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Teaching your kids about New Year’s resolutions BY MEAGAN RUFFING


s my kids have gotten older, their questions about New Year’s resolutions have gotten more detailed: “What is New Year’s?” “Why do you make resolutions?” “What does resolution mean?” “Can anyone make a resolution?” “What happens if you don’t follow through with it?” If I didn’t hold myself accountable before, now I have three little faces staring back at me that will. So why not include the kids on this year’s resolution making? This will look different for every family depending on how old your children are. My advice is to start small and pick one thing you think your kids can do. Setting them up for success will only increase their chances of seeing their resolution through and, as a result, feeling extra good about themselves. My 5-year-old daughter, Hannah, has been an emotional roller coaster lately. Because this is something I have been 24

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TRY THIS: wanting to work on, and I about what it means to want Tell your kids that what know it’s something everyto improve, better yourself a resolution boils down one in our household will and try new things. to is making a benefit from, I suggested 2. Have a sense of hucommitment to do her New Year’s resolution mor. Your son might want something better for be to come to me first when his resolution to be someyourself or for telling me how she feels thing silly, such as only someone else. (happy, sad, angry, annoyed, eating purple foods for a year. etc.). Each time she does this You know and I know that correctly – meaning, before she probably won’t last long, but that’s starts whining – I will give her a sticker fine. If he’s really interested in doing to put on her sticker chart. When her this, it would be a great teaching experisticker chart fills up, she can go to the ence. Think of all the foods you guys will store and pick out a reward. end up learning about. And you never There are 5 important steps you can know, this might end up being a clever take as the parent when helping your way of finally getting him to try eggplant. child succeed at their New Year’s resolu3. Be a support. One of the best things tion this year. about being a kid is having a wild imagi1. Keep it simple. They’re kids. Their nation. Let your child run with that. Be resolutions will probably look different her biggest supporter. If she really wants than yours, and that’s OK. This isn’t supto be a unicorn starting January 1, do posed to be an end-all, be-all type thing. everything in your power to make that Involving your children with New Year’s happen. She will remember the mom who resolutions is just a fun way to teach them tried and the mom who taped on her horn

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