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South Main Today Vol. 28, No. 7 February 15, 2019


Stewardship/Debt Retirement Campaign I am actually quite excited about our new dual campaign “Strength for Today & Bright Hope for Tomorrow” that is working to fund our 2019 budget and to pay off all of our construc on debt by 2020. This is a special me in our church when our Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall sparkle and you can feel the excitement around all that South Main has to offer. I see new families in the halls. I see the work our missions and ministries are accomplishing here and around the world. It is truly amazing what God is doing at and through South Main! AND… if we support this campaign, our church will, once again, be debt-free by 2020! As a cheerleader for FPU and all things debt-free, this makes me very excited.

As we move forward in February and March, simultaneously funding our 2019 church budget as well as re ring the church’s debt which remains following our Genera ons Capital Campaign, please prayerfully consider your commitment to these dual purposes and turn in your double-sided card reflec ng your plan to give on or before Pledge Sunday, March 3.

Just imagine the year 2020. As we complete funding our 2020 budget (with I am sure just as much “Christmas tree” drama as ever) and finish paying off our capital campaign debt, we will be entering a me when... • We will be debt-free. • We will have a healthy Founda on and, hopefully, a healthy Thomas J Williams 100 Year Fund to help maintain our campus. • Our fully staffed ministry team will be entering their 3rd year of doing amazing things. • The Houston Innova on Hub will be well on its way to transforming our neighborhood. • Our missions and ministries will be stronger than ever. • Our congrega on will have con nued to grow into an even more amazing family of God! This is a great me to be a member at South Main Bap st Church. Please consider being a part of this transforma onal me by pledging to both the 2019 budget & the debt re rement campaign so we can celebrate our “Strength for Today & Bright Hope for Tomorrow.” Steve Rader Campaign Commi ee

MainStreamers: Fellowship, Inspiration, & a Great Lunch! Join us for Mainstreamers on Monday, February 25, as Greg Funderburk conducts a deep dive interview with Carey Cannon, our Minister of Music & Worship, concerning how he grew up, how his faith, musical talent, and thinking developed, and about his family. Don’t miss a chance to gain some compelling insight into the life and mes of Carey Cannon. 9:30 AM Games 11:30 AM A Deep Dive Interview with Carey Cannon 12:15 PM Lunch In Midtown Houston 4100 Main Street

Houston, Texas 77002

(713) 529-4167

Travel with Pastor Steve Wells to Italy in 2019

Family Ministry In the Family Ministry at South Main Bap st Church we are inten onal in the way we conduct missions. Our mission statement is “Celebra ng and naviga ng Mondays through Sundays from week one to week 936 toward authen c and las ng faith in Christ.” If you have been a part of SMBC for any length of me you have seen or heard the phrase “Worship, Discover, Share.” Share refers, in part, to missions and stewardship. When Dolores envisioned the Family Ministry Associate - Share posi on, it was a posi on to ensure that all those involved in the Family Ministry would be inten onally exposed to stewardship and missions. The Family Ministry inten onally applies the It’s Just a Phase: Don’t Miss It understanding of how to love our students at all ages. The phases include: • Embrace their physical needs (ages 0-5) • Engage their interests (ages 6-9) • Affirm their personal journey (ages 10-13) • Mobilize their poten al (ages 14-18) With all of these things in mind, the Family Ministry designs missions ac vi es for each age group. In the youngest ages, we love the children and meet their needs to show them how to love others. We also allow them the opportunity to provide outreach through stewardship and sending artwork to those who cannot come to the church building (e.g. Main Ties). For those in the engage category, we recently provided a family missions day, where they were able to learn, purchase food for the foodbank, and serve at the EAC or with the Manna ministry. Addi onally, these children learn to pray for our mission partners during the Worship, Discover, Share club, and serve others at the “share” table in Sunday school, where they can make bags of rice and beans, cards, cut out felt cases for eyeglass, make sandwiches, etc. to support our mission partners. In the Tribe, we expose students to missions through the Tribe on a Mission post worship ac vi es to support SMBC mission partners, and through the annual summer mission trips where students are exposed to poverty, cultural diversity, and service. Last year we sent Tribers to the Mississippi delta area, and this year we will work with the Coopera ve Bap st Fellowship and churches in the American Indian/Na ve American popula on in Oklahoma. We mobilize the youth through allowing them to serve across the church on Wednesday evenings and comple ng missions projects to support our missions partners. We are also gearing up for the OSA-Peru Mission trip this summer. We have already begun ge ng to know each other and understanding each youth member’s S.H.A.P.E. (Spiritual Gi s, Heart, Abili es, Personali es, and Experiences) to inten onally mobilize all of the students involved with the trip. We are so thankful for the love and support of the church as we love, support, grow, and serve along side the next genera on of the church. Thank you SMBC for all you do to support these efforts. We could not do it without each and every one of you. John T. Spoede, Family Ministry Associate - Share

CelebraƟng and navigaƟng Mondays through Sundays from week one to week 936 toward authenƟc and lasƟng faith in Christ.

Join our pastor, Steve Wells, and Todd S ll, Dean of True Seminary, in early September 2019 on a pilgrimage to Italy, the cradle of the early church. Pick up a brochure in the Welcome Center or email Lonnie Campbell ( for more informa on.

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Our Weekly Records SMILE 2/5 Midtown Midweek 2/6 Tithes and Offerings 2/10 Budget Receipts Weekly Budget Needs YTD Receipts YTD Budget Needs Designated Receipts 2018–2019 Missions Offering

(713) 529-4167 • • Dr. Steve Wells, Pastor

118 43 $ $ $ $ $ $

70,189 82,210 329,656 493,260 11,597 32,867

Manna Mission Unfortunately, the world has a way of trying to diminish the value of some while trying to elevate that of others. On Sunday mornings at the north end of the church campus, on alterna ng Wednesdays over a meal and a game of chess, and at events like the Manna Bowl, South Main works through its Manna mission to interrupt the world’s efforts to devalue. In doing so the Manna mission reminds us what it truly means to be in communion with one another. Below is a joy-filled descrip on of just what it’s like to be at Manna Bowl, followed by a hear elt expression of gra tude, wri en by long- me Manna volunteers, Dave Sha uck and Hart Brupbacher. On Sunday, February 3, in the late aŌernoon, people started lining up by the ColquiƩ entrance to Fellowship Hall. They were waiƟng for the Manna Bowl, a wonderful event where the homeless and other friends of South Main come to eat chili and other great food, to watch the Super Bowl, to watch Super Bowl commercials, to play games, and just to fellowship with us and each other. Once again, it was wonderful, even though the game was not the best football game ever. Perhaps the commercials were not the best either. SƟll, the food was great, from many, many crock pots of chili to salads and veggies and sumptuous desserts. Damon had his venison chili as always, but the amazing cupcakes were new, at least to me. Somewhere around 175 people came to eat and dozens of South Mainers and friends served them and watched with them and laughed with them. This is an event which has evolved over Ɵme in a great way, I think. Somewhere around 15 years ago, the Chili Bowl was started so that members could come together, share chili, and watch football. It was a fun South Main event, but it felt a bit exclusive, at least to me. This was not intenƟonal, but that was my sense. Over Ɵme, the aƩendance was down a bit, and my memory is that I would oŌen bring home chili that did not get eaten at the event. Around that Ɵme, the Manna Ministry was starƟng up. Someone had the idea to invite the Manna parƟcipants to join us for chili and the game. We were nervous about this, since there are people who come to Manna who can be scary. Well, I know I was scared someƟmes. But, in a burst of ChrisƟan bravery, South Main showed its true colors and said, “sure, let’s invite everyone.” We did, and we did not look back. The name changed to the Manna Bowl, although chili is sƟll a huge part. But the hugest part was the spirit of hospitality that I have come to prize about South Main BapƟst Church, and why I am so happy to be a member of my church. And, I am thrilled that I never bring home chili anymore! What a great feeling!

South Main hosted our homeless neighbors to watch the Super Bowl on the large screen TV in the Fellowship Hall. South Mainers brought porƟons of their favorite chili for our guests. Good fellowship and a good meal was shared by everyone. Our homeless friends felt welcomed and loved as a result of South Main’s hospitality. Many people worked to make the event a huge success. A big thank you to everyone who volunteered and parƟcipated!

Dave Sha uck

Hart Brupbacher

Our Newest Members – February 10, 2019

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Fairfield Four


Known best for their appearance at the end of the film O Brother Where Art Thou, and on the subsequent soundtrack release, the Fairfield Four are alive and well and s ll singing in the tradi onal African American a cappella gospel style they have been known for since the group’s incep on almost 100 years ago.

Founded in 1921 in Nashville, TN the Fairfield Four have maintained their authen city by carrying on tradi onal stylings exemplified by the Bessemer Sunset Four, the Birmingham Jubilee Singers, and the Famous Blue Jay Singers with Silas Steele. The Fairfield Four are the recipients of mul ple honors including three Grammy Awards, Best Tradi onal Gospel Recording “I Couldn’t Hear Nobody Pray” in 1997, Album of the Year for the “O Brother Where Art Thou” Soundtrack Recording in 2001, Best Gospel Roots album “SƟll Rockin’ My Soul” in 2016, and two Life me Achievement Awards. They were also inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 1999.


Sunday-Relationship with God and others

Monday Pray for church staff

Tuesday-Members, visitors, ministries

5 Visitors to our church & those seeking answers, meaning in life,

Wednesday-The sick, needy, oppressed and Armed Forces

6 The marginalized & poor, those seeking assistance, Grace Wood, EAC

Thursday-Houston, workplaces, school and neighborhood

7 The streets of our city; First responders

Friday-The world,social justice, religious freedom and peace

Saturday-Gratitude for people,events and things in our lives

1 Latin America OSA staff, other volunteers

2 Offer thanks for opportunities in our lives

8 Asia, North Korea, China FRIDAY FUN NIGHT

9 Offer thanks for God’s presence and authority in our lives

3 Generosity of spirit toward those around us MANNA BOWL-Pray for forming of deep connections with our Manna neighbors FPU-Pray to live as good stewards of God’s

4 Adult Education Ministry: Greg & support staff

10 Openness to God’s leading in our lives

11 Youth Ministry: Suzann, J, VOX, and SS leaders MAINSTREAMERS:: Pray that participants experience the love of God’s presence through worship and friendship

12 Visitors to our church; GO Team & Outreach

13 MANNA ministry worship & friendship for the homeless, SEARCH

14 Internationals in Houston; those who need a friend

15 Africa, Europe

16 Offer thanks for the challenges that make us trust more-DISCOVERY DAY-Pray that participants discover their spiritual gifts, discern their passions for ministry, and

17 Our growing in the knowledge of God STEWARDSHIP/DEBT RET.CAMPAIGN-Pray we discover the joy of giving generously and that God uses our gifts to further

18 Church Admin-Brad, Susan and support staff

19 New members: A place of connection & acceptance here

20 People with illness,, the elderly and their caregivers, Amazing Place; Sojourn House

21 Our communities; those needing friends South Main at Home

22 People who are in places with armed conflicts; refugees and their families

23 Offer thanks for God’s care and guidance FAMILY FUN DAY

24 Insight for showing God’s love and mercy

25 Children’s Ministry: Dolores, staff and families MAINSTREAMERS:: Pray that participants experience the love of God’s presence through worship and friendship

Pray that our Youth, Tribe, and Mainkids make 2 am friends and that parents cultivate community with others

Pray that participants experience the joy of church as family 26 Adult communities’ teachers, leaders, and classes

27 People serving in the military & government

28 People who are homebound or isolated

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South Main Today, February 15, 2019  

Weekly newsletter of South Main Baptist Church in Midtown Houston.

South Main Today, February 15, 2019  

Weekly newsletter of South Main Baptist Church in Midtown Houston.

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