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Results Edition 2017

South Hunsley School and Sixth Form College

Welcome We are delighted to share with you the successes of Year 11 and sixth form students this summer. This year has been a particularly challenging year for students and teachers across the country with the introduction of new A levels and the new Maths and English GCSEs that are graded 9 to 1 rather than A*-G. Students and staff met all those challenges with hard work, determination and commitment and, as a result, our students are celebrating some fantastic results at both GCSE and A level. Our Year 13 students performed superbly, setting a new school record for top grades with 32% of all grades at A* or A and 54% of students achieving at least one A* or A grade. When looking at students’ results in terms of the progress they made from GCSE, our students were in the top 10% of all sixth forms nationally. We are particularly proud of this as it reflects the hard work and excellent achievements of all students, regardless of their starting points. Our Year 11 students were the first to tackle the new English and Maths GCSEs and their hard work and commitment were rewarded with truly outstanding results. 85% of students achieved the new 9-4 grades in Maths and English, which broadly equates to the old C grade and above, and is similar to the school’s best ever results. This year saw the introduction of the new grade 9 which sits above the old A*. Across the country, around 3% of results were grade 9 but South Hunsley students doubled that figure with 6% across English and Maths, with almost one in ten students achieving grade 9 in maths. Again, performance across a range of subjects was excellent, with students of all abilities excelling. We are proud of all our students and everything they have achieved. Jonny Uttley Executive Principal


South Hunsley Sixth Formers achieve exceptional grades Best ever progress at A Level Results in the sixth form continued the upward trend of recent years. Students performed exceptionally well across the board and have achieved a new school record for A* and A grades. 54% of students achieved at least one A* or A grade, with 32% of all grades at A*A and 74% of students achieved A*-B grades. Students performed particularly well in a number of subjects including Maths, English, Geography, Business Studies and Economics. These results are particularly impressive as so many of our students were taking reformed A Levels, with all the exams coming at the end of the two years. Our applied academic courses also achieved large numbers of Distinction* and Distinction grades. In terms of the progress students made, these were the best ever results for the Sixth Form College. When looking at all students’ grades compared to their GCSE grades and the performance of each subject area, South Hunsley Sixth Form College is now placed in the top 10% of all sixth forms nationally. We are proud of the fact that we have a comprehensive sixth form with students of all abilities; this measure shows that all our students can make great progress and we are equally proud of all of them. As in most years the principal destination of our Year 13 leavers was Higher Education with 80% of students applying through UCAS to continue their education to degree level and beyond. The strong results seen at A Level and equivalent has meant that over 80% of our university applicants were successful in gaining places on courses at their first choice university, including many on high tariff courses at highly competitive universities. We also work hard to support our students who decide that university is not the route for them and we are really pleased with some of the impressive apprenticeships students have secured, both locally and nationally. Jonny Uttley, Executive Principal said, “We are absolutely delighted with the performance of our students. This was

the first year of the newly reformed A Levels and there was a great deal of uncertainty nationally. For students to have performed so well, particularly gaining so many A* and A grades, is a great achievement. We are proud of all our students and the progress they have made. It was delightful on results day seeing students collect their results and hearing about all their plans for the future, whether that is university, employment, an apprenticeship or further training.”

Sixth Form Results English Success Oxbridge Students Sixth Form Subject Performance GCSE Results English and Maths Success GCSE Subject Performance

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South Hunsley School and Sixth Form College

Outstanding results by Sixth Form studen Exceptionally high grades with 32% of all grades at A*-A

Andrew Quinn Photography A* Business Studies A Drama B Future Plans: Photography at Middlesex University London “I’m so pleased to have been accepted into my first choice university. I’ve always had a passion for photography and chose London as there are lots of visual opportunities there. I’ve really enjoyed my time at South Hunsley Sixth Form as it was great to be able to concentrate on the courses I enjoyed at GCSE as well as trying new subjects that weren’t available at GCSE level. I’m grateful to the teachers for all their support. ”



Shayma Fleet Biology A* General Studies A* Maths A* Physics A Future Plans: Civil Structural Engineering at the University of Manchester

Shayma’s decision to study Civil Structural Engineering was partly influenced by her involvement in South Hunsley Sixth Form’s Industry Mentoring Scheme. “My mentor had contacts within civil engineering and helped me to arrange some valuable work experience. After several insightful placements, I knew that I would like to specialise in civil structural engineering.” “The teachers were wonderful and very supportive during the run up the exams. I am so pleased with my results and looking forward to starting University.”

74% ach 1 A*-B g

Results Edition 2016

achieved nts

hieved at least grade

Etaoin Gaskell Biology A Chemistry A German A General Studies B Future Plans: Biological Sciences with German at the University of Birmingham

“I am so excited to be going to Birmingham University to study Biological Sciences with German, as it is the ideal degree for me. I am so grateful for all the amazing tuition from my teachers throughout sixth form. I also really enjoyed being able to lead the school orchestra during my time at South Hunsley.�

80% of students were accepted by their first choice university 4

South Hunsley School and Sixth Form College

English hit the top mark It has been a record breaking year for English results, with over 33% of English Literature students achieving an A* - A. This unprecedented achievement for South Hunsley is the result of students excelling in some of the hardest modules there is in A Level English.


It is clear that the hours spent studying paid off for A Level students with more than half of those taking English achieving an A or A*. The percentage of students receiving A* - C grades has also been extremely high, with 93% achieving a C or above in English Literature closely followed by 90% of student in English Language. Vicky Marsh, Trust Director of English said: “I am absolutely delighted with the achievement of our A Level students. Our students have made excellent progress and I wish them every success for the future.” Debbie Bonner, Director of English said: “This was a fantastic first year of English results on the new reformed A Level courses and we are very proud of the students’ achievements. A third of all the A Level Literature students were awarded an A* or A, which is a huge achievement! The students performed brilliantly in both subjects and worked hard to achieve their impressive grades.”

Results Edition 2017

Oxbridge students

Hannah Goodwin Chemistry A English Literature A* French A Future Plans: English Literature at the University of Oxford

Beatrice Wood French A General Studies A* History A* Maths A Future Plans: Law at the University of Cambridge I am very excited about my results. I have wanted to go to Cambridge University since Year 7 and having received good grades at GCSE I decided to really try for it. The staff at South Hunsley School were really helpful and encouraging.

Nathanael Smalley Biology A* Chemistry A* General Studies A* Maths A* Music A* Future Plans: Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge I can’t quite believe it. I am very pleased with my results. I really could not have asked for a better set of teachers, they have been so supportive and the extra lunchtime revision sessions were a great help. I am pleased to have received a place at Cambridge University and look forward to continuing with music as a side-line to my degree.


South Hunsley School and Sixth Form College

Subjects deliver top end performance Fantastic results achieved across the sixth form Amidst a really strong set of A Level results we also saw some stand-out performances from a number of subject areas. What has also been particularly pleasing is that some of these subjects also had high numbers of students taking them, meaning impressive outcomes for even more students. The largest of these successful cohorts was seen in Business Studies, with over 50 students. The Business Studies students put themselves in the top 10% nationally for the progress made from GCSE and whilst the 38% achieving A*-A grades is hugely impressive, the ‘value-added’ score also meant that nearly all students, regardless of ability, either met or exceeded their target grade. This was also matched in Economics, where 40% of students scored A*-A grades. Financial Studies completed the set for the Business and Enterprise department, where three quarters of students scored a B grade or above. Geography students also found themselves in the top 10% nationally and scored a tremendous 53% A*-A grades. Excellent progress measures were also achieved by Photography, English Literature, French, General Studies, Health & Social Care, History, Law and Psychology students. Performance on our vocational courses was also outstanding, in BTEC Sport for example, the average


grade was Distinction* and every single student performed above target. The quality of teaching and learning measurement used for sixth form colleges puts the performance of all of our students in the top 10% nationally and is an indictment of all of the hard work put in by staff and students alike. In a year of A Level reforms, with new specifications and all of the challenges this presents, these are undoubtedly some of the most impressive sixth form college results we have ever seen.

We are in the

TOP 10% of sixth forms nationally

Results Edition 2017

Dominic Harley

Amal Sayala

Maths A* Further Maths A Physics A

English Literature A* General Studies A* History A* Law A*

Future Plans: Maths at Durham University

Future Plans: Ancient History and History at the University of Leeds

“I’m really happy with my results and it has also been great to see lots of my friends achieve the grades they work so hard for. Some of the exams were a challenge, especially Further Maths, so I was pleased to have received an A in it. Subject teachers were always on hand to support you and I will look back at my time at South Hunsley fondly.”

Alex Scott Biology A Chemistry A Geography A* Future Plans: Medicine at Hull York Medical School “It was great to pick up my results after I found out I’d got into Hull and York Medical School. The exams were hard and I didn’t know what to expect but I’m really pleased and can now look forward to university. All the teachers have been so helpful throughout and I leave South Hunsley with great memories.“

“I am ecstatic with my results. Having found the exams challenging I am really pleased. The teachers are amazing, I couldn’t have done it without them. They always go out their way to get what is best for you and really have your plans at heart.”

Lucy Simpson History B Law A Psychology A* Future Plans: Management with Marketing at the University of Leeds “I can’t believe how well I’ve done, I’m so relieved. I am excited to start my university course and work towards my ambition of working in promotions and marketing. The teachers were really supportive and helped me to achieve the grades needed for my chosen university.”

Success securing apprenticeships This year has seen a number of students opt for an apprenticeship after they completed their A Levels. South Hunsley’s links with local and national business have allowed students to gain valuable skills and knowledge that are hugely beneficial for securing sought after apprenticeship positions.

Tom Rivers Merit in Applied Science Distinctive Merit in BTEC Sport Merit in CamTech ICT Future Plans: Apprenticeship with Tigers Trust I enjoy coaching children and so would like to become a PE Teacher or a Sports Coach within schools and/or clubs. I am looking forward to my next step which is a year’s apprenticeship at Tigers Trust. South Hunsley PE staff made me aware of this opportunity and helped me prepare for the interview. I took part in the Higher Sports Leadership programme at South Hunsley and believe it helped my application stand out.

Harry Gamble Business B Product Design B PE C General Studies C

Future Plans: Apprenticeship with Chameleon Business Interiors and a part time course at Leeds Beckett University to study Construction Management. “I was made aware of this apprenticeship opportunity through Mrs Barley and having been successful in my application I’ll start working for Chameleon Business Interiors as well as studying Construction Management at Leeds Beckett University. I was interested in taking the apprenticeship route as I prefer a more ‘hands on’ approach to work. I talked to my Industry Mentor from Cranswick Foods who gave me great advice and helped me with my apprenticeship application. I’d like to thank the school for being supportive and helping me achieve this opportunity.


South Hunsley School and Sixth Form College

Year 11 students achieve

OUTSTANDING RESULTS Students hard work and dedication pays off with ‘best ever’ GCSE results South Hunsley students once again celebrated a superb set of GCSE results right across the board, with particularly impressive results in the new Maths and English GCSEs. 85% of students achieved the new 9-4 measure in English and Maths which is broadly similar to the old A*-C measure. This is an outstanding achievement and continues the trend of really high performance by South Hunsley students. For the new “strong” pass – grades 5 and above – 66% of students reached this threshold, which is comparable with the very highest performing schools in the country. This year was the first year of the new grade 9 at GCSE, which is designed to identify the very highest achievement. Over 6% of grades were grade 9 compared to 2.5% nationally and an extraordinary 9% of students achieved the grade 9 in Maths. Jonny Uttley, Executive Principal, said “There has been a huge amount of uncertainty across the


country with the introduction of the new GCSEs in English and Maths. We are absolutely delighted with how well our students have performed right across the school. It is remarkable that 85% have achieved the “standard pass” in English and Maths. This makes our year 11 students some of the most successful in the school’s history. These results continue the trend of outstanding performance by our students at GCSE over many years.” “We are also thrilled that so many students have achieved the new grade 9. The new grade was designed to identify the very highest levels of achievement and for our students to be so far ahead of national average is a real testament to their hard work and the commitment of our staff.” We are awaiting official confirmation of our progress measure but expect it to be in the top 5% of all schools for the third year running. This reflects the fact that students of all abilities have excelled and made great progress since joining the school in Year 7. We are very proud of every one of our Year 11 students.

Results Edition 2017

Ellie Brothwell 1 grade 9 1 grade 8 1 grade 7 5 A*s 1 Distinction* 1A 2 Bs “I am really excited about my results. I chose to continue studying at South Hunsley because I am already familiar with the teachers and facilities and therefore can focus my attention on my studies. I will be studying English Language, Maths, Business Studies and Spanish. I’m looking forward to starting Business Studies as it is a new subject for me and I believe it will provide me with lots of transferable skills.”

Baruni Grover 2 grade 9s 1 grade 8 6 A*s 1 Distinction* 1A 1B “My results are better than I expected. I would like to eventually study a Spanish and Business degree at a Russell Group University and so will be taking Spanish, Maths, Chemistry and Drama at Sixth Form. I’ve been at South Hunsley since Year 7 and think the teachers are amazing. I took advantage of some of the many revision sessions on offer and believe they were definitely beneficial in helping me achieve my grades.”

Willow Plows 1 grade 9 1 grade 7 1 grade 5 1 A* 2 As 2 Bs 1C “I’m so excited, I didn’t think I would do this well! I have decided to stay on at sixth form and will study Music, Psychology, English Language and History. My focus is to study Music at university and so my decision to stay on at South Hunsley was easy as the music department here is really good. I play the Saxophone and am involved with the school orchestra and wind band. I was nervous for my maths exam but my teacher was really supportive and helped me get above the grade I needed.”

David Weston 3 grade 9s 4 A*s 1 Distinction* 2 As 2 Bs

“I’m really pleased about how the results have gone. I will be continuing at South Hunsley Sixth Form to study Maths, Further Maths, Business Studies and Economics. The teachers here are very supportive and made sure we were well prepared for the exams.”

Katie Cornes 2 grade 8s 1 grade 6 1 A* 6 As 1B “I couldn’t be happier with my results. I’ve chosen to study Psychology, Maths, Economics and Chemistry at South Hunsley Sixth Form and am excited to start as I’m sure I will enjoy it as much as secondary school. I will also be part of the Employer Led Programme. A few people who had previously taken part in the programme said how beneficial it was and so I think it will be a great experience that should hopefully boost my university application.”

Tom Hawthorn 2 grade 9s 1 grade 8 3 A*s 1 Distinction* 2 As 2 Bs “I am really happy with my results and looking forward to studying Maths, Physics, English Language and Chemistry at sixth form. I will be taking part in the Employer Led Programme so that I can gain an insight into different engineering careers. I know that this year students were given the opportunity to design and build a car and this is something which attracted me to the programme.“ 10

South Hunsley School and Sixth Form College

95% 9 - 4 grades in English


of students achieved the grade 9 in maths

“The support from teachers for GSCE was brilliant.� 11

Results Edition 2017

Students meet the challenge of new English and Maths This year saw the first exams in the new GCSEs in English and Maths across the country. Students were asked to tackle more content in Maths, English Language and English Literature and sat what many consider to be more challenging exams. Over the last three years, students have worked exceptionally hard and have been supported throughout by their highly committed and professional teachers. When the results came in it was clear that this hard work had been rewarded and our students had truly excelled. In Maths, 87% of students achieved the “standard” pass at grades 9-4 and 71% achieved the “strong” pass at grades 9-5. Across both English subjects, students performed exceptionally well, with 95% achieving the “standard” pass and 85% achieving the “strong” pass. These results have placed our students amongst some of the highest performing in the country. Debbie Bonner, Director of English, said: “There has been a lot of uncertainty about the new courses and how students would perform across the country. Over the last 3 years we have asked students to work as hard as they can and we have focused on providing the best lessons we can. I am delighted that our students have achieved everything they deserved.” Matt Holmes, Director of Maths, added: “There has been a real sense of teamwork as staff and students have worked together to tackle the more challenging maths course. Seeing the delight on the faces of students and staff on results day was a real joy. We are particularly pleased that almost 1 in 10 of our students achieved the new grade 9, which is higher than the old A*. This compares to around 3% of all students nationally”.

”~ Charlotte Austin 12

South Hunsley School and Sixth Form College

High performances across all subjects Our Science department has had another incredibly successful year at GCSE. The percentage of students receiving A* - C grades has been extremely high – Biology leading the way with 99%, Physics with 93% and Chemistry closely following with 91%. These results reflect the strong focus that South Hunsley has and the support that is given to ensure students succeed.

Sophie Hextall who received an outstanding 3 grade 9s, 7 A*s and 1 Distinction*, is looking forward to joining the Sixth Form to study French, English Literature, History and Politics at A Level. Sophie said “The amount of resources and quality of teachers are two of the main reasons I have chosen to stay at South Hunsley. The support during the build up to our exams was great.“

Devishi Grover who received an A* for Chemistry amongst many other top end grades, including 3 grade 9s, said “The teachers care a lot about how you do in the exams and it was great to be able to gain advice from them on how to improve your grade. I’d like to eventually study chemistry at university and am looking forward to studying at sixth form.”

Our progress measures are yet to be confirmed by the Department of Education but early indicators suggest that the school will once again be in the top 5% of schools nationally. One student who was particularly happy with the outstanding progress she had made was Emily Clough.

Will Hawthorn who received an A* in Physics, Biology and Chemistry is looking forward to joining the sixth form and has secured a place on the Employer-Led Programme which enables students to gain industry experiences, complete an internship and receive mentoring throughout their two years studying for A Levels. Will, who has his goals set on studying mechanical engineer at university, is hoping to secure an internship with the Siemens, which will give him valuable experience. Sue Wong who is an aspiring Oncologist, is also continuing her studies at South Hunsley Sixth Form and said “I would like to eventually study Oncology at university and have chosen to take Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Maths. I was attracted to stay on at sixth form because of the teachers and school facilities; in particular, the science facilities here are really good.” Our French department also had a successful year at GCSE. 43% of students received A* - A grades and 88% achieved A* - C grades.


Emily said “I’m completely over the moon. My results are better than I dreamed they could be. I’m going to study Music, Maths, Further Maths and Chemistry at sixth form.” Having already obtained a grade 8 in musical theatre when she was 13 Emily is hoping to carry on with her musical theatre diploma alongside her studies at sixth form. We don’t have space to detail all of our subject’s achievements, but there are a few that are definitely worth a mention. In addition to many fantastic results over the year for national and regional fixtures, our Design and Technology department have succeeded with a 100% A* - C result for Food Preparation and Nutrition students and 93% of students receiving an A* - C grade in Textiles.

Our Year 11 students of 2017 truly deserved these outstanding results, their dedication and hard work has certainly paid off. We are very proud of you all and wish all our Year 11s every success for their future.

Results Edition 2016



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