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SOUTH MOUNTAIN CHRISTIAN CAMP Winter 2001 Volume 1, Issue 2

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Captain O.A. Fish, Retired Eastern Airlines Camp Founder/President

IT’S THE CHILDREN! For seven weeks each summer the children are my passion. They are the passion of every staff member here at South Mountain Christian Camp. In the off season, we let church groups and other Christian organizations use the beautiful facilities God has provided for us, but for that seven-week period, we yield ourselves to God for the purpose of ministering love and hope to nearly seven hundred special children. “Where do they come from?” I’m often asked. My usual answer is that most of them are “disadvantaged” and cannot afford to pay to come to camp. Some are from group homes, some are from foster care, others are referred by Social Services, Mental Health, youth workers, and other caring adults. Almost always there are far more children than we have space to accommodate, and having to say “no” to those children is the saddest part of our job. But what I really would like to say is (using my airline vernacular), “they are often the offspring of a sector of our society that is rudderless and spinning out of control. In this society, drugs and alcohol addiction are rampant, illicit sexual affairs are common, and families are torn apart. It seems that the adults (or so-called adults) of this society are flying without a compass, without a purpose or destination in mind.”

SNEAK PREVIEW of floor plan for new administration building— Charlotte’s Web, p. 3.

Camp Scholarship Notes:

The innocent victims are the “offspring”—most of them come into this world unwanted and unloved, and they oftentimes have to live in squalor. The most important aspect of this scenario though is that God loves these children, and He is looking for willing hands and yielded hearts

Summer Camp Forecast

Steve Collins Program Director

• 600 campers will ask for financial assistance.

I am very excited about our plans for this year’s summer camp. Our theme this summer will be “The ROCK”, and our key verse comes from Isaiah 26:4—”Trust in the LORD always, for the LORD GOD is the eternal Rock.” The Bible is filled with rock metaphors which illustrate both the Kingdom of God and King Jesus himself. Every cabin devotional and every chapel service I have written for this summer is based on this “ROCK” theme.

• Many will accept Christ for the first time, and others will catch a new fire!

This summer’s program will include a number of new games and activities along with some familiar favorites. One exciting new addition is our indoor climbing wall which we expect to be one of our most popular camp activities.

• For just $125 you can give a child the opportunity to encounter Jesus Christ!

I am also excited to again have a good number of returning Cabin Directors from previous summers. This makes for a well-trained, experienced team of ministers. However, there are still several positions to fill. If you know someone who would be interested in serving as a Cabin Director here this summer, contact the office for an application packet.

• 700 children will come to camp this summer.

Details on page 3

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Camp News

Ten Most Wanted

HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT We have joined this on-line purchasing website. When you shop through, you may designate SMCC to receive a percentage of your purchase price. These donations are made by companies with whom you deal without any additional cost to you. Check it out!

Following is a list of the top ten items needed by SMCC . These are in addition to our month-to-month expenses. Study the list and prayerfully consider contributing to any of these items.


Administration building.


Housing for Program Director and family.

Are you employed by a company that has a “matching fund” plan? These are companies (such as Bell South) that will match any amount you give to non-profit organizations such as SMCC. Find out if your employer has such a program.


305 or 350 engine for 1974-1985 Chevy Suburban

Have you seen our website at You can get information about all Camp programs or how to get a copy of Fingerprints of God.


Small truck or jeep.


300 stackable chairs for Joy Center.


14 circular tables (to seat 8) w/chairs for cafeteria.


Commercial gas range for cafeteria.


Video projector or large-screen TV for chapel.


Digital camera.

10. Larger volunteer staff.

Voice of the Volunteer A GOOD RIGHT HAND A “good right hand” is described as someone who stands ready to assist a leader to achieve the goal or complete the task. We have many good right hands here at SMCC—but we need more. Tasks are as varied as editing The Mountain Star to cleaning the bathhouses. Some jobs are year round, others are only in the summer. The “year-rounds” include folding and stuffing envelopes (for mass mailings), grounds keeping, trail maintenance, and yearly rehabilitation of facilities (painting, roofing, elec-

trical, plumbing). Since SMCC is open year round, we can also use volunteers on such activities as high and low ropes course and our new indoor climbing wall. Summer jobs include cafeteria help, grass cutting, office work such as filing and answering phones, trips to town to pick up supplies and driving the bus. The writer has been volunteering in the office for eight years. It has been a joy to come to the Camp on a regular basis. I have been blessed more than I can say. JRH

Captain’s Corner (continued from page 1) through which He can touch them with His love. That is why SMCC exists. That is why Charlotte and I dedicate ourselves full time to this cause. That’s why many of you give, and that is why God miraculously pulls together a committed staff, summer after summer, to touch these children with His love. Of course not all children who come to Camp are from this type of background. Some come from poor but loving homes—the parents just cannot afford to pay. Then there are some who

can afford to pay some, if not all, the needed funds to send their children to camp. They want their children to experience the fun and wonderful spirit that fills this place each summer. Make sure you read “Steve’s Story” on page 4 to get a feel of what I’m trying to convey. We love and appreciate all of you who stand with us through prayer, giving, and volunteering your time to help us. May God’s love keep you, and may your life be filled with purpose and meaning!

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Camper Scholarship Response If you are interested in providing a full or partial scholarship for a child to attend camp this year, please complete this form and return.

Calendar of Events • Mondays—Weekly Bible Study led by Captain Fish in the Joy Center starting at 7:30 pm. All are invited • March 12-14—Christian Camping International Sectional Meeting in Asheboro, NC.


• April 2—Banquet invitations are mailed out.


• April 20-21—JC Training Weekend. Training of Junior Cabin Directors for the upcoming summer. • May 5—Annual Open House and Banquet. A free appreciation banquet for all our supporters and friends.


• May 11—Summer Camper applications are mailed out. • June 3-8—Summer Staff Training.

Please check appropriate boxes: I want to provide _____ scholarship(s) at $125 each I want to provide a partial scholarship of $________ I am enclosing full payment of $________ I am enclosing $_________ now; balance to be paid later I will send entire payment of $_________ later Cut along dotted line to return this portion to office

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte Fish Executive Director

THE UPPER ROOM Plans are falling into place for our new administration building. As you can see from the architect’s rendering of the first floor, we will have enough space to accommodate our staff (both permanent and volunteer) as well as our visitors. There will also be a break room for the staff. A full basement (to be finished later) will contain a conference room, large work area, prayer chapel and plenty of storage space. We are just as excited about our plans for the conversion of the present office space which is located on the second floor of the Joy Center. The left side will include an arts and crafts center. This will remove the campers from the game room (and flying ping pong balls) and provide an air conditioned area while they are concentrating on being creative. The right side of the present office space will be called “The Upper Room.” This will be a special place for the Cabin Directors—a training center for summer staff, conference area for Program Director, as well as a much needed break room for Cabin Directors. Most importantly, it will also provide a private prayer area for staff for spiritual renewal and guidance. Please prayerfully consider sharing in seeing this dream come true. Special contributions for this project should be marked “Administration Building.”

• June 10-July 27—Summer Camps (in one-week sessions) • June 29—Midsummer Camp Report • August 31-September 2—Annual Gospel Sing on Labor Day weekend. • September 7—Mountain Star Newsletter is mailed out.

Keep this section posted so you don’t forget these important dates

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Bostic, NC 28018 Permit No. 2

South Mountain Christian Camp 1129 South Mountain Road PO Box 9 Bostic, NC 28018-0009

Phone: (828) 245-3322 Fax: (828) 245-1659 Email:

Making a child at a time

We’re on the Web!


Steve’s Story

Steve Collins Program Director

You Can Make a Difference!

Shawna* was an 8-year-old camper from last summer who lived alone with her hard-working mom. She left camp 5 days later, still 8 years old, still living alone with mom, but forever changed on the inside because she had received the salvation of Jesus Christ.

When Cody arrived he was carrying an armful of medications he had to take 4 times a day. He was also carrying a lot of emotional baggage. Before the week was over, he had surrendered it to Christ.

Jessica was a foster child recommended to SMCC by the Department of Social Services. She was on medication twice a day to control her temper, but God touched her at camp. She was saved and baptized that week.

Keith is another foster child under legal custody of DSS. At 8 years old he was already struggling with academics and was barely able to squeeze in a week of camp around summer school. During that week, though, Keith gave his life to Jesus.

Michael was described by his Cabin Director as a “giggler.” At 7 years old, he found almost everything amusing. By the end of the week, Michael discovered the joy of the Lord when he received the gift of salvation

What can God do with $125? Consider the following:

Peter was recommended to the Camp by Mental Health. He struggled on a daily basis with speech problems. He rededicated his life to Christ here, and his Cabin Director reported great improvement in behavior, communication, and self-esteem by the week’s end. Angela came to camp from another singlemom family. She was 12 years old and hungering for something real. She found Jesus and was saved and baptized at camp.

*names of campers have been changed.

All of these campers have two things in common: (1) None of them could afford to come to camp, and (2) all of these campers were able to come to camp because private individuals just like you provided scholarships for them. Can God use $125 to change the life of a child? You bet. Can God use you to make that difference? That’s up to you. Check page 3 to find out how you can be a part of SMCC’s scholarship program.

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The Mountain Star, 1.1  

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