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Volume 8 Issue 366

February 10, 2014

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South Georgia Advertising 229-378-2291


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John 3:16-18 For God so loved the world he gave his one and only Son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condem the world, but to save the world through him. Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son.

February 10, 2014


Little Johnny Little Johnny's next door neighbor had a baby. Unfortunately, the little baby was born with no ears. When they arrived home from the hospital, the parents invited Little Johnny's family to come over and see their new baby. Little Johnny's parents were very afraid their son would have a wise crack to say about the baby. So, Little Johnny's dad had a long talk with Little Johnny before going to the neighbors. He said, "Now, son...that poor baby was born without any ears. I want you to be on your best behavior and not say one word about his ears, or I'm really going to spank you when we get back home. "I promise not to mention his ears at all," said Little Johnny. At the neighbor's home, Little Johnny leaned over the crib and touched the baby's hand. He looked at its mother and said, "Oh, what a beautiful little baby!" The mother said, "Thank you very much, Little Johnny." He then said, "This baby has perfect little hands and perfect little feet. Why... just look at his pretty little eyes! Did his doctor say he can see good?" The Mother said, "Why, yes... his doctor said he has 20/20 vision." Little Johnny said, "Well, it's a darn good thing, cause he sure as heck can't wear glasses!"

Stay Home; Stay Safe Letting your dog run loose may seem like a good idea, but freedom for pets includes some extreme risks. Being hit by a car is a very real possibility, even if you live in the country. If there are roads, there are cars! Just like toddlers, animals do not understand the dangers of being around moving vehicles and can’t be expected to look both ways. Pets that roam are also at risk of encountering another animal that may not be friendly. If your pet is aggressive or territorial, he may be a threat to others. Either way, nobody wins in a dog or cat fight! Injuries will be painful and could be fatal. Exposure to poisons, parasites, gunshots, and contagions are also possible risks. Better to keep your pet safe! Whether indoors, on a leash, or in a securely fenced yard, you are doing your furry pal a favor and giving them the protection they deserve. Brought to you in the interest of better pet care by: Animal Medical Center 1510 N. Broad St. ~ Cairo, Ga. 229-377-2060 Dr. Janet L. Ackerman D.V.M.


In the River A preacher was completing a temperance sermon with great expression he said, "If I had all the beer

Emergency Numbers A l l E m e r g e n c i e s . . . 9 11 Fire Dept. Cairo........229-377-3293 Whigham..................229-762-4215 Climax.....................229-248-0603 Bainbridge...............229-248-2032 Thomasville.............229-225-4190 Police Dept Cairo.....229-378-3096 Whigham..................229-762-3366 Bainbridge...............229-248-2038 Thomasville.............229-226-2101 Ambulance Cairo......229-377-6413 Bainbridge................229-248-3001 T h o m a s v i l l e . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 2 9 - 2 2 5 - 4 11 4 Sheriff Dept. Cairo...229-377-5200 Bainbridge...............229-248-3044 Thomasville.............229-225-3300 G e o r g i a Sta t e P a t r o l T h o m a s v i l l e 229-225-4000 Missing Children Clearinghouse 800-843-5678 Suicide Prevention 800-784-2433 Georgia GBI ............229-225-4090

in the world, I'd take it and throw it into the river." With even greater emphasis he said, "And if I had all the wine in the world, I'd take it and throw it into the river." And then finally, he said, "And if I had all the whiskey in the world, I'd take it and throw it into the river." He sat down. The song leader then stood very cautiously and announced with a smile, "For our closing song, let us sing Hymn number 365: "Shall We Gather at the River." ************************************************************

In a Restaurant I was in the restaurant yesterday when I suddenly realized I desperately needed to pass gas. The music was really, really loud, so I timed my gas with the beat of the music. After a couple of songs, I started to feel better. I finished my coffee, and noticed that everybody was staring at me.... Then I suddenly remembered that I was listening to my iPod.

Publisher/Editor Kimberly Cooper

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February 10, 2014

South Georgia Advertising 229-378-2291

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Double wide with 1 acre 5 miles North of Cairo $5000. down and $625. month 229-227-0912 or 229-403-0163 Singlewide mobile home on 41/2 acres with deep well, buildings located in Ochlocknee, Ga. 229403-7690

Announcements Big




DJ service 229-221-3996 Professional horse training and equitation lessons. Great sport to put yourself and children in,

MOBILE HOMES FOR RENT 3 bdr. 2 ba double wide, living room , den, $650. month $600. deposit 1st and last month rent 229221-5993

For the horse lover who always wanted to learn to ride. Lessons available during day or after school. Lesson starter special $45. call 229220-0865


Beautiful 7 rm. 2 ba. home at 1236 Hwy 84 W. Cairo, 1 1/4 acre lot $150,000.229-327-5353

Partially furnished 2 bdr. 2 ba mobile home on Hudson rd. for small family available middle of January 229-377-5578 leave msg.

Looking for Room mate. Someone on SS or retired ok 229-288-4165 call anytime 6 room 2 story cottage for rent 1ba. 2 car carport, 2nd floor deck, 1 acre of land, big trees. 16 miles S of Cairo, 16 miles Nof Tallahasseeon Hwy 27At GeorgiaFlorida line $750. month + $750. deposit 229-3275353 Westgate Resort in Gatlinburg Tenn. available 1st week of November 229-378-0974 Room for rent, working man or woman $300. a month 904-383-2763 I need 1 person to share a 2 bdr. house, reasonable, 229-377-3974

on 2 lots overlooking lake $89,900. 229-2540564 or 229-246-8089 3.3/10 acres of land for sale N Grady County Owner Finance 229-3199533 or 229-319-9313 or 229-683-3569 1.86 acre lot for double wide or home, 1 mile from Cairo on Hall Rd. $25,000. or $5000. down and $120. mo for 120 mos. 229-327-5353 Mobile Home Lot in Ochlocknee $50. a month, set up and ready can be seen at 3168 E.Willow St. 229-5745603 after 8 pm or 229574-5562


P HOME FOR RENT House for rent N. Grady Co. on Maddox ln. 229319-9533 or 229-3199313

HOME FOR SALE 2 duplex and 4 house's all in Cairo City Limits 229-378-0919 4 bdr. 21/2 ba. real nice home, approx. 2400 sq. ft. located at 97-15th Ave. SE Cairo total new paint job on interior $139,500 Ready Now 229-378-0051 or 229-4030971

Nice 2 bd. 2 ba. in country in Cairo. Central heat and air, back deck looking out on pond, back closed in addition with washer and dryer hook up, has front porch, plenty of wildlife and woods to look at Older or retired person only No children or pets $450. a mo. + $400 deposit 229-377-0946 NO calls after 8 pm


15 acres and home in Calvery area 229-2004432 Great Investment at Lake Seminole,, 2 bdr. 1 ba. open floor plan, large deck, covered dock, utility shed sitting

Building in Meigs livable, can be a house or resturant for Rent/ Sale 229-319-9533

APPLIANCES Refrigerator works good $75. 229-327-6474 or 229-200-6825

George Foreman Jr. Rotisserie, compact roasting machine with accessories slightly used, cooks family size meals $35. 229-307-0510 Dryer $60 works good. 229-327-6474 or 229-2006825



Too busy to get that lawn mowed? Give us a call! KC's Lawn Service,LLC, Serving Thomas and Grady Counties $40. per acre 229-319-8335 Would like to sit with the elderly and clean houses call 229-200-6341 CALL Mr Mover scrap metal, I will carry off all your unwanted lawn mowers, freezers, washing machines, hot water heaters, old farm equipment any kind iof scrap metal, electrical wire, stoves, I will move FREE of charge call- 229-3931084 or 229-226-8046 or 229-393-9750

Simmons lawn care free estimates very reliable call 229-236-0887 Professional horse training and equitation lessons. Great sport to put yourself and children in, For the horse lover who always wanted to learn to ride. Lessons available during day or after school. Lesson starter special $45. call 229220-0865 CNA will sit with elderly or disabled, Cairo only please, I have refrences and reasonable rates, part time is okay will also clean house 229377-0946 Retired and love helping people would like to sit w/seniors partime, light housekeeping, light meal preperation, run errands 229-228-0311 leave msg. Retired loving caretaker, availiable any shift, part time, light housekeeping 229-377-5578 leave msg if no answer

MOBILE HOMES FOR SALE 4 bdr. 3 ba. Double wide on 6.8 acres in South Thomas County $6000. Down & $650. month 229-227-0912 or 229-4030163

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South Georgia Advertising 229-378-2291 Buying Blind By: Dr. Jack

Yup, that’s exactly what it is when you don’t have the used car of your dreams checked out by a qualified A.S.E. certified mechanic. Do you really want to take the sellers word that this vehicle has passed a multi-point inspection? If you were to buy an animal whether it be a pet, a horse or some kind of livestock, wouldn’t you bring a friend who had knowledge a little bit about dogs or someone who knew about horses and other farm animals?...It just makes sense. How about that house that you are so in love with? At the very least, lending institutions require an appraisal and a current termite letter. Who are they trying to protect….themselves!!! When you buy a new vehicle you are protected by the manufacturer with their warranty, their integrity and your states lemon law. Even the sales person at the dealership will get involved because it is their reputation on the line as well. They would rather you didn’t tell 50 people of your bad experience, if a problem should come up. Buying a used vehicle from a dealership comes with some perks. First of all they have a reputation to honor….this means that they only want to sell good cars. How do they do that? They only try to sell late model vehicles that are about 5 yrs old or newer. That helps ensure that the vehicle is not too used. But it is not a perfect world, even the dealer can receive a trade in that is…how do I say this delicately? Not represented honestly. Older trade-in cars are often ran through the auction or sold wholesale to the average used car lot on the boulevard. So the car of your dreams could be a rejected vehicle from the dealership network. How would one try to sort out this kind of thing? Oh, I just had a revelation. Take the vehicle to an independent A.S.E. mechanic and have it checked out. This provides additional insurance that is basically a good vehicle that may need some repairs or that you should return the vehicle and throw the key at them as you run away. Walking is not a good enough response when trying to flee a bad situation that could have fleeced your bank account. Sometimes a quality dealership will make a bad situation right by taking back a vehicle that just didn’t work out. They will try to put you into another vehicle in the same price range. Remember, they also have a reputation to uphold if they want to stay in business. Also be aware that the sticker on the inside of the door glass has the box checked “As Is” has been required by law since 1975. When the “As Is” box is checked, the seller is following the law and you have been clearly notified. Again, this leaves the buyer at a disadvantage and no recourse should any problems come up that may cost you large sums of money. Say you’re cruising the vehicles for sale on that list that is owned by “Craig,” the newspaper or the used car lot on the boulevard? What are you going to do to protect your wallet? Bring it to me, your Car Snooper Investigator (C.S.I.). I have developed a 4 page check out form and it takes me about 4 hours to thoroughly check out a vehicle and document all of the good and all of the bad. This is a necessary service! I have seen too many people try to shortcut this step and it cost them thousands, either in repairs or having to dump the vehicle at a loss to someone that was willing to take it “as is.” Remember….its only money...yours! Call for your appointment today before you buy that next used vehicle. I'll keep a spot open for you! Moving forward….. Jack Bergan, who has 40 years experience in the automobile industry, is an ASE Master Technician. Send comments or questions to (229) 377-2209 or visit my website at will be answered in future columns.


February 10, 2014


Too busy to get that lawn mowed? Give us a call! KC's Lawn Service,LLC, Serving Thomas and Grady Counties $40. per acre 229-319-8335 Retired registered nurse would like to sit with seniors in their home. Experienced call 229221-3515 Call me for all your general and extensive house cleaning, includes carpets, windows, kitchens and bedrooms, refrences available and reasonable rates call Judy at 229327-1396 Fix & sell washers,dryers,stoves,refrigerators,vaccum cleaners, microwaves, freezers, tv's, vcrs, and dvd players also sell some parts for appliances, washers, stoves, refrigerators and dryers all reasonably priced 229-200-6825 or 229-327-6474 We pick up or haul off your unwanted stuff appliances, furnithure, I also work on small appliances TV, VCR'S DVD, stoves & microwaves 229-3276474 or 229-200-6825 Small auto & lawnmower repair call Johnny @ 229-327-8039

AUTO ACCESSORIES Transmission for Ford 5.0 motor $100. 229-3770946 Truck bed, never been used off 2000 GMC Sierra Classic LWB also tail gate & light assembly $600. 229-246-8776 17" tire $15, 229-3276474 or 229-200-6825 4- 20" tires $300. good shape cameoff a toyota tundra all in excellent condition 229-393-9750 or 229-393-1084 or 229226-8046

AUTO-VANS 1959 Ford Thunderbird convertible, rebuilt motor and transmission, good interior, good top 229-377-6666 2000 Mazda Miota convertible, 5 spd, low miles, great shape $4900. 229-254-0564 or 229-246-8089

Custom made handicap conversion van with side electric ramp. 2004 Chev Venture Entervan 74K miles, new battery, tires, A/C compressor & more great condition $14,995 OBO 404-9257112 or 229-377-2209

1998 Jeep Wrangler Sahara cold AC, AM/FM stereo CD player Green and tan 155K $8500. OBO 229-254-2156 too many extras to list

AUTO-RV’S Camper rent to own 229393-1835

AUTO-TRUCKS & SUVS 1998 Ford Ranger extended cab, 4WD, XLT pkg. $3000. 229-2468776 2001 Ford F-150 SLT V-8, auto, A/C, Cruise, PW, PS, Power seats 162,000 $5995. 229-294-4961 1979 Dodge PU with camper shell. Body in real good shape no rust and runs good $4500. OBO 229-377-0946

AUTO-SPORT UTILITY 16'X 7' wide boat. Would 1968 Jeep V-6, runs

make a great duck boat.

needs work $1500 OBO

older boat about 30 yrs

229-221-5467 or 229-226-

old but motor about 10


yrs old $1500. OBO

7-2003-2010 Chev Impala 3-1999-2001 Chevy Cavalier 2000 Chev Malibu 2007 Chevy Trailblazer 2000 Chev Silverado 1998 Chevy S-10 1998 Chevy 1500 1998 Chevy Express Cargo Van

5-1996-2006 Ford Crown Vic 5-2005-2006 Ford Taurus 2001 Ford Focus 2-2000-2002 Ford Ranger XL 2002 Dodge Caravan 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 2002 Buick Century

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February 10, 2014

South Georgia Advertising 229-378-2291

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Fooseball machine $75. 19' Bass boat & trailer at a steal, 150 HP Evenrude motor, trolling moter asking $1800. OBO 229225-7806 16' Pro bass boat and trailer, 115 HP motor, new trolling motor & fish finder, 2 life jackets and new battery, needs a cylinoid switc, great condition $2500. OBO 229-377-6288 2-skiff boats, motor and trailer $500. ea. 229-3770946

x-box machine $50. and brand new Wee game still in box $75. 229-3939750 or 229-393-1084 or 229-226-8046 Deer rifle and 12 gauge shotgun 229-294-8197 Schmitz -Ruben swiss model 1911 long military rifle, caliber 7.5, very good



matching serial numbers, 2 boxes of aamo


included $300. Firm 229377-5079

Car hauler enclosed trailer 8' wide x 24' long, excellent shape $5000. OBO 229-377-0946

Savage 12 gauge automatic



engraving, this is an old gun in great condition used very little $300. Joe



machine $50., bicycle for 2 $10. 229-378-3117

New and used guns @ Pinetree



2 easy go ext golf carts




1-gas, 1-electric $2200.

buy, sell and trade on all

ea. 229-246-8776

kinds of guns and gun related items, around




200 guns in stock. Come

shotgun with saddle-


back scope, 30" barrell,






extra full chike $650.

Thomasville, Ga. 229-

OBO 229-413-2417



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South Georgia Advertising 229-378-2291

February 10, 2014

Matching Coffee table and sofa table fruitwood/color medium, excellent condition $100. ea. 229-377-1086 2 new dark Cherry heavy wood end tables $35. ea. 229-377-0946



Wanted exercise bike very reasonablely priced call 229-377-5578 also need someone to do odd jobs if interested call 229-377-5578 leave msg if no answer Wanted large 2 keyboard organ with long peddals and bench, must be in good condition & everything working 229-2264224

HELP WANTED Experienced outside sales rep. for small paper Send resume to P.O. Box 247 Cairo, Ga. 39828 or call 229-3782291 or 229-327-0336

FARM & GARDEN Stihl blower Magnum series 600 very nice, not very old $250. OBO 229379-7085 5' used harrow great shape only used a few times $500. 229-3773326 leave msg. or 229327-1618 6' bush hog RTH672, finish mower, needs belt, complete with PTD shaft $450. 229-377-3326 or 229-327-1618 Fencing roll, stakes, 6' gate $35.2 mower leaf pu bags $20. 229-378-3117 229-378-3117 MTD garden tiller excellent condition $250. 229977-0803

Fairbanks platform scales will weigh from 11000 lbs. Have all weights, scales are like ones used to weigh hamperf of peas & beans Just set them on platform $80. 229-2230037 Firewood and lighter for sale (we deliver) 229377-8320

Nice looking Entertainment Center dark color with slide out for TV Must See $150. 229-377-0946 Night stand $30., childs dresser $25. nice table with 4 chairs $150. 229377-0946 Dresser with 9 drawers & mirror also chest of drawers $100. 229-3770946

Roland Juno 106 programmable-polyphonic synthesizer $250 229226-8046

Nice lg couch and chair emerald green and white very comfortable $100. 229-377-0946

23" Color tv with remote $18. 229-327-6474 or 229-200-6825

FURNITURE 4 drawr chest of drawers 229-393-1835 Twin or full bedframe $14. 229-327-6474 or 229-200-6825 New corner computer desk $90., new microwave cart $50. , new small entertainment center $20., used chest of drawer and night stand $130. 229-3276777 Matching sofa and loveseat both recline. Asking $50. for both 229-393-9750 or 229-3931084 or 229-226-8046 8x8 Black leather sectional sofa $175. also Solid oak student desk with bookshelf and chair $40. and round wood and glass coffee table 36 inch $45. go to to see Bed frame twin or full $18. 229-327-6474 or 229-200-6825 Queen size boxsprings and mattress 1 month old pd $1500 sacrificing for $200 229-393-1835

2- Jazzy scooters 1-used few times new batteries $800. 1-$600. also a folded aluminum ladder to load scotters on $300. 229-377-5578 leave msg if no answer 4 cemetary plots at old Cairo Cemetary across from Fred's $1000. for all 4 229-377-0946 Playstation 2 with 11 games $150. 229-2360887 VCR with remote $13. 229-327-6474 or 229-2006825 Jazzy electric wheelchair, red, new batteries, excellent condition, charger included $500. 229-251-3044 26" Philco color tv with remote $100. 229-3770946 26" General Electric color tv with remote $100 229-377-0946

Very nice console piano, very good shape $300. 229-226-8046 4 month old Hoveround MPV used very little, 3-4 times max. Comes complete with owners manuel & charger, it features locks, very clean, no mud, no rust or green stains $1395. OBO 229377-2209 or 404-9259112 Medium size wheel chair $75. 229-393-9750 or 229-393-1084 or 229-2268046 Console jukebox, looks good needs some work. Call after 10AM Make Offer 229-377-3148 Beautiful engagement ring size 6 with large princess cut in center & diamonds on band, wedding band welded to ring with diamonds on it also. $3250. appraised $1575 OBO 229-2020238

Vestal cast iron woodburning stove firebrick lined 18" deep 161/2 wide firebox never used $250. 229-977-0803 Bissell carpet shampooer $25. 229-294-4409 23" color tv with remote $25. 229-327-6474 or 229-200-6825 HONEY- local wildflower 16 0z. $6.25 229-3772209 Odds and ends call 229327-6474 or 229-2006825 3 boxes of Nicoderm 14 patches 21mg. Step 1 . still in box bought 2 weeks ago pd. $28. per box asking $40. for all 3 229-377-0946 2stereos w/speakers that play 33 & 45 records and has radio $35. ea. 229-377-0946 Walker $10. and potty chair $20. 229-377-0946

We have several laptop computers at Pinetree Pawn in Thomasville Ga.Dell, Lenovo, HP, Compaq. Windows 7 and 8. 229-236-7296 Men's brand new clothes and shoes, children's clothes and womens clothes also decorations 229-327-7398 Several guitars and amps, new and used, acoustic, Bass, Electric. Ibanez, Fender and Yamaha Pinetree Pawn 2130 E Pinetree Blvd. Thomasville, Ga. 229236-7296 Clean Wheelchair $75.00 229-377-0946

OFFICE EQUIPMENT We have several laptop computers at Pinetree Pawn in Thomasville Ga.Dell, Lenovo, HP, Compaq. Windows 7 and 8. 229-236-7296




turntable, 8-track player, Several nice bicycles for sale @ Pinetree Pawn

AM/FM stereo complete with 2 speakers every-

2139 E Pinetree Blvd. Thomasville, Ga 229-

thing works $150. 229-



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February 10, 2014 "He Came To Set The Captive Free" When ministering to people you sometimes begin to see patterns and cycles. There is one particular thing that has really stood out, off the page so to speak the last several weeks as we have been ministering to a young lady. I have caught hold of a revelation that I think will help many and it is to show some ways that the enemy of our souls works. In this particular situation, the young woman really loves the Lord and wanted/wants to be a vessel used by God but has received opposition, yes, even from the church she attended. This caught my attention because I have seen things she discussed very similarly happen in my own life even though I am older. This young woman is not in a sinful lifestyle, etc. I began to "uncover" things that were working together against her. She felt unworthy, fearful, intimidated, rejected and of course, not at all important. She began to look at others and wonder why they seemed to reject her. We began to dismantle assignments against her and the negative thinking that kept these strongholds in place. If she could be rejected by christian people those who were supposed to love her, maybe there was really something wrong with her. This even reinforced her negative thinking about herself. Never mind that God had gifted her with a singing voice, the ability to do drama, etc. If you do not let people use their gifts in the church one of two things will happen. They will turn from using them in the church to going out in the world and using them. Or number two, they may even turn away from Christianity, and even worse than that, turn away from Jesus. Am I saying we are not supposed to use our gifts in the world? Of course not, but the body of Christ needs to be edified as well. My heart really went out to her as I have battled some issues in the past that were similar. Her victory will come in knowing who she is in Jesus Christ and who He is in her. Once you know that, no one can take that from you! Two things that were really working against her are injustice and rejection. Injustice will keep her from using her giftings for the Lord in the church, rejection reinforces that maybe she is not worthy, she has nothing to offer, no one loves her, she is not important, etc., over and over. This will lead to depression, failure, hopelessness, despair,etc., possibly suicide. This girl did indeed deal with thoughts of suicide! Thank God she has not acted upon that! We have to realize that there is a real enemy of our souls. If he loses you to being saved through Jesus Christ he will still battle you from using your giftings or doing his best to stop you from doing and becoming everything that God wants you to be! Jesus said in John 10:10 that the thief only comes to steal, kill and destroy but that He(Jesus) has come so that we may have life and have it more abundantly! If you feel you need help with any of the things that I have written we are here to help you. God loves you and He desires that you would be all that He wants you to be! He came to set the captive free! We do not charge anything for ministry, you may give a love offering but there is not a set fee. Our goal is to help you! We offer individual counseling and ministry by appointment. Call us at 228-5977.

South Georgia Advertising 229-378-2291 ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES Over 1,000 vinyle LP's. Some are entire collections. Want to sell all 229-233-5026 Vintage Carousale horse. From the 1920's horswe needs some repair but is a nice pieceas is $950 Cash can be seen in Thomasville 229-2006767

PETS AND LIVESTOCK Good looking young white American bulldog seeks like female for reproduction of the same "No Papers" 229574-5306

Beautiful breeder pair of blue and gold Macaws & they talk too. Selling due to health reasons and they are a proven pair $1000. 229-377-6288

Page 7 Kingfish Korners in the heart



Downtown Cairo, Ga. invites you to come visit Cairo's


FREE CLASSIFIEDS 24/7 229-378-2291, FAX 229378-2297 OR ONLINE at


yard sale at 226 South Professional horse training and equitation lessons. Great sport to put yourself and children in, For the horse lover who always wanted to learn to ride. Lessons available during day or after school. Lesson starter special $45. call 229220-0865

YARD SALES Yard Sale evey Friday and Saturday 9AM-5PM 1499 Tired Creek Blvd. Cairo

Broad St. Accessory's for the home and garden. 229-397-FISH Tues thru Sat 10am-6 pm Yardsale every weekend 33 Myrick Rd. Every Sat 8 am - 2 pm blankets, depression glass, handbags and house hold items,New real nice bed sheet sales, too many to mention any questions call 229-233-2727

Such As We Have Ministries, Inc. David and Dale Nacinovich 2108 Smith Avenue Thomasville, GA 31792 228-5977, 221-5048 Prayer Thursdays at 7 pm Individual Counseling by Appt.

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South Georgia Advertising 229-378-2291

February 10, 2014

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February 10, 2014  

Volume 8 Issue 366