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South Main Today Vol. 27, No. 45 December 7, 2018

Single Service Schedule

On December 9, 16, and 23 we will worship together in the Sanctuary at 10:00 AM and gather in our Sunday School communi es to study the Bible at 11:00 AM. On December 30, brunch will be served in the Welcome Center at 9:00 AM followed by worship at 10:00 AM.


Kids’ Day Out SATURDAY, DECEMBER 8 Get your shopping, wrapping, and baking done or simply enjoy a long, leisurely brunch for this special Christmas treat. Our preschoolers and kindergarteners will celebrate the birth of Baby Jesus with a birthday party and lots of fun games. First–fourth graders have a morning rehearsal for final prepara ons to lead in worship the following day before they go to the MATCH theater to see Mr. Popper’s Penguins. The 527 Tribe goes to see the AD Players produc on of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. Kid’s Day Out runs from 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM on Saturday, December 8 and is available for infants through 7th graders. The cost is $45 for one child, $80 for two siblings, and $115 for three or more siblings. Price includes lunch and theater ckets for those going to the play.

MainKids Christmas Pageant WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 12 On Wednesday, December 12, the Family Ministry hosts an evening of joy and adorableness as MainKids Handchimes ring in the joy of the season in the Fellowship Hall. The evening ends in the chapel where the PreK and Kindergarten Music Makers present their tradi onal Christmas pageant sharing the story with a sweetness that should not be missed.

Journey to the Baby SUNDAY, DECEMBER 16 The an cipa on and excitement in our children’s eyes will proclaim the joy of Christmas as they immerse themselves in the Christmas story. At 12:10 on December 16, families gather in the sanctuary to hear the magnificent story of a li le mouse and his special journey with Clip-Clop the donkey. Children, as well as our en re church family, are invited on a remarkable and giggle-filled journey to see baby Jesus! Along the way to the baby, ride Clip-Clop the donkey, see the silliest wise men around and their trusty camel, shop at Ye Old Bethlehem Gi Shoppe, pet the sheep and grab some food at the Shepherds’ Snack Shack, hear angels sing and meet Harold, Gabriel’s friend, as you make your own angels in real snow! In Midtown Houston 4100 Main Street

Houston, Texas 77002

(713) 529-4167

NEED: $848,524


Think back to September 23 when twenty-two 2nd graders received their Bibles in worship. Each week those children have been learning more about God, His love that sent Jesus, and their own ability to do good things for God in the world. Week by week they are discovering gi s in music, learning about and suppor ng missions, and growing in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and with people. Your budget gi s provided not only the Bibles they received in worship, but all the supplies they use and spaces in which they meet. Like every other ministry at South Main, our Family Ministry is possible only when we each and all give to the budget.

ONE FAITH ONE BAPTISM Please join the Young family in the Fellowship Hall following Sunday School on December 9 for a special celebraƟon honoring

This Christmas Tree is a reminder to us all that we need to give $848,524 between now and the close of the year on December 31 in order to fully subscribe the 2018 budget. The amazing thing is even though that is nearly 1/4 of our annual budget, it is actually less than we have needed in the past 2 years at this point in the year in order to make the budget. Each week from now un l the end of the year, we’ll send out an update, decora ng the tree with more and more ornaments as our gi s me in. As we’ve done each of the last several come ars, I am confident we will soon be placing the years, starr on top when we fulfill our commitment as a congrega on and meet our budget. ope you will join Missy and me in giving I hope tema cally and sacrificially systema to God’s work through uth Main. South

WyaƩ Young on his bapƟsm and profession of faith.



With cake and ice cream, family pictures, and a special word of blessing, we gather for an informal opportunity to encourage and love on him.

ce and truth, grace

ve Steve

Christmas Eve Services, December 24 This night the long days of wai ng culminate in the coming of the expected One. Light bursts forth, angels sing, and we rejoice. He has come! He is here! Come worship with us at 4:30 or 6:30 PM as we sing carols and light candles to celebrate our Savior’s birth. (713) 529-4167 • • Dr. Steve Wells, Pastor

Family Ministry – The 527 Tribe In January, the 527 Tribe is headed to Universal Studios for MLK weekend. This will be an opportunity for our middle schoolers to share special memories and have a lot of fun. Many of us have chosen to fundraise for our trip. Star ng Sunday, December 9, we will be selling frozen meals, prepared to serve a family of four, for $30. Let us make your holiday season a li le easier by cooking you a meal. Stop by the Welcome Center this Sunday and help the 527 Tribe reach their fundraising goal!

Church Offfice Closed The church office will be closed December 25, 26, and January 1 in observance of holidays.

Join Us Sunday, December 30 We hope you can join us on Sunday, December 30 as we con nue to celebrate the joy of Christmas. On this day, we will have no Sunday School. Instead, we will gather for a churchwide brunch in the Welcome Center at 9:00 AM. Following brunch, we will worship in a single service at 10:00 AM in the Sanctuary. Nursery is available for children four and younger.

Hannah Rollins Family Ministry Associate to The 527 Tribe (5th-7th grade)

CelebraƟng and navigaƟng Mondays through Sundays from week one to week 936 toward authenƟc and lasƟng faith in Christ.

January Worship Schedule On January 6, we return to regular Sunday morning schedule: 9:00 AM Worship 10:10 AM Sunday School 11:15 AM Fellowship Lunch 11:20 AM Worship 12:30 and following Family Ministry programming and commi ee mee ngs

Youth New Year’s Eve Party The Youth group celebrates 2018 and rings in a new year with a big party and fantas c lock-in. Youth and their friends gather at the Youth Center at 7:00 PM on Monday, December 31 for a pre-party with music, games, snacks, and fun. Later that night, we all head to the Regal Grand Parkway in Richmond where we have the en re place to ourselves un l the morning! There will be mul ple first run movies, unlimited bowling, unlimited arcade play, popcorn, so drinks, and icees plus a middle-of-the-night pizza buffet and video games or karaoke. Parent pick up is at 8:30 AM on January 1 at the Youth Center.

Services telecast Sundays at 11:00 AM: Comcast – 17, TVMax – 95, Phonoscope – 75, AT&T U-verse – 99, and in Kingwood on Sudden Link – 99


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Travel with Pastor Steve Wells to Italy in 2019

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Single Service schedule MainStreamers’ Christmas Lunch

Our Weekly Records

MainKids’ Christmas Pageant Third Sunday of Advent, Single Service schedule, Journey to the Baby

Sunday School 12/2 English Hispanic Total Guests

Young Adult choir rehearsal and Christmas Eve choir rehearsal Fourth Sunday of Advent, Single Service schedule Christmas Eve Services at 4:30 and 6:30 PM Church office closed New Year’s Brunch (9:00), Worship (10:00), No Sunday School

JANUARY 1 Church office closed

Join our pastor, Steve Wells, and Todd S ll, Dean of True Seminary, in early September 2019 on a pilgrimage to Italy, the cradle of the early church. Pick up a brochure in the Welcome Center or email Lonnie Campbell ( for more informa on.

SMILE 11/27 Midtown Midweek 11/28 Tithes and Offerings 12/2 Budget Receipts Weekly Budget Needs YTD Receipts YTD Budget Needs Designated Receipts 2018–2019 Missions Offering

579 43 622 24 106 43 $ 89,800 $ 78,225 $ 3,219,195 $ 3,754,800 $ 17,409 $ 24,064


Sunday-Relationship with God and others

Monday Pray for church staff

Tuesday-Members, visitors, ministries

Wednesday-The sick, needy, oppressed and Armed Forces

Thursday-Houston, workplaces, school and neighborhood

Friday-The world,social justice, religious freedom and peace

Saturday-Gratitude for people,events and things in our lives 1 Offer thanks for t iti i


2 Generosity of spirit toward those around us MIDTOWN CONCERT SERIES--Pray for visitors to our church that they would experience the love of Christ during the

3 Adult Education Ministry: Matt, /Greg & pastoral care team

4 Adult communities’ teachers, leaders, and classes

5 The marginalized & poor, those seeking assistance, Grace Wood, EAC Food Pantry LESSONS AND CAROLS Pray that our hearts and minds are shaped by the

6 The streets of our city; First responders

7 Latin America OSA staff, other volunteers

8 Offer thanks for God’s presence and authority in our lives KIDS’ DAY OUT--Pray for our kids to discover 2AM friends at South Main

9 Openness to God’s leading in our lives

10 Youth Ministry: Suzann, J, VOX, and SS leaders

11 Families; the church as a place of growth for parents and children

12 People serving in the military & government MAINKIDS CHRISTMAS PAGEANT--Pray that the Christmas Pageant opens conversations of faith

13 Internationals in Houston; those who need a friend

14 Africa, Europe

15 Offer thanks for God’s care and guidance

16 Our growing in the knowledge of God and choosing God’s way JOURNEY TO THE BABY Pray for beautiful weather and fellowship as we celebrate the Journey to

17 Family Ministry: Dolores, staff and families

18 New members: A place of connection & acceptance here

19 People with illness,, the elderly and their caregivers, Amazing Place; Sojourn House

20 Our communities; those needing friends South Main at Home

21 People who are in places with armed conflicts; refugees and their families

22 Offer thanks for the challenges that make us trust more

23 Insight for showing God’s love and mercy

24 Worship Ministry: Steve, Carey, and support staff CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICES--Pray for all who attend to experience the significance of Christ’s birth in their lives

25 Visitors to our church: GO Team & Outreach CHRISTMAS DAY--Pray for our church to live in light of Christ’s presence today and in the days ahead

26 MANNA ministry worship & friendship for the homeless, SEARCH

27 People who are homebound or isolated

28 Asia North Korea, Chine

29 Offer thanks for God’s protection in travel

30 Our spiritual growth and giving more of ourselves to God

31 Church AdministrationBrad, Susan, & support staff

South Main Today, December 7, 2018  

Weekly newsletter of South Main Baptist Church Houston. 4100 Main Street, Houston, Txexas77002.

South Main Today, December 7, 2018  

Weekly newsletter of South Main Baptist Church Houston. 4100 Main Street, Houston, Txexas77002.