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Vol. 56 - Issue No. 2 - 21900 E. Nine Mile Rd. - St. Clair Shore, MI 48080 -

Lancer Staff Lisa Ruge ‘14 Editor In Chief Robert Swetlic ‘16 Managing Editor Alyssa McNamara ‘16 Business Manager Asha Jones ‘15 Sports Editor Kym Shaffer ‘15 Photo Editor Antonia Ruthenberg ‘15

News Editor Gabby Pruitt ‘15 Feature Editor Isaac Freeman Shelby Salvia Kiera Yaden Christina Wurzinger Tim Allen Advisor

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Tuesday talks with Tina


Best 2013 Christmas gifts


Students anticipate holiday break

Student’s Vote: Holiday Survey


Holiday Feature

Students vote in Holiday Survey Isaac Freeman ‘16 Staff Reporter Christmas. A time of joy, family and friends. But what do you prefer? Hot Chocolate or eggnog? Today we clear up some old holiday debates once and for all. The majority of the students prefer hot coffee over cold coffee. “Cold coffee just tastes gross thats why I picked hot coffee” says Kym Shaffer ‘15. That wasn’t the only hot thing that won. Hot chocolate won over eggnog and pumpkin spice latte. Jingle bells, Deck the Halls, Noel, and Rudolph All of these are classic songs when it comes to Christmas, but the favorites are Jingle Bells and

Rudolph. Movies has always been a way to express Christmas joy. The survey movie selections were Elf, Home Alone, A Christmas Story, and The Santa Clause. This one was so close

we had to count the votes twice! Friendly competition is fun, but Christmas isn’t just about music, drinks and gifts. Its about spending time with the people you care the most about.

Students anticipate holiday break Kiera Yaden ‘15 Staff Reporter

Holiday anticipation is running high among Cavaliers; the last week until holiday break. Students are hurrying to improve their grades to the best of their ability so that they will have no homework over the break. Alysia Jackson '14 is planning to put her Christmas tree up soon, as well as spend


classes, but is still very excited for her holiday break. Nieto anticipates a good Christmas full of family fun. Her new year’s resolution is to do better time working at her than she ever has on job at Boston Market. her midterms, and to Jackson also plans to perfect her grades and spend Christmas with prepare for her future. There is exitment her grandmother. in the air this time of Allison Nieto ‘15 year and needless to on the other hand plans to work on a lot say, students are gearing up for a holiday of homework in her Advanced Placement break to remember!

Holiday Feature

The Lancer’s guide to the best Christmas gifts of 2013 Robert Swetlic ‘16 Managing Editor The Christmas spirit is in the air! It is this joyous time of year that everyone can gather for painfully awkward family dinners and get togethers. But what really steals the show, is the presents! Worried what to buy for your niece! Don’t know what to get your teenage nephew! Have no fear, the Lancer Christmas gift guide is here! In this guide, we’ll break down a few categories of gifts, their prices and where to buy them!

Home & Appliances Buying home appliances for someone can be hard, so its important to pick something small, usable and affordable. Which is why I would recommend a popcorn maker or do it yourself baking kit. Its fun for the family and makes a good treat too!

Electronics This has been a big year for electronics. Many tech giants have come out with new smartphones, tablets and laptops. But lets face it, one brand is the best of them all. And that is Apple. Apple makes the best mobile devices and they offer free customer support. Which is why my top technology pick for 2013 is the iPad Mini with Retina Display.

This is a simple popcorn maker available from Williams Sonoma for around $60. The iPad Mini was released in October and retails for $399. It is the second most powerful tablet behind the iPad Air.

Left: Beanies are a popular trend for both boys and girls this winter.

The Mini packs power and performance into a slim design with an affordable price.


The iPhone 5S it is the most powerful smartphone on the market, with an 8MP camera and a fingerprint scanner! Starting price of $199. Right: Ah the good old days! Board games from your childhood. Heartfelt notes and handmade cards are very thoughtful and they pull at the heart strings.

surprise, the iPhone 5S would probably be the best bet.

Gifts for Kids

Small accessories are whats popular with both boys and girls this season. Slim, leather gloves, beanies and scarves are all the rage with teens, and they’re fairly cheap too.

For your young son or daughter American girl dolls and nerf guns are safe choices. Or pick a book or board game, show your kids what it was like to live in “the olden days.” Plus, Monopoly will have your kids entertained for hours . . .

Gifts for Teens


Teens can be hard to shop for. But in the end you can never go wrong with MONEY. Take it from a teen, we love money! But if you don’t feel comfortable giving them cash, iTunes gift cards are great. And if you want to wow your teen with a big

Yes, of course! Parents! Parents buy you all of your gifts so its always nice to repay the favor. But what do you buy your parents? Honestly, its gifts from the heart that parents like. A handmade card or a picture frame is always appreciated.

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Holiday Feature/Photos

Winter Events Gallery

Tuesday talks with Tina Christina Wurzinger ‘16 Columnist

The Color Gaurd and Drum Line performs at states where they took 12th place. Photo by Kiera Yaden.

Nakyra Jordan narrowly avoids a steal and dribbles down the court to score a point for her team. Photo by Shelby Salvia.

Left: Nick Nieto ‘14 and Caitlyn Skiba ‘15 act as childhood aquaintences in 30 Reasons Not To Be In A Play. Right: The Kindershlogan family performs an aria. Photos by Gabbie Pruitt.


Decorating is one of the great parts about Christmas, putting up the tree, stringing lights from place to place, hanging stockings. I’ve come up with with three great ideas for do it yourself holiday crafts. Money is tight, and well, who doesn’t like to be creative?

1.) STOCKINGS: One of my favorites, all you need is an old sock, fabric markers, or anything you can think of really. You just decorate the sock to your liking, write your name on it and attach a fabric loop on the end to hang above your fireplace. And there you go, your personalized stocking. 2.) WREATH: These are beyond fun! You’ll need a circle frame made of wood or plastic and anything you’d like to decorate the wreath with. For example you could make one full of bells or cover one in mistletoe. Use a hot glue gun to apply the decorations. 3.) CANDY CANES: If you have young children around, they’ll love this getting a wrapped candy cane. You can cut eyes out with paper, and a nose and antlers. Tape them on and you have a deer candy cane! I hope some of these cute DIY crafts will inspire others to go out and get ready for the Christmas. It’s never too late to be creative!

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