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elcome to the annual Birthday Party issue! While we always hope our pages are inspirational, this month we’re featuring South Jersey locations to throw your kids a perfect birthday extravaganza (page 17). Birthdays are meant to be a joy, so to the busiest of today’s super moms, make the day hassle free; hand over the hard work to the party venues and enjoy the day with family and friends. Also, be sure to learn the Dos and Don’ts in, “Does Kid Party Etiquette Still Exist? (page 16)”. And, need I remind you…the clock is ticking to find the right camp for your kids this summer. This month, be sure to check out “What Makes Camp So Special”, (page 28). There are so many positive reasons to send your kids to camp. Andy

Pritikin, owner and director of Liberty Lake Day Camp in Bordentown says, “Camp is a ‘step back in time’ to a more care-free environment where children are away from their over-loving and ever-hovering parents and are able to take a break from technology”. At camp children are often problem solving and adapting to change, which helps build confidence. Personally I love this concept! My kids have been in camp for the last ten years and all of these tools have helped them cope with hurdles they may encounter and build resiliency. My son, Sky, is turning 17 this month and has been a camp counselor at Tall Pines Day Camp since he was 14 and a camper for years before that. At an early age he was rambunctious and I just couldn’t keep pace with him, camp was the answer to get him out of the house and keep him busy. As he got older he would have spent his summers on the computer all-night and sleeping all day. Camp keeps him on a schedule all year. This month is National Nutrition Month, be sure to look for Lisa Figueiredo’s article (page 6) on how important it is to help create healthy eating and exercise habits with your kids. Today’s generation spends too much time with a device in their hand instead of a ball. I challenge you this month to play with your kids outside, take a walk, play soccer, throw a football, ride a skateboard, or even draw on the pavement with chalk. Be adventurous! The possibilities are endless.✲ Your friend & fellow MOM,

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Santino, is a sweet six month old boy. He is starting to sit unassisted, loves his mommy, daddy and adores his puppy brother. His favorite pastimes include eating, playing with his musical toys and jumping in his jumper. He is absolutely the happiest baby!

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