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Local students take free throw challenge By John Pettit Special to the Record-Journal

Friday, January 13, 2017

Officials: disclosure proposal insulting Town officials said they were insulted by a proposed ethics code change that would require business and financial disclosures from elected, appointed and some hired town officials.

proposed by the Town Council’s ordinance committee following a high-profile ethics complaint against Republican Town Councilor Tom Lombardi shortly before the 2015 municipal election. The proposals include making New Britain Superior Court responsible for ethics appeals and requiring elected and appointed officials as

A host of ethics changes were

See Ethics, A17

By Jesse Buchanan Record-Journal staff

It may have been snowing outside, but it was raining free throws inside the Southington Catholic School gymnasium Saturday, Jan. 7. That’s when Southington Knights of Columbus sponsored its fifth annual Basketball Free Throw Challenge with 14 boys and girls ages 9-14 who braved the weather and toed the foul line for their shot at free throw fame.

Fire officials again ask for more help

The sharpshooters were divided by age and gender, with each player given three practice shots and 15 that counted. The winners advance to the district competition next month at a site and date to be determined with a chance to move on to regional and state contests.

By Jesse Buchanan Record-Journal staff

Phil Mazzatti organized the competition, a joint venture between the town’s Knights of Columbus councils 15 and 25.

Fire commissioners have repeated their request for more full-time firefighters in a budget that would increase spending by 5.5 percent.

A Syracuse graduate and basketball fan, Mazzatti has led Adriana Shea, 13, sets for her turn at the foul line the free throw competition for five years. He said South- during the Knights of Columbus 5th Annual Free Throw Championships held at the Southington ington has sent at least one

The Fire Commission voted unanimously Jan. 4 to request $4.5 million for the department’s 2017-18 budget, a 5.5 percent increase over the current spending plan. It includes $365,000 to hire

Catholic School on Jan. 7.

See Knights, A15

LIC# SI 394730

Katie Saucier Rochefort LIC# SMI 2095

Don’t be caught in the cold!

Choose the best call AMS!

The commission asked for additional firefighters last year after fire captains and lieutenants wrote a letter saying the department was understaffed and could not cover the entire town. Town Manager Garry Brumback did not include the funding in the budget he sent to the Town Council. See Fire, A15

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Christopher Rochefort

| Justin Weekes, For the Record-Journal

three career firefighters and promote two firefighters to captain.

A2 Friday, January 13, 2017

The Southington Citizen |

Town offering housing rehab grant funds

zen Citizen Your News


To qualify for the loan, property owners must satisfy the following criteria: homeowners must have at least 10

The Southington

Citizen ISSN 1559-0526 1559-0526 ISSN ISSN 1559-0526 USPS 023-115 USPS 023-115 023-115 USPS

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For more information and applications, call 203-8885624 or email

Scripture Bits Scripture Bits



The program, awarded by HUD and Connecticut’s

percent equity in their home, be tax current and have an income not exceeding HUD’s income limits for the Town of Southington. HUD’s income limit for a single person household is $44,650 and $65,700 for a family of four.

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Boys & Girls ages 3–16



Get the Fat Facts Training and Follow the Plan for 30 Days. If you do not Love how You Feel and how Easy it is, We Will Refund Your Tuition


Department of Housing, allows eligible Southington residents to make needed health and safety improvements to their homes through loans at 0 percent interest. Applications for participation in the program must be received by April 30, 2017. The program requires no out of pocket costs.

before I formed you in the Published every Friday by the Record-Journal womb I knew you. -----Publishing Co. Delivered by mail to all homes Jeremiah 1:4-5 and businesses in Southington, Plantsville, Milldale and Marion.

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The Town of Southington has a grant for housing rehabilitation available for qualified town residents. Eligible improvements include, but are not to: roofs, Thelimited Southington furnaces, hot water heaters, windows, doors, septic, electrical, plumbing and ADA Your Town, Your News modifications.

The Southington Citizen |

Friday, January 13, 2017


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A4 Friday, January 13, 2017

The Southington Citizen |

Not a sonic boom, earthquake, or explosion ... Command, said the closest base with supersonic aircraft is 500 miles away.

By Jesse Buchanan Record-Journal staff

Earthquakes felt for that distance are generally a strength of 2 magnitude or greater, but a station about 20 miles away detected nothing at that time on Monday.

“Based off of our analysis, there’s no way it could have been an (Air Force) jet,” he said Tuesday. “It couldn’t have been us.”

There are more questions than answers about a loud noise that was heard in parts of Southington, Cheshire, Meriden and Wolcott on Monday morning, Jan. 2. After receiving a flood of calls, fire and police crews searched the south end of Southington but couldn’t find damage or an apparent cause. Experts and government officials contacted Tuesday also couldn’t come up with a reason for the noise. Here are some of the theories:

Dewey said there are very shallow earthquakes, but at a low strength they wouldn’t produce the boom heard by residents.

It’s possible that another branch of the military, such as the Navy or National Guard, was flying a jet in the area, Schrag said. A representative with the North American Aerospace Defense Command also said the group had no missions in the area at the time the noise was reported. 2. Low-level seismic activity.

1. Sonic boom from an aircraft.

The noise and vibrations felt by area residents likely were not from a shallow earthquake, according James Dewey, a research seismologist with the U.S. Geological Survey. Based on the spread of reports, he estimated that the vibrations were felt in an area of 25 square miles.

The Federal Aviation Administration refused to disclose whether or not supersonic aircraft were in the area Monday morning, deferring comment to the military. Maj. Andrew Schrag, a spokesman for Air Combat

While the nearby station can detect seismic activity of as low as 1.5 magnitude, Dewey said he’d also check with a United Nations nuclear testing monitoring site which measures infrasound. While the agency is looking for clandestine nuclear tests around the world, the data can be useful in discovering seismic activity. “We lean towards the idea that it doesn’t represent a seismic incident,” Dewey said. “An earthquake that would be large enough to produce a sound over a substantial area, even if it was very shallow, would be in the

two range.” Scientists have speculated that shallow earthquakes not recorded by equipment were the cause of unexplained loud noises in the Northeastern part of the country and along the East Coast, often referred to as “Seneca guns,” according to a post on the U.S. Geological Survey’s website. Loud booms have been heard on the shores of Lake Cayuga and Lake Seneca in New York. Similar unexplained noises have occurred along the coasts of Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina, as well as coastal India. More unusual seismic activity that can cause noise is cryoseism, also known as a frost quake. If the ground freezes to a sufficient depth, plate movement can cause cracks and noises. Dewey said it’s more common farther north and he ruled it out due to the lack of sustained cold weather in the area recently. 3. Meteorite.

Chamber Night on the Slopes at Mount Southington

A meteorite can cause a boom, but according to Bill Cook with NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office, area residents wouldn’t have been

sepolS eht no thgiN rebmahC

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Hit the slopes at Mount Southington this winter with your family & The Southington Chamber

$25 ticket person include

family & The Southington Chamber Hit the slopes at Mount Southington this winter with your

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“Nothing at all, no smoke, no reports of any property damage,” Dobratz said. “We really couldn’t send anybody because we didn’t have an address, just an area of town.”

Sunday, January 29th, 2017 1:30 – 3:00 pm for prospective parents and students of all grades

(snow date January 31st, 6:30 pm) For more information please call us at 860.828.4343 x134 Individual school visits/tours also available upon request Saint Paul School 461 Alling Street Kensington, CT


Admission only (no ski) $20 Admission/Ski lift $35

Police Sgt. Jeffrey Dobratz said no smoke was observed as crews traveled around town and even drove to high points in the south end. Dispatchers were “swamped” with calls from residents Monday and even into Tuesday, Jan. 3, but there was little police or firefighters could do.

Thursday, January 19th, 2017 program starts at 6:30 pm

Admission/Ski lift $35 Admission only (no ski) $20

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4. Industrial noise or explosion.

“What to Expect in Middle School” Night

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Most meteoroids don’t cause a crater, so the lack of an impact area doesn’t necessarily rule out that cause for the boom. But Cook had no records of any such event on Monday.

Students of all faiths are welcome

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“Those things generally garner a great deal of attention,” he said. “If it’s large enough to create a boom, it would have been visible even in daylight. They probably should have seen something in the sky.”

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able to miss seeing a fireball caused by the meteoroid’s entry into the atmosphere.

Chamber Night on the Slopes at Mount Southington

The Southington Citizen |

Friday, January 13, 2017

Calendar Boys swimming - Southington vs. East Catholic at Southington YMCA, 3:45 p.m.

Saturday, Jan. 14 Boys basketball - SHS vs. Bristol Eastern at Southington, 6:45 p.m. Girls basketball - SHS vs. Wethersfield at Wethersfield, 6:45 p.m.

ton vs. East Hartford at East Hartford, 3:45 p.m.

Saturday, Jan. 21 Sloper Plunge - The 12th annual Sloper Plunge is scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 21, 1 p.m., at YMCA Camp Sloper, 1000 East St. To participate, a fee is charged and registration is required. For more information, call 860-621-8194 or email saltwies@sccymca. org.

Ice hockey - Southington vs. Enfield-E. Granby-Stafford at Veteran’s Memorial Rink, 1 p.m.

Ice hockey - Southington vs. WMRP at Newington Arena, 1:35 p.m.

Wednesday, Jan. 18

Tuesday, Jan. 24

Ice hockey - Southington vs. E.O. Smith-Tolland at UConn Hockey Arena, 5:30 p.m.

Boys basketball - SHS vs. Rockville at Rockville, 6:45 p.m.

Saturday, Jan. 28

Girls basketball - SHS vs. Tolland at Southington, 6:45 p.m.

Dinner - Military Appreciation Dinner from 4 to 8 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 28, (snow date Feb. 4) at the Southington Elks Lodge No. 1669, 114 Main St.. Free to military members and veterans; reduced fee for immediate family members; charge for all other guests. Hors d’oeuvres, buffet dinner, and dessert. Open to the public. For more information or tickets, call Denise Johnson at 860707-6838. Reserve tickets by Jan. 20. Blanket donations to help keep veterans warm are appreciated.

Tuesday, Jan. 17 Boys basketball - SHS vs. Northwest Catholic at Southington, 6:45 p.m. Girls basketball - SHS vs. Northwest Catholic at Northwest Catholic, 6:45 p.m.

Wednesday, Jan. 18 Wrestling - SHS vs. Hall at Southington, 6 p.m.

Friday, Jan. 20 Boys basketball - SHS vs. South Windsor at Southington, 7:30 p.m. Girls basketball - SHS vs. South Windsor at Southington, 6 p.m. Boys swimming - Southing-

This winter, make sure the warm air stays inside, where it belongs.

Wednesday, Jan. 25 Ice hockey - Southington vs. Newington Coop at Veteran’s Memorial Rink, 7:30 p.m.

Let Energize Connecticut and Eversource help get your home ready for the winter.

Boys swimming - Southington vs. Conard at Southington YMCA, 4 p.m. Wrestling - SHS vs. Newington at Newington, 6 p.m.

Friday, Jan. 27

In-home weatherization services can help lower your monthly energy bill at little or no cost to you. Making your home more comfortable by keeping the warm air in, the cold air out, and the ice dams away. Don’t let the cold get the best of you this season. Let one of our utilityauthorized technicians, after a home energy assessment, perform on-the-spot energy-saving improvements to ensure your home is air sealed and efficiently ready for the winter. Schedule your in-home service today.

Boys basketball - SHS vs. Glastonbury at Southington, 6:45 p.m. Girls basketball - SHS vs. Glastonbury at Glastonbury, 7 p.m. Boys swimming - Southington vs. Plainville at Plainville, 4 p.m.

Saturday, Jan. 28


Home Energy Solutions. Save money now and for years to come. Call 877-WISE-USE (877-947-3873) or visit

Ice hockey - Southington vs. Taconic, Mass. at Veteran’s Memorial Rink, 1 p.m. Wrestling - SHS at CT Challenge at Southington, 6 a.m.

Tuesday, Jan. 31 Boys basketball - SHS vs. Conard at Southington, 6:45 p.m. Girls basketball - SHS vs. Conard at Conard, 6:45 p.m.


Friday, Jan. 13

Energize Connecticut—programs funded by a charge on customer energy bills.


A6 Friday, January 13, 2017

The Southington Citizen |

Judge: Church negligent in theft of statues By Jesse Buchanan Record-Journal staff

Marie Conaty received more than $5,000 as part of the small claims judgment.

“Were this a case of theft of St. Thomas Church was neg- an urn or teddy bear, this court would agree with (St. ligent in preventing thefts of Thomas) on its lack of liastatues from its cemetery, bility. But the items stolen according to a New Britain were two very large statues judge, who ruled in favor of which required a truck and a family who lost statues relarge tools to remove them portedly worth $30,000 and from the grave’s foundation,” sued the church. Braffman wrote in her deciJudge Elaine Braffman ruled sion, which was provided to late last month that the the newspaper by Conaty. St. church was liable for not pro- Thomas “was put on notice viding security, such as gates that thefts which required or an alarm system, after sev- large trucks and machineral similar thefts. Mary Mo- ery were happening and (St. relli and her daughter Ann Thomas) could easily have

prevented such thefts by either gates at night or some kind of alarm system.” Church representatives argued that the cemetery is only responsible for landscaping and other maintenance. St. Thomas pastor the Rev. Nick Melo deferred comment to church lawyers, who didn’t return a call for comment on Friday. He said the church eventually did put in gates to protect the cemetery and hasn’t had any problems since the arrest of a Meriden man. In October, James Gill, of

Meriden, was arrested and charged in the theft of statues from the cemetery. Gill was found guilty last month of two counts each of third-degree larceny and illegal sale of a gravestone. He was sentenced to five years in prison, suspended after 30 months, and three years of probation. Fifteen statues missing from the cemetery were recovered during a police investigation. Police said the recovered statues were worth $2,300 to $6,000 each. Morelli’s statues were not recovered. Conaty said two four-foot stone angels were taken from

the family’s plot. The family received about $5,000 from their insurance company and the court award nearly pays for the lost statutes. Melo said Morelli is a parishioner, but Conaty is not. Conaty said she wanted to pursue a claim with the church’s insurance, Catholic Mutual, but wasn’t allowed. Conaty also sent a letter to the pope, complaining that the church wouldn’t pay out of its insurance funds for stolen statues. Suing the parish was uncomfortable, but she said the outcome will help others.

Fat Facts Weight Loss Center opens on N. Main St. Patrick Tallis and Sandy Lucas have opened the Fat Facts Weight Loss Center at 550 North Main St. in Southington.

“Our goal is to empower people to take control of their weight and health now,” Tallis said, pointing out that this goal is achieved by providing

clients with the facts about why they gained weight and showing them what to do about it.

Said Tallis, “The biggest accomplishment of most diets is convincing people the diet ‘works.’ That way, when the diet fails, people will blame themselves, not the diet. To everyone who did not find success on a diet: You did not fail, the diet failed.”

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Lucas and Tallis invested hundreds of hours researching obesity and the chronic diseases related to it.

Healthy Eating for Weight Conscious Individuals Are you a failed dieter desperately searching for a healthy way to lose weight and keep it off?


Since beginning their weight loss plan in March, 2015, Lucas has lost 45 pounds and Tallis has shed 98 pounds.


• Make a commitment and become empowered by taking responsibility for your weight and health once and for all • Set realistic goals and celebrate your commitment as you position yourself for success • Plan for positive eating and feel in control as you take charge and nourish yourself with tasty satisfying foods • Increase your exercise and enjoy feeling strong and energized as you go through each day moving and losing SPECIAL PRICE: Separate Classes are forming starting: $100.00 for the entire 8 week • Thursday Feb. 2, 2017 at 4:00pm to 5:00pm program. – we will meet every Thursday until Mar. 23, 2017 • Thursday Feb. 2, 2017 at 6:00pm to 7:00pm Program must – we will meet every Thursday until Mar. 23, 2017 be paid for in full by the 1st class Call at 860-357-2282 or e-mail at Seating is limited to register.

This program is provided by a Registered Dietitian who specializes in weight management. Jane Grant, RD CD-N 37 Webster Square Rd. Berlin, CT 860-357-2282


As you move through the program you will…

The couple explained, one of the biggest problems for most people attempting to lose weight is navigating the abundance of inaccurate and harmful information that is out there. One such assumption – eat less, move more – is the foundation of most diets.

While that makes sense on its face, that is not how our bodies work. The Fat Facts Plan will show that we get fat because of what we eat, not how much we eat. “Your body wants to work efficiently and be healthy, but the foods many of us are eating do not allow that,” Lucas said. Once armed with the facts, a client can make choices to support their health in a way that works in harmony with nature and with what nature intended. Fat Facts Weight Loss provides training by appointment. To schedule a session, call Patrick or Sandy at: 860538-7886 or visit – Press Release

State legislators to host town hall Jan. 18 State Sen. Joe Markley, State Rep. Rob Sampson and State Rep. John Fusco have scheduled a town hall meeting for Wednesday, Jan. 18, 6:30 to 8 p.m. at Southington Munic-

ipal Center, 200 North Main St. The public is welcome. For more information, contact Chris Diorio at or 1-800-842-1421.

The Southington Citizen |

Friday, January 13, 2017


Sound therapy offers treatment alternative By Jesse Buchanan Record-Journal staff

Ed Cleveland strikes, scrapes and taps different sized gongs hanging on a stand, quickly switching out mallets of various sizes for his work. He is not playing music. He’s treating a student sitting a few feet away. Cleveland combines sound therapy with reiki and aromatherapy at his office in the Apple Valley Chiropractic and Wellness Center on West Street. “The entire universe is a vibrating force of energy, that is what we work on,” he said. A healthy body operates at a certain frequency, but anxiety reduces those vibrations, according to Cleveland. Gongs, bowls and other types of therapy remove the negative energy and anxiety.

“Sickness and disease actually has a frequency,” he said.

injured doing martial arts and lost his job.

During the meditation sessions, Cleveland creates sounds with the bowls or other instruments and adds his own whistling, singing and positive affirmations.

“I put out to the universe, ‘I need some help,’” he said.

At his office on Jan. 4, Cleveland demonstrated his technique with a student and patient, Lisa DeFurio of Rocky Hill. While she was lying down, he put a bowl on her back and created a deep, low sound. “This one isn’t as loud but it almost has a corkscrew effect. It can reach into the body and pull out pain,” Cleveland said. He alternated bowl noises with drum and monochord sounds while speaking to DeFurio. The new millennium started with several blows for Cleveland. He got divorced, was

Cleveland was drawn to a book about reiki, an eastern relaxation and healing technique. While participating in martial arts he’d come across some of the concepts but soon was exploring the healing properties of essential oils, shamanic practices and sound therapy.

Katherine Thibault, a freelance writer and town resident, wrote about her experience, saying her session helped lift a creative block, made her more resistant to stress and removed a numbness in her spine. Anthony Ciardella, a local primary care doctor, isn’t opposed to sound healing if there are benefits and practitioners don’t discourage their clients from seeking other medical aid.

“If it works, I’m for it,” he said. Middlesex Hospital in Middletown is working to establish a sound therapy program. Sound therapy is a simple, no cost and safe intervention that provides symptom relief to patients, said Debra DePasqua, the hospital’s nursing administrative supervisor.

“Every bone, organ and cell has its own specific healing “There are a lot of things that vibration and resonant frepop up in the medical field, quency,” she said. “During people scoff at them but then find that there are benefits,” he physical or emotional stress, the frequencies are out of said. “I wouldn’t discount it.” balance and vibrations of the Although the cause of pain or body go out of tune. This reDeFurio said a session is like stress reduction from sound sults in disease.” a “natural high.” healing could be vibrations, For first-time clients, Cleveplacebo effect or some“I feel like I can take on the land said, the reaction is usuthing else entirely, Ciardella stress of life much easier afally surprise at the unfamiliar added, it’s prideful for medter this,” she said. sounds. He urged skeptics to ical professionals to only avoid the fear and concern of She recently kicked a caffeine accept methods that can be trying something new. addiction with the help of fully explained. treatments at the center. He spent a week in Pennsylvania at the Advance Gong Training Camp with Mitch Nur. Cleveland also has certifications in reiki, sound healing and aromatherapy.

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A8 Friday, January 13, 2017

The Southington Citizen |

Busy stretch for local skiers At last, fresh powder has fallen on the coastline. Connecticut may have had the best ski conditions in the nation last weekend. For me it was a tale of two mountains. I spent some time at Mount Southington last Saturday and made fresh tracks on every run in the hard snowfall. On Sunday morning we tracked new powder at Powder Ridge. We had a weekend of great skiing without driving more than 20 miles. The race season started with high school events at Mount Southington last week and continued with events for junior races last weekend. The Rams and Blue Knights dueled at Mount Southington and ended with a tie. On the girls course, the Southington ladies finished sixth out of the teams competing and the Cheshire girls finished 10th.

Looking for A

Daly Hynes led the Lady Knights, finishing fourth out of the 80 racers. Shayna Aronson came in eighth followed by Lindsay Adams in the 12th spot. Carly Sanangelo also scored for the Knights, taking 25th place in L class. Kalie Tomko was the top Cheshire lady, placing 12th among the L class girls. Over on the boys course, Cheshire took the day. The Rams finished fifth among the L class teams while Southington ended the day in seventh place. Southington’s Griffin Smith finished second overall and first in L class. Cheshire’s Jared Chase finished third among the boys from the

large schools followed by teammate Anders Norback in fourth. Less than sixtenths of a second behind Norback, Blue Knight racer Matt Chambers finished fifth in class. Judging by the times in last week’s race, the Southington and Cheshire boys are going to finish in a tight group in every race. The rivalry could come down to the last run of the last race of the season. Junior racers from the Mount Southington ski team also started the competition season last weekend. On Saturday, the U-16 racers traveled through the drifting snow to Berkshire East resort in Massachusetts for the opening GS of the Tri-State season. Elise Namnoum was the top South-




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On Sunday, the race at Mount Southington was the opening event of the Connecticut Youth Ski League season for boys and girls in U-10, -12 and -14 classes. The home team captured several medals.

Southington’s Max Sena-Goldschmidt came in 16th and won the gold for U-10 racers, while his teammate, Anthony Matusic, finished 24th overall and third in U-10 class.

The Mount Southington girls finished six racers in the top 19 spots. Kaylie Fryer led the local ladies, taking the top spot by more than three seconds on her home snow. Her teammate, Faith Richert, finished third, with Grace Mahmood right behind. Kaila Hendren finished 11th overall and took the silver medal for U-12 girls. Southington racer Alexandra Foucher finished 18th out of the 68 girls, followed by Samantha Dumais in 19th place. Over on the boys course, the home team had a fantastic day, placing eight racers in the top 16.

*** UConn women’s ski team captain Kelsie Carlette, from Cheshire, is going to the World Alpine Ski Championships in St. Moritz, Switzerland next month. Carlette, a dual citizen with an Irish passport and an Irish FIS racing license, has been named to her home country’s ski team, which will race in the worlds. Southington native and former UConn ski coach Larry Gianatti recruited Carlette to the Husky squad before he moved west to direct the competition program at Telluride, Colorado.

“Everyone involved with her development – Cheshire Philip Kaftan finished third High, Mt. Southington, the overall and took the bronze for U-14 racers. Noah Richert UConn ski team and the finished fifth overall and took MacConnell Division of the the silver for U-12 class while USCSA – have the right to be very proud of her achieveEthan Hine finished eighth ments,” Gianatti said. among the 91 racers and third in U-12 class. “If all goes well, we hope she will move to Telluride next Jay Lapierre came in ninth, October to train and prepare followed by Charlie Schneifor the Olympics with the der in 10th, Aiden Slovinski Telluride Ski Club,” Gianatti in 12th, Gavin Crowley in added.

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13th and Jack Funk in the 14th spot.



ington racer, finishing 18th out of the 70 girls in the event.




The Southington Citizen |

Friday, January 13, 2017


Aresimowicz repeats call for bipartisanship By Mike Savino Record-Journal staff

HARTFORD — Rep. Joe Aresimowicz reiterated his call for bipartisanship after taking over as House speaker on Jan. 4 . “There are no Democratic solutions, Republican solutions here,” he said in an address to the chamber after being elected its new leader. He pledged to work in a bipartisan manner, adding “it will be the practice, not the exception.” Leaders from both parties said they expect Aresimowicz to fulfill that promise, but House Minority Leader Themis Klarides also advised him to avoid the perception of a conflict of interest because of his full-time union job.

just days after the state Republican party unanimously adopted a resolution saying Aresimowicz’s job did represent a conflict as the legislature looks to balance a budget. Klarides accepted the opinion, but warned Aresimowicz on Wednesday not to do anything that would shake the public’s confidence. “Unfortunately we live in a world where it’s not always about what’s right and wrong, it’s about what the perception is,” she said She also said Aresimowicz has been an “honest broker” when they’ve worked together. “That’s all you can ask of someone on the opposite side,” she said. “I have no reason to believe that will change.”

last year.

months, and anticipates he can provide some calm in a legislature.

House Majority Leader Matt Ritter, D-Hartford, said Aresimowicz has shown an ability “Joe is not the speaker of to handle adversity in recent the House for the Demo-


cratic Party, and he is not the speaker of the House for the Republican Party,” Ritter said. “To everyone who just got sworn in, he’s our speaker of the House.”

Aresimowicz, a Democrat from Berlin first elected to the House in 2004, had been the House majority leader since 2012 before assumThe Office of State Ethics said ing the speaker’s position last week that Aresimowicz’s Wednesday. His district injob as education coordinator cludes part of Southington. for AFSCME doesn’t represent a conflict of interest with Brendan Sharkey, of Hamhis new position as House den, had held the seat the speaker. past two sessions but decided not to seek re-election He requested the opinion

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A10 Friday, January 13, 2017

The Southington Citizen |

Kennedy Middle School Honor Roll Rogers, Ben Roper, Sean Roper, Elise Ryan, Hope Scalise, Julian Scalise, Anna Shamus-Udicious, Sydney Shea, Caitlyn Sheldrick, Gwenyth Silva, Julianne Slesinski, Jake Sperry, Charlotte Stack, Chase Stanish, Ava Stomsky, Samantha Storm, Alexis Strong, Claire Swindon, Nicholas Tabellione, Marco Testa, Benjamin Thomas, Raymond Thomas, Colton Thorpe, Mateo Torres, Thuytien Tran, Eliza Vecchio, Matthew Walling, Kirsten Watrous, Brody Watson, Matthew Whitaker, Molly Whitaker, Pam Win, Riley Wolf, Hailey Zaczynski, Ashlee Zawada, Hailey Zembrzuski; second honors: Sydnie Adams, Fogofoluwa Adeniyan, Amelia Andronowitz, Sophia Balisciano, Kamron Beaudoin, Trey-Von Belin, Alexandra Bialko, Abigail Blancato, Devin Bougie, Emma Bromage, Layla Brown, Mason Brown, Emily Burke, Gavin Cain, Macaela Cain, Morgan Carrera, Eden Castonguay, Aiden Chapman, Justin Christian, Chelsea Coello, Ava Coppola, Eli Culotta, Thomas Czarkosky, Haillie Dammling, Sara Danby, Ryan Dattilo, Mara DeLuco, Ryan Dlugos, Jacqueline Dobransky, Julia Dolan, Sean Donovan, Caitlin Dube, Gregory Dunne, Edward Fabrycki, Alexander Fenwick, Matthew Findley, Connor Fletcher, Jenna Flynn, Michael Gibson, Jessica Greco, Alexander Grejdus, Katrina Heath, Karson Henriksen, Brayden Jean, Ava Joiner, Rachel Jurkowski, Alyssa Kraft, Alexis L’Heureux, Chris Lin, Justin Liu, Nicholle Loban, Madeline Longo, Davis Lord, Ryder Maciokas, Jaden Maia, Lindsey Maldonado, Eileen Martinez, Shawn Matukaitis, Tyler Michaud, Brandon Migliore, Brooke Miller,


SOUTHINGTON — Kennedy Middle School has named the following students to its honor roll for the first quarter. Grade 6, first honors: Emily Adams, Juliana Aulbach, Jessica Babicz, Brooke Baker, Gavin Baker, Katherine Beaulieu, Nathan Becquey, Madison Beidler, Tyler Blumetti, Madison Brown, Aidan Buck, Anthony Cannatelli, Sage Carmody, Dean Carollo, Jessica Carr, Brianna Carrington, Emma Champagne, Maddelyn Chesanow, Madison Coleman, Rehana Coma, Austin Conran, Alaina Cook, Hannah Cooley, Mackenzie Cristman, Gabriella Dangelo, Lauren Dattilo, Sofia Davino, Isabella DeMaio, Kayla DePodesta, Nicole DePodesta, Devin DiMartino, Rylee Dlugos, Lilli Doran, Grace Drechsler, Alexis Falk, Reid Famiglietti, Samantha Freyler, Isabella Gale, Abigail Galvin, Morgan Garry, Ethan Germain, Ethan Giordano, William Haberski, Madison Hedges, Kate Hills, Caitlyn Hourigan, Kelsi Hourigan, Tyler Hubeny, Nathan Humphrey, Emma Jekubovich, Kylee Johnston, Ania Joszczyk, Taylor Kelly, Ryan Kiyak, Joshua Krom, Devin Kulas, Dominic Lagana, Morgan Lasek, Jamie Leggett, Alexandra Lowczyk, Antania Luca, Brian Ludden, Lillian Magyar, Makenzie Marek, Angelina Micacci, Gabriel Mohr, Abigale Moses, Emily Moskal, Peyton Mullins, Carissa Murphy, Colby Nitz, Kendall Noonan, Ryan O’Donnell, Alyssa Ouellette, Cameron Parke, Lillian Parke, Alisha Paul, Elyse Picard, Erin Picard, Michael Plantier, Ian Poitras, Alyssa Polverari, Tyler Porter, Skylar Prinzhorn, Emma Quint, Artan Redzepi, Colin Reilly, Travis Riccio, Samantha

Santino Morgan, Sarah Nadile, Nicholas Napolitano, Jane Nichols, Timothy Nivison, Ryan Ogren, Richard O’Neil, Sean O’Reilly, Harry Panajoti, Jacob Paquette, Olivia Paradise, Mark Perkins, Nguyen-Long Phan, Jenna Plourde, Luciano Prado, Louisa Quartuccio, Jackson Rafferty, Skylar Renehan, Allyson Rogus, Bethany Rubin, Alyssa Ryan, Natalie Salerno, Jenna Sampias, Jana Scott, Tralee Shea, Darla Shehu, Delaney Sicotte, Caden Sirois, Nicholas Smith, Brandon Soden, Laney Sullivan, Rachel Surveski, Nicole Szuba, Maya Szymanski, Noah Tamayo, Riley Tierinni, Katie Trella, Sydney Valarose, Lucas Vernali, Eli Vernick, Samantha Widger. Grade 7, first honors: Olivia Allen, Brady Aylward, Jamie Baden, Alexandra Barner, Jack Barnum, Olivia Belfonti, Olivia Benson, Eva Bilodeau, Olivia Bonomo, Grayson Borla, Trent Campbell, Anabel Cannatelli, Lindsey Catlin, Melaina Coleman, Samantha Colwick, Annalise Cook, Hannah Cooper, Megan Crean, Megan Daley, Marc Davis, Kenneth Decker, Emily Derek, Dominic D’Eugenio, George Doherty, Matthew Feeney, Vincent Fioriello, Jason Fisher, Abigail Flanigan, Mia Forgione, Zachary Foti, Jack Freyler, Evan Gilbert, Benjamin Gorr, Julia Grabowski, Taylor Hall, Elena Hanson, Karter Henriksen, Seungeun Hur, Jack Hurley, Benjamin Ismail, Reilly Jarvis, Samantha Kania, Lilyann Kenefick, Amber Kohl, Claudia Kosko, Owen Kwok, Matthew LaRoche, Ethan Lebo, Cody Lefkovich, Brendan Leone, Mackenzie Ligon, Gregory Lindsay, Alisa Llabani, Madelyn Lukanik, Kyle Martin, Daniel Mathew, Anika Mathur, Samantha McAllister, Kersyn McBride, Abigail McLaughlin, Justin McMeans, Sadie McPartland, Daniel Messner, Gavin Michaud, Joseph Morales, Matthew Morgan, Nina Muir, Abigail Mullins, Alexis Mullins, Kyle Murrah, Benjamin Nagle, John O’Connor, Kayleigh O’Connor, Molly O’Keefe, Eric Orsini, Regan Plourde, Morgan Pratt, Griffin Prushinski, Brie Pugliese, Jenna Puskas, Zoey Rubins, Thomas Sagnella, Ryan Salzillo, Lacey Samela, Dylan Sego, Anthony Sena, Mina Silva, Nicholas Siwek, Trevor Sousa, Cara St. John, Cameron Stanton, Stephanie Starrs, Samantha Sullivan, Taylor

Sullivan, Emma Swindon, Himanshu Thakur, Bryce Tindall, Riley Tindall, Alyson Torino, Minh Tran, Megan Wadman, Collin Wilcox, Sarah Wirkowski, Brooke Zajac; second honors: Fiyinfoluwa Adeniyan, Taemoor Ahmad, Aiden Alfano, Anneliese Baillargeon, Alison Barretta, Noah Bobik, James Boyle, Luca Boyle, Thomas Buonanni, Kathryn Calandra, Jaisen Carusone, Samantha Casale, Skyler Cassidy, Claire Cavanaugh, Sydney Conley, David Cova, Gavin Crowley, Ryan D’Averso, Anthony Del Debbio, Taylor DePaolo, Ashlyn Desaulniers, Cayden Descoutures, Nicholas Dizenzo, James Drivdahl, Nicholas Dube, Lillian Eaccarino, Jessica Eaton, McKenzie Evoy, Alida Fabiano, Imane Fahmi, Giovanni Feliciano, Tefta Fezaj, Sophia Forcade, Katie Gagne, Aidan Garry, Adam Gaszek, James Gatzen, Antonia Gibbons, Macy Goldberg, Brody Goodenough, Ethen Green, Kaitlynn Griffin, Lillian Gura, Lauren Humphrey, Elise Jamharian, Nathan Jobbagy, Madison Johnson, Mason Jordan, Mia June, Alex Kieras, Riley Kofsuske, Latifa Kone, Lindsay Koulouris, Jan Krause, Endrin Kukaj, Aiden Kuziak, Katrina Lacombe, Gabriel Lawson, Ryon Lee, Tyler Lombardo, Trenton Lord, Kevin Lowrey, Alexis Macdonald, Juliette Marcuccio, Rhianna Marshall, Amanda McKee, Elaina Meccariello, Jenna Michaud, Logan Miller, Olivia Mitchell, Nikolaos Morikis, Zachary Moskal, Kelly M’Sadoques, Adriana Oddo, Cameron Otano, Anthony Penisse, Devin Perugini, Jack Pleva, Kyra Powers, Gabriella Radin, Rodge Marcus Rebeca, Sarina Riedinger, Mackenzie Robinson, Troy Rousseau, Alexander Roy, Jackson Rusiecki, Ethan Sheline, Madison Sicotte, Jayrel Smith, Rebecca Smith,


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Tyler Smith, Brooke Sobolewski, Derek Sollima, Kyle Starr, Lindsay Stublarec, Jakub Szymanski, Natalie Therrien, Emily Tomilonus, Will Torpey, Toby Uhlman, Maia Vath, Isabella Velez, Shane Verderame-Malachowski, Jhalissa Vincent, Alex Voronchak, Pranav Vunnava, Taylor Wallace, Caroline Wallberg, Elijah Whitehead. Grade 8, first honors: Cameron Baston, Elizabeth Beaulieu, Drew Belcourt, Olivia Blumetti, Lauren Bogoslofski, Mikaela Bogoslofski, Alyssa Bowker, Joshua Budnik, Griffin Campbell, Rachel Carbone, Allison Carr, Pio Castellano, William Caton, Robert Chasse, Camila Connolly, Kiley Cristman, Kaylie Culp, Jordan Cyr, Fanola Dede, Grace DellaVecchia, Arianna DiNapoli, Makena Dlugos, Erin Famiglietti, Emily Forcade, Trevor Francis, Daniel Garcia, Nadilie Germain, Logan Gillis, Walter Goodenough, Anthony Graham, Joshua Gregory, Meghan Hammarlund, Chaitanya Karanam, Kailey Keegan, Brendan Kiyak, Trevor Kushman, Kaylin Leifert, Sydney Leppones, Jenna Lucian, Matthew Luponio, Michael Maino, Ricky McBride, Anna McGrail, Matthew Mikosz, Mary Miller, Lauren Morrissey, Kajetan Naworol, Kayla-Thanh Nguyen, Cassie Noonan, Greta Panke, Emma Paradis, Samantha Peluso, Diane Pillsbury, Reese Raposa, Margaret Ritchie, Isabella Rivera, Jared Rivera, Sean Roach, Jillian Rohon, Maliah Ryan, Katrina Scalise, Nicholas Schmaltz, Sarah Selinske, Brett Sheldrick, Madeleine Silano, Dominic Sisco, Kaley Smith, Bridget Stevens, Lucas Sullivan, Madeline Symecko, Jenna Taylor, Joseph Toce, Lindsey Woodruff, Alexah Zaczynski, Leah Zaslavsky; second honors: Bethany Andrews, Callan Angelo, Abagail Antoniani, Lindsey Arduini, Ernest Arroyo, Neel Avancha, Noah Barbour, Alecia Bernetti, Megan Bishins, Joshua Blancato, Madison Block, Casey Blumetti, Brandon Bougie, Christopher Bowman, Emily Brackett, Weston Brick, Nathaniel Bromage, Elyse Cain, Alexander Cammuso, Jackson Cardozo, Makayla Carlson, Landon Carmody, Eli Carr, Matthew Casella, Noah Castonguay, Joshua Chevalier, Alec Chinigo, Maya Ciaffaglione, Sarah Clark, Julia Collins, Hailey Comparone, Margaret Coyle, Ethan Culotta, Dante D’Amore, Aneeya Dancy, Corrine Dandelski, Adrianna Del Debbio, John Del Debbio, Jake DellaVecchia, Haley Derwin,

See Kennedy, A13

Friday, January 13, 2017



The Southington Citizen |

A12 Friday, January 13, 2017

The Southington Citizen |



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The Southington Citizen |

Friday, January 13, 2017


DePaolo Middle School Honor Roll SOUTHINGTON — DePaolo Middle School has named the following students to its honor roll for the first quarter. Grade 6, first honors: Brianna Accetura, Adam Adamczyk, Malakai Adams, Sebastian Airo, Kendra Albrycht, Kyle Aldieri, Eman Alhidami, Abigail Angelillo, Steven Audi, Katelynn Ayala, Morgan Barthelette, John Bell, Nicholas Bertola, Antonio Bicknell, Maggie Blanchard, Stella Blanchard, Lucien Boudreau, Nicholas Bouffard, Liana Bourdon, Christopher Bray, Nicholas Breski, Gabrielle Bruce, Jennifer Burzynski, Emma Buzas, Kate Cantillon, Chloe Caraballo, Laney Carmody,

Kent Carnright, Sebastian Castillo, Chace Castiola-Krenke, Marina Chaplinsky, Wendy Chen, Giovanni Chiulli, Joseph Conti, Julia Crowley, Anya Czerepuszko, Jacob DeGumbia, Jacob Derynioski, Maria Ditota, Aurora Donato, Sarah Drechsler, Josephina Dudac, Antonio Egidio, Bradley Eng, Emily Fay, Evan Fiora, Taylor Foresi, John Frechette, Mary Gage, Derek Gajewski, Stella Gilmore, Rachel Gregory, Victoria Grosfeld, Kayla Grullon, Isabella Guay, Nicholas Halloran, Madison Hendricks, Aedan Hoffman, Neison Homar, Christopher Howes, Nicholas Hulten, Remsha Hussain, Tyler

Hyjek, Rylee Indomenico, Alexis Irazabal, Klea Jackson, Abbygale Konopka, Joshua Kosienski, Lauren Krar, Maximillian Krom, Erika Kusiak, Trenton Laframboise, Alexander Landry, Kathryn Langland, Ryan Larrabee, Carter Larson, Brendan Lasbury, Emma Lasker, Makenzie LeBarron, Morgan LeBarron, Sophia LeBlanc, Sophia Leone, Seth Lespier, Evelyn Lewis, Gwenyth Longo, Alexa Lunn, Kylie Majchrzak-Brino, Joleen Mangassarian, Alexander Martin, Madalyn McAuliffe, Kayleigh McHale, Jacob McKay-Tinder, Kaelynn McKinstry, Diego Mendez, Jenna Meyer, Emma Miller,

Jillian Milo, Mackenzie Monahan, Devin Moore, Dante Napoletano, Matthew Niro, Timothy Nunn, Jessica Palladino, Adriana Palmieri, Teresa Paturzo, Luke Penna, Lilly Percival, Natalie Perry, Kyle Pescetelli, Emma Pfanzelt, Christopher Pierce, Natalie Possidento, Jeffrey Potter, Anna Pouliot, Arianna Prior, Samantha Proch, Michael Putnam, Kyle Raia, Julianne Rasten, Noah Richert, Dylan Rogala, Alex Rosania, Aryan Saha, Kelsey Salerno, Sofia Scalise, Sophia Sciascia, Katherine Segrue, Chayse Shamleffer, Alexa Simoniello, Nicholas Sisto, Hayden Soda, Joscelyn Spinelli, Madeleine Straub, Rachel

Stumpf, Luca Tedone, Amanda Thompson, Boden Tito, Justin Vaillancourt, Hayden Vargo, Peyton Vesneski, Benjamin Vroeginday, Skylar Wahnowsky, Tylan Walwyn, Isabella Warner, Brooke Warren, Christian Watson, Jacob Watson, Haley Weiner, Matthew Weiner, Rachel Weiner, Samantha White, Matthew Wills, Alexander Wolven, Ryan Wolven, Jessica Wright, Allison Zak, Michael Zalewski; second honors: Rosanna Abbatiello, Nancy Abdelnaby, Michael Junior Affum, Michael Senior Affum, Zackary Albrycht, Charles Alfano, Adam Alward, Luciana Andrea, Alexander Betros, Dylan Billingsley, Jeremi

Gregoire, Madison Haberski, Sarah Hadlock, Jasmine Hallett, Alex He, Andrew Higley, Frank Higley, Mya Hochstrate, Sarah Hofmann, Madison Johnston, Daniel Kalvaitis, Megan Kashuba, Joseph Keating, Elizabeth Kelly, Joshua Konikowski, Evan Kristopik, Sara Kuczynski, Katherine LaCluyze, Brady Lafferty, Sarah Langdeau, Jakob

Langhans, Olivia Lanteri, Josh LaRoche, Sean LaRose, Ashley Lazzari, Blake Lewis, Peter Loban, Connor Longo, Gavin Malone, Jackson Malsheske, Nicholas Marecki, Cole Marek, Ryan Matthews, Caleigh McDougall, Connor McInnis, Mitchell Messina, Anthony Micacci, Emaan Mirza, Aurianna Monteiro, Ava Muir, Robert Nadile,

Thomas Nardi, Angelina Otano, Kyle Patla, Kelly Perrotti, Alyssa Petrone, Devin Petrosino, Emelia Pettit, Anthony Picone, Ronald Prado, Zachary Pulvermacher, Matthew Purpura, Cailey Quiles, Harshita Rayapureddy, Evan Riddick, Christian Rivera, Jayden Rivera, Olivia Roberts, Byronn Rodriguez, Dylan Rodriguez, Kyleigh Rogers, Nathan Roy, Ol-

ivia Salerno, Dylan Sandow, Muhammad Saqab, Cameron Sirois, Kevin Sliker, Muslim Soomro, Gianna Sperry, Kailey St. Amand, Ryan St. John, Dominik Szczerbacki, Isabella Tabellione, Olivia Testa, Mary Tolisano, Brianna Van Fleet, Emilia Vauter, Emmett Vitti, Liliya Vynar, Evan Watson, Kianna Williams, Jeffrey Wyskiewicz, Victoria Zajda.

See DePaolo, A14

>> Kennedy From A10 Riley Derwin, Brody DeSouza, Alexander Drechsler, Mckenna Dunne, Emily Eigo, Jenna Famiglietti, Eljona Fezaj, Madeline Fisher, Colin Fletcher, Brynn Freehling, Michael Furgalack, Maggie Fusco, Meagan Gagne, Kayli Garcia, Brynn Godbout, Christopher Goncalves, Madison Gorneault, Nicole Greco, Haley

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A14 Friday, January 13, 2017

The Southington Citizen |

>> DePaolo From A13 Bobbitt, Zoe Bourque, Scott Burksa, Nathan Caballero, Samantha Cannuli, Lincoln Cardillo, Evan Carey, Dominic Carrillo, Della Carroll-Anderson, Madeline Castiola-Krenke, Victoria Chamberland, William Chapman, Justin Cleland, Jacob Clemente, Shawn Cox, Stephanie Cusson, Michelle Cyr, Aidan D’Aquila, Jake DeGumbia, Nicholas Duling, Kevin Feeney, David Feliciano, David Festa, Aidan Fox, Devan Fox, Joshua Frappier, Tyler Frotten, Matthew Gainer, Dominic Giarratano, Nicholas Gius, Bartosz Giza, Darrell Glovna, Timothy Godlewski, Hadley Gonzalez, Matthew Gouin, Julia Graikoski, Jonathan Halla, Benjamin Hastings, Jameson Hewko, Jacob Hughes, Akshaj Illa, Corbin Jankowski, Logan Joseph, Ema Kinney, Tyler Kirk, Daniel Kolodziejczyk, Aiden LaBarre, Trebor LaBree, Kelsey Lamson, Louis Landino, Jake Lausier, Farah LeBrun, Medina Lumani, Alex Maheu, Amber Maier, Rayan Mamoon, Dylan Mange, Jared Mangiafico, Milan Marukovich, Anthony McNamara, Tyler McVicker, Allison Mikosz, Mikalyn Mirisola, Hailey Mutcherson, Zachary Myrick, Drew Nafis, Jake Nafis, Chelsie Neill, Nieve Nesprido, Michael O’Sullivan, Krishna Patel, Dale Percival, Daniel Perlot, Kaitlyn Reardon, Michael Reed, Matthew Riccio, Ty Romeo, Haley Rushing, Grady Ruth, Anthony Salzarulo, Alexa Schneider, Sean Senich, Carson Sewell, Vanessa Stein, Liam Straub, Lily Talon, Benjamin Taylor, Joseph Tonnotti, Elizabeth Trenske, James Tucker, Cynthia Lynn Villa, Alexavier Waas, Makayla Winegar, Enis Zharku, Eric Zhuo.

Grade 7, first honors: Jassmine Abdelnaby, Julia Baldwin, Karoline Barrett, Jacob Berger, Noah Bernier, Aravind Bhamidipati, Morgan Birdsey, Megan Bissoni, Jillian Blaszko, Brendan Borkowski, Connor Bouffard, Maile Bourget, Allison Bradshaw, Andrew Brino, Jacob Burke, Noah Capobianco, Meghan Carroll, Madison Chapman, Jillian Christensen, Nathan Cofrancesco, Landon Colby, Olivia Conforto, Abigail Darling, Ryan DelMonte, Amela Dishnica, Jaedyn Drayton, Keira Dubitsky, Connor Faye, Megan Fontano, Sebastian Foresi, Brendan Garvey, Tia Guay, Raymond Hardy, Andrew Hedberg, Isabelle Hoffman, Owen Huard, Nathan Hunt, Jacqueline Izzo, Kevin Kambo, Julia Korp, Zoe Krane, Devon Krupinski, Monika Kryzanski, Sara Kumor, Joseph Landino, David Laszewski, Rylee LeClair, Alexa Lombardo, Jacob Lowell, Abigail MacAllister, Victoria MacMullen, Alexander Maindon, Joseph Meade, Luke Meade, Ashna Mehta, Sophie Miranda, Rory Missal, Sarah Mitelman, Keira Mulligan, Neya Mulrooney, Adrianna Patton, Angelina Paulus, Alexandra Pechillo, Norah Pensarosa, Jack Pfanzelt, Luke Poirier, Bogna Prusak, Austin Pszczolkowski, John Regalbuti, Sage Reinhardt, Matthew Rodrigues, Tyler Rosenzweig, Kerissa Salsbury, Lauren Scarpa, Victoria Scavone, Daniel Semmel, Rumman Shahzad, Kaitlin Siedel, Gillian Smith, Mohammad Sohaib, Shane Sullivan, Sophia Swain, Olivia Teixeira, Chelsea Thurston, Connor Whitehead, Sophie Wojcicki, Maya Wroblewski, Sarah Zharku, Justin Zitofsky; second honors: Gavin Anderson, Kaitlyn Asido, Allie Baldwin, Emily Barry,

Ryan Barthelette, Chloe Bauman, Isabella Beaulieu, Jesse Bishman, Vincent Borghese, Callia Borkowski, Owen Bradley, Emelie Brady, Connor Brayall, Callie Brennan, Braydon Carmichall, Nisa Casiano, Gabrielle Castonguay, Justin Chiulli, Sarah Delfino, Benjamin DelVecchia, Raychelle DeMarco, Logan DiPaola, Christopher Dolan, Katelynn Duffy, Micala Earl, Meghan Fay, Kristina Ferreri, Jonathan Figella, Peyton Fischer, Ella Fleischmann, Elizabeth Flynn, Emily Foertsch, Jaykan Gonzalez, Jake Gorham, Natalia Gorski, Daejah Graves, Jared Guida, Victoria Handi, Maxwell Hotchkiss, Kevin Hubert, Medin Iljazi, Emanuele Izzo, Luca Izzo, Mario Izzo, Kendra Jackson, Konrad Jez, Laney Jones, Charles Kaufmann, Evan Kimmel, Sidney Klau, Amanda Koczera, Isabella Lambert, Avery Latham, Zoe Lawrence, Abigail LeBarron, Spencer Li, Ryan Lunn, Jack Marano, Daniela Marius DeSoto, Avery Martin, Joseph Mazzarella, Ryan McGlotten, Devin McKnerney, Hannah Meyer, Logan Miceli, Samantha Millerick, Harish Mohan, Stephen Morelli, Nicole Mulrooney, Madelyn Napierski, Jacob Nocera, Bianca Olchanowski, Erin O’Neill, Nicholas Orange, Leeana Ortiz, Dominic Pagano, Samuel Peruta, Leighton Phillips, Nathan Pierce, Madison Prendergast, Thomas Provencher, Camille Rollins, Nicolas Rubino, Madison Rust, Julian Sa, Domenic Santarsiero, Devin Sargent, Wyatt Schadt, Mason Simons, Ethan Simpson-Mayette, Nathan Smole, Ethan Solury, Makenzie Swift, Madison Sylvester, Aiden Szczepanik, Ryan Teixeira, Alexander Thomas, Javon Thomas, Tanner Thomas, Sarah Tufts, Peyton Upson, Megan Walasewicz, Amelia Webster, Alana

Wherry, Taylor Youle, Cheyenne Yuhas, Isaiah Zagorski, Jakub Zukowski. Grade 8, first honors: Sera Altomari, Devan Bade, Adam Badgley, Andrew Bafuma, Kelly Barrett, Nicole Bartlett, Corrie Bonomi, Sammi Bray, Matthew Brennan, Alex Bruce, Caleb Buzas, Audrey Cantillon, Alexandra Carabetta, Ella Carmody, Michaela Ceruti, Kathryn Clynes, Julia Collins, Rebecca Conforto, Jeffrey Cormier, Ethan Cremese, Benjamin Darling, Luke DeAngelis, Aedan Derrick, Michael Ditota, Aidan Dolan, Giovanni Donato, Ethan Eng, Caroline Fishbein, Timothy Gage, Harsh Gandhi, Marissa Ganezer, Sadie Garfinkel, Zuzanna Gawel, Veronika Gorski, Skyler Gravel, Allison Guzauckas, Amanda Hagan, Avery Halloran, William Handi, Dhespina Hilaj, Madelyn Hooks, Morgan Hubert, Marisa Imme, Saimir Kaja, Connor Kane, Amitojeroop Kaur, Brycen Kennedy, Samuel Klau, Erin Klem, Faith Kosior, Savannah Krom, Logan Lada, Sara Lafontaine, Spencer Laframboise, Tracy Lam, Brianna Lanci, Jackson Landino, Devin Larrabee, Robert Lasbury, Kevin Le, Jolie Leavitt, Gabriel LeBlanc, Brianna Linehan, Amanda Lipka, Shannon Litchfield, Richard Macioce, Kelley Marshall, Anthony Matarazzo, Jack McManus, Grace Michaud, Christopher Millerick, Annabel Molina, Vanessa Montalvo, Denarius Morales, Mikayla Morris, Andie Nadeau, Adrianna Padua, Stephanie Palma, Julia Panarella, Tressa Pantalena, Ryan Paradis, Alex Partyka, Matthew Paul, Brianna Pearson, Devin Pelletier, Kayla Pelletier, Olivia Perkins, Patrick Perlot, Livvy Pizzitola, Rachel Possidento, Micaela Potamis, Sophie Reinhardt, Alison Rembish, Maximilian Renzi, Alina Rivera, Jordyn Ro-

gala, Scott Sandulli, Evan Schmarr, Joshua Silva, Gian Singh, Sarah Sisto, Glen Somers, Abigail Sowa, Brynn Steele, Jackson Sullivan, Marlee Susca, Ava Tonnotti, Payton Turnquist, Alexis Valentine, Jenna Vargas, Yan Vasilenko, Jada-Lynn Vercosa-Bennett, Lauren Verrilli, Andrew Vroeginday, Jaden Vuong, Jyllian Wagner, Ryan Walsh, Ralph Warner, Stephanie Wills, Jeff Wu; second honors: Catherine Adamczyk, Jackson Alfano, Ryan Andrews, Leon Azemi-Vllasaliu, Amanda Boan, Daniel Bouteiller, Madison Buckley, Cooper Burdette, Alexa Caron, Christian Carrero, Dolan Cassone, Ethan Cerra, Christina Cheng, Alyssa Cleland, Aidan Clingan, Taylor Collar, Mackenzie Costello, Brooke Daigle, Cristian Davis, Dominic DeCosta, Abigail Delgado, Giancarlo Dominello, Elliot Dougherty, Addin Efendic, Alexander Fazo, Heaven Fraser, James Frechette, Jack Gallagher, Emily Garafola, Matthew Geary, Jackson Gilroy, Adam Goralski, Joshua Graikoski, Donovan Greenlaw, Connor Hamlin, Lindsey Hunt, Iqra Hussain, Jonathan Jenkins, Dylan Johnson-Alers, Delaney Jordan, Shawn Kavanah, Jacob Krar, Mason Krupinski, Sean Lafontaine, Braeden Laframboise, Shane LaPorte, Jazmin Lasane, Cole Lespier, Elisa Likaxhiu, Dylan Loffredo, Leah Maiorano, Cole Maluszewski, Justin Mange, Darius Mangiafico, Sebastian Maslinski, Devin McGlotten, Matthew Mirisola, Olivia Mowrey, Nolan Nesprido, Shalyn Noble, Adessa Noyes, Joseph Pedley, William Perry, Natalie Potter, Scott Putnam, Morgan Ramsay, Ashley Reed, Faith Richert, Renee Riendeau, J’nae Roach, Marco Sagnella, Sophia Slowik, Andrew Steindl, Dominic Szlejter, Elizabeth Urcinas, Jennifer Verrilli, Cody Warren, Noah Watson, Madison Zabel.

Common Good Garden seeks community partnerships St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is planning a Common Good Garden, to be established next to the new Bread for Life building on Vermont Avenue. The produce grown in the garden will be given to Bread for Life.


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the garden. All interested community members and organizations are welcome to attend a planning meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 24, 7 p.m., in the parish hall, 145 Main St.

The Southington Citizen |

Friday, January 13, 2017


>> Knights From A1

miss and make, and the Southington Parks and Recreation Department and Southington Youth Basketball Association for promoting the contest. The Knights of Columbus is an international Catholic family fraternal service organization with over 1.9 million members. The Knights support various youth activities around the world and contribute over 70 million volunteer hours and $162 million to various charities.

Christian Watson, 12, left Aidan Buck, 12, and Ryan Hammarlund, 10, wait for their turn at the foul line during the Knights of Columbus 5th Annual Free Throw Championships held at the Southington Catholic School in Southington on Jan. 7. | Justin Weekes, For the Record-Journal

Mazzatti praised Southington Catholic School for

The other winners Saturday were: Matthew Doherty (boys 10, 11-for-15), Nathan Humphrey (boys 11, 13for-15), Zoey Rubins (girls 12, 7-for-12) Adrianna Shea (girls 13, 9-for-12) and Jenny Yang (girls 14, 5-for-12).

hosting the event, his volunteers for charting every

>> Fire From A1

“To propose this is to ignore all the other facts,” The additional firefighters Pocock said. “Maintaining would staff a station, possibly what we have is going to Engine Company 5 on River be a challenge, never mind Street. Commission Chairexpanding.” man Michael Bunko said the He said he’d offer the same department has a difficult advice to all department time getting enough volunheads as they prepared teers for some calls, particularly those during the work spending plans for 2017-18. day. “It’s nice to live in a vacuum like that,” Pocock said. “Un“It’s very, very difficult for fortunately I have to live in them to get a truck out from the world of realities as far as time to time,” Bunko said. the budget.” “We can demonstrate the need for additional staffing.” Town Council Chairman Michael Riccio, a RepubliThe late 2015 letter to the can, said he hasn’t reviewed commission also detailed the proposal and couldn’t concerns about unreliable comment. responses from the department’s volunteers. Last year, the commission requested $250,000 for four While the department has additional firefighters. Reseven new volunteers in publican leaders of the countraining, Bunko said the cil said they instead wanted town still only has one better coordination befire station that’s manned tween volunteers and career around the clock. staff or better research into Ed Pocock III, a Republican staffing before funding new councilor, said the state’s fipositions. nancial situation will likely mean cuts in town aid for the Bunko said a volunteer coordinator position was sugupcoming fiscal year.



gested by the council but he said that wasn’t a priority. “We felt the need was more pressing for boots on the ground,” he said.

Brumback reviews budget requests from department heads to create his spending plan. The council votes on a budget recommended by Brumback.


“You try to do the same motion every time and if you contestant to the state finals miss a free throw you can’t each winter. get mad. You have to slow “A lot of games are decided at down and start over,” said Watson, a DePaolo Middle the foul line,” said Mazzatti, School sixth-grader. “Free Deputy Grand Knight for throws can mean the differCouncil 15. “These children ence between winning and are taking part in a free, fun competition, but they’re also losing.” practicing their free throws Buck, a Kennedy Middle under some pressure. This School sixth-grader, was the way, when they’re playing for state runner-up last winter. UConn the pressure is not He has a consistent approach going to bother them. It all at the charity stripe: deep comes down to consistent breath, three dribbles, bend form.” at the knees and shoot on balance. Gabriella D’Angelo tied for the most shots made Satur“You have to have a routine day with 13 to capture the and relax,” he explained. girls 11 division, while Aidan Alexis Irazabal, a DePaolo Buck and Christian Watsixth-grader, said she shoots son settled first place with a shootout in the boys 12 com- about 50 free throws a day during the winter. petition. They both drained 12-of-15 during regulation. “It’s all about having good Watson made all five in the form and concentrating,” she overtime session, while Buck said. missed one shot.

Order online: 24 Hours/7 Days 50 gal. delivery



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A16 Friday, January 13, 2017

The Southington Citizen |


Awkward, but not unethical, ties to unions With Berlin Democrat Joe Aresimowicz taking the reins in Hartford, the state now has a House speaker who is also a longtime employee of AFSCME Council 4. This is not without precedent — Meriden Democrat Christopher Donovan, for instance, worked for SEIU while he was majority leader, although he left the union post after he became speaker in 2009 — but it raises some questions. Should the most powerful politician in the General Assembly also be an employee of a major union, especially when that union represents a great many state employees? The speaker, after all, controls the calendar in the House, deciding which bills come to a vote and which don’t. Isn’t that a clear conflict of interest whenever union pay or benefits are at issue? There is a natural tension, not to say antipathy, between labor and management, and the ascension of

To be fair, what the state is dealing with now is not simply the need to pay current bills, but also to deal with what past administrations and past legislatures have done — or have failed to do — to keep up with those budget liabilities. And it should be noted that the new speaker’s union job does not involve contract negotiations. We are not questioning Aresimowicz’s integrity, and he has already received a preliminary go-ahead from the Office of State Ethics. But that office deals only with financial conflicts.

State Rep. Joe Aresimowicz, D-Berlin, is sworn in as House Speaker during the first day of the 2017 legislative The Republicans do see “an session on Wednesday, Jan. 4. | Mike Savino, Record-Journal

a full-time union employee to the speakership blurs that line. Will his first loyalty be to the residents and taxpayers of Connecticut — all of them — or to his union brothers and sisters? This is especially troublesome now, as the state en-

ters yet another year of big deficits, with people on both sides of the aisle making it increasingly clear that no lasting solution to the state’s budget woes will be found without addressing state employee pay and benefits, including pensions.

untenable conflict,” in view of the pressure on the General Assembly to somehow balance a budget.

For his part, Aresimowicz has pledged to work in a bipartisan manner: “It will be the practice, not the exception.” House Minority Leader Themis Klarides accepted that pledge, but still had

problems with the dual role, she said, “because of the fact that we have such a dire budget situation, and such a big part of that is union contracts, and health care, and pensions.” The General Assembly is indeed facing a budget shortfall of well over $1 billion, and those costs are bound to be a major part of the discussion. Anyone in Aresimowicz’s position would find himself tested. Individual members can always recuse themselves from a vote, when appropriate, but the speaker can’t very well recuse himself from being the speaker. There is an obvious solution, of course, to all of this: We could start paying our lawmakers reasonable salaries as full-time employees of the people, but we suspect that’s unfortunately not going to happen. – Originally published in the Meriden Record-Journal.


Cutting state aid to towns, governor butchers sacred cow Hysteria is exploding all over Connecticut because Governor Malloy is canceling $50 million in state aid to municipalities, including $20 million for education. Even Republicans, who ordinarily posture in favor of cutting spending in general, if not so much in particular, are upset, since the cuts are disproportionately targeting wealthier and Republican towns and have come in the middle of the municipal budget year, as if wealthier towns can’t handle them better and as if there is ever a good time to cut particulars. While the governor is being forced to make the cuts because of declining tax revenue, it’s still the best thing he could do for the state, because it challenges the status

of municipal aid as a sacred cow of budgeting. In fact municipal aid is mostly just part of the “fixed costs” of government, which are becoming infamous for cannibalizing public services.

That law forbids most school systems from spending less than they spent during the previous year, even if their enrollment goes to zero. Connecticut’s school enrollment has been declining for many years and the law was Municipal officials and legis- enacted to make sure that lators shriek that the aid cuts money saved from declinmay force towns to lay off ing enrollment was given as teachers. Of course that com- raises to unionized school plaint assumes — as everyemployees rather than left one in Connecticut’s special with taxpayers. interest-dominated politics wants to assume — that That is, the highest aspiraschool boards can’t or won’t tion of most people in state extract concessions from and municipal government in their teacher and adminisConnecticut is not to serve the trator unions. public but rather to become a “fixed cost,” a cost placed The shrieking also assumes safely beyond the reach of orthat the state law establishdinary democratic budgeting. ing the “minimum expendiThe most important work of ture requirement” for school government, like care of the systems can’t be repealed. innocent needy, gets no such

protection but instead is always exposed to cutting when money gets tight. While those who have become “fixed costs” have not noticed it and couldn’t care less about it, the governor steadily has been cutting support for the innocent needy. “Fixed costs” constitute about half the state budget and two-thirds of municipal budgets. They largely involve personnel. There can be no saving the state without unfixing them. But unfixing them would require confronting the biggest political force in the state, the government employee unions. Hence the terror being experienced by elected officials. They have no idea of how

they could win an election by trying to articulate the public interest rather than by obediently serving the special interest. But the governor’s cuts in municipal aid indicate another terror for them, the continuing underperformance of state tax revenue. This underperformance disproves claims from both state government and the federal government that economic conditions are improving in Connecticut. If conditions were improving, tax revenue would be rising without tax increases and Connecticut would be gaining population, not continuing to lose it. Chris Powell is managing editor of the Journal Inquirer in Manchester.

The Southington Citizen |

>> Ethics From A1

well as leaders of town departments to disclose properties owned and interests in businesses by them or close family members. At a public hearing Monday, Jan. 9, members of the Board of Education, the Board of Fire Commissioners and the Zoning Board of Appeals opposed the disclosure requirement. “To ask a volunteer, unpaid elected official to disclose private, personal information about not only themselves but their spouse and their children is wrong,” said Colleen Clark, a school board member. She described the disclosure plan as an insult to her judgment.

1867 2017 Friday, January 13, 2017


cated” the decisions made by the ethics board in 2015. In addition to making a legal court the body for appeal in ethics cases, the new ethics code would put a cap of $10,000 on legal fee reimbursement for those who win cases. Lombardi accumulated nearly $30,000 in legal fees which the council voted to reimburse. Simms resigned from the ethics board shortly after the decision following criticism from his party. “If our actions were in any way responsible for the excellent changes here, then you’re welcome,” Simms said.

Andy Meade, the other Republican on the ethics board, voted against the finding Terri Carmody, school board of an ethics violation in the vice chairwoman, said the Lombardi case. He joined council’s ordinance subcom- other officials in opposmittee should have better ing the financial disclosure communicated with elected which he said was going too and appointed officials about far and was unnecessary. the proposed changes. She “We all pretty much know also said no minutes were each other who serve on the taken at the subcommittee board,” he said. meetings.

“I believe I know when a conflict of interest should arise in my decision-making and know enough to recuse myself,” she said. “As a volunteer who puts in many, many hours, I don’t think I should be required to disclose my financial holdings.” The town’s ethics board is made up of two Democrats and two Republicans. Both Republicans who were on the ethics board at the time of the complaint against Lombardi spoke on Monday.

Mary Baker, vice chairwoman of the Board of Fire Commissioners, said she wasn’t in favor of the financial disclosures but thought other proposed ethics changes had merit. “There are certain sections that I would agree with on the rewrites,” she said.

She and Meade worried that the requirement to list properties or businesses owned would reduce the pool of residents willing to serve in government.

“We’re giving a lot of our time and talent and effort and I think you would dissuade a lot from wanting to Craig Simms, the former chairman of the ethics board, serve,” she said. “We know our purpose here. We’re here voted with the two Democrats in that case to find that to serve.” Lombardi had violated the Town Council Chairman Miethics code. Their verdict was chael Riccio said the ethics overturned when Lombardi changes would be sent back appealed to the Town Counto the ordinance committee cil, which had a Republican for review following Monmajority. day’s input. Another public hearing will be held before Simms said the proposed changes are up for a vote. changes “absolutely vindi-

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Carmody has served 10 years and said she took an oath of office.

A18 Friday, January 13, 2017

The Southington Citizen |


Time to work together for common good is the federal holiday celebrating the life and work of By Dick Fortunato Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Special to The Citizen Friday, Jan. 20, is the inauguration of President Donald We have two significant dates J. Trump, who will take the coming up: Monday, Jan. 16 oath of office.

An American Baptist minister and activist who led the Civil Rights movement, King is known for his influential role in advancing civil rights using his Christian-based beliefs of nonviolent civil dis-

obedience, following Gandhi’s works of justice through peace.

of my own space and imagination I have thought deeply about what it might be like. Frankly, it evoked realities King was involved in such too grim for comfort. Like notable events as the 1955 King, I believe violence exMontgomery bus boycott, acerbates racism. I do not the founding of the Southaccept the extreme courses Service ern Christian Leadership24 HourofEmergency action advocated by some. CT License #P1 279241 Conference in 1957 and the DayIService Same Available M-F but don’t have the answers unsuccessful 1962 struggle I believe I can use my voice against segregation in Aland actions to effectively asbany, Georgia. sert that the status quo is a grossly unacceptable human In 1963, he organized the condition. nonviolent protests in Birmingham and the march of My 2017 resolution is to be 250,000 demonstrators to the a better person. I’ve begun Lincoln Memorial in Washto-seek opportunities to bet• Water heater replacements ington, D.C., where King ter understand others who gaveOil, his famous “I have a Gas, Electric are not like me and to add dream” speech. my voice to today’s focus on

Serving the Community for over 25 years Installation - Service - Repair

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• High-efficiency tankless water social justice. I’m not opinIn 1964,installed he received the Noheaters ing here on what constitutes bel Peace Prize and Presiracism. Neither am I sitting dent Johnson led the passage • Faucet and fixture replacement around waiting for the oft of the Civil Rights Act prohiband repair iting all racial discrimination. proposed “national conversation on racism” to happen. • Water filter installation King was assassinated on As to the inauguration of • Complete kitchen and bathroom April 4, 1968 in Memphis, while planning another naremodel services availableDonald Trump, we need to end the grousing about the tional occupation in D.C.: • Gas for - Fireplace kits - worst presidenadmittedly Thepipe Poor People’s Campaign.log tial election campaign I’ve Gas grills Pool heaters How do ordinary citizens

(860) 621-6987



Email - 1287676

Fax # (860) 628-2358 Licensed & Insured CT LIC # - P1 279241

s r r


observe Martin Luther King Day? News stories indicate that with the day off from work some do volunteer service through their faith congregations or community service groups. Schools use it as an educational opportunity. Volumes documenting the legacy of Dr. King arouse keen interest to historians while impassioning hope in many and stirring the hearts and minds of others to open themselves to a new clarity of awareness of their personal biases and sense of social consciousness. CARING – KNOWLEDGE – SKILLS – SERVICE

Dr. Donald J. Higgins,

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seen since I voted for Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1952. The parties need to work together in earnest to ensure that we make this nation a better place for every American. We have walked on the moon and sent explorers far beyond that. Can we not learn to keep partisan politics civil and focused on the discovery of common ground for the common good? Columnist and community service advocate Dick Fortunato welcomes comments at

I have not walked in a black man’s shoes but in the quiet

Cabaret Theater holding auditions Connecticut Cabaret Theatre in Berlin is looking for females, age 18 to 35, for the musical “Life Could Be a Dream.” Auditions are by appointment only. Interested participants should

send a headshot and resume to and prepare two songs that showcase vocal range in the style of the ‘50s and ‘60s, as well as a one- to two-minute monologue.

The Southington Citizen |

Friday, January 13, 2017


Blue Knights steam past Meriden co-op Record-Journal staff

SOUTHINGTON — An early January get-together has become an annual rite for the Southington and Meriden co-op boys swim teams. This year, the celebration belonged almost exclusively to the Blue Knights, who won all but one event in posting a 94-70 decision in a season-opening CCC South crossover meet Friday afternoon at the Southington YMCA. Brendon Egan and Derek Melanson led the way for the home team, winning two individual events apiece and swimming on a first-place relay. Egan brought home the 200-

yard freestyle (1:55.95) and 100 breaststroke (1:08.91). Melanson did the heavy lifting in the 200 IM (2:13.25) and 500 freestyle (5:25.27). Egan teamed with Evan Bender, Nick Kelley and P.J. Ramsey on the 200 freestyle relay (1:38.76). Melanson joined forces with Zack Blake, Brian Egan and Tyler Heidgard on the 400 free (3:42.00). Heidgard and Blake opened the meet winning the 200 medley with Ramsey and Julie Duszak (1:50.45). Heidgard later won the 100 backstroke (59.13), Blake the 100 free (52.53) and Ramsey the 50 free (24.02). Meriden got its win from Colin Paddock, who touched

first in the 100 butterfly (1:00.56). Sheehan 86, Branford/Guilford 79: The Hornets had the faster times in all but one race, but the Titans had the greater depth, which swung this SCC crossover meet in Wallingford to the home team. It was the first win of the season for the Titans (1-3), who knocked off a Division I team to get it. Rory Sweet posted Sheehan’s lone swimming win, taking the 100 freestyle in 52.55. Sheehan diver Andrew Buehler won with 277.75 points.

Cheshire got right down to business by winning the 200 medley relay (1:43.34) behind Will Wynne, Ryan Mostoller, Ben Brewer and Jamie Eigner. Brewer and Eigner were also on the first-place 200 free relay (1:34.20) with Joe Cannata and Jack Hanke. The quartet of Malone, Wynne, Eigner and Mostoller capped the night in the 400 free (3:36.16). Malone was a double-winner. The junior touched first in the 100 backstroke

(1:00.07) and 200 free (1:55.88). Completing the freestyle sweep were Wynne (50, 24.05), Brewer (100, 50.42) and Cannata (500, 5:12.42). Also for Cheshire, Mostoller won the 200 IM (2:07.48), Richard Le took the 100 breaststroke (1:08.89) and Ankit Sahasrabudhe had the fast time in the fly (57.88). Christian Chasse won diving for LH (0-2) with 200.24 points.

Cheshire 99, Lyman Hall Co-op 76: The Rams improved to 4-0 with the SCC crossover win at the Cheshire Community Pool.

Ed Stewart (center) with his physical therapist, Laurie Ritchie (left), and occupational therapist, Casey Savo (right).


2YHU<HDUV6SHFLDOL]LQJ,Q5HVLGHQWLDO6\VWHPV inpatient rehabilitation


“Like a Breath of Fresh Air”


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A20 Friday, January 13, 2017

The Southington Citizen |


A few thoughts upon regaining better health While I hear so much about global warming, it still makes me wonder if all the info they are giving us on it is correct. In my school years, I was told that many of the mountain ridges as well as many of the larger lakes on our continent were the results of the Ice Age. If this is true, then we have been in a form of global warming since the beginning. I only mention this because of the freaky weather patterns we have been experiencing over the past couple of years. I can remember a time when we would be ice skating on many of the Village ponds by Thanksgiving. Now I can’t for the life of me remember safe ice at Thanksgiving for many years. In essence — and I definitely do not possess a scientific mind — I figure this global warming thing has been go-

ing on for a long, long, long time. This brainstorm of mine was brought on by watching the ice appear on many lakes and ponds in our area and then start to melt back during the warming trend we had and what effect it might have on some of our youths. We spend millions of dollars to build and rebuild schools, and then try and figure out what sports can be taken away to balance the budget.


ful Parker 20-gauge side-byside double barrel that he I guess I’m just spoiled from did his hunting with. (Note: having grown up in a better Parker shotguns were made time. in Meriden and are still one of the most coveted upland Would you believe that during our early teens almost shotguns today.) all of our “gang” had privy And I know you will find this to firearms and knives? Yet next one impossible to benever once was there a firelieve, but we even traveled arm tragedy, either acciden- on Connecticut Company tal or intentional. buses to various hunting

It also makes me wonder why our schools don’t have fishing classes as well as firearms safety classes or even an outdoor hiking club that could maintain our Linear Trail system.

Our parents knew when we left the house with a firearm, where we were going to use it and who we were going with. Boy Scouts used to wear their uniforms proudly on special school days, and a Boy Scout knife on a clip on their uniform belt was part of the uniform and certainly not a reason for expulsion.

In our schools? Kids would be lot better off fishing in their spare time or spending time in our great outdoors than getting arrested for some stupid mall prank/

Even when we got into high school, I carried a shotgun in my 1936 Dodge. After school, one of the teachers came out to look at it and then he showed us a beauti-

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areas with an unloaded firearm without even getting a startled look from any of the passengers.

Come to think about it, back then there were never any drive-by shootings or horrific shooting massacres like those that are so prevalent today. Yet, as kids, we played many games with imaginary firearms day after day all year long, yet none of this imaginary gun play ended up in real-life shooting tragedies. But back then even the movies did not promote the blood and gore that seems to excite today’s youth. And if that isn’t enough, what about these “kill as many people as you can” video games that are everywhere? Doesn’t anyone think that all of this extreme violence in videos and movies nowadays could have an impact on a youth or anyone who might have a mental problem?

Many of today’s movies and videos promote the lifestyle of the bad guys and feature enough blood and gore to horrify some and, sad to says, fascinate others. Whatever happened to a mystery movie that made one think about the script and where it was going, rather than bringing up the sight of a wall covered with blood and brain matter? Maybe the time has come for more support to organizations like Beat The Street and the Meriden Boys and Girls Club. And while we are at it, let’s promote the fun of fishing in some of our schools as well as firearm safety and maybe even an archery program. It sure as heck beats having kids arrested for fighting in a mall. We all know the impact drugs have had on today’s youth, yet back when I was a kid, the only drug we knew about was aspirin. My how times have changed.

Outdoor news I’ve been doing a lot of reading and research while on the mend from my recent ailment and came up with some interesting info. A Wisconsin hunter shot what he thought was an eight-point buck near Abrams in northeastern Wisconsin. The deer weighed in at 180 pounds and had an eight-point set of antlers. When it came time to field

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The Southington Citizen |

Friday, January 13, 2017


>> Roberts From A20

the living room.

dress the downed critter, they discovered the deer had female genitalia. Jeff Peritzl, District Wildlife Supervisor for the State Department of Natural Resources, says the doe likely had a higher testosterone level, which night occur in one in 100,000 deer. He says the deer was tagged as a buck because the antlers were at least three inches long.

Scam warning

The hunter who shot the huge doe says he plans on having the entire deer mounted, though he doubts his wife will let him put it in

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department is warning the public about a scam that fools people into paying for a fishing license without providing one. The department warns of at least two unofficial websites that give consumers the impression they can purchase fishing or hunting licenses for any of the 50 states. But after paying the fee, consumers are simply given more information about how to


three. Children under 5 are free; under 12 pays $2. Scouts The Concord Monitor reports under 16 who are in uniform the fine print on the website get in for free. Active military says they have no governwith ID is $10. ment agency affiliation. Admission includes semFly fishing show inars, destination theater, The Fly Fishing Show will be exhibit hall, casting and tying demonstrations, fly tiers held Jan. 20-22 at the Royal Plaza Trade Center, Marlbor- aisle, featured tier and auough, Mass. I guess you have thors booth. to be a fly fisherman to enjoy this one because it boasts, “Fly fishing isn’t part of the show, IT IS THE SHOW!”

As advertised, this is a fly fishing-only show. They are also advertising more than $60,000 in door prizes. For more info, go to That’s it, gang. I am getting better by the day. See ya and God Bless America and watch over our troops wherever they may be.

Admission is cash only. Adults play $15 for one day, $25 for two or $35 for all

Watercolor exhibit set at the Orchards

The Gallery at The Orchards is located in the community room on the second floor at The Orchards, 34 Hobart St. For more information, call 860-628-5656 or visit www. southingtonartsandcrafts. com.

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The Gallery at The Orchards has scheduled an exhibit of watercolor paintings by Sarah Cyr, of Naugatuck, through 31. The show, “The Sublime and Paradise,” features fantasy art storytelling and seascapes of the Gloucester, Mass., coastline.

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A22 Friday, January 13, 2017

The Southington Citizen |

Welcome to On The Menu. Let us help you find the perfect place to eat.

Whether it’s a celebration, date night, or just grabbing a bite to eat, this list of local restaurants is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Find great local eats - Adelphia Café

Arc Eatery

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476 Washington Avenue North Haven, CT 06473 203-535-0149 Family owned/operated. Former proprietors of the Neptune Diner in Wallingford. Extensive menu for all tastes. Breakfasts, luncheons and special dinners. All baking on premises.

Athena II Diner

Colony Diner

Duchess of Wallingford

Eddie’s Sombrero Mexican Restaurant & Cantina

320 Washington Ave, North Haven, CT 06473 203.239.0663 Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Serving breakfast, lunch, & dinner. Accept Q Cards. Serving North Haven for 30 years. Daily specials and full liquor available.

124 Church St. Wallingford, CT 06492 (203) 265-9431 -of-Wallingford/119682821380599 Celebrating Over 25 Years in Wallingford! Our Success comes from dedication to quality,freshness & variety! Breakfast cooked to order. Open 7 days for breakfast lunch & dinner.

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611 N Colony Road Wallingford, CT 06492 (203) 269-9507 Wallingford’s place to go for old-fashioned breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Proudly serving up delicious and hearty meals daily. Voted Best Diner 4 years running by Record Journal. Open seven days. Breakfast served all day.

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Find great local eats -

The Southington Citizen |

Friday, January 13, 2017


Welcome to On The Menu. Let us help you find the perfect place to eat.

Whether it’s a celebration, date night, or just grabbing a bite to eat, this list of local restaurants is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Find great local eats - Minervini’s Pizzeria

Ridgeside Tavern

Soga Sushi

Wood & Smoke Country Barbecue

73 Quinnipiac Street Wallingford, CT 06492 203-793-7801 Ken & Diane have been using family pizza recipes since 1939. Family owned/ operated serving authentic apps, soups, salads, sub & More!

99 Powder Hill Road Middlefield, CT 06455 (860) 852-5444 Causal neighborhood dining with beautiful mountain views. Craft beers/ cocktails specials, weekly live music and tap takeovers. There’s always something special going on inside the Tavern!

170 Washington Avenue North Haven, CT 06473 203-239-3355 New owner! Authentic Japanese and Asian cuisine. New style, great service, more surprises! Check out our menu and like us on Facebook to see our specials!

1 Lorraine Terrace (Rt. 66) Middlefield, CT 06455 (860) 358-9163 Smoked Meats-brisket, pork, ribs and wings, with all your favorite country sides. Take out or eat out. Open year round, with seasonal outdoor seating.

Find great local eats WANT TO BE PART OF THIS SECTION? CALL 203-317-2312 FOR DETAILS

Find great local eats -


A24 Friday, January 13, 2017

The Southington Citizen |

Panthers, Knights cruise to confrontation “Working with Figueroa and with the group we have has helped him a lot,” Coach McCarty said. “We’re tough in that [upper middleweight/lower heavyweight] area with [Stratton, Carlson and Arroyo]. He’s developed a lot of toughness and technique in a short amount of time.”

By Ken Lipshez Record-Journal staff

The Platt wrestling team entered the new year on a mission. The Panthers sailed through the early portion of their schedule. Nick Martone has established himself as one the state’s top 285-pounders. Ben Stratton has excelled at 160. James Burrus (195/220), Mannash Carlson (145), Victor Torres (113), Zavian Arroyo (170), Isaiah Ronda (182), Chris Bonilla (195), James Rondini (106) and Jeremy Polanco (120) are powering their way toward high seeds in the Class L tournament in Guilford come Feb. 18. Others who have competed well include the Morris brothers Damian (138) and Dante (152), the brothers McCarty, Devyn (152) and Andrew (132). and the Flores boys, Cesar (195), Andy (220) and Brian (152). The Southington Duals on New Year’s Eve day posed a daunting challenge: a meeting with Mt. Anthony Union of Bennington, VT. The fourth-seeded Panthers won just one of the 14 bouts against MAU — a 7-2 decision by Carlson — in los-

Ben Stratton and the Platt wrestling team are off to a 14-1 start. Their lone loss was to powerhouse Mount Athony Union of Vermont at the Southington Duals on Jan. 7. | Justin Weekes, For the Record-Journal

ing 69-3. They dumped the tournament’s second seed Winchester, Mass. 46-33, Branford 51-19, Lyman Memorial/Windham Tech 52-24 and outmanned Cheshire 72-6. MAU’s success rate in Vermont, and to a lesser extent New England, is very UConn-lady-like. The last time the Patriots finished anywhere but first in the Green Mountain State was the 1988-89 season. They’ve amassed 30 state crowns. Since 2012, they’ve won three of four New England titles and dropped just one dual meet.

McCarty’s party “We’re getting contributions from all over the

lineup, even from the junior varsity kids,” Platt coach Bryan McCarty said. “With the amount of matches we’ve had, we’ve had to slip some JVs in to give the kids a blow, like Ronda, who had a family commitment Saturday.

Platt (14-1) is ranked 12th in the latest Connecticut coaches’ poll. Southington (6-1), which has a tournament-loaded schedule and has fewer dual meets, is eighth in the state. On Saturday, the thirdseeded Blue Knights lost to No. 1 MAU in the finals by 57-18. They turned back Winchester (42-30), Ridgefield (63-17), NFA (71-12) and Amity (51-12) in pool competition.

Charge! The Knights went into their own Duals having finished sixth in the George Bossi Lowell (Mass.) Holiday Tournament last week. Paul Calo (160) won a championship in a competition that included 73 New England schools including MAU, Winchester and Timberlane, N.H., New England champions seven of eight years between 2005 and 2012. Other place-winners for Southington in Lowell were Austin Abacherli (2nd at 152), Jacob Cardozo (4th at 113) and Shaun Wagner (5th at 132).

“Mt. Anthony would be the top seed in New En“It’s too early to tell, but they gland right now,” Southare showing some toughness. ington coach Derek Dion said. “Winchester usually is Beating Winchester was a win against a good program. among the top five in Massachusetts and their coach They come in here every (Lawrence Tremblay) is the year and the final is usually winningest coach in Masbetween them and Mt. Ansachusetts. Bryan’s dothony. To see us and Southing a great job at Platt, so ington do well is a credit to we had some pretty good Connecticut wrestling.” competition.” Ronda, stuck behind state Platt and Southington were place-winner Bernard seeded in separate pools and Figueroa last year, seems didn’t meet. The Panthers ready to make his mark. upset the Blue Knights at the

October Savings Event

Southington Duals last year, but the Knights exacted revenge in the regular-season meeting. The pair are slated to clash next Wednesday at Southington.

Kyle Solomon (126), Colin Brick (106), Tagan Welch (138) and Tim Budnick (145) all split their four bouts. Heavyweight Jimmy Starr was unable to make the trip (elbow injury). Rich Rivera was bumped up to 285, but had to yield his second bout due to sickness. Rich Zayas went 1-2 at 220. “Rich hadn’t had time to train coming in off football, but he was awesome this weekend,” Dion said. “He beat a kid from MAU who placed third at Lowell.”

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The Southington Citizen |

Friday, January 13, 2017


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~ HERE ARE THIS WEEK’S NOMINEES ~ Each week, the Record-Journal sports editorial department will nominate 3 male and 3 female high school students in our Athletes of the Week contest.

Vote online from now through Monday at

Winners will be announced along with next week’s nominees next Thursday in the print and online.

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Call Isaiah Jones “Mr. Double-Double.” Platt’s senior center was riding a string of five straight as he and the Panthers prepared to battle Middletown on Tuesday night. Jones took off in late December, scoring 56 points and pulling down 50 rebounds in three games. He kept it going with 16 points and 10 boards in the 82-76 double-overtime loss to Berlin on Jan. 3. He put up 16 points while pulling down 10 rebounds in the 75-69 win at New Britain on Jan. 5.

It would be cute to say Kevin Ransom has been holding opposing defenses for ransom, except it isn’t true. Ransom hasn’t been taking any prisoners. Lyman Hall’s 5-foot-11 junior point guard fueled the three-game winning streak the Trojans took into Monday night’s matchup with Guilford by scoring 22 points at Maloney on Dec. 31, 19 at Jonathan Law on Jan. 3 and 22 at home against East Haven on Friday night. He had 22 in a loss to Platt on Dec. 27.

While we don’t prescribe to the notion of predestination, it would seem when your name is Will Wynne, victory is bound to be yours. Will Wynne, in fact, did plenty of winning to help Cheshire get off to a 4-0 start. The senior was a double-winner in the first three meets and swam on two winning relays in all four. Friday’s victory in the 50 freestyle against Lyman Hall gave Wynne seven individual first-place finishes in five different events so far this season.




Three different girls held Sheehan’s indoor track distaff pole vaulting record at 8 feet, 6 inches. That’s an awfully crowded field. Stephanie Phoenix made it less so and bettered the mark by a full foot when she cleared 9 feet, 6 inches just after Christmas at the Rhode Island Classic Track Invitational in Providence. The junior will take aim at the outdoor record of 10 feet, 6 inches in the spring. Said coach Charles Farley,“She has a good shot at doing that as well.”

Melanie Polanco was the leading light for Maloney girls basketball last year and she is again so far this season. She’s led the Spartans in scoring (and often in rebounding) game in, game out. Through Maloney’s first seven contests, the junior combination player had 99 points for a 14.1 scoring average. Her season high (so far) came in Maloney’s 44-40 overtime win over Bristol Central on Dec. 29. Polanco had 22 points along with nine rebounds and three steals.


With junior star Janette Wadolowski sidelined with a broken hand, an even greater burden falls on senior point guard Maggie Meehan to carry Southington’s fortunes on the hardwood. The fourth-year veteran has been up to the task. Each month one lucky voter Through Southington’s first seven games, Meehan scored 175 points will win a Free Oil Change from Wallingford Buick GMC! for a even 25.0 a game. The hitch is, those 175 points were half of Southington’s total scoring. MeeWHO WILL BE OUR han and the Lady Knights were still hanging tough at 4-3.









A26 Friday, January 13, 2017

The Southington Citizen |

The lay of the ice after the first shift By Joe Boyle Record-Journal correspondent

Zach Monti is impressing coach Brian Cannon between the pipes. Monti’s success will be important to the Warrior-Knights because of the lack of experience in the defense. In the win over BCR, Monti saw a handful of breakaways and odd-man rushes.

The high school hockey boys are hitting the ice pretty strong this season. When any of our local teams hits the ice, you can expect some big genos (goals for you old-timers), even bigger hits and some exciting puck being played. Cheshire, the lone Division II team the Record-Journal covers, is rounding out in the Top 10 of the division. The Rams currently sit at 3-2 with wins over Lyman Hall-Haddam Killingworth-Coginchaug, Watertown-Pomperaug and Fairfield Warde-Ludlowe to counter losses to Glastonbury and East Haven.

Lyman Hall Co-op

Lyman Hall’s Chris Blanchard and Cheshire’s Conrad Reynolds battle for the puck in their season opener back on Dec. 21 at Wesleyan. | Justin Weekes, For the Record-Journal

Giusto noted last season that Solla is a coach’s dream because of his work ethic.

Hall-Southington Hall-Southington flexed its offensive muscles Wednesday night handling Bolton-Coventry-Rockville 7-2. The win could be the catalyst that sends the Warrior Knights on the right path moving forward.

After the top three scorers for the Rams, the next scorers on the list have, at most, just three points. That gap will hopefully be closed as the season progresses and returning players like Conrad In Wednesday’s win, the big Reynolds and Sean Crowley standout was Hall’s Mike continue the offensive sucDiPietro, who notched a cess they showed last season. hat trick and an assist in his Lyman Hall (1-3) has been first game with the team. A Offense, offense, offense is handicapped by a Division II-heavy schedule to start the the name of the game for the sophomore showing that success so early in the seaRams at the moment and season, not to mention an son is very exciting for the injury that’s sidelined Hunter they will need to continue Warrior-Knights. this trend if they want to get Boileau, last season’s SCC back to the SCC championDivision II/III Player of the Another offensive weapon is Year. A young Sheehan team ship game, where they were Southington’s Jeremy Fortin. downed last season by North stands at 1-4 out of the gate. The senior captain showed Branford. success last season when he Here’s a detailed early-seawas second on the team in On the defensive end, reson look at the four area points and he is continuing turner Ryan Novia has been teams. the trend. playing some good puck, giving help to the offensive Cheshire Fortin has speed and can guys. Along with Novia, Joey Cheshire can score goals. handle the puck really Yurczyk and Jake Wallinger This is clear with guys like well, even in full stride, as Ammar Chaudhry, Matt Fed- are leaders on the back end, shown against BCR when he which needs to provide erico and Vinnie Solla leadstreaked down the ice and continued success moving ing the way. They combined scored shorthanded. forward. for both goals in WednesFortin’s leadership is vital day night’s 2-1 win over That isn’t to say the guy beto the team. Fortin’s neuWatertown-Pomperaug. tween the pipes, Tom Bishop, tral and defensive zone play isn’t doing his job. His first And yet Cheshire does not show he was ready to accept game against Lyman Hall, have a clear No. 1 point the leadership role. a 5-3 victory, was a good scorer at the moment. Fedone to get under his belt. On the blue line, Drew Booth erico shows the most promWhile he did look technically stands out for me. He’s anise to be that answer. He’s sound, first-game jitters were other smart kid out there already got eight points, folpresent. After shutting out with all the tools to be good. lowed by Solla with six. Fairfield Warde-Ludlowe 3-0, He isn’t flashy and isn’t going Solla is a real positive for expect Bishop to get more to wow you with a beautiful the team. He is one of the and more comfortable as the play, but he’s a smart, physhardest back-checkers on No. 1 guy in the crease. ical hockey player that every the team and coach Anthony team needs. The other three clubs — Hall-Southington, Sheehan and the Lyman Hall co-op — are in Division III. Hall-Southington ranks No. 6 at 2-2-1 after Wednesday’s night’s 7-2 victory over Bolton-Coventry-Rockville.

Lyman Hall-Haddam Killingworth-Coginchaug hopped off to an exciting start with a 3-2 overtime win over Daniel Hand and had really strong outings against North Haven (3-0) and Cheshire (5-3). The LH Co-op is currently 1-3, but as I said at the beginning of the season, the won-loss record will not be indicative of how good this team is. Currently, the team is playing without last year’s leading scorer, Hunter Boileau. That hasn’t stopped Kyle Roberts from being a stud in the offensive zone. Roberts’ highlights already this season consist of a three-point game against Cheshire and the overtime goal against Hand. On the defensive side, Chris Blanchard has picked up where he left off last season. Blanchard is the strongest skater on the Trojans and, arguably, in all of Division III. Alongside Blanchard is Markus Trahan. Trahan doesn’t do more than he needs to do. He isn’t going to go coast to coast with the puck very often or rocket a slap shot into the upper corners of the net. He is a defensive-minded defender who breaks up opposing teams’ scoring opportunities and does a really good job of leading the breakout. Also, Jack O’Brien has been an electric factory for the Trojans so far. He’s the type of player who can get a big hit or big goal and change the momentum of any game. He is also the type of player opposing teams get really irritated with. O’Brien is the guy you absolutely love hav-

ing on your team, but other teams are going to absolutely hate. Finally, Finley VanHouten has proven to be ready to be the No. 1 goalie for the Trojans. Coming into the season, VanHouten’s lack of game experience concerned me. With a heavy Division II presence in the LH schedule, I was concerned she would not be ready to make the jump after being Zach O’Toole’s backup for her first three seasons.

Sheehan The Titans sit at 1-4 with a 5-0 win over the Eastern CT Eagles. In that win, senior Patrick Budds notched two goals. Budds is just a part of the big senior class for the Titans that includes Ben Naser and Jimmy Notarfransesco. Notarfransesco is one of the team’s captains and has proven to be one of the stronger skaters for the team. Notarfransesco is defensive minded, yet really impresses when he is leading the breakout and setting up the forwards. Naser is one of the team’s pure goal-scorers and can light up the horn on any given night. With the recent passing of his father, Naser has something to play for, which I think everyone can root for. Nick Gonsalves is another defender who has impressed me so far because he knows his own limitations. Gonsalves is a stay-at-home defender. He’s the defender planting himself on the blue line and putting the puck in front of the net for the forwards. He’s also really good at grinding out in the corners and setting up breakouts from behind the net. He’s not overly fast or overly big, but he has the awareness that a good defenseman needs out on the ice. The Titans have young talent oozing through the starting lineup that makes this team even more exciting.

The Southington Citizen |

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Friday, January 13, 2017


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SU O N PE 1– N 3P M

SU O N PE 2– N 4P M

All offices independently owned and operated.


Meriden $219,999 Beautiful location! Lovely Cape features high ceilings & large windows. 3 BR, eatin kitchen, formal dining & 2 full baths. Sliders to rear deck. Tucked away on a private cul de sac! Robert Perriello MSL# G10072386




Meriden $164,900 Lovely 3 BR Ranch with gleaming hardwood floors, large eat-in kitchen & fenced rear yard. Access to beautiful pool! Call for more information! Danny Torres MLS# N10069262





Wallingford $295,000 Incredible updated Ranch! 2 remodeled full baths & 3 large BR. Updated kitchen leads to dining area w/sliders to new deck. Living rm w/FP & HW flrs. The home you have been waiting for! Erin Mancino MLS# G10071623





SU O N PEN 1– 3P M




SU O N PEN 2– 4P M

All offices independently owned and All offices independently owned operated. 40 King Street 31 Oxbow Driveoperated. All offices independently owned andand operated. Wallingford $199,990 Meriden $219,900 Garrison Colonial in great East Side Cute & affordable! Expanded Ranch w/3 location! 4 BR, 450 sq ft finished LL w/ BR, master w/full bath, detached garage walk-out to back yard. Room above garage w/work area. Even a bomb shelter! Level for BR or office. Fireplaces in living rm & yard, wide driveway, fenced areas & so lower level. Agent/Owner Gary Dobratz much more! Dana Hills MSL# N10056200 MLS# N10051724







MLS# G10071849

Raffile MLS# G10071486











MLS# G10070982

MLS# G10069099




Southington $299,999 Southington $459,000 Meriden NorthDrive Wall St., $349,900 Meriden $219,900 Wallingford $295,000 40 King Street 31193 Oxbow Meriden$219,999 $219,999 Wallingford $295,000 Meriden $164,900 Meriden$164,900 $164,900 Meriden $219,999 40$129,000 King Street 31 Meriden Oxbow Drive Meriden Wallingford $295,000 Meriden 40 King Street Drive Remodeled 249331sqOxbow ft Colonial offers gourmet Remodeled Ranch style home offers granite Colonial featuring open floorBeautiful plan, HWlocation! Well-maintained 3 Family home offering 2 BR updated 3 BR Colonial in 2great location! Country kitchen3 BRYoung Lovely Cape features Incredible Ranch! remodeled Lovely Ranch with gleaming Wallingford $199,990 Meriden $219,900 Beautiful location! Lovely Cape features Incredible updated Ranch! 2 remodeled Lovely 3 BR Ranch with gleaming Wallingford $199,990 Meriden $219,900 Lovely features Incredible updated Ranch!& sliders 2 remodeled Lovely BR Ranch withfromgleaming Wallingford $199,990 kitchen, 1st flrMeriden MBR suite & $219,900 open floor plan. Parkcounters, sslocation! appliances, openCape floor plan, 2 full flrs, granite3eat-in kitchen, mud entry & Beautiful & 1 fullExpanded bath on each floor. w/3 Laundry full hookup familyUpdated rm w/fireplace to deck floors, highgarage ceilings large windows. 3&BR, eatbathsin &w/33open largeto BR. kitchen hardwood large kitchen & eat-in CuteEast & affordable! Ranch Garrison Colonial inacresgreat East Side high ceilings large BR, baths 3Near large BR. Updated hardwood Cute & affordable! Expanded Ranch Colonial in great likeGarrison 1.88Garrison w/extra lot in& possible subdivision. ceilings &living large windows. 3 BR, eat-eatbaths &yard. 3 &large BR. Updated hardwood floors, eat-in kitchen & & high Cuteunit. & affordable! Expanded Ranch w/3 &fulllevelfull Colonial great East SideSideeach baths in main area &windows. walk out LL3 family rm w/FP &floors, walllarge oflarge windows. MBRkitchen w/full Fully rented with off-street parking. back parkway. Soldkitchen as kitchen is. family in kitchen, formal dining & 2 full baths. leads to dining area w/sliders to new deck. fenced rear yard. Access to beautiful pool! BR, master w/full bath, detached garage location! 4 BR, 450 sq ft finished LL w/ in kitchen, formal dining full baths. towilldining w/sliders to new fenced yard. Access to beautiful master detached garageAleads location! 4w/garages BR, ft finished LL w/Separate Heated workshop +ftsqparking! Home w/half bath. Nice parcel w/fenced yard! & walk-in closet plus 2toadd’l BR. Patio utilities. Basement storage. Arben littleleads make this $239,900 home toshine! Gloria formal dining & 2&full2rear baths. toTLC dining areaarea w/sliders new deck.deck. bath fenced rearrear yard. Access beautiful pool!&pool! inrmkitchen, BR, BR, master w/fullw/full bath,bath, detached garage location! 4 BR, 450450 sq $519,000 finished LL w/ Southington $247,000 Southington Southington $309,900 Southington $269,900 Southington Sliders toTorres rearAbsolutely deck. Tucked away on aunit Living rm w/FPWell-maintained & HW flrs.rmN10185853 The Ranch home you Call forsacmore information! Danny Torres area.Kolenovic Even a bomb shelter! Level walk-out to back yard. RoomtoPam above garage Sliders toMLS# rear deck. Tucked Living & HW The Call forDiTullio information! Danny w/work a bomb shelter! walk-out yard. Room above garage business potential! Savejs MLS# N10179121 end withaway fully onflrs. a cul dehome sqmore ftmore Ranch w/2 car attached Spectacular colonial style free-standing Grand Colonial features 1st flrw/work office w/ John Perriello G10189248 hot MLS# G10187149 MLS# G10185408 MLS# Sliders to beautiful rear deck. Tucked away on aon a Living rm w/FPw/FP & HW flrs. The home you you2400+ Calltub! forLisa information! Danny Torres w/work area.area. EvenEven a bomb shelter! LevelLevelGriffiths walk-out to backback yard. Room above garage private w/ cul de finished sac!private Robert Perriello MSL# haveareas been&&waiting for!mountain Erin Mancino MLS#Wood MLS# N10069262 widermdriveway, fenced & sofenced for BR or Fireplaces living rmdoors & yard, granite kitchen views! flrs,MLS# FP,MLS#garage, 3 N10069262 BR, 2 full baths, kitchen Condo close toareas highways, shopping French &in HW cul delevel, sac! Robert Perriello waiting Mancino yard, wide driveway, for ormolding, BRoffice. orinoffice. Fireplaces living private cullower de sac! Robert Perriello MSL#MSL# havehave beenbeen waiting for! for! Erin Erin Mancino MLS#MLS# N10069262 wide driveway, fenced areaspartially & so sowith for BR Fireplaces in living rmflrs, & & yard, stainless appliances & more. ceiling & skylight in living rm. pantry, CAir & newer roof. G10072386 Enclosed counters, more! 3 MSL# BR, 2.5N10056200 baths, hardwood, formal living & Agent/Owner dining rms, kitchen w/ Dana G10071623 much more! Hills lower level. Agent/Owner Gary Dobratz G10072386 G10071623 much more! Dana Hills MSL# N10056200 cathedral lower level. Gary Dobratz G10072386 G10071623 much more! Dana Hills MSL# N10056200 lower level. Agent/Owner Gary Dobratz pantry & 1st flr family rm w/FP. 4 BR w/ finished LL, deck & garage. Located on cul Fenced back yard & patio. Near hiking sunroom addition w/office. Oversized Both master & 2nd BR have full baths. MLS# N10051724 N10051724 MLS# N10051724 largeMLS# MBR suite. Just move in! Lil Polak de sac. Low HOA fees! Joseph Bowolick trails! Opal Monbaron-Romano MLS# fenced yard w/apple & pear trees! Patti Low condo fees! Come see! John Perriello

Southington $279,900 Southington $144,900 Meriden $149,900 Wallingford $399,900 Southington $219,000 Newly redone Multi-family home! 3 BR & bath One level living in this remodeled 2 BR Ranch! Immaculate home in Open Space Community! End unit offers 2 BR w/walk-in closets & 1.5 Ridgeview Estates, Southington’s 55+ Active on 1st floor. 2nd floor has 3 BR, 2 full baths Formal dining rm, living rm w/FP & HW flrs 3 BR, 2.5 baths, HW floors, 2nd level loft & baths. Living/dining combo w/FP & sliders to Adult Community-Final Phase available! Unit out special! New construction! 2000 deck. Kitchen w/breakfast nook. Walk-outSouthington basement w/9’ ceiling. HOA fee of $112/month & slider to deck. New roof & 2 new furnaces.Southington throughout. Newer roof, windows, siding, gas line $247,000 $239,900 $309,900 $269,900 Southington $519,000 Southington $247,000 Southington $239,900 Southington Southington $309,900 LL #30 close Southington $269,900 Southington $519,000 Southington $409,900 Southington $227,500 Southington $209,000 Southington $289,000 55Southington Columbus$519,000 Blvd #8 Southington $247,000 Southington $239,900 Southington $309,900 Southington $269,900 Southington sq ft of luxury car garage, 1st flr master family rm. 2nd flr laundry. Gas heat & CAir. Great to maintain streets, lights & open space land. Separate utilities. Plenty of parking & shed. Gary & boiler. Deck, patio & screened porch. Convenient Absolutely endporch unitw/2 with fully Well-maintained Ranch a cul Ranch! deRanch sac Newer 2400+ sq sac ft One Ranch car3ftBR, attached colonial styleliving! free-standing Grand Colonial features 1st flr office w/ 1stSpectacular WideAbsolutely front Colonial! 4end BR. Kitchen w/ fully & onbright roof, levelw/2 living! 1 bathw/2 Ranch with 1 beautiful OneSpectacular floor Ranch home on large Clean Southington $199,000 beautiful Well-maintained on a cul de 2400+ sq Ranch car attached colonial style free-standing Grand Colonial features flr office w/ Absolutely beautiful end unit unit withwith fully Well-maintained on aCAir, cul dewater sac car 2400+ sq CAir ftPatrick Ranch carfloors. attached Spectacular colonial style free-standing Grand Colonial featuresin1sttheflr center office w/of location! suite plus more! Raffile MLS# G10178573 location! Lynn MLS#w/2G10176354 Gibson doors, MLS# Ranch G10185655 Mancino MLS# G10189383 Pattilot! Raffile MLS# G10188079 island &Patti slider to patio. Great rm windows, furnace, garage, & hardwood New granite, .67 acre MBR suite w/bath & walk-in Joyce Beautiful Townhouse








Colonial model ready to move into! Features portico w/cultured stone, walk-out basement w/ sliders, 1st flr study, family rm w/coffer ceiling, fancy moldings in dining rm, tray ceiling in MBR, walk-in closets & more! $529,900 DIR: Meriden Ave to Savage to Steeple Chase. Agent related. Eileen Lovley LIS NEW TIN G

NM PM EN P2EP –2 OP 2O– 12 1 N UN SU S


M EN 2P OP 2– 1 N SU



finished lower level, granite kitchen mountain Wood flrs,views! FP, Wood garage,flrs,3 BR, 2 garage, full baths, kitchen w/ baths, Condo close highways, shopping & with crown molding, French doors & HWFrench flrs, doors finishedlower lowerlevel, level,granite granitekitchen kitchen with mountain FP, garage, 3 BR, full kitchen Condo close to highways, shopping & withviews! crown molding, & HW flrs,toCondo finished mountain views! Wood flrs, 3& BR, 2 full2system. baths, kitchen w/ w/w/FP, shopping crown molding, French doors Laundry & HW flrs, crown moldings & HW flrs. Finished heater, kitchenin& living great rm w/half bath.FP, 2 windows heating Large level closet. 2close more to BRs,highways, FP, bay windows, CAir,&ceiling HW flrs on main level. on counters, stainless appliances & more. cathedral & skylight rm. pantry, CAir & newer roof. Enclosed more! 3 BR, 2.5 baths, hardwood, partially formal living &town! dining rms, kitchen w/ counters, stainless appliances &Rtemore. cathedral ceiling & skylight in living rm. pantry, CAir & newer roof. Enclosed more! 3 BR, 2.5 baths, hardwood, partially formal living & dining rms, kitchen w/ family rm. 2 car garage. Minutes& tomore. garageceiling w/storage above &ingreat for information! Gary Mancino 2 car garage & basement rec rm. Minutes upper level. stainless appliances cathedral & skylight livingyard. rm. yard. pantry,CallCAir & newer roof. Enclosed LLcounters, 3 BR, 2.5 baths, hardwood, partially car formal livingWalk-out & diningto patio. rms, Large kitchenoffice w/ more! Both Oversized master & 2nd BRmaster haveLil full baths. Fenced back & patio. Near hiking sunroomLilhiking additionsunroom w/office.addition Oversizedw/office. finished LL, deck garage. LL, Located on culLil Polak pantry & 1st flrspace family rm&w/FP. BR Near w/ rmtown & 2nd BR have baths. Fenced back yard & &patio. finished & garage. Located on culyard pantry flr4 family w/FP. 4 w/ BR w/ finished &Both highway! Polak Minutes to park, shopping highways! G10072534 to &highways &deck MLS# green, Both master & 2nd BRMLS# haveG10073131 full full baths. Fenced back yard & patio. NearNear hiking MLS# sunroom addition w/office. Oversized 10 LL, deck &parks! garage. Located on cul pantry &behind 1st 1st flrgarage. family rm w/FP. 4 BR OPEN SUN Lowtrees! condoPatti fees! Come see! John Perriello trails!Bowolick Opal 1-3PM Monbaron-Romano MLS# fenced yard w/apple & pear trees! Patti& pear dein!sac. Low HOA fees!sac.Joseph Bowolick large MBR suite. Just move in!suite. Lil Polak Polak MLS# Opal G10072357 G10072284 restaurants & walking trails!move Joyce Gibson Low condo fees! Come see! John Perriello trails! Monbaron-Romano MLS# fenced yard w/apple de Low HOA fees! Joseph large MBR Just Lil Polak Low condo fees! Come see! John Perriello trails! Opal Monbaron-Romano MLS# fenced yard w/apple & pear trees! Patti de sac. Low HOA fees! Joseph Bowolick large MBR suite. Just move in! Lil Polak MLS# G10072154 G10071437 Raffile MLS# G10071486 MLS# G10070982 MLS# G10069099 East Gate Southington G10071849 G10071437 Raffile G10071486 MLS# G10071849 G10070982 Meadows, G10069099 MLS#MLS# G10071849 G10071437 Raffile MLS#MLS# G10071486 MLS#MLS# G10070982 MLS#MLS# G10069099


Southington $309,000 Southington $175,000 Southington $139,900 Southington $310,000 Southington $428,000 Large custom Ranch w/finished LL plus Lovely estate sale home priced to sell! Calling all Ranch lovers! Attractive 2 BR, Attractive 2 BR Townhouse in small Beautiful Cape with legal in-law on main workshop & storage area. Oversized 2 car Split level w/3 BR, 2.5 baths, enclosed sun 2 bath unit in Spring Lake Village 55+ complex! Near downtown Plantsville. level! Sits on 1.93 acres. Energy efficient community. Fireplace, detached garage,Procell Private front patio, nice neutral décor, fully with many updates. 4-5 BR, hardwood porch &4full left! wall brick FP. Motivated garage, 1st flr laundry & heated in-ground 11 beautiful lots, only Our modelseller under construction has 6’x9’ Southington $409,900 Southington $227,500 $209,000 55 Columbus Blvd55#8 Southington $289,000 Southington $409,900 Southington $227,500 Southington $209,000 Southington $289,000 Columbus floors throughout & plenty of storage. breakfastSouthington nook & formal$227,500 dining rm. 1 Southington yr applianced kitchen, granite bath w/double will giveSouthington $5000 towards buyers closing pool in fenced rear yard.Blvd LilBlvd Polak#8MLS# Southington $409,900 Southington $209,000 55 Columbus #8 $289,000 porch with columns, 9” ceilings on first floor, 1st floor study, fancy moldings Wide frontwith porch Colonial! 4 BR.porch Kitchen w/ Lisa CleanBetty & large bright Ranch! Newer One level living! 3 BR, 1level bathliving! Ranch 1Betty One floor living! Ranch home on large Southington Manicured yard. MustColonial! see! homeClean warranty! Bettyroof, Scaringe MLS# sinks & finished lower3with level. Scaringe costs withfloor an living! acceptable contract! G695672$199,000 Wide front 4 Kitchen BR.DiTullio Kitchen & bright Ranch! Newer roof, One BR, bath Ranch 1 One Ranch home on Southington $199,000 Wide front porch Colonial! 4 BR. w/ w/ Clean & bright Ranch! Newer roof, One level living! 3 BR, 1 bath Ranch with 1 One floor living! Ranch home on large Southington $199,000 incenter dining tray in suitemaster bedroom & aCAir, lotwater of car hardwood G10052047 G10056328 MLS# G10059032 Scaringe MLS# granite, & slider to patio. rm to patio. Great rm windows, doors, furnace, garage, CAir &flooring hardwood .67room, acre suiteceiling w/bath & walk-in Beautiful Townhouse in theTownhouse of in the granite, islandGreat & slider windows, doors, furnace, CAir, water car garage, floors. CAir &New hardwood floors.island NewMLS# .67 acre lot!G10041168 MBR w/bath & walk-in Beautiful centerlot! ofMBR

Ross Farms Estates, Middlefield


Beautiful Townhouse in the center of .67 acre lot! MBR suite w/bath & walk-in windows, doors, furnace, CAir, water car garage, CAir & hardwood floors. New granite, island & slider to patio. Great rm included. Your plans Starting atkitchen $399,900. Agent/related Eileen Lovley. w/FP, crown moldings & crown HW flrs.moldings Finished& HW flrs. Finished heater, & great rmkitchen w/half 2 rm windows & heatingwindows system.& Large levelsystem. 2 more BRs,closet. FP,orbay2ours. windows, CAir, town! HW flrs on main level. flrs Laundry on closet. heater, &bath. great w/half heating FP, bay windows, on main Laundry crown moldings & HW flrs. Finished kitchen & great rm w/half bath.bath. 2 2 windows & heating system. LargeLarge levellevel w/FP,w/FP, 2 moremore BRs,BRs, FP, bay windows, CAir,CAir, heater, town!town! HW HW flrs on main level.level. Laundry on on closet. family rm. 2 carLLgarage. Minutes Rte Minutes to Rte carrm. garage w/storage above &w/storage great yard.aboveyard. Callyard. for information! Gary Mancino LL 2 to car garage & basement recCedar rm.& Minutes upper level. Walk-out to patio. Large office DIR: Rte 66 Jackson Hill to to Ross Rd family rm. 2 carto garage. car garage & great yard. Call for information! Gary Mancino 2 car garage basement rec Minutes upper level. Walk-out to patio. Large office Minutes to Rte upper level. Walk-out to patio. Large office 2 car garage & basement rec rm. Minutes car garage w/storage above & great yard. yard. Call for information! Gary Mancino LL family rm. 2 car garage. 10 & highway! Lil Polak MLS# G10073131 Minutes toMLS# park, shopping &tohighways! Lil &MLS# G10072534 highways & parks! Lil Polak& MLS# space behind garage. Near towngarage. green, Nearto town 10 & highway! Lil Polak G10073131 Minutes park, shopping highways! Lil MLS# G10072534 to highways parks! Lil Polak space behind green, 10 & highway! Lil Polak MLS#MLS# G10073131 space behind garage. Near town green, to highways & parks! Lil Polak MLS# Minutes to park, shopping & highways! Lil MLS# G10072534 Polak MLS# G10072357 restaurants & walking trails! Joyce Gibsontrails!G10072284 Polak MLS# G10072357 G10072284 restaurants & walking Joyce Gibson Polak MLS# G10072357 restaurants & walking trails! Joyce Gibson G10072284 MLS# G10072154 MLS# G10072154 MLS# G10072154 RE D RE UCE DU D CE D





North Ridge Estates, Southington North Ridge Estates, Southington course5 setting! details price. LastGolf Chance! lots left Numerous in Phase 1 upgrades & 2. Prices&going upinonbase Phase 3 Starting at $499,900. Last chance! 5 Lots left in Phase 1 & 2. Prices going up on Phase 3 & & 4. Golf course setting! Come tour a model. Numerous upgrades 4. Come tour our model! DIR: West Stintobase Welsh to North Ridge. Agent related, Eileen Lovley. & details price. Starting at $479,900. Agent related, Eileen Lovley. Come tour our model with Gary & Erin Mancino








Smar te r, Bolde r, Faste r

$309,000 $175,000 $139,900 $310,000 Southington $428,000 Southington$309,000 $309,000 Southington$175,000 $175,000 Southington Southington Southington$139,900 $139,900 Southington Southington Southington$310,000 $310,000 Southington Southington Southington$428,000 $428,000 Southington Southington Southington Beautiful Cape withBeautiful legal in-law onwithmain Calling toall sell! Ranch lovers! Attractive 2lovers! BR, Attractive Attractive2 BR, 2 BR Attractive Townhouse2 inBR small Lovely LLestate saleLovely home estate priced to sell! Large custom Ranch w/finished LL plusw/finished in-law on main Calling all Ranch Townhouse in small priced custom Ranch plus Lovely Beautiful CapeCape with legallegal in-law on main all Ranch lovers! Attractive 2 BR, Attractive 2 BR Townhouse in small estate salesale homehome priced to sell! Calling LargeLarge custom Ranch w/finished LL plus level!Plantsville. Sits on 1.93 level! acres.Sits Energy efficient bath unitsunin Spring LakeunitVillage 55+ Lakecomplex! Near downtown Plantsville. Split level2w/3 BR, 2.5 baths, enclosed sunbaths,2 enclosed workshop & storageworkshop area. Oversized 2 car on 1.93 acres. Energy efficient 2 bath in Spring Village 55+ complex! Near downtown Split level w/3 BR, 2.5 & storage area. Oversized car workshop & storage area. Oversized 2 car Split level w/3 BR, 2.5 baths, enclosed sun 2 bath unit in Spring Lake Village 55+ complex! Near downtown Plantsville. level! Sits on 1.93 acres. Energy efficient many updates. 4-5many BR, updates. hardwood4-5 BR, hardwood community. Fireplace, detachedFireplace, garage, detached Private garage, patio, nicePrivate neutralpatio, décor, fullyneutralwithdécor, porchin-ground & full wall brick FP.&Motivated sellerFP. Motivated garage, 1st flr laundry & heated community. full wall garage, 1stlaundry flrin-ground laundry & heated many updates. 4-5 BR, hardwood Fireplace, detached garage, Private patio, nicenice neutral décor, fullyfully withwith & full wall brickbrick FP. Motivated sellerseller community. garage, 1st flr & heated in-ground porchporch floorsw/double throughout & plenty of storage. breakfastclosing nook & breakfast formal dining rm.& formal 1 yr dining applianced1kitchen, granite bathkitchen, w/double give $5000 towards buyers closing pool in fenced rearpool Lil Polakrear MLS# LilwillPolak throughout & plenty of storage. applianced granite $5000 towards buyers fenced throughout & plenty of storage. nooknook & formal dining rm. rm. 1 yr yr applianced kitchen, granite bathbath w/double floorsfloors givegive $5000 towards buyers closing breakfast pool in fenced rear yard.yard. Lil Polak MLS#MLS# will will

A28 Friday, January 13, 2017

The Southington Citizen |

Southington’s Poitras heading to CT soccer Hall s amo l año



For all

Esp • FHA • VA • USDA SOUTHINGTON — Southhis efforts, the 48-year-old is • 203K Streamline/Full 203K ington’s Tom Poitras has had among seven new members • Multi Family By Sean Krofssik a decorated career in soccer set for induction into the • Conventional Record-Journal staff • Jumbo as a player and coach. For Connecticut Soccer Hall of • Portfolio Fame on Saturday, Jan. 28. • Reverse Mortgages • Investments your home mortgage financing needs. We lend Nationally.

• FHA • VA • USDA • 203K Streamline/Full 203K • Multi Family • Conventional • Jumbo • Portfolio • Reverse Mortgages For • Investments

Soccer Club for four decades. Dikranian was the head coach at Southern Connecticut and Reid, the current UConn men’s soccer coach, was Dikranian’s assistant when Poitras played for the Owls.

When Poitras hung up his cleats, he turned his attention to coaching. He cut his teeth as the head coach of University “It’s definitely a nice surof New Haven men prise,” Poitras said. “I’m from 1994-97 and honored and humbled. I’m carded a 38-32-5 reproud because of all of the Poitras cord. During his people that affected my caure, he was the 1996 reer are already in the Hall of Poitras was an All-State New England Collegiate and Fame. It’s a nice recognition.” player at Southington High NEISL Coach of the Year. School. He went on to SouthAt New England Alliance Mortgage, we are a federally chartered Poitras bank, lending our own money. mentioned three ern and was a member of the Poitras moved on to SouthFor all your home mortgage financing needs. previous Connecticut Soccer Owls first NCAA Division II We lend Nationally. ern New Hampshire Univer860-828-5374 Peter D. L. Kern VP/SR Officer HallLoan of Fame inductees by national championship team sity. His tenure from 1998 NMLS Company NMLS #418481 Peter D. #11142 L. Kern 979 Farmington— Ave Bob Swanson, Ray name Office Hours: 10:30am- 5:00pm (After hours available by Appointment) Berlin, CT 06037 in 1987. He played two proto 2003 yielded a 81-25-16 24/7 E-mail: Reid and Bob Dikranian. fessional seasons with the record. He led the team to 979 Farmington Avenue - Berlin, CT - 06037 New Britain-based Connecti- the NCAA Division II finals Swanson and his wife Ans * Oficial de Prestamo de habla Español cut Wolves in 1993-94. in 2002 was named the 2002 have headed All loans are subject to credit approval including credit worthiness, insurability, andthe ability toSouthington provide acceptable collateral. Not all loans or products are available in all states or counties. New NSCAA Division II New EnEngland Alliance Mortgage and Bank of England are not affiliated with any government agency. New England Alliance Mortgage is a division of Bank of England. NMLS 418481. Member FDIC. gland Region Coach of the Year. CROSSWORD SUDOKU NMLS #11142 Company NMLS #418481

all your home mortgage financing needs. We lend Nationally.


Peter D. L. Kern 979 Farmington Ave Berlin, CT 06037

NMLS #11142 Peter D. L.Company Kern, SRNMLS Loan #418481 Officer

NMLS #11142 Office Hours: 10:30am-5:00pm (After hours available by Appointment) 24/7 E-mail: 49058-01

Oficial de Prestamo de habla Espanol Todas revelaciones y formas son en Inglés.


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Relationships, he said, are the highlights of his coaching experience.

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Bill Scully, Master Electrician Berlin, CT • Lic #0197227-E1 860-637-7632 • Credit Cards Accepted

Poitras graduated to the Division I ranks in 2004 when he accepted a post with the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. He coached at the school until 2010 and compiled a 72-46-18 mark. Under his watch, the team qualified for the NCAA Division 1 Tournament for the first time in 26 years in 2009. Poitras came home to coach the University of Hartford in 2011. The Hawks are 53-4519 during his coaching career to this point.





“The fact that we touch the lives of a lot of young men that are getting ready to enter the real world, that’s the best part of the job,” Poitras said. “But winning a lot of games is nice. I would be lying if I didn’t say that winning wasn’t fun. “I’m one of the lucky ones that gets to do one of the things I love for a living and I appreciate that,” he added. “It will be a nice night with a lot of family and friends. It’s a nice recognition for me and my family as well.” Poitras moved back to Southington in 2011 with his wife Alison. They are the parents of two children, Ian and Ella.

The Southington Citizen |

Friday, January 13, 2017

Classifieds Automobiles


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Stock #16-591A, AWD, Passenger, Only 40K




2004 Chevrolet 2004 Chrysler Sebring Coupe Cavalier



$588 + tax and reg down $50/Week

(203) 269-1106




(203) 269-1106



Buy Here Pay Here, No Credit Check

ONLY 2KMI. #15318A CALL 203-235-1111



2003 Buick





(203) 269-1106








$388 + tax and reg down $50/Week



$788 + tax and reg down $50/Week


$588 + tax and reg down $50/Week

A30 Friday, January 13, 2017

The Southington Citizen |

Classifieds Automobiles


36K MILES, AWD #16288A CALL 203-235-1111




42K MILES, #4090P CALL 203-235-1111

88K MILES, #4318A CALL 203-235-1111












74K MILES, #16265A CALL 203-235-1111







2012 RAM 1500 CREW







“Best Prices in CT”




WE BUY 2014 RAM 2015 JEEP 2014 RAM 1500 REG CAB CARS CREW CAB, HEMI-V8 CHEROKEE LIMITED 4X4 $ 24,000 $28,888 $18,754 FOR 68K MILES, #16294A 16K MILES, #16281A 24K MILES, #4331P CALL 203-235-1111 CALL 203-235-1111 CALL 203-235-1111 CASH!




Stock #: 17-473A 15K Miles




SubaruLegacyOutback Wagon’03.137K. leather.sunroof.remote. goodwintercar.$2,900. Call 203.213.4058.

Lost and Found





74K mi., Stock #7271A

73K Miles, Stock #20295


Don’t Miss... Call Chris 203-271-2902

79K Miles, Stock #20301

38K mi., Stock #20281A


Don’t Miss... Call Chris 203-271-2902


Don’t Miss... Call Chris 203-271-2902 36164-04








Don’t Miss... Call Chris 203-271-2902


Furniture & Appliances

CHILDCARE - Meriden 5 PIECE BEDROOM and Cheshire Stork $400; KitchenAid DishClubs are hiring multiwasher Bisque, $100; ple teachers to work Brass Fireplace Set, with various ages. Call $40. (203) 558-0452. 203-272-1637 (CheshMiscellaneous ire) and 203-235-8461 (Meriden) for more inFor Sale formation. EOE. FRESH WATER LABORER-Excavating AQUARIUM w/solid oak stand and T-5 lighting co., valid drivers lic. fixtures. $275.00 nec., CDL preferred, 203-886-0340 not req.,exp. preferred, 203-379-0193 NEW - Bowflex Max Trainer M3, for sale, $1,200. Call 860-4629184.


39K MILES, #4166A CALL 203-235-1111



Help Wanted





2014 CHRYSLER 200






List your items to over 300,000 readers. Call us today 203-238-1953.

Music Instruments

& Instruction Looking for a lead CNC Programmer/Setup Person Program and setup of Swiss style CNC lathes/CNC vertical milling centers. Music By Roberta Citizen, Tsugami, Star, Perform + Instruct Tornos, Etc. Voice lessons - all ages Programming for ISO G +levels,piano beginnercodes and TB Deco interm. (203) 630-9295. Must have 6 to 10 years’ experience, GROW YOUR must be able to solve BUSINESS tecnical issues, Advertise with us. Program & setup, 203-317-2312 must have a good machining background, must be able to read prints and understand quality, and have leadership Wanted to Buy capability. Pay based on experience. Must be 1,2,3 Items or an Estate able to work overtime ûûûCA$Hûûû Send resumes to joeg@ 203-494-1695 ESTATE SALE SERVICE "No walk-ins" Costume Jewelry, Antiques, paintings, MECHANIC- Exp. meMeriden-made items, chanic needed, minitoys, lamps mum of 4 yrs., must have own tools & valid 1-2 ITEMS drivers lic. Apply in person: GT Tire, 155 Silverware, China, Glass. Furniture, 50’s Items. Colony St., Meriden, Whole Estates CT, M-F 8a.m.- 4p.m. 203 238-3499 WAREHOUSE F/T Rocky Hill 4 day week, 1 weekend day off Benefits w/401k match & pay up to $24/hr. Burris Logistics Apply:

AARON’S BUYING Old Machinist Tools, Lathes, Bench Tools Hand Tools, Much More. (203) 525-0608 ALL CASH FOR

MILITARY ITEMS 203-237-6575

WELDER / FABRICATOR ALWAYS BUYING Custom sheet metal fabrication, light strucCASH PAID FOUND - 14" Drone, tural, min 5-10 yrs exvicinity of perience, steady work, Vintage Electronics, MuMain & Home Ave. good benefits. sical Instruments, Owner call to identify Call for interview. Amps, Ham Equip203-747-0542 860-828-3762 ment, HiFi, Radios, CB, Guitars, Audio WEDDING RING – Lost Business Owner / Service Provider? Equipment, Antiques. in the parking lot or at 860-707-9350 LIST YOUR SERVICE Pho Ethan Restaurant In Our Business / Service Directory at 1145 No. Colony ANTIQUES - Always Rd. in Wallingford. 203-238-1953 buying old; Toys, miligenerous reward oftary, jewelry, art, fered. Call 617-630watches, musical inAppliances 8485. struments, signs, arcade games, cameras, pre 1970 sports memAFFORDABLE - Dryers, Business Owner / Service Provider? orabilia, plus more. washers, refrigerators LIST YOUR SERVICE One item or entire es& stoves, repairs also In Our Business / Service Directory tate contents. Call available. Wallingford, 203-238-1953 860-718-5132. 475-201-9001.

The Southington Citizen |

Friday, January 13, 2017 WALLINGFORD - North Cherry St. Ext., 2 BR, 2 fl., remodelled, $1075. mo+sec./gdcredit. Call Alan@ 203-623-0002

Wanted to Buy

WLFD - 2BR, 1BA, LR, EIKIT, fin. basement, laundry rm., pet friendly, $1,200 + dep.,1st & last, 203-526-6063

Condos For Rent Buyer of NAPIER Barware, Giftware, Jewelry & Memorabilia! HIGHEST CASH PAID! 203-606-8374

English or French Bulldogs 1250.+; Yorkies, 750+ (860) 828-7442

Apartments For Rent

MERIDEN 1-2 BR Hubbard Park Condos. Air Heat. 775 West Main St. $825 to $975 + Utils. No pets. Call John, (860) 989-6080.

CLEAN FIREWOOD $200 per cord. Cut, split and delivered. (203) 376-2805.

MERIDEN/NEW HAVEN, 1 & 2 BR avail. Lease, Sec & Refs. 203-2397657 / 203-314-7300

FREE WOOD- 40 Briar Ln., Meriden, Sat. be- SPECIAL - 1 Bdrm apartments $800 /mo. tween 2-5pm when Free Heat, Hot Water owner is present and Electric! Ask about our pet policy. Security SEASONED deposit required. (203) FIREWOOD 639-4868 Approximately 18” long, full cord, $200. ½ cord, Studio, 3BR, 4BR 125.00 (203) 294-1775 for rent Section 8 approved. Call 203-903-6413.

Tree Length Firewood Call for Details 203-238-2149 Pets For Sale

ATTENTION DOG OWNERS DOG OBEDIENCE CLASSES Starting 1/9/17 @ Cheshire Parks & Rec 6 Week Course $90 Non-Residents $ 100 Pre-Registration a Must Beginners Class 6:15 p Novice&Advance 7:15 p Instructors, call after 5 p Bruce Giannetti, 203-235-4852 Phil Huntington, 860-302-7077 Kathy Queen, 203-439-0501 Michele Czaja-Goslin, 860-559-2725 For further info call Cheshire Parks and Rec b/t 9 & 4 M - F 203-272-2743


Businesses & Services Get Listed. Get Results.

Electrical Services All Systems Electric LLC Electrical Wiring & More! Generators, Security & Fire Alarms, Data Wiring, Roof De-Icing FREE ESTIMATES! CT# 0187714-E1 Visit us at 860-436-4957

T.E.C. Electrical Meriden - 2 BR Condo, Service LLC $850, 2 mo sec. + app All Phases of Electrical Work fee. No pets. Maier Property Mgt,203-235- 24 hr. Emergency Service Small Jobs Welcome 1000. Conv. to hi-way. 203-237-2122

DEE’S ANTIQUES MERIDEN - 2nd fl: 1 BR Buying Collectibles, $600mo.; Studio $500 Jewelry & Silver. mo. 2 mo. sec. +app China, Glass, Military, fee. Maier Property Musical. Anything old Mgt, 203-235-1000. & unusual. Single Houses For Rent item to an estate. MERIDEN - 3 BR, 1.5 203-235-8431. BA, W/D Hkp, $1,000 mo. 2 mo. sec. West MIDDLEFIELD - 4 rm Wood / Fuel house, 12 Way Rd., Side. Maier Property $1,400 mo. Priv. lot & & Heating Equip Mgt, 203-235-1000. yard, pets neg. Will be in immac. cond. CLEANEST SEASONED 2/1/17.(860) 966-7487. FIREWOOD - IN CT, $200 / cord delivered. MERIDEN- 3 BR, 2nd fl., Discounts over 2, over $1000mo+ sec., spac., 4, & picked up. Call off st. prkg., appli. inc., Mike (203) 631-2211 Judy 203-927-8215

Fencing CORNERSTONE Fence & Ornamental Gates. All types of fence. Res/Comm. AFA Cert. Ins’d. Call John Uvino 203-237GATE. CT Reg #601060.


Monday thru Friday. Call Us.

Love it ... List it

Place your ad today, call 203-238-1953.

***CALL TODAY*** Yalesville Construction, LLC. Roofing, siding, kitchens, baths, additions, decks, doors windows, power washing, flooring Insured Free est. 203-535-2962 HIC#0631937

Call Us.

FLANDERS WEST APARTMENTS 3 Darling Street, Southington, CT Studio & One Bedroom Apt. Homes Includes Heat/Hot Water, Appliances Computer & Fitness Center Free Meal Program & Activities Free Shuttle Bus Service Affordable Apartments for Qualified Applicants 50 years of age of older. For more info call 860-621-3954 TTY 711



ED’S JUNK REMOVAL WE HAVE DUMP TRUCK Reg. Ins. Free on-site est. Attics, bsemts, garages, appl. & more. Any Questions? Ed (203) 494-1526

203-238-1953 Apartments For Rent


Home Improvement


Apartments For Rent

Polish/English Speaking woman to clean house w/care. 3rd cleaning 50% off. Ins & bonded. Refs. 860-538-4885

Roofing, siding, windows, decks & remodeling. 203-639-0032 info@ gonzalez

20% OFF IF YOU Mention Fully Lic & Ins This Ad Reg #577319 FALL Yard Clean-Ups Brush, branches, leaves, storm damage **JUNK REMOVAL** Appl’s, Furniture, Junk, Debris, etc WE CAN REMOVE Roofing. Siding. ANYTHING Windows. More. Free Entire house to Est’s. Ins. # 604200. 1 item removed! Member BBB. FREE ESTIMATES Harmony.(860) 645-8899 Sr. Citizen Discount LIC & INS. 203-535-9817 or 860-575-8218 Siding.Roofing.Windows Decks.Sunrooms.Add’ CT Reg#516790. George J Mack & Sons 203-237-0350 Fiderio & Sons www. Servicing the Meriden area since 1922. Toilet, faucet, sink & drain rePROVIDE A SERVICE? pairs. Water heater reGet Found. List it here. placements. 15% Sr citizen disc. Member of BBB. 203-238-2820




JUNK REMOVAL & MORE 25% OFF WE REMOVE Furniture, appliances, entire contents of: homes, sheds, estates, attics, basements, garages & more. *FALL YardClean-ups*

FREE ESTIMATES LIC & INS. 203-535-9817 or 860-575-8218



House Cleaning

GUTTERS PLUS 25+ yrs exp. Call today for free est. 203-440-3535 Ct. Reg. #578887


WALLINGFORD -1 BR large, stove, frig., centrally loc., no pets, $825.+sec. dep., credit ck., 203-317-9824

CORNERSTONE Fence & Ornamental Gates. All types of fence. Res/Comm. AFA Cert. Ins’d. Call John Uvino 203-237GATE. CT Reg #601060.

Junk Removal

Classifieds Open 8–5



Yalesville Construction Specializing in all phases of residential roofing. Senior citizen discount Insured Free est. 203-535-2962 HIC#0631937


Roofing. Siding. Windows. More. Free Est’s. Ins. # 604200. Member BBB. Harmony.(860)645-8899

Snow Plowing SALT - $135 / Yard. Sand/salt 7:2 dot mix $75/yard picked up. 100% calcium chloride $22 - 50 lb bag. Mag chloride $17 - 50 lb bag. pallet prices available 24/7. 203-238-9846

Whether it is a lost ring, wallet or a Parrot named Oliver, a Classified ad can help track it down.

A32 Friday, January 13, 2017

The Southington Citizen |




Corn Muffins 4 Pack


$ 99 ea.


Boar’s Head Ovengold Turkey Breast Grade A Family Pack

Fresh Split Chicken Breast


Certified Angus Beef Loin Bone-In




Fresh Lean

Darling Seedless Clementines 3 Lb Bag

Sweet Red Strawberries



$ 99 ea.


Bone-In Rib Portion Pork Roast

$ 99 lb.

Imported From Spain

Ripe & Delicious 1 Lb Pkg


Porterhouse Or T-Bone Steaks


California Grown 3 Lb Bag

Wonderful Halos Mandarins


$ 99 ea.

Boar’s Head Buffalo Chicken Breast



$ 29

Round White Potatoes 5 Lb Bag




High In Fiber • US #1 Low In Calories



Boar’s Head Bologna

$ 99


$ 99



CHECK OUR WEBSITE MakeOUT It Italian Tonight!

LavAzza • Donut Shop Or Tully • Selected Varieties • 10 To 12 Ct • 3.4 To 4.8 Oz Box

Green Mountain Coffee K-Cups

Sweet & Delicious

Certified Angus Beef Round

Selected Varieties 24.2 To 30.5 Oz Cntr

Selected Varieties 6.2 To 7.1 Oz Pkg

Folgers Ground Coffee



$ 29

Kind Granola Or Breakfast Bars

$ 99




Apple Jacks Or Froot Loops 12.2 Oz Froot Loops W/Marshmallows 12.6 Oz Corn Pops 12.5 Oz Or Frosted Flakes 15 Oz Box

Kellogg’s Cereal



Selected Varieties 10.3 To 14 Oz Box

Quaker Life Or Cap’n Crunch Cereal



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Red Ripe

Boneless Top Round

T O P S $349


$ 99 ea.

1 Dozen Cntr

Lean & Tender

Fresh Salmon Fillets

Pine Ridge Farms Boneless Pork Tenderloin


$ 49

Doyle Large White Eggs

Fieldale Farms Grade A

Farm Raised

Chicken Thighs Or Drumsticks


$ 79




$ 99

Selected Varieties 48 Fl Oz Crtn


Breyers Ice Cream



Lean Cuisine


$ 99 Selected Varieties 5.7 To 6.9 Oz Pkg

Zatarain’s Rice Mix



All Natural High In Potassium 8 Oz Pkg

White Mushrooms



In Oil Or Water 5 Oz Can

Solid White Tuna



Selected Varieties 22.6 To 30.5 Oz Cntr

Folgers Ground Coffee


$ 99

Mobile Rewards Sign-up to get coupons Selected Varieties 12 Toto 16 Oz Box mobile phone. Get One FREE sent your ¢ Prince 16.3 Oz Jar of IGA Peanut Butter just for Pasta signing up.


Selected Varieties Or Stewed • 14.5 Oz Can

Selected Cranberry Varieties 46 Fl Oz Btl

Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail




Selected Varieties 18.5 To 19 Oz Can

Progresso Traditional Or Rich & Hearty Soup



Or Simply 100 Selected Varieties 4.2 To 5.3 Oz Cntr

Chobani Greek Yogurt


We Deliver! Call Us At 860-621-5837 Or Call Us To Arrange Email Orders

Selected Varieties 6 To 8 Oz Pkg

Cabot Shredded Or Bar Cheese



Rte. 322 South End Road Plantsville, CT Store Hours: 7am - 9pm OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK!

Selected Varieties Excluding All Natural 48 Fl Oz Cntr

Turkey Hill Ice Cream




Tuttorosso Weekly Ad view our weekly ad 5/$ and Diced Tomatoes build and print your shopping list at your Selected Varieties fingertips 28 Oz Can for any occasion.


Tuttorosso Tomatoes


Gift & Party Ideas Bakery, Party Trays, Selected Varieties Fruit Baskets, Wedding Cakes & Gift 16 To 24 Oz Jar 4/$ Ragú Certificates.


Pasta Sauce






Marketplace Or Comfort Selected Varieties 6 To 11.5 Oz Box













Southington Citizen, Jan. 13, 2017

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