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What makes an SGMC hero? Guide to The Hub


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Erika Bennett




Stephanie Tew, RN


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On the cover: Employees and staff of SGMC Berrien Campus stand in front of the hospital located in Nashville, GA. Building pictures shown include the Fast Track Lab, Berrien Campus, and Berrien Family Medicine.



What Humility makes an sgmc hero?




s it the ability to fly, disappear or read people’s minds? Or maybe it’s the skin-tight brightly-colored costume? While possessing extraordinary powers may capture the interest of millions across the world, it’s a different set of characteristics that put you in the spotlight here at South Georgia Medical Center.

While you may or may not recognize these faces (superheroes are known for their anonymity, right?), join us in acknowledging these outstanding “Hospital Heroes”!

Responsibility Attitude

These characteristics include respect, responsiveness, integrity, magnanimity (giving credit where it is due), humility, openness, creativity, fairness, assertiveness... to name a few. SGMC heroes come in all shapes and sizes and represent the best of the enterprise.

MAY: Engineering Department

JUNE: Barbara Thomas

For more information on these employees and others who exemplify excellence, visit the Employee Highlights section on the Intranet.

Against the wall, top to bottom: Bryan Rowe, Jim Watts, Mickey Tucker, Ernest Garland, Larry Raines, Bryan Cox, and Huey Daniels; Next row, top to bottom: Billy Childers, Glenn Alexander, Randall Brown, and Josh Carter; Against the hand rail, top to bottom: Ron Smith, Dale Durden, Rick Oelkers, David Lee, and Freddie Dell.

JULY: Lanier Health Services

Patient Satisfaction Business Department, pictured (l-r): Carol Smith, Faith Walker, Barbara O’Guin, Joann Wyers, Kendra Miller, Teena Buchanan and Neil Ginty.


“Berrien County continues to be the leader in Telemedicine schoolbased visits in the state of Georgia. This service has proven to be a great benefit to our rural community, making access to health care more convenient and providing services to those who otherwise might not receive them.” - Stephanie Tew


ou’ve seen the logo and heard the name, but who/what is SGMC Berrien Campus? To put it simply, it is an extension of the SGMC main campus, providing Berrien County and its neighboring communities expanded access to quality health care. But be careful not to underestimate the rural campus as its unique services and programs set it apart from its counterparts across the state. Berrien campus is a full-service hospital which employs 118 people, operating 51 acute care beds and 12 geriatric/psychiatric beds. It’s Emergency Department is staffed 24-7 with support of various on-site imaging technologies. Hospitalists are available to patients without a primary doctor. In addition to the main hospital, the campus includes SGMC Berrien Family Medicine, a walk-in clinic that operates as an alternative to the emergency center. BFM provides quality care and routine medical office check-ups, as well as weight loss programs, wellness checks, urgent care, school physicals, pediatric care and primary care. Berrien campus has the unique opportunity to provide healthcare services via Telemedicine. BFM uses this innovative technology to connect patients with specialists located throughout the state, making access to physicians much more convenient.


Specialized equipment and cameras are used to

allow the patient and physician to interact via computer screens. Physicians can view images inside patients’ ears and throat, as well as listen to their heart and lungs. SGMC Berrien Campus works in conjunction with the Berrien County School System to provide these services to both students and faculty. This allows them to remain at school for their doctor’s appointment making health care more convenient. SGMC Berrien Family Medicine is one of three providers that work in conjunction with the school system to address the medical needs of students. Another unique quality of the campus is the SGMC Dogwood Senior Health Center that specializes in the acute care of patients with behaviors associated with dementia, depression, psychosis and other mental health related issues. Located inside the Berrien Campus, DSHC is a 12-bed short-term secured facility specializing in patients over the age of 55. The center is under the direction of board certified psychiatrist Joe Morgan, MD. According to national reports, access to mental health care in rural communities is rare. “We are grateful to have this service available in Berrien,” says Casie Crosby, Marketing Representative. “Our center serves approximately 20 towns and cities within a 50 mile radius.” Referrals may be made by family members, physicians, nursing facilities, assisted living facilities or others. Individuals are assessed to determine if they are appropriate for inpatient treatment. For additional information about the services they offer, call 229-543-7468.

A member of the SGMC enterprise for nearly four months now, Berrien has proven to be a valuable asset to the SGMC team!


The Many Faces of SGMC Berrien Campus Pictured Clockwise: Dogwood Senior Health Center staff: Brenda McCorvey, Director; Christine Griner, Nurse Manager; Jennifer Garrett, Assessment Coordinator; and Kristin Powell, Social Worker | Tony Harper, IS Manager, with Charles Mock, Purchasing Manager | Lisa Smith, MLT; Sheryl Franklin, MT and IC; and Agnes Evans, MT | Veronica Patterson, CNA, Margie Benjamin, LPN, and Cassandra McCoy, RT | Russ Underwood, Chief Financial Officer | Tammy Stone, Lab Director with Harris Burdette, MT | SGMC Berrien Family Medicine staff: Vernice Reed, Registration Clerk, Selena Jones:, LPN, Madison Fletcher, Registration Clerk, Katie Glisson, Clinic Manager, Sharonda Brown, CMA, Treasure Payne, PA-C, Renata Williams, Phlebotomist | SGMC Dogwood Senior Health Center staff, front row: Jennifer Garrett, RN, Assessment Coordinator, Dr. Joe Morgan, Medical Director, Kristin Powell, Social Worker; back row: Dana Folds, Activity Coordinator, Christine Griner, RN, Nurse Manager, Brenda McCorvey, RN, Director of Dogwood, Stephanie Tew, RN, Clinical Marketer; and Casie Crosby, Marketer | Adam Moore, Pharmacy Director, with Laura Bailey, Pharmacy Tech.

THE Road to Retirement...

Belinda Felts

Belinda Felts celebrated 26 years of service with SGMC on Feb 22. Belinda began her career as a Data Base Coordinator at Greenleaf Center and eventually transferred to Information Systems at SGMC where she became a System Administrator for Information Systems. Belinda’s peers couldn’t say enough about her character. “She truly cared about the people she supported,” said Bob Foster, Chief Information Officer. We are going to miss you Belinda; we wish you the best!

Alice Watson

After working the night shift for more than 19 years, the Women & Children’s staff gathered to bid farewell to Alice Watson on April 22. As the patient care coordinator on postpartum, Alice ran the department like a well-oiled machine. She was a strong advocate for her patients, both moms and newborns, and was credited with being a great teacher for new breast feeding moms. Chief Nursing Officer Ken Kiser thanked Alice for her service saying, “Knowing Alice was working meant that I could sleep!” Kiser said he knew Alice could handle whatever happened, citing her many years of experience and service as a military nurse for her problem solving abilities. Assistant Administrator for Human Resources Johnny Ball said, “Alice, we appreciate your service. Day-in and day-out you exemplify what it means to be a great employee. We will miss you but we wish you the best in retirement.” Alice says she plans to work some, PRN. “It eases my guilt in leaving,” she chuckled. Her other plans include traveling with her husband. Best wishes, Alice for a long and healthy future!

Ann Godwin

On April 22, the Rehab family gathered to say a fond farewell to the lady they lovingly called “Mama” – Ann Godwin. An employee of 41 ½ years, Ann will be remembered for her smile and upbeat attitude. Rehab Services Director Paivi Parssinen said, “We have many dear memories of Ann. Through all the changes and all the years, she never lost her smile. In all situations, she was truly the Mama of Rehab.” In her job role as a rehab tech, Ann did everything from hands-on patient care to bookkeeping! Her duties included taking orders, scheduling patients with therapists, inputting charges, managing equipment, getting patients into the whirlpool, talking with transport and doctors’ offices, and assisting therapists with moving and walking patients. Assistant Administrator for Clinical Services Pam Cartwright said, “We can’t adequately put 40 years of thanks into words considering all the good you’ve done and all the lives you touched, your true reward will be on the other side of eternity.” Ann received well wishes from her coworkers and a check and tote bag of goodies from SGMC. Congratulations, Ann. We hope Glen and you have wonderful travels and fun camping experiences throughout the southwest!

Ronnie Lancaster


After 50 years of service at Smith Northview Hospital, Ronnie Lastinger’s contribution to the organization is far more important than the images he provided as the Chief Technologist. Ronnie’s effect can be measured by the numerous people he impacted throughout those five decades. While Ronnie’s job required a vast knowledge of diagnostic imaging equipment and procedures, his self-proclaimed number one task was to keep everyone happy. He was even considered the “father of good spirits” by his peers.

A graduate of Grady Medical College, Ronnie began his career at the old Smith Hospital in Hahira in 1963, where he met his wife of 48 years. This is also where he met 14 year-old Marshall Ingram. Marshall was a young boy who helped in the kitchen with various tasks such as mopping floors and lifting pots. Marshall was like most children that age— unsure of what he wanted to be when he ‘grew up.’ Marshall loved the hospital setting and began looking into the various positions available, taking note of the

THE Road to Retirement...

Marsha Miller

Applause filled the air as Marsha Miller, RN, entered her retiree reception packed with family members and coworkers. Marsha retired from South Georgia Medical Center on May 3, where her husband presented her with 34 roses which represented her years of service at SGMC. “Marsha was an outstanding employee,” stated Ken Kiser, Chief Nursing Officer. “It’s hard to lose nurses who are such a part of this organization.” “It’s hard,” stated Marsha. “But you just know within yourself when it’s time to retire.” Marsha began her career at SGMC as a tech, later becoming an LPN and then RN. Marsha, you will be missed by many! Enjoy your vacation to Honolulu!

Marianne Soper

Patient Care Services said farewell to longtime registered nurse, Marianne Soper on June 14. The Surgery Center lobby was filled with coworkers, friends and family for Marianne’s retirement celebration. Nurse Manager Sherri Felkel congratulated Marianne on her 36 years of employment and credited her for being a “very good nurse.” Marianne worked throughout the hospital and was a role model to many. Chief Nursing Officer Ken Kiser said that Marianne had helped teach him nursing protocols early in his career at SGMC. Kiser said he will always have fond memories of Laura Fiveash, Marianne and himself working side-by-side in the MSICU. On behalf of Administration, Johnny Ball wished the Soper family well. He said, “Marianne, we are envious of you but you have served your time and we hope you enjoy retirement.” The Soper’s are looking forward to the arrival of their first grandchild and that is how Marianne plans to occupy her “free” time.

Peggy Wilson

Peggy was surrounded by family and friends on March 31 as she retired after 32 years of service at SGMC. Peggy began her career on the night shift in the Pharmacy before transferring to the laboratory as a Pre-Analytical Technician. Several current and retired staff shared how Peggy had touched them over the years. Peggy received gifts from her friends to reflect various aspects of her personality. Peggy was known as a clean freak because she always talked about mopping her floor. She received a new state of the art Swifter Mop. She was also given a bag of grits, as she always used the catch phrase, “Now we are cooking with grits!” Lastly, she received a case of Hershey bars because she loved chocolate and always had a stash hidden somewhere. Zack Saxon quoted Luke 6:45 to reflect Peggy’s impact on him, “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” Peggy was loved by many and will be missed greatly.

duties of doctors, nurses and other hospital employees. Marshall noticed Ronnie Lastinger. “He was always walking the halls in his clean uniform, with his X-ray badge, pushing a large machine,” shared Marshall. But the most impactful thing Marshall experienced was Ronnie’s attitude. “He was the friendliest guy, always had a smile on his face and everyone knew him,” exclaimed Marshall. “He didn’t seem to do much and always looked happy, so I decided I wanted to be like Ronnie.” Later understanding that a radiology techs’ job happens behind closed doors, and not in the public eye, Marshall learned that real work was involved. This didn’t deter Marshall, but encouraged him to graduate from Wiregrass as a radiology technologist. Forty-

four years later, Marshall still considers Ronnie a friend and role model. After half a century of commitment, it’s Ronnie’s daily attitude as he walked the halls of SNH that will be remembered by his peers. Ronnie says he always took pride in his job as he attempted to treat people right and do the right thing. “I wanted everyone I worked with to go home each day feeling good,” says Ronnie. Upon retiring Ronnie plans to travel, fish and maybe even look for gold. PAGE 7

THE Road to Retirement...

Oliver “Dean” Teaster

Oliver “Dean” Teaster celebrated 22 years of service on June 11 among fellow EMTs and ED employees. Dean was an EMT with SGMC for 17 years before moving to the ED where he helped pioneer the Rapid Triage Officer (RTO) program. “The RTO program helped SGMC better meet patient expectations, especially those with chest pains. With the help of Dean, we were able to really improve our performance, eventually maintaining a 10 minute door to EKG rate,” stated George Hardy. Guests listened to coworkers share various stories and events they remembered with Dean and they all had one common theme—food! Thank you for being a crucial part of SGMC’s growth. We wish you the best in retirement!

Dot Chambers

Dot Chambers celebrated 31 years at SGMC on June 29 among family, friends and coworkers. Dot, was an Analytical Technician, also known as the blood collectors or vampires of SGMC. George Hardy, Assistant Administrator of Ancillary Services, said “These terms should not be taken lightly as they serve as the lifeline between the lab work and patient. If the phlebotomist doesn’t do it right, then it’s all for nothing.” With that said, Dot was known for running a tight shift, expecting no errors on her watch. Teresa Parrish calculated approximately how many blood drawings were performed under Dot’s watch, which resulted in nearly half a million. When asked by a co-worker, how many children she raised in the lab, Dot quickly responded, “Lots!” Dot’s husband, Frank said, “It was difficult to compete with the hospital all these years, but no more!” Hardy jokingly advised Dot to go ahead and plan to drive somewhere else on Monday. Congratulations Dot, we wish you the best of luck in your retirement!

Mildred McGee

July 12 was a very special day for Mildred McGee as she celebrated not only her birthday, but her retirement from South Georgia Medical Center after 33 years of service. Hospital administration and coworkers took the opportunity to commend Mildred for her hard work and willingness to take great care of the patients served at SGMC. Coworkers said she was always willing to help out on other floors when needed, was always reliable and a true pleasure to work with. All who spoke said she would be greatly missed but hoped she would enjoy her retirement. Congratulations Mildred! Best wishes to you and your family!

Diane Lane

Diane Lane celebrated her retirement after 28 years at South Georgia Medical Center on July 12. Family, friends and coworkers packed the cafeteria to wish Diane the best. Before moving to work in outpatient surgery, Diane worked on 3 West. Jo McGehee, the Nurse Manager of Outpatient Surgery, said “Diane has a heart of gold! We are surely going to miss her.” Jo presented Diane with a framed photograph of the outpatient nursing unit who all signed the matte with well-wishes for Diane. Diane recently married her lifelong friend Freddy and plans to move to South Carolina. Good luck on your retirement, you will be missed!

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Centerline 2013 Summer Edition  

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