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Tybee Island Dune Restoration

After two major Hurricanes impacted our area in less than one calendar year, public interest in the topic of shoreline protection has increased. One of the best natural defenses against the destructive powers of hurricane force winds and storm surge are the beautiful, delicate sand dunes that naturally exist on our shores. Dunes, such as those on Tybee Island, Georgia, are the coast’s first line of defense against wind and waves, and help to delay inland flooding by absorbing the brunt of these storms. Sand dunes can be easily destroyed by hurricane force winds and storm surge. Destruction of dunes can also occur as a result of human impact such as foot or vehicle traffic. Once damaged, breaches in the dune structure can occur, which can act as channels for

By Kristen Deason

Senior Scientist Environmental Services, Inc.


Southern Tides Magazine

December 2017

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Southern Tides December 2017  

Southern Tides December 2017