately leads to wholeness—spirit, soul and body. (Continued on page 2)

Summer Camp Forecast

Steve Collins Program Director

I am very excited about our plans for this year’s summer camp. Our theme this summer will be based on 1 Corinthians 9:25—”All who take part in the games train hard. They do it to get a crown that will not last. But we do it to get a crown that will last forever.” The name we’ve given to this Olympic Games-based theme is “The T.O.R.C.H.” which stands for Training Ourselves to Reach the Crown of Heaven. As the name implies, we will be using this theme to teach campers to train hard—not for worldly things that will not last but for the things of God which are eternal. We hope to instill in them a desire to experience “life more abundantly” that can only be achieved through Jesus Christ and a willingness to press on to acquire the treasure that is the Kingdom of God. Summer Camp operates for 7 one-week sessions in June and July. If you know a child age 7-15 who you feel could benefit from our program, contact the office for a summer camp brochure. If you’d like to provide a scholarship for a child to come, see page 3 for more information.

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Camp News

Ten Most Wanted

Following is a list of the top ten items needed by SMCC . These are in addition to our month-to-month expenses. Study the list and prayerfully consider contributing to any of these items.

Are you employed by a company that has a “matching fund” plan? These are companies (such as Bell South) that will match any amount you give to non-profit organizations such as SMCC. Find out if your employer has such a program. Amazingly, after all these years, O.A.’s book Fingerprints of God is still being requested. We are getting responses from new people, and he is mailing out books almost every day. The book is available exclusively at South Mountain Christian Camp. Donations are appreciated, but not required. If you have read the book and know of someone who would be blessed by it, just let us know. We will be happy to send a personalized copy. The camp office number is 828-245-3322.


Administration building.


Housing for Program Director and family.


2 new computers for office


Commercial gas range for cafeteria.


Sports Equipment for Summer Camp.


Digital camera.


14 circular tables (to seat 8) w/chairs for cafeteria.


300 stackable chairs for Joy Center.


15 passenger van.

10. Volunteers!

Double Blessings! In the last issue of The Mountain Star, our “Ten Most Wanted” list included some items you won’t see on the list in this issue. God gave us double blessings on two items and we like to offer our deepest appreciation to these contributors. Woodmen of the World Camp 925 in Ellenboro, NC donated a beautiful set of American and Christian flags for our chapel room. Shortly thereafter, Woodmen of the World

Captain’s Corner (continued from page 1) This teaching is also expanding our vision for South Mountain Christian Camp. As we see much of the world around us falling into what I call "spiritual bankruptcy," we feel God is giving us many answers and a deep desire to help people come into the kind of wholeness as described in the 1 Thessalonians (4:23) verse I began with. Our focus over the years has been reaching out with God's love to minister to disadvantaged young people. This will still be our main focus, but God is directing us to now upgrade our facilities to minister to hurting adults as well. We hope to accomplish this by scheduling year-round marriage retreats, family retreats, singles retreats, and men’s and women’s retreats. To do so will require an upgrading of our housing facilities to accommodate a more private setting. At the present, except for our Glory Land Cabin, all we have to offer is dorm space.

Camp 403 in Forest City, NC donated an identical set of flags for us to use for our Dewey Fern Chapel! Our request for a laptop computer was answered within just a few weeks when the Bustards and the McEntires both gave laptops to the camp. This has been instrumental in enabling Steve to build a PowerPoint® presentation that OA can carry with him as he takes his teaching, “An Adventure to Wholeness” to more and more people eager to hear this dynamic message. What a blessing these tools have been!

To get started we will need the prayers and support of all our good friends and partners. South Mountain Christian Camp was founded on miracles, and we trust the same God who has never let us down to continue to be our guide and provider. We thank Him from the bottom of our hearts for inspiring so many of you to come on board to partner with us in this ministry. I want to close by borrowing a benediction from the writer of Hebrews (13:20-21) "Now may the God of peace who brought up our Lord Jesus from the dead. ..make you complete in every good work to do His will, working in you what is well pleasing in His sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen. P. S. For information about the Hallelujah Acres diet you may contact them at (704) 481-1700 or write to PO Box 2388, Shelby, NC 28151 or visit their web site at

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Camper Scholarship Response If you are interested in providing a full or partial scholarship for a child to attend camp this year, please complete this form and return.

Calendar of Events • Mondays—Weekly Bible Study led by Captain Fish in the Joy Center starting at 7:30 pm. All are invited • March 11-13—Christian Camping International Sectional Conference in Oak Island, NC.


• April 1—Banquet invitations are mailed out.


• April 19-20—JC Training Weekend. Training of Junior Cabin Directors for the upcoming summer. • May 4—Annual Open House and Banquet. A free appreciation banquet for all our supporters and friends.


• May 10—Summer Camper applications are mailed out. • June 2-7—Summer Staff Training.

Please check appropriate boxes: I want to provide _____ scholarship(s) at $125 each I want to provide a partial scholarship of $________ I am enclosing full payment of $________ I am enclosing $_________ now; balance to be paid later I will send entire payment of $_________ later Cut along dotted line to return this portion to office

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte Fish Executive Director

Last year we showed you the proposed plans for our new administration building. We are very excited about this project. We are praying that the Lord will guide us as we seek the funds to construct this building and make the final plans. We have already received some funds earmarked “Administration Building” so we are on our way. Now, we would like to show you the tentative plans for housing for Steve Collins, our Program Director, and his family. We have already received some funds for this project as well. As you can see, this will be a log cabin similar to (but larger than) the Glory Land Cabin. As O.A. mentioned in Captain’s Corner, eventually we would like to upgrade our facilities to include several structures like this one so that we can minister to hurting adults. This would make it possible to schedule year-round retreats for adults and families and impart to them this new teaching on wholeness.

NOTE: If you would like to schedule O.A. to share this new teaching with your church or small group Bible study, call the camp office at 828-245-3322.

• June 9-July 26—Summer Camps (in one-week sessions) • August 30-September 1—Annual Gospel Sing on Labor Day weekend. • September 7—Mountain Star Newsletter is mailed out.

Keep this section posted so you don’t forget these important dates

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Bostic, NC 28018 Permit No. 2

South Mountain Christian Camp 1129 South Mountain Road PO Box 9 Bostic, NC 28018-0009

Phone: (828) 245-3322 Fax: (828) 245-1659 Email:

Making a child at a time

We’re on the Web!


Steve’s Story

Steve Collins Program Director

I’ve Got Good News! Imagine for a moment that you have been given a different life. You now find yourself to be a 12-year-old boy living with your mother and grandma along with your two younger cousins and 20-year old uncle. You all live in a small 2 bedroom house. All the kids sleep in the living room. You wake up every morning at 6 am so you can be out of the house before your uncle gets home from work (he doesn’t like kids). You wait for the bus for almost an hour because you left the house so early, and when you get on the bus you wonder if you’re the only one who didn’t get any breakfast. At school your teacher says you’re “hopeless” because you failed another test. She asks why you don’t get your parents to help you study, but she doesn’t understand that you’re the only one in your house that really knows how to read (except for your uncle, but you’re scared to ask him). As you walk home, your mind is filled with doubt in yourself, fear of the future, and shame from the past. You wonder why your life has to be so hard. You wonder if God is really there. And if He is, why doesn’t He help you? Then you remember what that Sunday School teacher said when you went to

church last Easter—”Every time you do something wrong, you crucify Jesus all over again.” “No wonder God hates me,” you think to yourself. Suddenly a friend approaches and tells you about a camp that he went to last summer. He tells you about all the great things he did and the fun he had all week long. The food was great, the staff was nice, and the pool...POOL?! Did he say pool? Oh, wow! You can’t wait to tell your mom about it! Maybe she will let you go if it doesn’t cost too much. But then your friend tells you the best part of all—they’ll let you come even if your parents don’t have enough money! This is the best news you’ve heard in a long time, but the greatest news is still to come. When you arrive at South Mountain Christian Camp, you will hear the best news you’ve ever heard in your entire life. You will hear that God loves you, that He wants to adopt you as a child into His family, and that Jesus died to make you free. You will be set free from sin, free from fear, free from sorrow and shame, and free from condemnation! You will leave changed from the inside out, and you will never be the same again. And when you get home, the first words you’ll say to your family will be, “I’ve got Good News!”

The Mountain Star, 2.1  

Biannual newsletter of South Mountain Christian Camp in Bostic, NC.

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