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Does Kid Party Etiquette Still Exist? Written By: Jessica Mungekar


ocial and party etiquette is still practiced, even in our informal society. Now, mind you, it has evolved with modern times, but it is still important to follow certain “rules” when planning, hosting or attending a party- even a party for kids. Here are some helpful tips! I’m hosting a party at a venue- now what?

Be courteous: The number one rule for letting your guests and their parents feel welcome at your party is to be a welcoming and gracious host. Be considerate: Let’s face it…posting to social media is commonplace, however, some parents or caregivers may not want their children’s photos shared. It’s a common courtesy for your guests to check with you before posting and for you to do the same. If you are not wanting your party put on social media outlets, kindly ask your guests to refrain from posting. Most often, it is not an issue. Be prepared: What do you do when disaster strikes? Like… when a friend’s parent brings their siblings or the cake is ruined… It’s ok! Your kid’s party is not ruined!  First and foremost stay cool and calm. Be sure to use your vendor of choice’s resources and ask for HELP! They may have a simple solution to get your party back on track quickly and smoothly.   Sometimes, there is just no fix. So instead of crying, try to laugh it off! Other parents typically can relate… What do I do if my guests have dietary restrictions? When hosting a party at a venue, the venue will typically supply the food so it’s important to let parents know what food will be served. If it is something their child cannot eat, you can request that the parent bring food to the party or you can ask the venue if you are able to bring in outside food. To open or not to open? When hosting a party at a venue, as a rule, venues typically ask parents to take the gifts with them before opening. Parents may choose to invite all or a few guests back to their home to open gifts and as children get older, this becomes more commonplace. Kids love to open gifts with their friends and their friends love to watch their gifts get opened.  Younger kids (ages 1-5) may prefer a quieter surrounding with the family when opening presents. Are thank you cards necessary? Saying thank you in the form of a note is also a wonderful teachable moment in which your child learns to show gratitude and express his or her thanks.  The recipient will also feel appreciated when receiving the note. Are party favors required? Most venues will supply goodie bags for a fee or you can bring your own. If you don’t want to send your guests home with cheap toys that break within 5 minutes, offer take home gift certificates to the local ice cream shop or movie theatre instead.   What to do when the host says “no gifts please”? Typically, you go to a party, you bring a gift. It’s a no brainer, right? This philosophy all changes when the host specifically requests that no gifts be brought. In this case, the host’s requests should be honored.  If you feel compelled to bring something, ask the host if you can bring an alternative gift like a subscription, membership…maybe even make a donation to a charity in the child’s name.  When all is said and done, the most important thing when throwing and attending a kid’s party is to have fun!   Jessica Mungekar is the Founder and CEO of Jessie’s Party Stop, South Jersey’s Guide to Kids Parties; An online resource for families living in SJ looking for help planning their DIY kid’s parties. She lives in Washington Township with her husband, and two children, Layla 9, Kiran 5. 

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