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VOL. 1 / ISSUE 5 / MARCH 2014


04 Publisher’s Letter FEEDBACK

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BRIAN GUILLIAUX JESIKA COOK CONTACT INFO 630 E. Southlake Blvd. #61 Southlake, TX 76092 (817) 703-3205

06 Striking a Chord with the Community


08 Events Calendar MUSIC

10 APEX Rising 14 Do You See What I See?




21 Arts Chat with Kristen Mata Bumpas DANCE

22 Avant Chamber Ballet Receives TACA Grant



24 Local Students Win National Awards LITERATURE


28 Embracing Original Art in the Office



30 Focus On: Visual Arts HAPPENINGS

37 Outside the Bubble 39 Southlake Arts Warriors Wanted



40 Beer Wine Cheese

This issue’s cover features a doodle by Lamberto™.


MAR 2014

southlake ARTS


Extraordinary Supporting the Arts in Southlake Wynne Moore

(817) 781-7060

Perry Moore (817) 992-9856


DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? I see a community working together and a culture that is growing into something very special and unique that other cities will want to copy! (They already do.) We had so much LOVE from February’s issue that it has made its way to this issue! In this issue you will find our ‘feedback’ section. We told you last month “thank you” for the phone calls, emails, hand-written letters and facebook posts. This month, we are sharing a sampling of those kind words for you to get a clear picture of how SLAM is affecting our community. Also! You will find doodles created by children and adults inspired by Lamberto! Thank you to all of you that took the time to share with us your imagination and inspiration. If you missed out on the last doodle, we have a new one! Get your colored pencils, crayons and paint and send your art to us. If we love it (we will), we’ll print it! Spring is a fine time to sing. We have two singers from the bubble making waves in Classical Music. Colton Hess from CISD in the All-State Choir and Kristen Mata Bumpas with the Dallas Opera (performing Die Tote Stadt at the end of the month). TACA gave a grant to Colleyville’s Avant Chamber Ballet and Apex continues to bring great concerts to our home. For those of you sticking around during Spring Break, the Dallas Arts District has a great family fun block party for you to attend, and, in early April, The Dallas Art Fair comes to town with 90 of the art world’s best galleries. Enjoy the issue!

David Hall


MAR 2014

southlake ARTS

OSH G Y M H O derful! n o w s i s i h t - S u sa n B . FEEDBACK

Striking A Chord With The Community In the guitar world, feedback is created by pointing the guitar’s pickups at the amplifier, making a loop, and creating a beautiful singing harmonic. That is just what we hope to create with you on our feedback page. Thank you for your letters, compliments, emails, Facebook messages and phone calls. Keep them coming!

I just wanted to let you know that I received the latest issue and appreciate it very much. I started to set it aside, but then began to flip through it. Even though I am no artist and have virtually no musical ability, I found it very compelling and went through it page by page, marking several performances that I hope to take my family to. (I also marked several ads of interest.) Thank you very much for the work that all of you do at Southlake Arts. We are new residents of Southlake (although we have had a business here for several years) and greatly appreciate the work that all of you do to help make Southlake a great place to live. -Eric B.

Congratulations o n a wonderful, fre sh, creative and much needed magazine! Love It ! Wishing you much success and kudos! Beauti ful! -Liz D. 6

MAR 2014

southlake ARTS

This is outstanding - even better than I anticipated! Job well done! -Kurt M.

I just want ed to let yo u know th Southlake at I love yo A RTS pub ur lication. It fresh air in is a breath the mix of of g arrive in o ur Southla lossy magazines that ke mailbox in Southla e s! ke for 30 y ears and h I have lived all the new ave watche magazines d sprout up mailboxes and into o . Yours is b ur y far the m in size, sha ost beautif pe, color a ul nd as it really is all abou positively in content t the arts in our area. -Kim C .

rd I applaud your creativity & ha ur Yo labor in support of the arts. ssy Southlake Arts publication is cla ge is and beautifully done. Each pa ist a work of art created by an art and thoughtfully composed. -Anita C.

INSPIRATION UPDATE: Deanna Kienast, who provided our beautiful February cover, inspired some residents to pick up their paint brush and canvas and follow her lead!

Your new mag issue is just stunning. It is getting better and better! I hope you are SO proud of yourself. Such an accomplishment and gift to our city! -Jennifer M. southlake ARTS

MAR 2014




MAR 2014


CISD JAZZ CAFÉ March 6th CMS Cafeteria



RACHMANINOFF CONCERTO #2 March 20th-22nd Meyerson Symphony Center

MARIACHI VARGAS March 7th & 8th Irving Arts Center

DIE TOTE STADT March 21st-Apr 6th Winspear Opera House

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM March 9th & 10th Winspear Opera House

BUSTER BROWN BAND March 8th Kimbell Art Museum

JAMES BLAKE March 25th House of Blues Dallas

AMERICAN IDIOT March 19th Bass Hall

DAD SPRING BREAK BLOCK PARTY March 10th-16th Dallas Arts District

CHER March 26th American Airlines Center

THE HUMAN COMEDY March 21st-March 30th Irving Arts Center

EXPERIENCE HENDRIX March 11th Verizon Theater

DAVID FINCKEL, CELLO & WU HAN, PIANO March 27th Kimbell Art Museum

SOLID GOLD CADILLAC March 21st-Apr 5th Irving Arts Center

ELTON JOHN March 13th American Airlines Center

CHOPIN PIANO CONCERTO March 27th-30th Meyerson Symphony Center

JUNIOR BROWN March 14th Granada

THE BARBER OF SEVILLE March 28th-Apr 13th Winspear Opera House

MUSIC OF JOHN DENVER March 14th Meyerson Symphony Center

YO YO MA April 3rd Bass Hall

ST. VINCENT March 14th House of Blues Dallas

MAX STALLING April 5th Dan’s Silverleaf

LCSO - SARA DANESHPOUR March 15th Irving Arts Center

OPEN MIC WEDNESDAYS Wednesdays House of Blues Dallas

southlake ARTS


KANJUSH March 7th & 8th Irving Arts Center

KIBBUTZ March 11th City Performance Hall

THE FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE March 7th-15th Wyly Theater

LES BALLETS TROCKADERO DE MONTE CARLO April 4th & 5th City Performance Hall

HOW I BECAME A PIRATE March 21st-Apr 6th Casa Mañana

ART ART IN THE SQUARE April 25th-27th Southlake Town Square ROBERT SMITHSON IN TEXAS Thru April 27th DMA DAVID BATES Thru May 5th Nasher Sculpture Center Thru May 11th The Modern

FILM SAMURAI SERIES: HARAKIRI March 7th Kimbell Art Museum SILENT SUNDAYS: WAY DOWN EAST March 16th Kimbell Art Museum

KIDS JACK & THE BEANSTALK April 5th Winspear Opera House DISNEY ON ICE April 2nd-6th American Airlines Center


Fine Arts Coalition Kicks-Off


hen your son announces he wants to be a concert pianist, you get busy trying to navigate how that happens. After touring Booker T. Washington, the fine arts magnet school in Dallas, Barbara Milhizer questioned if the Southlake area could support something like it. Booker T. Washington receives hundreds of applications for every spot it has. “It really started with my son, but as I talked to other local parents, there were plenty of us who were looking for some additional depth in arts disciplines, where our kids are already performing at very high levels. Now it has evolved from ‘what do I do for my son?’ to

‘how can we support our kids who excel artistically?’” And there are a lot of them - local kids recording music, performing in large-scale theater and dance productions, and garnering accolades for performing and visual arts. Thus was born the idea of the Fine Arts Coalition, a cross-district, cross-discipline PTO in support of fine arts programming in Carroll schools. “We have great boosters for individual arts and on specific campuses, but we don’t have a cross-district advocacy group across art forms,” says Milhizer. The mission of the organization is to support and expand arts programming in Carroll schools. Milhizer


For more information or to get involved, email Barbara at

tional Archives

Tower Gallery 636 S. Main St., Grapevine, Texas Free adMiSSion, open daily.

“Ultimately, I’d like to see an environment where we reach students through art at every level - from those who will make it a career to those for whom artistic expression opens a door.”

Photos courtesy Na

The history of mail to our troops from the American Revolution to Afghanistan.

sees that taking the form of fundraising for grants and scholarships, providing enrichment and learning opportunities for students, and creating ties with the arts community to connect students with working professionals for mentoring and internship opportunities.

Artwork created by Jesika Cook




even years ago, sitting around a kitchen table, a handful of professionally trained artists, musicians, and arts enthusiasts lamented that the local art scene was a bit lacking. Born from that discussion was the idea behind Apex Arts League.

The mission of Apex Arts League has always been finding a home for the arts North of the Metroplex. Back in 2007, the driving vision was to build a venue to give professional arts a home locally. After site visits, countless discussions with city planners and developers and more than 100 performances, exhibits and educational events already hosted, creating a home for the arts has come to mean much more than a building. Co-founder and Executive Board Chair, Terri Messing, describes the group’s initial efforts as focused on building a performance space to draw premier events to the area. There were discussions around both re-purposing existing buildings and developing a performing arts space from the ground up. Those discussions are still happening, according to Terri, but the objective has moved away from physical space to focus on quality and variety of programming. Though a dedicated performance space is ideal, Terri counts the group fortunate to have community partners such as White’s Chapel United Methodist Church, who have hosted the Dallas and Fort Worth Symphony Orchestras, Avant Chamber Ballet, and many other events.

“THIS AREA HAS A LOT TO OFFER IN TERMS OF PEOPLE WHO ARE INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING IN THE ARTS. IT’S ABOUT GETTING THE WORD OUT.” Raising the funds for a building isn’t the issue, says Terri. It’s what happens afterward. Maintenance and operation of a facility takes concerted planning and financial wherewithal. Now, the trend is for communities to move toward more multi-use facilities and shared space, which makes more financial sense. With the ability to bring premier events to the area through donated space, the focus of Apex has shifted to broadening its schedule and expanding its audience. In addition to its already stellar music and visual arts calendar, this fall, Apex hosted Avant Chamber Ballet, a professional dance company. Creative Director, Katie Puder brought in and installed a travelling floor just for the occasion. Next on the list is live theater. Apex also has its eye on a broader audience. The concerts and art exhibitions are popular with an older demographic, but Terri isn’t

satisfied with the status quo. “There could always be a bigger audience at our events,” she says. “This area has a lot to offer in terms of people who are interested in participating in the arts. It’s about getting the word out.” And she has an eye firmly trained on youth and children. This year’s calendar featured a children’s concert presented by the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra - Pinocchio’s Adventures in Funland. The interactive experience included a concert and narration as well as an instrument petting zoo and an artist meet and greet. Further, a position was added to the Board focusing specifically on youth programming, and liaisons have been tapped to work with each of the area school districts - Keller, Grapevine/ Colleyville, Trophy Club and Carroll - to publicize events and create a partnership to support the arts in schools and the community. Apex is partnering with Carroll ISD to form a Fine Arts Coalition, a prototype of a parent/faculty partnership in support of the arts in the schools across campus and discipline. There has also been a concerted effort to do more outreach through social media and meet audiences where they are. Apex has debuted a new mobile device-friendly website and Apex is keeping visibility high with Facebook and through email communications. The outlook for Apex in 2014 and beyond is positive, given the enthusiastic reception and support of the community. And though a dedicated, physical performance space may have taken a back seat; Apex has created a thriving home for the arts, nonetheless. southlake ARTS

MAR 2014


A PE X A RTS L E AGU E FAQ WHO IS APEX ARTS LEAGUE? Apex is a regional non-profit organization made up of a Board of volunteers and members interested in furthering the performing and visual arts in our community. Members enjoy invitations to special events, VIP seating, and reduced ticket prices. WHAT IS THE MISSION OF APEX ARTS LEAGUE? The mission of Apex is to enhance appreciation and participation in the performing and visual arts and to support efforts focused on creating a regional home for the arts in the Apex of the D/FW Metroplex. WHAT TYPES OF EVENTS DOES APEX SPONSOR? Apex has hosted concerts, ballets, children’s theater, Art in the Square, visual arts exhibitions, and educational series. No arts medium is offlimits, however, and Apex is looking to expand its offerings based on the interest of the community. All proceeds from ticket sales go directly to the artists featured in support of their contribution. HOW CAN I GET INVOLVED? 1. Visit to join as a member, donate, or contribute your input and ideas. 2. Attend one of our upcoming events: 3. Contact Barbara Milhizer to join Carroll ISD Fine Arts Coalition (


Do You See What I See?© Many Talented Residents Shine By Lamberto™ The first batch from our creative people out there came in, and these were the ones that stood out to us. It was so great to see the many images that came from this practice in imagination. I also did see the “duck” that three of them saw, in different colors, although I personally decided on creating a woman with a flower vase. The sleeping dog, reminiscent of Snoopy, was a surprise! Nice! “Happy Thief” was also a very creative approach. A bunny coming after the carrots! How cool is that?!! Then there’s “Love My Dad”, which has a more abstract feel, yet very graphic! “Graffiti at Skateboard Park” brought me a nice smile. My son has been a skateboarder for many years, and he might have seen the same image. I didn’t see that one coming… The point is this: We all have imagination, at all times of our lives. Some may even deny that they actually possess imagination, but I personally believe that imagination is a gift that everyone has from birth. So, we’re making our call again, with a new doodle. Copy the new doodle on Page 16, and get creative! Please submit your ideas, no matter what age you are. If you happen to be 95 years old, and you see something there, sketch it out and color it and send it to us. We would love to see what you see!

Send your artwork, no later than April 12th, to: Lamberto™ “Do You See What I See?” HMPS Publishing 630 E. Southlake Blvd. #601 Southlake, TX 76092 OR Send via Email:


MAR 2014

southlake ARTS

Do You See What I See?© By Lamberto™

Rembember to send in your submision no later than April 12th!


MAR 2014

southlake ARTS


Colton Hess


In January, thousands of high school students auditioned for TMEA’s All-State choir. Twenty-eight different school regions have their area auditions, and then a second ‘state’ audition is held where they pick around 40 of the state’s best singers for the AllState choir. Colton Hess, from Southlake, was selected as one of those students. Photo by Jesika Cook

Colton sings Bass 1, which is the lowest of the voices in the choir. This year, All-State choir will be singing a broad repertoire of choral music in English, Latin, German and Russian. The TMEA clinic met for one week during February with a filmed concert at the end. A senior, Colton is looking forward to college next year.

9 QUESTIONS FOR COLTON Who is your favorite singer? Luciano Pavarotti.

Where are you happiest? At school with friends.

Favorite childhood food? Sushi, since I was very little.

What is your favorite part about choral music? How the entire group blends in together and works to make a big sound.

Who is your favorite fictional character? Buddy the Elf.

What would you bring with you to a deserted island? Books, lots and lots of books!

What is one thing people don’t know about you? I have an extensive collection of argyle socks.


MAR 2014

southlake ARTS

What is your most treasured possession? My Ohlook! trophy. Idea of a perfect meal? Sushi, I love Cowtown Sushi off of Davis.


Kristen Mata Bumpas OPERA SINGER

Photo by Brian Guilliaux

If you’ve been to the Dallas Opera at the Winspear Hall in the Arts District in Dallas, you may have heard Kristen sing. Kristen has sung for as long as she can remember. A Keller Alumni who sung in the All-State Choir for three years (which is when she decided to pursue a career as a singer), she studied Opera at UCLA and graduated from UNT. Since then, she has been singing with the Dallas and Fort Worth Operas, professional choirs, such as the Dallas Bach Society and Orchestra of New Spain, as well as teaching at Hall Music Productions in Southlake. Next month, she and her husband Alex (also a professional singer whom you may have seen on NBC’s America’s Got Talent with the Redneck Tenors), have been invited to audition at NYOPS in NYC. NYOPS is a gathering of the artistic directors from opera houses all over the U.S., Europe and Asia. This is where they select their stars for the next season.

9 QUESTIONS FOR KRISTEN What is your favorite part about singing opera? Bringing a role and production to life by performing music and wearing costumes sung/worn by legends of generations past. Each performance is unique to its cast, artistic vision and perspective.

What is your most treasured possession? Old photos.

What is your idea of a dream vacation? The Maldives!

What is one thing people don’t know about you? My first solo in public was at the Keller Jr. High Talent show. I sang Whitney Houston’s ‘I will always love you’.

Favorite childhood food? Great-grandmother’s homemade bean-andcheese burrito.

If you weren’t a singer what would you be? A lawyer.

Where are you happiest? With my husband and dog (a rescue mix: catahoula and terrier).

What did you want to be as a child? A pilot.

What are your travel essentials? Headphones and my iPad to study music.

Who is your style icon? Maria Callas. If you could have a dinner with anyone, who would it be with? A dinner with Mozart sounds fun! southlake ARTS

MAR 2014


Photos Courtesy Avant Chamber Ballet


Avant Chamber Ballet Receives TACA Grant


ongratulations to Avant Chamber Ballet on receiving its first grant from The Arts Community Alliance (TACA), who handed out over $1.3 million in grants to Metroplex arts organizations recently. Avant Artistic Director, Katie Puder, is thrilled with the grant, which will not only help financially but psychologically as well. The grant helps defray production costs, but it also “validates what we have been doing for 2 years and groups us with the top arts organizations in Dallas,” says Puder. Avant was conceived two years ago as a vision for an interactive collaboration between dancer and musician. The idea was bordering on the


MAR 2014

southlake ARTS

insane. The dancers had watched their own companies struggle financially, often turning to pre-recorded music as a cost savings, and eventually folding, but, together with DSO principal French Hornist, David Cooper, Puder has put on increasingly ambitious projects, staging at least one production a month in its September - May season. Now, the TACA grant serves as recognition of that success. But true to its name, Avant isn’t getting complacent. On April 12-13, Avant will stage its biggest project yet by presenting Alice in Wonderland. The production features Booker T. Washington phenom composer Chase Dobson, eight musicians, three costume designers and 46 dancers from all over the Metroplex.

As Puder says, “we would be doing this anyway; it’s our passion. But to have the community embrace that passion to this extent? That’s amazing.” Learn more about Avant Chamber Ballet or purchase tickets for Alice in Wonderland at




tudents from Ohlook Performing Arts Center in Grapevine won a Freddie G. Outstanding Production Award at the 2014 Junior Theater Festival at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta, GA. Created by New York’s iTheatrics and produced by the Junior Theater Group, the Junior Theater Festival is the world’s largest musical theater festival celebrating young people and the transformative power of musical theater. The 42 students, aged 9 to 18, presented selections from Pirates of Penzance for Music Theatre International’s Senior Operations Officer John Prignano; choreographer and dancer Kelby McIntyre-Martinez, and Rosemary Newcott, the Sally G. Tomlinson Artistic Director of Theatre for Youth and Families at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta, GA. Said Newcott, “This was a really extraordinary performance. I was awed by these young folks’ ability to truly commit to the spirit and challenge of Gilbert and Sullivan. It was a beautiful show of joy: truly exceptional!” The group plans to perform the full show this Spring. Matthew Vinson, Jackson Layton and Colton Hess were three of 141 students who made it to the final call-back for future Broadway Junior shoots of “how-to” choreography videos for soon-to-be released


MAR 2014

southlake ARTS

Broadway Junior musicals. The shoots will be taped in New York City this summer. These videos will be used in tens of thousands of schools across the country and internationally. Reilly Buckley and Alyssa Ihle were named to the Junior Theater Festival All-Stars, made up of two outstanding performers from each group attending the festival. The All-Stars performed a song during the closing ceremony for all 4,500 festival attendees. The Junior Theater Festival offered an environment for students and teachers to interact with thousands of others who share their passion for musical theater. In addition to presenting a 15-minute selection from a musical, both students and teachers participated in interactive workshops led by Broadway and West End professionals, gained from professional development and enjoyed theatrical fellowship. Founded in 2002 by professional singers Matthew Lord and Jill Blalock Lord, Ohlook Performing Arts Center (OPAC) was created to be a positive place where kids can discover the arts - and themselves - without fear of judgment or the pressure of competition. OPAC strives to help students grow not only as performers but also as individuals. All productions are student-driven and collaborative, with all students contributing input.


THE VICTIM THE VICTIM IS THE FIRST OF THE DETECTIVE JAKE HUNTER SERIES OF MYSTERY SUSPENSE NOVELS. When two local gangbangers are found dead, who really cares? This “who cares” case quickly turns into a high profile hunt for a serial vigilante killer. The body count and pressure rise in Fort Worth, Texas as local community leaders and media pundits stir up political discourse and racial tensions mount. Police Detective Jake ‘Cowboy’ Hunter has been out of the field for six months struggling to overcome the on-duty shooting death of his longtime partner. His boss has an easy case for him to “get back in the saddle” while breaking in a new detective. After all, it’s just another case of bad guys ending up dead. While he readjusts to being back on the streets, Hunter and his temporary partner, Billy Sanders, find themselves sloshing through the gang-infested underbelly of Fort Worth as they chase a vigilante who has set himself up as a modern day serial Bernard Goetz. In the process, he has set off a firestorm of racially tinged political pressure by choosing minority gangbangers as his targets. Stolen Innocence is the second of the Jake Hunter series of mystery suspense novels. Finding the body of a beautiful young teenage girl launches Fort Worth Police Detective Jake


MAR 2014

southlake ARTS

Hunter and his partner, Billy Sanders, into an investigation that pulls them into a world of human trafficking where power brokers buy and sell human beings like cattle. What started out as a suspected runaway escalates into a high speed ride through massage parlors, brothels and human holding centers. Hunter and his team combine forces with Texas Rangers’ Detective Connor Barkley as the case expands across several Texas cities. Together, the team follows a trail of evidence and ex-cons discovering that their one victim is connected with multiple others. The story highlights the evils associated with an industry that treats people like commodities, how that impacts society as a whole and how the media shapes perceptions and distorts reality.

Joe B. Parr is a Southlake, TX-based Mystery Suspense writer. After years of being an avid reader of fiction, Joe began writing in 2008 and has written three novels. He has recently released the first two of his Detective Jake Hunter series (The Victim, Stolen Innocence) for internet publication. They are available in paperback and ebook on and

The action never stops as the team is racing not only to solve the original murder but to rescue the ongoing victims.

While his primary goal is to write entertaining fiction, his secondary goal is to highlight current social issues and provide multiple perspectives so that the reader is presented with the opportunity to explore their own thoughts.

THE VICTIM WILL BE AVAILABLE: Paperback - - $11.95 Kindle - - $3.99 Nook - - $3.99 iPad - - $3.99

In The Victim, those issues include gangs, media stereotypes and the racial tensions within the community. In Stolen Innocence, he highlights the growing issue of human trafficking and its disproportionate impact on immigrant and minority communities.

Finding homes with Joy in Southlake.



Lucky You. (817) 416-6228 339 N. Carroll Ave. Southlake Town Square

The most valuable visual sign for any business instantly communicates what that company offers while also being aesthetically pleasing. It also should make you and your customers “feel at home.” A nice logo is, of course, the most common type of branding, and for some business owners, their signage is their logo or photos of their product. But there are others who want to make a more personal statement. They want their office décor to reflect not only what their business is all about but also to express their own persona. Mary Grace Thoennes is a Financial Advisor for Wells Fargo Advisors, and her office is in the Wells Fargo Advisors suites at Southlake Town Square. Because Mary Grace works one on one with each client to design investment strategies, it is important that her office provide a comfortable atmosphere yet also convey the authority of one who understands finance and economics.


MAR 2014

southlake ARTS

When I first visited her new office, it had a wonderful, cozy feeling. But I felt something was missing; it was the lack of art on the walls. Mary Grace, by nature, is also an art connoisseur, so our conversation soon turned to original fine art, as opposed to inexpensive prints. She spoke of her desire to own original artwork that would be specifically designed to reflect her business, her profession. We decided to meet in my studio to see some of my existing paintings and other artwork. One piece that I had entitled “Wheat Prosperity” caught her eye with its golden colors and the playful movement of wheat blowing in the wind. We determined that this piece would be a good anchor for her office. Drawing on her keen instincts, Mary Grace suggested a companion painting depicting small segments of U.S. currency: a tapestry of snippets of various bills. She decided right then and there to commission me to create that vision on canvas.


A few days later, I presented her with a sketch of the vision we had discussed, and upon her enthusiastic approval, I proceeded to stretch the canvas and create the final painting. “Not only are the two paintings visually interesting, but they ignite conversations,” said Mary Grace. “Every day, they elicit thoughtful insights.” Creating the art piece for Mary Grace was a pleasure. I seldom work on one piece of art at a time, so in the midst of creating sport paintings, concrete art pieces, and assemblage, returning to work on “Our Currency Today” always felt fresh. The painting has a monochromatic feel with a lot of golds and yellows to compliment “Wheat Prosperity.” When hung in her office on perpendicular walls, the effect was perfect. The two works convey exactly what Mary Grace brings to her clients: finance, economics, prosperity, and originality. Yes, original artwork can take branding to a whole new level. It’s about taking business visuals beyond the common logo and creating an original art piece designed to capture the essence of a business and the quality of the people who provide the services. southlake ARTS

MAR 2014



keith Bradley - Plantation, FL Works by Keith - Metal

Jennifer Cavan - Angel Fire, NM Magical Valley - Oil Pastel 30

MAR 2014

southlake ARTS

Anne London - mandeville, LA Zebra Fire - Drawing


Visual arts

A SNEAK PEEK OF WORKS FROM A FEW OF THE SELECTED ARTISTS FOR ART IN THE SQUARE 2014. This is the third out of four issues of gallery sneak peaks leading up to Art in the Square in Southlake this April. Mark your calendars for April 25 - 27, 2014 to be in Southlake Town Square. Fri. 4 p.m. - 10:30 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m. - 10:30 p.m., Sun. 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.. Enjoy a wide variety of artwork media - including 2D, 3D relief, sculpture, photography, jewelry, and more. There will be continuous live performances on two stages, tasty food and drink selections, a Kid’s Zone, CISD student artwork displays, and juried youth artist exhibits. Enjoy your sneak peek for this month!

Molly Barnes - Portland, Or

Yellow Vine Wrap Incalmo - Glass

Josh Coté - Louisiana, MO

Dave Rizzo - Canada

Larry East - Decatur, GA

Symphonic Hare - 3D Mixed Media

Fly - Metal

Green 2 - Ceramics southlake ARTS

MAR 2014


Visual arts Seth Vandable - Cedar Hill, TX Camille - Metal

Tate Hamilton - Denver, CO Bikers Skill - Oil

Rodgers Naylor - Conifer, CO

Best Friends - Oil

Preston Steed - Del Norte, CO Elderwood - Watercolor


MAR 2014

southlake ARTS


Put down the passport! You don’t need to leave the Metroplex to soak up a week’s worth of arts and culture. Events kick off Saturday, March 9th with the WFAA Family First Day and wrap up with a Block Party, featuring food trucks, free admission to the Nasher Sculpture Center, The Crow Collection, and Dallas Museum of Art and plenty of free family-friendly outdoor activities. Visit: for a full schedule and details.

Event Highlights:











southlake ARTS

MAR 2014




Friday, April 11 through Sunday, April 13, the Arts District plays host to the 6th annual Dallas Art Fair, featuring over 90 prominent national and international art dealers and galleries exhibiting painting, sculpture, works on paper, photography, video, and installations by modern and contemporary artists. The Dallas Art Fair is located at FIG (Fashion Industry Gallery) 1807 Ross Avenue, Dallas, TX 75201 For more information or to purchase tickets visit:

DIE TOTE STADT Madness, jealousy, love and loss. The Dallas Opera has it all in Erich Wolfgang Korngold’s Die Tote Stadt, which follows a man’s obsession with his dead wife and his subsequent fixation with her doppelgänger in a monumental battle between fantasy and reality. The production features an extraordinary cast that includes Jay Hunter Morris in the role of Paul, fresh from his triumphs as Ahab in the San Francisco Opera revival of Moby-Dick and as Siegfried in the Met’s new Ring Cycle; Ann Petersen in her American debut as Marietta; and Morgan Smith, the poignant voice of reason in The Dallas Opera’s world premiere production of Moby-Dick, as Fritz. Production dates are March 21, 23, 26, 29, and April 6. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit:


MAR 2014

southlake ARTS



Recently, The Arts Community Alliance (TACA) gave out $1.3 million in grants to 46 arts groups, marking the largest total in its history. The awards, ranging from $5,000 to $110,000, went to storied institutions and new up-and-comers, like friend of Southlake Arts Magazine, Avant Chamber Ballet. These grants help support over 5,000 performances, reaching an audience of approximately 1.2 million people. At Southlake Arts Magazine, we want to make 2014 The Year of the Arts. And as such, we’re having a contest to reward the readers who show the most support for these great organizations. If you think you have what it takes, document your attendance at any event hosted by the grant recipients below (Organization, Date, and Event Attended). Send an email with your travels to by October 1, and we’ll award prizes and run a feature story on the winners. Now go forth and get artsy.

2014 TACA GRANT AWARD RECIPIENTS: $5,000 Arts District Chorale Avant Chamber Ballet Dallas Chamber Symphony One Thirty Productions Matinee Series WordSpace

$15,000 African American Repertory Theater Chamber Music International Orchestra of New Spain $17,500 Uptown Players

$40,000 Kitchen Dog Theater Lyric Stage WaterTower Theatre

$7,500 Texas Winds Musical Outreach

$18,000 Second Thought Theatre

$44,000 Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra

$8,000 Dallas Bach Society Irving Chorale Teatro Dallas

$20,000 Nasher Sculpture Center (for its Soundings music series)

$45,000 TITAS

$10,000 AT&T Performing Arts Center Big Thought Lone Star Circus Arts Center Lone Star Wind Orchestra Plano Symphony Orchestra SMU Meadows School of the Arts Sammons Center for the Arts Voices of Change $12,000 Cara Mía Theatre Company $13,000 Echo Theatre Turtle Creek Chorale

$21,000 Orpheus Chamber Singers $22,000 Bruce Wood Dance Project $27,000 Fine Arts Chamber Players $30,000 Undermain Theatre $35,000 Children’s Chorus of Greater Dallas Dallas Wind Symphony Shakespeare Dallas Theatre Three, Inc.

$36,000 Junior Players

$65,000 Texas Ballet Theater $75,000 Dallas Children’s Theater $80,000 Dallas Black Dance Theatre $100,000 Dallas Symphony Orchestra $110,000 The Dallas Opera Dallas Theater Center

southlake ARTS

MAR 2014



Manchego is Spain's most famous cheese and is produced in La Mancha in Central Spain. True Manchego is made from 100% sheep's milk and the abundance of wild herbs on Central Spain's grazing lands gives Manchego a special taste and aroma. Its avor is zesty and exuberant while its texture is ďŹ rm but not dry. Manchego starts out rich and buttery but with age develops a sweetness to it that will make any mo mouth water for more! Here is what I would pair it with....

Southlake Arts - March 2014  
Southlake Arts - March 2014