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Lauren S.  Stefanski   32303  North  Course  View,  Franklin,  TN  37067   (908)-­‐240-­‐9267  

US  Imprints,  Brentwood,  Tennessee  {October  2012-­‐  Present}   Branding  Specialist  –  An  online  marketing  and  promotional  company  working  to  excel  marketing  campaigns  of  their  customers   • Worked  intensively  with  customers  from  beginning  to  end  of  sales  to  ensure  a  successful  event   • Through  persistence  and  knowledge  of  products  reached  sales  goals  of  40k  and  above  per  month   • Communicated  with  factories  to  ensure  production  and  delivery  of  orders  met  the  in  hands  date  for  customers   • Followed  up  with  clients  to  ensure  satisfaction  and  repeat  business   • Mastered  software  such  as  Clubsoft  and  Springboard     Westhaven  Golf  Club,  Franklin,  Tennessee  {July  2012-­‐Present}   Membership  Marketing  and  Events  Coordinator  -­‐  A  private  championship  18-­‐hole  golf  course  in  Franklin,  Tennessee   • Conducted  email  blasts  to  members  for  notifications  regarding  accounts  receivable,  events,  club  news,  tournaments,  etc.     • Assisted  in  all  member  and  nonmember  event  planning  and  execution   • Worked  with  management  to  create  marketing  material  appropriate  to  each  departments  needs   • Processed  marketing  blasts,  master  calendar  of  events,  updated  Clubsoft  to  process  payment  and  collateral  such  as  rosters   for  events     Country  Music  Association,  Nashville,  Tennessee    {January-­‐  June  2012}           Intern  -­‐  A  trade  organization  that  heightens  the  awareness  of  Country  Music  and  supports  its  on-­‐going  growth  by  recognizing   excellence  in  the  genre   • Assisted  in  the  execution  of  important  events  such  as  KTMP  All  Star  Event,  CMA  Music  Fest,  and  a  Hall  of  Fame  Events   • Organized  and  maintained  the  master  schedule  for  Music  Fest  as  well  as  spreadsheets  for  the  Talent  Committee     • Prepared  materials  for  the  quarterly  Board  Meetings  including  travel  plans  and  conference  information     • Collaborated  with  cross-­‐functional  departments  to  ensure  a  well-­‐rounded  and  knowledgeable  experience  at  CMA         My  Bellissima,  Morristown,  New  Jersey    {June-­‐August  2011}   Intern  -­‐  An  event  planning  company  recognized  by  The  Knot,  Glamour  Magazine,  and  NJ  Bride  Magazine  as  a  serious  competitor   in  the  event  planning  industry.     • Worked  intensively  on  maintaining  the  companies  Facebook  and  blog  to  attract  and  sustain  clientele     • Ran  weekly  status  meetings  with  coordinators  to  ensure  timely  execution  of  needed  tasks     • Wrote  bi-­‐weekly  blog  entries  including  “Themed  Wednesday”     • Partnered  with  all  working  elements  to  ensure  a  well-­‐orchestrated  and  timely  event           Epting  Events,  Athens,  Georgia    {February-­‐June  2011}         Intern  -­‐  Epting  Events  is  the  “one  stop  shop”  to  a  compelling  and  refined  corporate  or  social  event.     • Won  internship  competition  by  successfully  creating  a  spectacular  event  within  guidelines     • Created  a  compilation  of  site  surveys  for  coordinators  to  suffice  client’s  needs  and  budget     • Developed  and  compiled  client  menus  and  proposals  within  budget  and  theme  palette     • Negotiated  proposals  from  vendors  to  ensure  the  most  cost  efficient  purchases  for  clients     Additional  Skill  Sets:     • Glamour  Magazine,  2011  –  Featured  a  blog  that  I  originally  created  for  My  Bellissima     • Nat’l  Champion  2009  &  2010,  Reserve  Champion  2011,  2009  SEC  Champion  in  UGA  D1  Equestrian  Team   • Enthusiastic  about  working  hard  &  exceeding  expectations   • Organized  and  proficient  in  Microsoft  Office  including:  Word,  Excel,  Access,  Outlook  &  PowerPoint   • Write  a  wedding  blog  as  a  personal  hobby     Education:     The  University  of  Georgia  (UGA),  Athens,  Georgia,  2012               Bachelor  of  Arts  in  Communication  Studies     Franklin  School  of  Arts  &  Science     Study  Abroad:  UGA  Campus,  Puntarenas,  Costa  Rica,  March,  2009  


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