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Sandhill View Academy Parent Survey 2016 - 2017

Sandhill View Academy, Grindon Lane, Sunderland.

T: 0191 594 9992


Introduction We are very happy to say that every indicator of school performance shows Sandhill View is a school undergoing rapid improvement. This makes us happy, but we are never satisfied because we know we can always get better. An important part of this is to listen to your views, not only on what we do well, but also on where you want to see improvements. This leaflet feeds back your views from a survey which took place in November 2016. Our plan is to consult regularly so that we can measure our progress over time.

Mr. Richard Carr Head of School

The Survey A total of 141 surveys were completed. This represents almost one in five of parents – so it is useful but we know that one of the things we need to do is increase the number of parents who complete the survey‌

Overall you thought that… The school’s performance rated a score of 78% which is the same as the previous survey (February 2016). We’re disappointed with this as we feel that the school has improved significantly, even in the short time between the surveys. Fortunately, you recognise that improvement and 84% of you said that the school has improved in the last year whilst almost nine out of ten said that they would recommend the school to other parents. Most pleasing of all, 30% of new Year 7 parents said that the school was even better than they expected whilst only 4% said that they were disappointed.

You told us you were most happy with...

Parent Effectiveness Rating (%)

Levels of homework


School communication


School security


Developing potential


School facilities


Teaching students with special needs


Encouraging student activity in the local community


Regular marking of work


Information on different types of bullying


Encouraging and listening to students’ views


Explaining to parents how to help their child


Ensuring students do their best/make good progress


Celebrating and rewarding achievement


Treating all students fairly/equally


You told us that it was important that we have happy pupils and caring teachers who deal with any bullying very quickly. So we have… • Extended the early morning registration to give teachers more time to get to know pupils and identify and deal with any problems. • Improved break and lunchtime supervision with more staff and clearly defined areas where pupils are monitored. • Provided a more pleasant school environment through a programme of refurbishment and redecoration which is already underway. • Provided pupils with pleasant home ‘lounges’ where they can relax with friends with a staff presence. The Year 11 lounge is already in place and we plan to add more… • Improving the standard of school food through a complete review under new catering leadership. • Worked hard on an anti-bullying strategy which includes a range of events focused on a anti-bullying week. • Developed a wide-ranging ‘Activities Week’ which allows pupils to pursue their own interest and develop relationships with staff beyond the classroom. • Appointed a new Student Health and Wellbeing Mentor to provide support and guidance to all pupils. • Identified further improvement by listening to pupils at a new half-term pupil panel and through the views of our elected Head Boy and Head Girl.

“My child started the school in September 2016. The first impression has been excellent on all accounts, and I am very impressed with the communication, between home and school, which is very important to me as a parent. Excellent start.” Parent

You told us you wanted good teaching in a range of subjects which help your child in later life and career. So we have… • Ensured that pupils are offered a choice of those subjects which carry most weight with employers, apprenticeships and colleges through an annual review of our curriculum offer. • Provided personalised advice to all students undertaking options choices. • Appointed an Academy Careers Education Information, Advice and Guidance Coordinator who is working with Connexions to deliver advice to pupils further down the school age range. • Appointed a new SENDCO to make sure children with special needs make good progress. • Appointed a new STEM (Science, Technology, English and Maths) Coordinator to promote these important subjects and the career opportunities they offer. • Appointed a More Able coordinator to ensure that the most able pupils are recognised and supported in making progress. • Introduced a new Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) programme studied by every student every morning to look after the student’s broader needs as developing adults. • Instituted a sustained training programme for all staff which takes place every Wednesday afternoon with focus placed upon Teaching and Learning.

“I do appreciate the extra tutor/focus groups as this would have otherwise proved expensive for us to do it ourselves. My child has benefitted from these. I do like the contact between myself and school, the texts keep me “in the loop”.


You told us you wanted better communication with the school. So we have… • Started regular questionnaires and feedback to parents and pupils. • Produced our Sandhill Soundbites newspaper at regular intervals along with the fortnightly Headteacher’s Blog. • Collected as many email and mobile phone contact details as we mean so as to contact you directly. • Started revised ‘Review Days’ for parents and pupils which have achieved much improved attendance. • Let me stress that we want your details so that we can be in touch so please send them in.

“The SEN department has always been good, however, it is now outstanding, all of the staff are supportive but the new SENCO really does make things happen.”


Some other things you said... “My daughter is in Year 7 and so far enjoying herself. I am looking forward to her first parents’ evening.” Parent

“I like the attitude of the school. Teachers are down to earth and very approachable and friendly. There are many opportunities for my child to learn new things in class and enrichment. Overall it is a good school.”


“Good school, with choices.”


“I am really pleased with my child’s progress especially within areas of learning she has exceeded in, she has a great circle of friends and fantastic relationships with teachers. She loves coming to school and feels very happy and safe to be there.”


Sandhill View Academy Grindon Lane, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear. SR3 4EN T: 0191 594 9992 F: 0191 522 7650 E:

Sandhill View Parent Survey Booklet 2017  

Analysing the feedback from our 2016/2017 parent's survey questionnaire.

Sandhill View Parent Survey Booklet 2017  

Analysing the feedback from our 2016/2017 parent's survey questionnaire.