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1. Make a music summer playlist 2. Make popsicles 3. Create a treasure hunt 4. Play hopscotch 5. Camp out in backyard 6. Draw a racetrack on the driveway for hours of fun 7. Make an obstacle course 8. Run through sprinklers 9. Visit a farm 10. Have a craft night 11. Go on a nature hunt 12. Put on a concert 13. Have a water fight 14. Make mom & dad dinner 15. Go bowling 16. Try a new food 17. Race toy sail boats in a kiddie pool using straws to propel them 18. Go mini golfing 19. Make milkshakes 20. Go Jersey Fresh! Visit a local farmer’s market. 21. Visit the beach & collect shells 22. Go canoeing at a local lake 23. Write & illustrate your own book 24. Make homemade pizza 25. Create salad spinner art: Place circles of paper inside salad spinner, dab tempera paint on top, cover & spin away. 26. Plan a garden 27. Go fossil hunting near a lake 28. Visit a water park 29. Paint rock art 30. Visit a fire station 31. Go roller skating 32. Bake cup cakes in ice cream cones & decorate 33. Catch fireflies in a jar & let them go at end of night 34. Learn to sew or knit 35. Make crafts from your recyclable items 16 | June 2018

36. Make bird feeders by covering pine cones with peanut butter & rolling in birdseed. 37. Let kids paint each other with tempura paint, then run through sprinklers. 38. Have a game night 39. Shaving cream slip-n-slide 40. Have a dance party in the living room on a rainy day 41. Master jumping rope 42. Let them read graphic novels 43. Play dress up 44. Dig in the dirt 45. Go tubing 46. Make a pen pal 47. Make a map of your neighborhood 48. Build a tower with toothpicks & marshmallows 49. Go tubing 50. Find the free indoor movies around South Jersey 51. Go fishing 52. Paint your own pottery 53. Visit a local museum 54. Do some texture rubbings on leaves & grass 55. Bike on local trails & parks 56. Dig up worms 57. Experience the thrill of a roller coaster

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58. Draw on pillow cases with fabric markers 59. Make your own fudge 60. Look for bats at night 61. Throw a tea party 62. Use Google search to identify a plant in your yard 63. Play badminton in the yard 64. Bake a blueberry pie. 65. Make oven smores: wrap fancy ingredients in tinfoil & bake 66. Make a wildflower bouquet 67. Use an old sheet to paint & make art on the lawn 68. Make ice cream in a bag 69. Make an obstacle course 70. Visit the public library 71. Have a clothes line art show 72. Make your own PVC pipe sprinkler 73. Play flashlight tag 74. Use paintbrush to paint sidewalk with water 75. awesome art. 76. Start a rock collection 77. Build a fort under the table or in closet 78. Make a mini volcano erupt using baking soda, vinegar & food coloring. 79. Fly a kite

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June18issue final