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Hall Music


Love Music? Take Lessons. (817) 703-3205 // HallMusicProductions.com

VOL. 1 / ISSUE 3 / JANUARY 2014

CREATIVE TEAM Publisher & Creative Director

DAVID HALL Art Director



04 Publisher’s Letter 06 Events Calendar VISUAL ARTS

08 Focus On: Visual Arts

Senior Art Consultant

LAMBERTO™ Graphic Designers



12 Do You See What I See? PROFESSIONAL

13 Arts Chat with Stacie Martinsen MUSIC

Copy Editor



LAMBERTO™ Advertising



14 Locals Only



20 Fish Contest DANCE

24 Dance Dance Revolution UP AND COMING

26 Duc Tran



30 Petal Power


34 A Civilized Conversation Across the Ages 36 Beer / Wine / Cheese


CONTACT INFO 630 E. Southlake Blvd. #61 Southlake, TX 76092 (817) 703-3205



JAN 2014

southlake ARTS

Extraordinary Supporting the Arts in Southlake Wynne Moore

(817) 781-7060 wmoore@briggsfreeman.com

Perry Moore (817) 992-9856 pmoore@briggsfreeman.com


Art Makes People Better People. This is what I heard Renzo Piano say as he addressed the media at the opening of the Kimbell’s Renzo Piano Pavilion. A brilliant display of modern architecture that utilizes simplicity and lightness, it compliments the Kimbell’s amazing use of natural light. Not one to miss an opportunity to speak Italian with one of the world’s greatest architects, I approached Signore Piano. “Le arte fa la gente meglio gente, no?” I asked. “Si!”, Renzo exclaimed, ‘Le arte e di piu importante per la gente, perche l’arte fa la gente pensare’. Art is very important for people, because it makes people think. We then joked about the Fibonacci sequence before I was awe-struck by the oak floor, steel, glass and concrete of the NEW Renzo Piano Pavilion. It’s a new year and there is new art amongst us! In music, you will find our local kids making a compilation of original songs for the 4th year in a row (the only city that does it in the world), TITAS brings modern dance to the arts district, Scott + Cooner brings us Jeremy Cole’s contemporary lighting to the design district, and we have a preview of some of the artists that will come to our little town for Art in The Square. How nice is it that we are right in the middle of all of these happenings?

David Hall David@SouthlakeArts.com


JAN 2014

southlake ARTS

EVENTS CALENDAR MUSIC SCI-FI SPECTACULAR January 4th, 8pm Bass Performance Hall SHEN YUN January 5th, 8pm Bass Performance Hall AN EVENING OF PROKOFIEV January 10th, 8pm Bass Performance Hall PIXAR IN CONCERT January 11th, 4pm Meyerson Symphony Center BRANDON RHYDER January 11th, 7pm Granada DAVID GARRETT January 14th, 8pm Winspear Opera House ELVIS LIVES! January 16th, 8pm Bass Performance Hall RICK SPRINGFIELD January 16th, 8pm Wyly Theatre BLUE MAN GROUP January 17th, 8pm Bass Performance Hall NEW WORLD SYMPHONY January 17th, 8pm Meyerson Symphony Center LAS COLINAS SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - STEPHEN BEUS January 18th, 8pm Irving Arts Center


JAN 2014

southlake ARTS

TONY BENNETT January 21st, 8pm Winspear Opera House NEKO CASE January 23rd, 7pm Granada PATTY GRIFFIN January 23rd, 9pm Dan’s Silverleaf OLGA KERN January 24th, 8pm Kimbell Art Museum BRAHMS 4 January 24th, 8pm Meyerson Symphony Center SARAH JAFFE January 25th, 7pm Granada FRENCH CHAMBER MUSIC January 26th, 3pm White’s Chapel Southlake RAY WYLIE HUBBARD January 30, 9pm Dan’s Silverleaf SCHUMANN SYMPHONY NO. 4 January 31st, 8pm Bass Performance Hall LIVE MUSIC Every Thursday-Saturday, 7pm Main Street Bakery LIVE MUSIC Every Thursday-Saturday, 7pm Burger Shack

THEATRE BAD BOYS OF BROADWAY January 10th, 8pm Casa Manana OEDIPUS EL REY January 16th, 8pm Wyly Theatre AN ACT OF THE IMAGINATION January 17th, 8pm Irving Arts Center THE SECRET GARDEN AUDITIONS January 18th The Acting Studio MARILYN: FOREVER BLONDE January 24th, 8pm Wyly Theatre THE DESERT SONG IN CONCERT January 25th, 8pm Irving Arts Center DERAILED & DEPARTED Fridays & Saturdays, 8pm Texas Dinner Theater

DANCE PILOBOLUS January 17th, 8pm Winspear Opera House ALONZO KING/LINES BALLET January 25th, 8pm Winspear Opera House DANCE THEATRE OF HARLEM January 26th, 7pm Bass Performance Hall January 30th, 8pm Irving Arts Center

ART JIM HODGES: GIVE MORE THAN YOU TAKE Through January 12th Dallas Museum of Art AGE OF PICASSO & MATISSE Through February 16th Kimbell Art Museum NASHER XCHANGE 10 YEAR Through February 16th Dallas - Citywide


Rey D’Alfonso - Miami, FL Life Plan - 2D Mixed Media reyalfonsostudio.com


JAN 2014

southlake ARTS

Martin Lambuth - Denver, CO Rust Riders - Acrylic



Visual arts


< 2014 T-Shirt Artist Winner

TJ Thompson - Cortez, CO Mustang Alley - Acrylic

The Art in the Square jury deliberated for hours over two days and selected 150 of the best artists who submitted to be part of Southlakeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Art in the Square 2014. The talent that comes in each year seems to get even better, which makes it more difficult to go from 725 submittions to 150 chosen. Over the next 4 months leading up to Art in the Square in April, we will highlight some of the artists that you will see this year. Prepare to be amazed by the skill and artistry these artists display. Their professional creativity and use of media is what makes Art in the Square such an exciting event to attend each year. Enjoy your sneak peek!


Dennis Rhoades - Evergreen, CO September Layers - Pastel dennisrhoades.com

Marjolyn van der Hart - Toronto, Canada Sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Not a Princess - 2D Mixed Media marjolyn.com

southlake ARTS

JAN 2014



Denny Wainscott - Frankfort, IN

Natureâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Gifts - 3D Mixed Media (Gourd) Morningdewgourds.com

William Vanscoy - Brookings, OR Not The Only One - Photography vanscoyphotography.com

Scott Amrhein - Sherwood, WI OV226E - Glass

highcliffstudio.com 10

JAN 2014

southlake ARTS

Yoram Gal - OLD Jaffa, Israel

Hometown Forest - 2D Mixed Media yoramgal.co.il




by Lamberto™

LET’S EXPLORE IMAGINATION. DO YOU SEE THINGS IN OTHER THINGS? IF SO, YOU’RE NOT ALONE. As kids, we have all probably been seeing hidden little worlds in our grandmothers’ curtains, in clothing patterns, in the bathroom tile, in puddles, and, of course, in clouds. It really is so very natural to see the beauty and intricacy hidden in everything that is around us. We also just happen to be living in a world that is filled with so much technology, such as cellphones, iPods, laptops, and televisions. Maybe because of that we may sometimes forget about the basic things and the beauty that surrounds our life. So, for that reason, I would like to start a little exercise in imagination, right here in Southlake Arts Magazine. To the left is a scribble that I made with my eyes closed, and I ask you - kids, teens, and adults - to tell or show us what you see. Make a copy of the scribble or just cut it out of the magazine, elaborate on it, and create your own unique vision of what you see.

Turn the scribble around so that you can see it from all angles - there is no up or down - and you will be surprised at what you’ll find. Use any media you want to carve your vision - markers, pencils, watercolors, anything! When done, please send it to us at HMPS Publishing, 630 E. Southlake Blvd., #61, Southlake, TX, 76092, or Jesika@ SouthlakeArts.com, and we, the staff of Southlake Arts Magazine, will select a few of the best, most interesting or unique designs and will publish them in our next issue. Please be sure to include your name and contact information, because you will also receive some goodies from us! We really look forward to seeing what you create. Use your imagination, and let me know - do you see what I see? The next issue will also include the original vision of my doodle.


JAN 2014

southlake ARTS

Please only send us crisp - non-blurry - photos! Original high res photos, min. 300 dpi, non-blurry, .pdf or .jpg



10 QUESTIONS FOR STACIE IT SEEMS THERE IS NO REST FOR CISD Theater Director Stacie Martinsen. We visited with her a few weeks after the soldout success of the first full version of Les Misérables ever done at a high school (160 kids involved, the orchestra, technicians and even candy grams) and she was already auditioning kids for 33 Variations, the upcoming one-act play. Stacie is from Dallas, a graduate of SMU with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater, a professional Theater, TV, Radio & Film veteran, a proud mother and a contributor to our area’s growth. Since she took the reigns of CISD theater 9 years ago, she has taken the program and performances to new heights and transformed the CISD auditorium from an “ok” room to a first class venue as good as anything you’d find on a college or professional level. Those of you who saw the giant catwalk that they built for Les Mis already know that. She is looking forward to the one act play 33 Variations by Moses Kaufman as well as Broadway it seems. The Tectonic Theater project from NYC caught wind of Southlake’s happenings and are coming down in January to workshop with our kids to show them the techniques that they use on Broadway! If that and Les Mis weren’t enough for you, CISD is also putting on ‘The Wiz’ in May!

Who are your favorite director and actor? Hal Prince, director of Phantom Of The Opera. Actor? Anthony Hopkins. What is your favorite part about teaching theater to kids? When they become so selfmotivated and disciplined that they teach me and they don’t need me anymore What is one thing people don’t know about you? I volunteer for Meals on Wheels. Who did you want to be as a child? Meryl Streep. I used to watch Sophie’s Choice and memorize every line. What do you miss most about your childhood? Playing soccer on Saturdays at Kiest Park and then going to Austin’s BBQ afterwards

Where are you happiest? With my son, Aksel, at Trinity Park What is your most precious possession? The prayer box necklace I got in East Texas before my son was born. I prayed for a boy and, 12 months later, Aksel was born! What’s the most beautiful place you’ve visited in the world? Paris, Montmartre Favorite childhood food? French Fries Who is your style icon? Catherine Hepburn What three things would you bring to a deserted island? My Bible, ACDC Back in Black & Journey’s Escape Record

southlake ARTS

JAN 2014




JAN 2014

southlake ARTS

LOCALS ONLY by Barbara Milhizer


one are the days of recording a fuzzy demo tape and sending it out in hopes of being discovered. Today, kids can channel their creativity into their art, learn about the production process along the way, and enjoy the fruits of their effort in professional-grade quality. Recording isn’t just for the star-bound, either. Embarking on the creative process, learning the technical side of production, and using imagination is half the fun. The reward is something quite remarkable.

Photography by Brian Guilliaux

Hall Music Production Studios (HMPS) is making it easy to record using state-of-theart tools and guidance of highly-trained working professionals. David Hall, owner of HMPS, prides himself on bringing the best of recording craft to each session. He handbuilt a drip replica of the Fairchild 670, a $30,000 compressor. He commissioned a custom ‘Frank’ Tube microphone from Ben Sneezby, which beat out the $14,000 gold standard Neumann U47 in a mic shootout. Needless to say, David is geeked about the gear. However, all of the fancy dials and knobs won’t inspire passion or create talent, and that’s precisely why David is personally involved in each production and trusts guidance of the ultimate result to voice, piano, and guitar professionals Androo O’Hearn, Kaela Sinclair, David Kellogg, Matt Thompson, and Jessie Frye. The crew works with each artist every step of the way from the kernel of an idea to the final mix. southlake ARTS

JAN 2014





Students of HMPS are currently working on their 4th compilation of works, Homegrown Vol. 4. All of the tracks are written and performed by local students. Homegrown volumes 1-3 can be downloaded from iTunes by searching on Hall Music Productions. You’ll hear a diverse mix of style and range along with standouts such as Tyler Miller, Soleil Singh, and Dylan James Bishop. When she isn’t acting in the Dallas Arts District, auditioning for roles, and being jetted to NYC and LA for engagements, 6th grader Soleil Singh is getting ready for Broadway by writing quirky, imaginative musical theater songs of her own. Explore Soleil’s creations: August Pool’s Day/Bugs (HMPS Homegrown Vol. 1) Questions (HMPS Homegrown Vol. 2) The Chase Chain (HMPS Homegrown Vol. 3)


JAN 2014

southlake ARTS

Fourteen-year-old pianist Tyler Miller cut his teeth on Liszt, Chopin, and Bach. A fan of Hans Zimmer, he enjoys recording music for film. Recently one of his compositions was featured in a commercial in the Los Angeles airport. His introspective, brooding pieces reflect his love for the Romantic period of classical music. Look for tracks by Tyler:

Southlake has a well-known history of growing great guitar players, and fifteen-year-old Dylan James Bishop is no exception. Dylan writes bluesy guitar songs reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaughan that he records with a live band. You can hear Dylan performing at local venues such as The Burger Shack. Check out his selections:

Dancing to Yesterday (HMPS Homegrown Vol. 3)

Stardust (HMPS Homegrown Vol. 1)

Melting Ice (HMPS Homegrown Vol. 2)

Jam 37 (HMPS Homegrown Vol. 3)


And, if you’ve grown tired of trying to figure out what the fox says, try this for infectious can’t-get-out-of-your-head kid-friendly goodness: (we guarantee you’ll get your .99 worth) Time to Go Go Go to School Now (Blue Jagfish) Best of all, you don’t have to be a student to participate. David and company are so passionate about the arts and supporting up-andcoming artists, HMPS has set aside time to donate to fostering creativity. If you have a song you’d like to record and share, e-mail or call David to set up a time.

David Hall Hall Music Productions (817) 703-3205 David@HallMusicProductions.com southlake ARTS

JAN 2014


Finding homes with Joy in Southlake.


w w w . c h a d s t r e e t . c o m




Texas State-Fish Art Contest Announces 2013 Winners The Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center, headquarters for the Texas division of Wildlife Forever’s State-Fish Art Contest, has announced the Texas division winners for 2013. Texas artists and their families will be recognized at an expo and banquet at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens on June 15. First-place winners will advance to the national level and compete against winners from other states. National winners will be announced at an expo to be held at the Go Fish Education Center in Perry, Georgia, July 12–13. Prizes and financial assistance for Texas winners to attend the state and national expos are provided by the Toyota Texas Bass Classic. Texas winners receive $1,000 for first place, $750 for second place and $500 for third place in the grades 10–12 division. Prizes in the K–3, 4–6 and 7–9 grade levels are $100 for first, $75 for second, $50 for third. The State-Fish Art Contest is a project of Wildlife Forever. Located in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, Wildlife Forever is a non-profit multi-species conservation organization dedicated to conserving America’s wildlife heritage. Working at the grassroots level, Wildlife Forever has funded conservation projects in all 50 states, committing millions of dollars to “on-the-ground” efforts. Wildlife Forever supports habitat restoration and enhancement, land acquisition, research and management of fish and wildlife populations.


JAN 2014

southlake ARTS

Background by Gabriella Malapitan



southlake art house students!

Texas Student 2013 Winners GRADES K-3: 1st Place, Sofia Elena Di Stefano of Keller; 2nd Place, Tatyana Panchishna of Flower Mound 3rd Place, Gabriella Malapitan of Flower Mound

Kriti Sinha


GRADES 4–6: 1st Place, Erin Werner of Santa Fe 2nd Place, Amy Liu of Sugar Land 3rd Place, Madeleine Alexander of Keller GRADES 7–9: 1st Place, Casey Nixon of Longview 2nd Place, Daniel Heaney of Roanoke 3rd Place, Candice Ma of Sugar Land

Lawson Loveland

GRADES 10–12: 1st Place, Brady King of Livingston 2nd Place, Jessica Hooks of Fred 3rd Place, Mary Campbell of Fort Worth

Tanmay Karandikar

GRADES K–3: Lawson Loveland of Flower Mound Elli Barnir of Flower Mound Emma Barnard of Southlake Eva Perez of Dickinson Elaina Mullins of Dickinson GRADES 4–6: Tanmay Karandikar of Coppell YiYun Li of Sugar Land Rohun Kulshrestha of Flower Mound Sarah Slator of Coppell Nancy Shao of Sugar Land GRADES 7–9: Christy Kendall of Paris Ninarika Jetty of Irving Nasa Xu of Katy Raashi Kulshrestha of Flower Mound Kriti Sinha of Irving GRADES 10–12: Jermaine Castillo of Chandler Olga Linares of Denton Luis Castillo of Irving Rama Imad of Houston Sophia Anthony of Dallas

Rohun Kulshrestha

Ninarika Jetty

southlake ARTS

JAN 2014


355 E. Bob Jones Rd, Southlake http://www.bjnc.org Photography by Duane Bender

24 JAN 2014 southlake ARTS Photography by Grant Halverson

Photograph by John Kane Photograph Grant Halverson


Dance Dance Revolution CONTEMPORARY DANCE IS ALIVE AND WELL IN NORTH TEXAS, thanks to TITAS, who has been bringing innovative dance programming to Dallas for 30 years.

Photograph by RJ Muna, Courtesy of AT&T Performing Arts Center

Courtesy of AT&T Performing Arts Center

In January, TITAS presents Pilobolus and Alonzo King LINES Ballet. PILOBOLUS


What is Pilobolus? A better question might be “What isn’t Pilobolus?” Named after a fungus that seeks out the sun, Pilobolus is a Connecticut-based collective of artists that uses the human body as a means of expression to present inventive, collaborative, and athletic programs as well as educational projects on the creative process. In its 41st year, the company collaborates with diverse artists—dancers and non-dancers, including Radiolab and the MIT Distributed Robotics Laboratory to elevate movement to an art form.

Alonzo King LINES Ballet is a celebrated contemporary ballet company whose works draw on a diverse set of deeply rooted cultural traditions, imbuing classical ballet with new expressive potential. Choreography draws from science – angles, energy, and motion. Articulated, technical and profoundly inventive, LINES Ballet has created a very special niche for themselves in the international cultural landscape. A must-see performance, Alonzo King’s luscious, visionary choreography is renowned for connecting audiences to a profound sense of shared humanity.

Ingenious, funny and intriguing, Pilobolus redefines modern dance with their unique use of the body as a prop. Radically innovative and always intriguing, Pilobolus is one of the world’s most beloved dance illusionist companies—and a TITAS audience favorite. Having been seen around the world and featured on such shows as the 79th Academy Awards and 60 Minutes, Pilobolus continues to thrill audiences, remaining as surprising as ever. Pilobolus 8 p.m. Friday / Saturday, January 17/18, 2014 (2 shows) Winspear Opera House

Alonzo King LINES Ballet 8 p.m. Saturday, January 25, 2014 Winspear Opera House “Gripping, urgently beautiful choreography.” (San Francisco Chronicle)

Tickets for these shows can be purchased online at

www.ATTPAC.org/titas or by phone at 214.880.0202. southlake ARTS

JAN 2014


Photography by Duc Tran



PEOPLE COME FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD TO LIVE IN SOUTHLAKE. Anyone that teaches in our area would be quick to tell you that. Duc Tran (11th grade) moved here from Saigon, Vietnam. When he moved to the U.S. 6 years ago, Duc didn’t know English and came from a culture where art and fashion were considered inferior. If you wanted to be important, you had to be a doctor, lawyer, politician or surgeon. This was the message he was taught. He believed it until he moved here. Since he moved to the U.S., he has been able to experience fashion, photography and art and realize a dream that he should work in this field. His work, mostly made with just a $70 camera, is stunning. Duc has a great sense of composition and capturing just the right moment. Having moved to Southlake three years ago, his interest in the human face and drawing studies led him to begin practicing photography. As you can see from his work on the opposite page, his work is striking.

12 QUESTIONS FOR DUC Who is your favorite photographer? Nigel Barker - He is a fashion photographer and knows how to get the perfect face angle. If you weren’t doing photography and fashion what would you be doing? Drawing with pencil. Who is your inspiration? Tyra [Banks] and Eric Horne (CISD Art Teacher). Where are you happiest? With my family.

Who is your favorite fictional character? Sailor Moon (Anime). What is the most beautiful place you’ve been in the world? Southlake, because of the people. What was the biggest challenge you overcame? Adapting to the US from Vietnam. If you could have a meal with anyone who would it be? Tyra!

If you could invent anything, what would you invent? A memory recorder of your imagination. Where do you go in the Bubble to get away? My imagination. What is your favorite food? Pho. Who is your style icon? Male - Marc Jacobs, Female - Coco Chanel. southlake ARTS

JAN 2014


Photograph by Houston Brown Photography



JAN 2014

southlake ARTS

White Flax by Jeremy Cole

Photography Courtesy of Scott+Cooner


Beauty, Elegance, Craftsmanship by Jeremy Cole



ew Zealander Jeremy Cole has been creating imaginative ceramic designs since 2005. His aim is simple: “To constantly deliver through my mediums: beauty, elegance and craftsmanship nothing more and nothing less.”

Jeremy’s handcrafted works are created by a small team of artisans and draw inspiration from the interplay between light and botany. Light fixtures are elevated to an art form by combining smooth lines and bold, repetitive shapes. In collections inspired by fleshy aloe, delicate orchid, and stark flax, Cole invokes both the delicate transience of nature and its awesome power through simplicity and sophistication. His installations include designs for clients such as Bulgari, Harry Winston, and New Zealand Air. His works have been featured in international magazines, newspapers, museums, and private commissions. Jeremy Cole designs are featured locally at Scott + Cooner in the Dallas Design District.

For more information visit: www.jeremycole.net www.scottcooner.com southlake ARTS

JAN 2014



Usher in Peace and Tranquility in 2014 By Julie Walsh — Design-Build Consultant - Sterling Renovations

Peace and tranquility, doesn’t that sound divine after the rush of the holidays? While you pack away the ornaments and décor, it’s the perfect time to reorganize and simplify, which helps usher in a fresh beginning to the New Year. Eliminate the clutter – Buy inexpensive plastic totes for items that need to be organized and stored. Go through toys and clothes and any other household items that are no longer used. Donate them to one of the many charities in the area. Peace in symmetry – When putting back your everyday accessories, don’t feel you have to display everything at once. Opt for fewer and larger accessories for a focal point, choosing a few items you love. You can also purchase a new piece of artwork you’ve had your eye on to create a new focal point. Group small artwork together. Changing out frames and mats to be the same color helps bring uniformity. This works well for family photos. Fresh color brings fresh perspective – Paint is always a good mood changer. Greys are an attractive, neutral option; greens and blues are tranquil tones. Replacing throw pillows in a new color or pattern can make an older sofa or chair look new again. Change out your lamps, or even just your shades. There are so many pretty styles to choose from. Cozy furniture placement – Bring furniture in, rather than pushing it flush against the wall. A good measurement is at least 30 inches from the wall. This encourages conversation and makes the room cozier.


A Civilized Conversation Across the Ages The Kimbell Expands with Opening of Renzo Piano Pavilion


n Wednesday, November 27th, art in the Metroplex took a giant leap forward with the opening of the Renzo Piano Pavilion Adding over 100,000 square feet, the pavilion blends glass, concrete and wood to complement and fold seamlessly into its natural surroundings. Bringing the outdoors to bear on the interior art is an integral part of the design. Connected by glazed walkways, the galleries feature oak


JAN 2014

southlake ARTS

floors and wooden beams supporting a roof of steel and glass. Louvers in the roof control the flow of light into the gallery. Galleries feature window walls that reflect the ambient weather and conditions. As both a nod and a counterpoint to the museum’s original modern-style building, featuring curved lines and solid concrete blocks, the pavilion connotes lightness, fluidity, and air. The New York Times describes the relationship of the two buildings as a “civilized conversation across the ages.” The North gallery will feature works from the collection, while the South gallery will host temporary exhibitions. The first exhibition will feature works from the Kimbell’s permanent collection to celebrate its opening, including Italian Renaissance, European art, Pre-Columbian, African, and Asian art. Its first temporary exhibition in 2014 will be Samurai: Armor from the Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Muller Collection. In addition to the galleries, the Pavilion features a library and the design centerpiece

“With this expansion, for the first time, the Kimbell will be able to showcase the breadth of its small but extraordinary permanent collection while simultaneously presenting a diverse selection of changing exhibitions,” says Eric M. Lee, director of the Kimbell. - an auditorium with bright-red seating, a stage illuminated with natural light, and superior acoustics for music performances. The expansion includes a renovation of the original building, an underground parking structure, and extensive treed green spaces. Great effort was put into creating an energyefficient and sustainable design, including a green roof with solar technology. Heating and cooling costs are contained as only a third of the interior is above ground, yielding energy savings of about half of that required for the original building. Photography by Polidori

Photograph by LaPrelle

Come to see art both outside and in, and, as always, admission to the Museumâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s permanent collection is FREE. More information may be found at www.kimbellart.org southlake ARTS

JAN 2014



Profile for Southlake Arts

Southlake Arts - January 2014  

Southlake Arts - January 2014