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Friday, July 27, 2012 — The Southington Citizen

Taking the zip line to Heaven By E. Richard Fortunato Special to the Citizen

Photo by Deb Mikan

Diana Sheard, more popularly known to people of all ages in Southington as Valentine the Clown, recently found herself ziplining with her Bible group.. Sheard has, throughout her 30 years as a clown, given untold hours of her talent to various charities, non-profits and churches. STEPS and Southington Community Services are among the many community service groups that come to mind among those she has served voluntarily. Beneath the surface of grease and paint, “Di� is the same person as “Valentine,� a good-natured, spiritual person who, while openly living her talent for making people laugh and feel good, also welcomes deeper thoughts in her private life, inspiring a quiet but uplifting spirituality that comes through in her private and public personae. What makes Sheard run, both in her street shoes and

The Bible Zippers, ready to go on a ziplining adventure.

months. They collaborate in bible reading, study and prayer, sharing faith, their innermost thoughts, coping with life’s challenges and celebrating the joys of the happiest times. After eight years of being part of this, individuals, though preferring to remain anonymous, seem to treasure their weekly rendezvous. “It provides hope, peace, and trust in God and my clos-

See Zip, page 20 her clown’s big feet? Surely, there are many answers, just as surely they include love and faith in people and in God. Sheard is a founder of a Christian Bible group, The Bible Zippers, of Southington, whose activities suggest the theme of the movie, “The Way.� Approximately a dozen or so members meet on Wednesdays at 9:30 a.m., except during the summer

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Dante “Says�

The Southington Citizen 07-27-2012  
The Southington Citizen 07-27-2012  

The Southington Citizen 07-27-2012