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Good Luck to all our West Cork Olympians

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West Cork supports our Olympic heroes The local community is getting behind its seven Olympic hopefuls – Phil, Emily, Aoife, Paul, Fintan, Lydia and Gary – as they proudly fly the flag for West Cork and their country at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, which kick off this Friday. To celebrate their immense talent, dedication and achievements in getting to Tokyo, The Southern Star is going all-out this week with a fantastic 24-page souvenir special in the Sports section, including everything you need to know, and more, about these wonderful athletes, and over the following pages here you’ll find a fantastic outpouring of support and goodwill from the business community across West Cork for these true heroes of sport. Oh, and as though all of that wasn’t enough, we meet their families on pages 6 and 7 and there’s a free window poster on page 17!

h g a n i r D t a m a e t e h t All k r o C t s e W wish our t s e b y r e v e h t s n a i p m y l O In Japan.




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Phil Healy

Best Of Luck to Our West Cork Olympians

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From: Ballineen Event: Women’s 200m, Women’s 400m and 4x400m Mixed Relay When in action: Phil Healy will get her Olympics underway on Friday, July 30th with the mixed 4x400m relay, with her 200m heats and semi-finals on Monday, August 2nd and the 400m heats on Tuesday, August 3rd.

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Best of luck to Phil Healy and the West Cork Olympians in Japan from:

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West Cork supports our Olympic heroes Joan Healy explains what makes her little sister Phil the fastest woman in Ireland - see the 24-page souvenir special in this week’s Sports section.

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Best wishes and every success to all our West Cork Olympians in Japan

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Emily Hegarty

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From: Aughadown, Skibbereen Event: Women’s Four When in action: Emily and co, in the Irish women’s four, take to the water in Tokyo in the early hours of this Saturday morning (Irish time). The A and B finals are on early on Wednesday morning, again Irish time. Check Southern Star social media channels for up-to-date race info.

Best of luck Phil Healy and all the West Cork Olympians in Japan

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West Cork supports our Olympic heroes Check out our 24-page souvenir special in this week’s Sports section for interviews, profiles and lots more about West Cork’s Olympic heroes







k c u l f o t s e b y r e v e s n Th a i p m y l kO r o C t s e to the W in Tokyo


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Aoife Casey ‘Our very best wishes to all of our fantastic Skibbereen rowers and coach and to their proud families who have worked so hard to bring them this far’


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From: Aughadown, Skibbereen Event: Women’s Lightweight Double Sculls When in action: Aoife – joined by Margaret Cremen in the Irish boat – start their Olympic adventure with their heats early on Saturday morning, Irish time. Check Southern Star social media channels for up-to-date race info.

All the very best to our West Cork athletes in Tokyo

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West Cork supports our Olympic heroes

Cork County Council Supporting you all the way

Best of luck to Team Ireland We are all supporting you

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Fintan McCarthy

all our Best of luck to in J West Cork s apa n n a i p m y l O

Best of luck to all our West Cork Olympians in Japan

ROWING From: Aughadown, Skibbereen Event: Men’s Lightweight Double Sculls When in action: Fintan – in the boat alongside Paul O’Donovan – gets his Olympics up and running in the early hours of this Saturday morning (Irish time). Check Southern Star social media channels for info closer to race day.



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TOKYO OVERSTAR TAKING THE SOUTHERN to everyone hy has proved s his Fintan McCart f – that he deserve – including himsel nt Irish lightweight THY spoke to place in the domina . KIERAN McCAR cs men’s double ahead of the Olympi the Skibb man

is not a INTAN McCarthy He likes fan of the unknown. what’s know organisation, to days he when. On race happening and timetable, detailed plans out his own structure gives That to the minute. confidence. him security and camps Fintan Ahead of training Again, it’s to makes a checklist. . Nothing is left the comprehensive one, as he packs, The chance. One by Tick. Tick. Tick. list is ticked off. only a rower beautiful monotony and enjoys. endures understands, Jake, a few His twin brother and also a world-class minutes older rower, is the opposite. list, see what ‘I just look at Fintan’s a few things into he needs and throwlaughs. were people telling of my suitcase,’ Jake with rowing there and I hadn’t had their own way ‘Everyone has to likes you “you’re good”,sport before,’ he and Fintan doing things – that in any other and months in plan, days, weeks He makes sure explains. in the club advance. It works. If you don’t ‘There were people so we knew he misses nothing. it could be winning championships to be if you wanted eat or drink enough,critical to know it was the place it’s When you have detrimental, so do, need to do and to be good at rowing.you “oh wow, that to what you have “you all the bases.’ those people telling on the erg” or when. Fintan coversforwardwas a good score single today”, that his his brother had. the But even with going soccer and out of looked good in Fintan could have 'I'd usually be on to get more planning, not even unfolded over but when Fintan I really spurs you that way.’ has GAA training foreseen what 2019, more than me the motivating It’s early it. In training years. started and Jake rowing, the past two much!', Jake told With both Fintan – and Jake’s, too didn't like it too from Foherlagh, Fintan’s ambitionway into the Irish the twin brothers Church, had a before. his of Kilcoe – was to force were hooked. For double that was Before long, both fitted him. Soccer just north The same passion. lightweight men’s interest. just brothers, shared rowing Fintan, to and talk about. owned by the O’Donovan did Gaelic football. More to relate who had won World obsessed. Even didn’t. Neither he was terrible, to Gary and Paul, They’ll admit they’re in Ovens, a In his own words, told Ilen Rovers he together gold in 2018. he now, they live ask. the extent that was actually U12 from the National It seemed a big drive same he the ten-minute Two from his was U10 when in Inniscarra. Gary and Paul, have to play with as the Rowing Centre rowers, Aoife so he wouldn’t and parish of Aughadown, the Irish With rowing – more Tokyo OlympicCremen, live in own age group. McCarthy twins, double. They held Club – it was Casey and Margaret and Jake just Skibbereen Rowingstart. Fintan lightweight men’s2015. Won Ireland’s house. the it’s the same off from rowing when different from those seats since rowing medal in running joke, that can’t switch ‘We all have a that It’s rowing, rowing, first-ever Olympic bigger than rowing from other sports they’re home. only all the rejects the monotony club,’ Fintan Rio 2016. Became were rowing. Again, winning. They and enjoys. end up in the rowing itself, but kept was a rower understands world. No-one smiles. them closer sporty, but I the best in the Rowing brought oust either of them. ‘It’s not that I wasn’t that I liked or that Gary success followed. good enough to Jake, wanted a seat together. And That was the summer hadn’t found anythingI finally did find But Fintan, like together, like nd won Olympic when was good at, so and Paul O’DonovanRio Games. That *** together. A flag-in-the-grou because I in that boat. Ideally, the edition title journey. been. and silver medals at rowing it was motivating day they’ve always moment in Fintan’s moment in Fintan’s I could get better On senior quad the in was another key could see that photo of Fintan ‘I had won the the Paragon Bar better. That’s whatthen of July 23rd, 2016, a double and *** front page. s how I could get story. He was in on Friday, August before the intermediate dominates the competitivenes brought Jake the and out win, that was with Skibbereen town that transformed brought good the intermediate ‘Rowing has definitely that was my first Mark O’Donovan that I could be day They had won a lot closer together,’ 12th, 2016: the because I knew could at that year’s his clubShane O’Driscoll, Jake and myself show people I That was the men’s double scull s at rowing. He watched and I wanted to and Kenneth McCarthy. Fintan (24) reflects. friends now. I won the Irish break through the glass ceiling Irish Rowing Championship good then Jake and Centre. That mates be good.’ from Rowing ‘We are really Saturday, and brothers younger first-ever Olympic National two were the we the Sunday,’ Fintan Quite soon, on and win Ireland’s at the weekend for many ‘Go back to when inter double on making waves Fintan was 19 was an historic at each other andin Aughadown were rowing medals. was the weekend after explains. we were always for the upcoming Skibbereen Rowingto reasons. That didn’t have a lot the World U23 time, preparing the water with showed ring Rowing Club, ‘I had been at fighting, and we started rowing Rotterdam. It has a familiar when Skibbereen titles, officially s the year before we World U23s in Club, and that noughties, He trained some national early Championship common until 13 possible. the winning when we found won a national at it. By that stage, Fintan what was and Paul, with the successful rowing but I had never together. That’s was already the became the most overhauling before 2016, even the same as Gary Paul O’Donovan in Ireland and had on the common ground.’ have always been championship was huge for me to Dominic Casey, club in the country, had top spot it best junior scullerthe single at the now even same coach,in the same club. If they Obviously, they brothers. They junior level, so Neptune. Skibb They still do. It fourth in in the bag. It was river twin a pot at finished same first was They’re the get close. Fintan year.’ all to themselves. sentences. There’s with Jake that as that Fintan 2011 Junior Worlds. finish each other’s there, too. It was better to win it in his development was also the weekend s different stage first national a competitivenes and Jake won their was 15 years old, a rower. for me is that Fintan, when he first, a full year ‘What was different who started rowing wanted what then before Jake who


room but there’s no were broken up, here. for sentiment you know how ‘It is brutal because position, but I in that the you would feel of myself and all was really proud off,’ Fintan says. paid work that had seat in the fastest Now he had his double in the world lightweight men’s best lightweight the and alongside three There are only but men’s sculler. Fintan and Paul, years between a gulf in experience. is, there was, and to step up. Time for Fintan *** in Paul and Fintan From the start, first I worked. In their home during trials the double just World Rowing Cup much. Even at needs clear on what regatta together, July 2019, they have been very I need in race and what focus II in Rotterdam to happen in a I then, and in the the boat go fast. or won silver. Since regattas they’re to do to make than the occasion three international they have won on that rather competed in together, the result.’ be it a heat, A/B their challengers, every single race, Ten race wins Ominously for final. best is yet to come semi-final or A Fintan feels the golds. Devastatingly They missed in a row. Three for the Irish double. boat in the boat because dominant. yielded World by Paul, he wants to move the out on last year regattas hopped into the Those three of Covid and Fintan focussed on his qualification in faster with Paul. level that when you Paul gold and Olympic single scull and they’ve only been gold and World ‘He is at such a that every day so 2019, European Now, college studies, yet gold this year. win are trying to match Fintan since this year, Rowing Cup II further,’ Paul together you back noting watched Worth it just pushes the teenager who 2016 is gunning they’re still dominant. in explains. scull in 2020, Fintan Olympic silver be as good as him that in the single European Rowing him at the Tokyo ‘I am trying to the the for gold alongside was also in the he is the best in won bronze at highlighting he can in the boat, and I need to prove s, Games. Jake, who in the Irish that Championship It was also an extra seat world. It’s not running for the but I want to make on his own. a back injury suffered anything to Paul, slowing things down shine now it’s all about double before his chances, experience. But sure that I’m not that together we faster than ever in early 2020 dashed his moving that double to see Fintan in because we know That pushes me isn’t surprised before. can be really fast. sure it’s not just put out a better current position. was never the ‘I think we can in training to makethat is the reason we have done in ‘At the start Fin but he was performance than We definitely fast. Paul’s unrealness fittest or the strongest, the last few regattas. boat well and go we’re doing well. a good relationship between the able to move the that ability to feel stepped on a lot Cup had ‘We’ve formed he’s and the World He has always Jesus, he has pushed time it. Technically, in the boat, and, training wise. I don’t Europeans have had more the boat and move regatta, and we explains. me to new levels, done the training those two races.’ very good,’ Jake we did between from the have of efficiency then could ounce I every think sitting ‘He got if I wasn’t He takes confidenceThey’ve trained had, and now he I have this summer done. out of what he one of the training they’ve he stresses. They behind him.’ is fitter and stronger, around. for themselves. really bloody hard, body of work done The results speak are World strongest lightweights they can have an incredible with what he had Ahead of Tokyo, and they prepared as they Combine that and they are as They’re still finding phenomenal.’ European champions,double before, it’s pretty of Fintan, now 24 and men’s in be for the Games. are the lightweightto beat. They are they’ll hit Tokyo The 2021 version has more speed and confidence there, faster and stronger everyone else too. Their years old, is fitter, top gear. There’s They seen before. He’s gold medal favourites, do we races together. than what we’ve his frame. He’s a wondering how too, from their front or coming rivals must be own broader, too, filling unseen hard work That brings its can win from the row to race, and The beat the Irish. powerful unit. but these Skibbereen from behind. They by expectations, down is paying off. lean of win. weighed to a good bit few years diamonds aren’t a grit and hardiness race ‘He has put on is important to It’s been a whirlwind pressure. There’s is the word he muscle mass which to have as much and the simplicity for Fintan. Surreal was a stage when to Skibb rowers, helps. Keep it the the boat. You want reaches for. There believe how far possible but at you employ also as they mass to Dominic muscle coach he found it hard much fat will slow simple, like their such a short period, same time too he has come in lean muscle mass Casey preaches. he deserves the is a bit of an down. That’s why you don’t have but now he knows ‘At this stage there pay much He has earned is important because weighing you but I don’t success he’s enjoying.but there’s mass expectation muscle slog, He any extra Fintan says. it. It was a hard are on the water. in the pain attention to that,’ go out and do it. down when you a strange satisfactionare drawn to. the strongest and ‘We still have to it a bit simpler. is up there with rowers in the world makes and hurt that rowerswith Paul has sessions where If anything, it do fittest lightweight do X, Y and Z, ‘We had training up but obviously level, Training and racing Jake. If we go out and get a kept to a whole new now,’ explains it. us. been doing and we would have Fintan is in the taken that pain baulked. Instead, can do, I can do where fractions of what we have been faster than It helps, too, that lightweight and a litter better they would have of “Oh, I only have but Fintan hasn’t and made the best the top Still, in a sport had little better here have a good chance up boat alongside legacies, Fintan we It became a case he has stepped the world. what a second decide the there, we should boat in the world whereas when men’s rower in up if he wanted that is nice. At this much to go” were hammering lightweight doubletakes someone ground to make trek of winning – and they had. It’s a hard but don’t know what were younger even better. That polite and pleasant *** Gary and Paul same time, you now and then. to the summit, us.’ special. Mannerly, beast within him has taken Fintan was a change from base camp what he was seeing will happen between on the the Paul O’Donovan and physically, he by happen. Even Then in 2019 there men’s double. on the outside, he was buoyed Anything could on the day to day, . The Cork to places, mentallycould go. But that’s in the Irish lightweightsuffering a has been unleashed. he for gold in to in his own improvements day. It’s focussing after never thought 2018 stands out. happens is meant rise. And now he’s gunning Gary fell behind in the year. Fintan, when you’re sharing Regatta in June and whatever what life is like last year as U23s, we win or not. to crown an extraordinary world champ hand injury early ‘That was our and trials, for happen, whether is my first Olympics Tokyo it was part of his grand plan with a four-time we were selected this flying in Irish training out – as a boat the best in the business. Perhaps ‘Obviously, far. Jake and I, and We medallist so is the double. Olympic worked in who has in the passed the after all. hold his own the World U23s Gary and Paul at Jake – and took to but our approachup any race that Fintan wants to well as his brotheralongside Paul. is. He doesn’t want had a race against they only beat us I haven’t bigged double – and he the rowing course and a seat in the boat, e-guard two Cork Regatta be pulled around had led them for That was the changing-of-th by a second. We that was definitely O’Donovan brothers moment. The thirds of the race, recalls. a big one,’ Fintan

West Cork supports our Olympic heroes Check out our 24-page souvenir special in this week’s Sports section to learn why Fintan McCarthy is the man with the plan.

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All the very best to all our West Cork Olympians representing us in Tokyo

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Paul O’Donovan Best wishes to our West Cork Olympians in Tokyo


From: Aughadown, Skibbereen Event: Men’s Lightweight Double Sculls To book a tee time contact Kieran in the Golf Club Office: When in action: 2016 Olympic silver +353 28 21227 or email info@skibbgolf.com medallist Paul, and Fintan McCarthy, www.skibbgolf.com start their bid for Olympic glory in the early hours of this Saturday morning (Irish time). Fingers crossed, they reach the final next Thursday. Check Southern Star social media Tel: 023 88 11011 Email: christopher.osullivan@oireachtas.ie channels for up-to-date race info.

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Wishing all our West Cork Olympians the very best of luck in Tokyo from

West Cork supports our Olympic heroes

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Good luck to the West Cork Olympians representing Ireland at the Toyko Olympic Games from the team at Wilson Daly Solicitors

O’Sullivan TD Good luck to all of West Cork’s Olympians, we are so proud of you. Whatever it is about West Cork, we consistently have incredible athletes. Whatever happens in Tokyo, we will be celebrating you when you come home. “Victory is in having done your best. If you’ve done your best, you’ve won.”

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Wishing Phil Healy and all our West Cork Olympians good luck in Japan



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From: Leap Event: Women’s Lightweight Double Sculls When in action: Lydia is the reserve for the Irish women’s lightweight double.

Best wishes to all at Skibbereen Rowing Club in the Tokyo Olympics

Good Luck to all athletes taking part in this year's Olympic Games

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From: Aughadown, Skibbereen Event: Men’s Lightweight Double Sculls When in action: 2016 Olympic silver medallist Gary is the reserve for the Irish men’s lightweight double.

Wishing all the West Cork Olympians the very best of luck in Tokyo from

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West Cork supports our Olympic heroes

Every success to all the West Cork teams participating at the Tokyo Olympics

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