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Sandhill Soundbites I S SU E 5 S P RIN G 2017 E DIT ION


Full Steam Ahead into 2017! It’s a very rare thing when you can review a year and say with confidence that everything is looking very encouraging. This is one of those rare occasions. We spent our final few days of term on a very successful activity week with pupils pursuing their interests inside and outside school. Their enjoyment was our reward, but more than that, their excellent behaviour attracted many positive comments from the public.

Mr. Carr Head of School

This is important because our ability to enjoy being together

As you would expect, rising achievement has been accompanied

facts would seem to bear me out with all key indicators of school

also in the rising numbers who are earning rewards. We are

whilst impressing others represents a key symptom of a successful school. This could just be wishful thinking on my part, but the

performance on a significantly rising trajectory. Over the last two

years GCSE results have risen from 28% to 46%. We know our pupils, we know their current levels of achievement and we know

that this trend will continue. I can confidently assert that this year’s results will not only be better than last year, they will be the very best results that Sandhill has ever achieved.

Other indicators are also looking good. In the last two years, levels of pupil attendance have soared from well below national

and local averages to above them. This is the result of much hard work at our end, but it is also down to you and your efforts to make

sure your child attends and is ready to learn. Thank you for your support. We continue to work hard in promoting attendance and next on the launch pad is our new ‘Attendance car’ which will be

out and about supporting parents and pupils in the local area – watch out for us.

by ever improving behaviour and the evidence for this is not only in the declining number of pupils who experience sanctions, its

finding that large numbers of students are actively always seeking

to do the right thing. They respect their teachers and their school and they want earn respect for themselves. That’s the most encouraging news of all!

Upcoming Events Yr 8 Progress Evening Monday 16th January Yr 11 Mock Exams Start Monday 16th January Sixth Form Open Evening Wednesday 25th January School Breaks for Half Term Friday 17th February

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Sandhill Soundbites I SS UE 4 S P R I N G / SUMMER TERM 2016 E D I T I O N

Anti-Bullying Bonanza Sandhill View Academy took part in National Anti-Bullying Week 2016, launching the #NOBYSTANDERS campaign that will be running throughout the year. Students took part in a range of activities during extended tutor time which addressed understanding ‘what is bullying’ and how not to be a bystander through class discussions and debates. South Tyneside Against Bullying were invited into the academy to introduce Anti-Bullying Week through an assembly to each year group throughout the day. Kidscape joined in the week’s activities by speaking to a select group of students from years 7, 8, 9 and 10 through 40 minute workshops concentrating on #NOBYSTANDERS.

Having adopted #NOBYSTANDERS, students were given the opportunity to sign the pledge advocating the campaign. Each student who signed received a badge that they can proudly display on their blazer on a day to day basis. Alongside this, staff also showed their commitment to the pledge by wearing t-shirts promoting the statement. Students completed the week by creating super hero masks, comic strips, posters and poems to be displayed in the academy as a reminder to be positive about our Anti-bullying campaign.

The Doctor’s Digest! This is the very best time of year for me. So much of the hard work is done and we can look forward to seeing the results of our hard work. Having just read Richard Carr’s front page column and read the rest of the magazine in draft form, I’m brimming with optimism. Yet amid all the celebration and hopeful anticipation I find that there is one thing missing…. and it’s you the parent. Sandhill is a great place to be because of the time you put in to bringing up great kids. Perhaps no-one has said it to you recently but if you take one thing away from this issue of Soundbites I’d like it to be this. Our success is built on your parenting. Thank you.

Dr. Ingram

CEO Southmoor Academy Trust



All that Jazz


On Wednesday 30th November Year 10 Drama students visited the Sunderland Empire Theatre to watch the fabulous Chicago with John Partridge, Hayley Tameddon and Mica Paris. The show was a magnificent delight of music and dance, and the students were impressed with the standard (especially the costumes). We thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon but the highlight of the visit was meeting the lovely John Partridge in person!

Towards the end of last term we hosted a fantastic workshop play for out HI students. The play is about a young deaf girl called Gothrella, her father has passed away and she is now living with her evil stepmother. Gothrella can communicate with her father using British Sign Language but the stepmother hates this and forbids her. Gothrella keeps her late mother’s magic opera gloves hidden away from the wicked stepmother. The magic opera gloves make Gothrella sign beautifully and help to build her confidence. It was great fun and some we certainly have some budding Sandhill View Academy deaf actors in the making!

SHV In this issue... • Anti-Bullying Initiative • School Visits & Events • Teacher Talk • Careers News • The Sixth Form Update • New Clubs Debut • Activities Week • Sports Digest

Wonders of the World Challenge During the summer holidays, five of our students ventured to Costa Rica and Nicaragua for a challenging three week expedition of a life time. Their first stop was to complete a five day community project in the Osa Pennisula, with the aim of conservation, helping with the reforestation of native species and to reclaim land previously used for farming. From here they spent three days journeying north to Nicaragua, with a crater walk in the cloud forests as their first proper challenge. A sloth and the national tree frog greeted our students as they set off upon their adventure in the jungle. From here our journey took us to the Northern Volcanoes and our final major challenge, a five day volcano trek. The students were nervous about how hard it would be after the first tough day they were sat at an open crater with plenty of energy left. After this the volcanoes were a breeze. During the rest of the trek our students got to take in the stunning views, dance into the night with local children and volcano board down the ashen slopes of the crater! All of our intrepid adventures were fantastic representatives for our school and we hope they share their experiences with their fellow pupils now they are back home in the North East.


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New Faces in the Sandhill Team At the start of our Autumn Term, the Academy was further bolstered by some fresh faces amongst our teaching staff. The new term will see a total of eight members of staff joining us. We have recruited some of the best teaching talent in the north a, to help improve the quality of teaching across key subjects and to ensure that our pupils are getting the most out of their lessons. Find out more about these passionate tutors below.

Mrs H. Ackerley Teacher of MFL Hello, I’m Miss Ackerley and I am an MFL teacher, teaching French and German. I started my NQT year here at Sandhill View Academy in September 2016, having taught at schools in Gateshead and County Durham last year. Through my teaching, I’m hoping to share my passion for foreign languages and to encourage pupils to progress in their French and German language and cultural understanding. I am also a Year 9 tutor and am thoroughly enjoying the experience of getting to know pupils outside of the MFL classroom!

Mr G. Bunn, ACL in Science /STEM Co-ordinator Hi, I’m Mr Bunn and I have been a Science teacher for 6 years now, primarily being a Physics teacher. I studied initially to be a Forensic Scientist but, after completing my degree, I decided to go into teaching and I’ve never regretted it. I got my first teaching job at a school in North Tyneside and had a great time. Eventually it was time to move on - to Sandhill View! I’m now Assistant Curriculum Leader for Science and STEM co-ordinator and already I absolutely love it. I love the atmosphere around the building, the staff and most of all, working with our pupils.

Mrs E. Davison, Teacher of Maths I joined Sandhill View in September 2016 after teaching in a large college in North Tyneside for 16 years. I am excited to be part of this rapidly improving academy, and to be able to work in a dynamic and eclectic department that is embracing the new curriculum and ways of deepening the students learning and understanding of Maths with passion and enthusiasm. I was looking for new challenges in my career, and felt that I would be able to meet those in this academy, and look forward to working in a successful and dedicated department.

Mrs N. Hall, Teacher of English & Sixth Form Liaison I am thrilled to be joining the fantastic team of staff at Sandhill View as the academy continues to go from strength to strength. For the past five years I have taught English and English Language at an academy in County Durham as well as working as a GCSE English examiner. I am now looking forward to getting to know Sandhill View students, sharing my love of English Language and guiding students to enjoy English lessons as well as achieve academically. I will also be working to increase links with the Sixth Form at Southmoor, encouraging Sandhill View students to continue successfully pursuing their ambitions after Year 11.



Mrs L. Lee, Teacher of Science

Hi, I’m Miss Lee and I am a Science teacher, primarily being a Biology teacher. I studied a degree in Sport and Exercise Science. After completing my degree, I decided to go into teaching. I like working at Sandhill View because the atmosphere around the school is great. I really enjoy working within the Science Department, the friendly staff here especially have made settling in at Sandhill View very easy for me . I also really enjoy working with our pupils and I can’t wait to help my students gain a deeper understanding of Science but also learn how to have fun with it!

Mrs R. Roadley, Teacher of English I have joined Sandhill View English department from The Blyth Academy in Northumberland. Prior to this I spent 5 years working in the SEN department at Harton Technology College in South Shields. My background is working with students who have a range of learning needs and barriers to learning, and this is an area of teaching which I find particularly rewarding. English is a passion which I have had from an early age, and I was very fortunate in receiving an excellent education in my birth country of Scotland. I feel very privileged in joining a vibrant and dynamic English department at Sandhill View, and look forward to passing on my love of literature and language to the students of the school.

Mrs H. Ward, Teacher of English I am excited to have joined the English Department at Sandhill View Academy especially at such a paramount stage in its development. The subject English is not only a strength of mine, but also a passion. I enjoy reading and interpreting various texts as I feel they teach you to emphasise and consider what life was/is like from the perspective of the characters, or the writers. I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm and love for English with the pupils at Sandhill View Academy.

New School Council Elected

Student voice in any school is essential and here at Sandhill

View this is undertaken in a very democratic way with the year 11 students electing a Head Boy and Head Girl to be ambassadors for the Academy each academic year. This year we are proud to have both Lewis Charlton and Lauren Donkin, year 11, in these key positions. Both students will be ably supported by both Katrina Dodds, year 11 and Christian Robson, year 11, who were also elected by their peers as Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl. The role of Head Boy and Head Girl is one of great importance and significance in the life of the Academy. These posts are the face of the students of Sandhill View here in school and also in our local community. The students will represent Sandhill View at external events, will be heavily involved in the appointment of new staff, feedback student voice opinion to the Academy Leadership Team and will also be

Apprentices at SHV We’ve also welcomed two new young apprentices to Sandhill View. Tori Jenkyns who will be working as an Office Admin Apprentice and Liam Sullivan who just a few years ago was a student at Sandhill View and is now taking up the roll of School Designer Apprentice. A warm welcome to them both.

involved in a range of other activities. The pupils act as role models for those students in younger year groups and most importantly for themselves individually will benefit from this heightened level of responsibility and experience throughout the year, all of which benefit them in their future careers..


Open Day Winners 2016 Thanks to everyone that joined us for our Academy Open Evening, as you can see from the photos it was a great night,with parents from across the city coming to see just what makes Sandhill such a wonderful school. We’d also like to thank our staff who really showed off their enthusiasm and passion and, above all, our amazing pupil guides who’s love for life at SHV really shone through. Well done to Grace Key who won our Bike competition on the evening thanks to her lovely letter that you can read to the right.

Top of the Hill Over the years we have always had an amazing and rewarding time during our visit Derwent Water with this year being no exception!

We did not have fabulous weather but the conditions were perfect for a good ramble through the countryside and when the heat was upon us, a cool down in a gorge or Derwent Water was just what the doctor ordered... We were able to venture out to the picturesque ‘Castlerigg’ stone circle, in the heart of Keswick and take a pleasant, leisurely evening walk in the North Western Fells of the Lake District up to the mountain top of ‘Castle Crag’ where the views were simply stunning. The photographs say it all. This year pupils successfully completed a ‘Challenge Course’, including: Having the confidence to make new friends and in doing so were successful in developing team-work skills, improving self-awareness and increasing levels of personal responsibility, motivation, whilst increasing their appetite for learning, raising aspirations, learning to assess and manage risks and finally improving problem solving and meeting new challenges head-on!


2015 Year 7 & 8 Student Planner

Sandhill Ices Gets a Big Shake Up Our ‘Sandhill Ices’ reward scheme was a huge success over summer and we’re looking to continue it through the winter months by handing out milkshakes in lieu of ice cream. Throughout each day the senior leadership team and key pastoral staff are issued with rewards tokens. These tokens are issued to students identified by teaching staff in lessons as demonstrating positive attitudes towards learning or good behavior. Students then hand in their token at lunch-time. Keep an eye out for ‘Sandhill Shakes!’

Attendance at SHV... The academy is currently on a drive to improve attendance throughout the school. We are on a massive attendance drive to express the importance of being in school everyday and will be introducing initiatives to reward our top attendees for being in school and learning every term.

Golden School Visitors We were privileged to welcome ex Olympic athlete Craig Heap and current Olympic gymnast and medalist Amy Tinkler to Sandhill View last term. It was great having these athletes at our school, sharing their experiences and inspiring our students to live to their potential in whatever they do, not just sport!


88 Miss H. Ackerley

Teacher Talk

I am an MFL teacher, which means that I am currently teaching French and German from Year 7- Year 10. Through my teaching, I’m hoping to share my passion for foreign languages and to encourage pupils to progress in their French and German language and cultural understanding. I am also a Year 9 tutor and am thoroughly enjoying the experience of getting to know pupils outside of the MFL classroom! What’s your favourite Artist/Band? This is a hard one because my music taste varies so much! I have been

to lots of gigs and festivals over the years but if I had to choose, I would probably say that I enjoyed Arctic Monkeys the most.

What are your spare time interests? I love spending quality time with my friends and family and visiting

new places with them. During the holidays, I always try to squeeze in some travelling abroad and particularly enjoy catching up with friends in France and Germany. Having studied English Literature alongside French and German at University, I also love settling down and losing myself in a great book. I’ve also recently re-started ballet lessons and am really enjoying getting back in to dancing.

What is the best thing about Sandhill? Who was your favourite teacher?

Getting to know lots of students and staff members! The last 7 weeks

My favourite teacher when I was at school was (unsurprisingly!)

have been really rewarding and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know lots of new people. It’s great to feel recognised and valued as part of a team, which has a really powerful and positive attitude towards learning. I know it’s a bit of a cliché to say that ‘every day is different’ in teaching, but, so far, that has been absolutely true!

my French teacher, Madame Moss. Madame Moss taught me French from Year 7 right up until A-Level French in Year 13. Having the same French teacher for 7 years was an incredible experience, which I was extremely lucky and grateful to have. Madame Moss well and truly built my confidence in speaking, writing, reading and most of all, understanding French. She really inspired a love for French language and culture within me, which I hope to share with my own pupils.

What’s the one thing you can’t be without? Family! (and my beloved Mini Cooper to get me from A to B!)

Rich Rocks SHV Thank you to the amazing Mr. Rich Cottell for joining us at the Academy a few weeks ago to speak to our students about British Values, anti-bullying and staying safe online and how these important issues relate to young people. Rich is a talented musician and online personality with a passion for encouraging social awareness and tolerance in young minds - it was fantastic to have him at our school where his energetic personality really captured the hearts of our Year 7 and 8 students and had them singing along to his musical renditions. He even had time for a few dozen autographs and more than a fair share of selfies! Thanks again Rich - you were brilliant!



Big Draw STEAM Powered (adding ARTS to STEM) took over tutor groups in November where pupils were asked to become architects and redesign famous local buildings, inspired by a piece of scrunched up paper! Pupils developed their creativity, team work and presenting skills. Feedback from staff was very positive and the pupils understood the importance of drawing to portray ideas. Well done Sandhill View!

The Soundbites Conundrum Our Numeracy and Literacy initiatives continue throughout the school, with students enjoying another term of Countdown Conundrums. Congratulations to this year’s overall winners from Years 7, 8 and 9. Can you solve the word and number puzzles below? Some of our students have certainly shown us that they can!

World Puzzle

L – A – E– R – O I–C–I–S


Use 50, 75, 25, 3, 8, 6 to create 247

This is not a conundrum. (or the closest possible number) Simply make the longest word you can using the letters.





10 10

Where will I be this time next year? In between revising for their exams last year our Year 11 students were busy researching their future career options. Many of our students took advantage of the apprenticeship information and guidance drop-in sessions which were offered on Wednesday afternoons. Our Connexions advisor, Julia Robinson, was available

to offer guidance and advice as well as supporting students through the on-line application process for apprenticeships. To support our current Year 11 students, we arranged for the National Apprenticeship Service to tell our students about the range of apprenticeships available as well as the higher and degree apprenticeships. The Wednesday afternoon apprenticeship information and guidance drop-in sessions will begin again after half-term.

Take Your Child to Work Day 2016 Sandhill View launched its own “Take Your Child To Work Day” in July. Twenty five percent of our Year 9 pupils seized the opportunity to find out more about their parents’ workplace by accompanying their parent or carer to work. Pupils visited a variety of sectors: education, business, finance, building and construction, design to name but a few, giving them a valuable insight into the careers available in the north-east.

Work Discovery Week

Our pupils received very positive feedback and were a credit to themselves and to Sandhill View. It is just a bit worrying that they wanted to stay a bit longer in the workplace! Our current year 9 pupils will be taking part in “Take Your Child To Work Day” in April 2017.

Pupils at Sandhill View attended several events during Sunderland’s Work Discovery Week 2016. Pupils had the chance to meet up with potential employers at the Stadium of Light to find out more about the world of work as well as practising their interview skills and what to wear at an interview.

Throughout the week, pupils attended other industry sector days at Nissan and at Sunderland University giving them an insight into a range of careers at many of the region’s top companies.

The Right Choice

Our Year 10 high achievers who participated in Sunderland University’s Right Choice Mentoring Scheme graduated last term. During the six months they learned about all aspects of higher education and developed their skills to help them succeed in their future careers. They were able to find out what they could study as a degree and the qualifications they would need to get there. They also learned how to manage their student finances and answered the big question, “How much money do you really need to furnish your flat?” We look forward to seeing them graduate in 2023! Some of our current Year 9 pupils will be taking part in Sunderland University’s Right Choice Mentoring Scheme in January.



Sandhill & Southmoor Sixthform Delivers Among the many students who have secured excellent offers from Universities this year, three ex-Sandhill students stand out. Brandon Smith has been offered a place at Veterinary School in Liverpool, and Bobbie-Jay Barnett and Dillon Scott are both heading to Durham to study Psychology and Physics respectively. Many congratulations to them, and to all of our hard-working sixth formers!

Our open evening in November was a huge success, with a superb response this year. The Sixth Form was a hive of activity with a fantastic turnout from Southmoor and Sandhill View pupils as well as students from other schools across the city and beyond coming to see our wonderful Sixth Form. This was our biggest event so far, with so many staff, parents and pupils coming together to enjoy everything our post 16 facilities have to offer. Applications to the Sixth form is now open, if you’d like to apply then please speak to Miss Akien or visit us online at To ensure you have the best range of options, get your applications in as soon as possible – places will fill up! We will also be hosting our second open evening of the year on Wednesday 25th January 2017. This will be an excellent opportunity not only to see our facilities but to talk to representatives of our affiliated Russell Group Universities who will give you the best advice on what you need to do to achieve your goals in life.

Our Sixth Form offers you not only some fantastic academic courses that will take you to the next level of your education but the chance to accumulate life experiences, visit fun and interesting places parallel to your studies and enrich yourself in our extra curricular activities and initiatives. Our students work hard but we also know how to have fun!

12 12

Year 8 in the Lab On Tuesday 28 June, the Science Department took twenty Year 8 scientists to the ‘Chemistry at Work’ event at Sunderland University. Disaster had struck in the International Space Station, which was filling up with poisonous carbon dioxide gas; our young scientists had to use their knowledge of Chemistry to save the lives of all astronauts on board, which they thankfully did! Other sessions focused upon using chemical analysis to detect cystic fibrosis as well as making moisturisers and testing hydration levels of skin. Miss Turner reported that all students were outstanding representatives for Sandhill View Academy; they were highly-engaged, inspired and worked together superbly to overcome the many challenges of the day.

Sandhill Science Department has now established links with Durham, Sunderland and Newcastle Universities. We hope that these new relationships will provide many opportunities for our young scientists to engage with Science outside of the classroom. Well done to all involved!

Sandhill Students are Clued Up The students have just finished the Clue HQ part of their visit. The students split into two teams. Both groups thoroughly enjoyed attempting to solve the puzzles and worked superbly as a team demonstrating great resilience to gain success. Miss Reed and Mr Heley were waiting at the end and could hear the loud shouts of excitement as they picked the locks and broke through into each room. It became fiercely competitive as no groups made it out of the first game. After lunch they switched and went into the other rooms. One group made it out with 3 seconds to spare and the other made it further in the other room. The students were great ambassadors for the academy.

Lots of Progress Our students will be able to use this on-line application scheme to apply to The Sixth Form at Southmoor Academy as well as for applications for apprenticeships and other training programmes Students can search and apply for courses by specific subject or institution, or look geographically for all further education options available close to where they live, with results available in map form.

We have registered our current Yr 11 students and they have been allocated a user name to enable them to log-on and start their research process. Year 10 students will be registered after Christmas.


Enrichment at SHV


UTERarCGLroUupBs COMP e to All Ye Availabl

In Graphics IT to 1:15pm 12:50pm Everyday from

New Clubs & Activites to Explore! Our staff have been working hard to set up new and exciting clubs as part of their drive to improve the school experience for all pupils at Sandhill View. Students should be on the look out for new activities appearing throughout the year. We have a full enrichment timetable that you can view at


W ED N ES D AY EN R IC H M EN T in h u 7

Creative b Writing Clu m - 4pm Every Thursday, 3p

dents! Sandhill View Stusho iting rt stories Do you enjoy wrpo and ems? e Room Eng 6 to tak Then come alongtictocreative writing club! tas fan r ou in rt pa



Ha ir & B e a ut y



14 14

Activities Week As usual, our last week of term saw host to activities week. Pupils really look forward to the different activities and trips that they can spend their hard earned praise points on and this time was no exception, with more interesting things to take part in than ever!

Whether it be tinkering with motor vehicles in the school garage, learning about hair and beauty in our salon, playing board games in our library, making elf baubles in art, cooking, doodling, performing in the theatre or participating in one of school trips out and about there was plenty for our students to enjoy before their Christmas break. Thank you again to Mr. Blake for arranging it all, he already has even more planned for the end of this term!



Sandhill Sports ROUND UP

Girls Kickoff with a great start to their Season Congratulations to the under 14 girls’ football team who have made a fantastic start to the new season. They were absolutely amazing in their first two football matches in the program. They are currently top of the league after a 5 - 2 win against St. Anthonys and 4 - 1 win against Venerable Bede. They could not deserve their five praise points more along with their well earned new Sandhill View football strip for their ongoing commitment to the school team they are looking good!

Cross Country Challenge After an extremely wet cross-country session, a number of our PE students arrived safely back at Sandhill View with an excellent set of results for our school. All students were a real asset to the academy and embraced the harsh conditions, with the following having qualified for the County Championships at Barnard Castle: Mason Duncan (Year 7), Aimee Boyle (Year 7), Cameron Lawton (Year 8), Lateesha King (Year 8), Tia McKitterick (Year 9) and Lewis Charlton (Year 11) We would like to congratulate the students on their success despite the adverse weather. Well done evryone!

Thank you for taking the time to read the new and improved Sandhill Soundbites. We look forward to reporting on more of the exciting changes, achievements and events that are taking place every term here at Sandhill. Sandhill View Academy: Telephone: 0191 594 9992 Email:

Sandhillview @SHVAcademy

SHV Students in the Snowzone 18 Year 10 students joined Mrs Turner and Mr Twemlow in wrapping up with their winter woollies ready for an action packed day at the SnowZone indoor ski centre in Castleford. Students tried out the nursery slope on the real snow and mastered their turns before moving up on to the main slope. Here they enjoyed sledging with races being held to determine who was ‘slickest on the slopes’. A thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all.


Sandhill Soundbites Issue 5 Spring 2017  

The latest issue of our school newsletter for Sandhill View Academy.

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