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Warm and cosy! The Southern Star’s regular interiors columnist Lauraine Farley has some recommendations for fab interiors for this autumn/winter Earth tones

Say goodbye to the cool tones that have ruled for so many years. Shades of chocolate brown, wine, olive green, and yellow ochre are all taking over in homes. Make use of them to bring nature’s tranquility and bold elegance to your interior design. I love substituting these warm, natural colours for a neutral on the sofa or walls. If you want to refresh your scheme without committing to a full repaint, focus on making smaller changes around your home. Swap out your brightly coloured cushions for ones with richer, softer tones and leverage the transformative powers of throws or rugs.

Blankets & baskets

There is nothing like a sumptuous blanket to snuggle under as the nights get colder. Then add a touch of class to your fireside with the natural weave of a wicker or rattan basket. They come in all shapes and sizes and some come with soft colour tones. Baskets are not only hardwearing, but that soft look works well in most interiors.

Olive it!

Another colour I recommend for this coming autumn/winter season is olive green. Don’t be tempted by painting just any old green though as let’s be honest, some greens can be pretty cold, especially at this time of years. I think that olive green is the perfect middle ground between greens and warm hues, making it perfect for an autumn/winter revamp. It’s ideal for example on the headboard wall in a bedroom, paired with wood and Vienna straw.


Home&Garden Exposed bricks are back

Create a micro-office

Terracotta hues and warm brick tones are strongly back on trend when it comes to paint. Commit to something really striking and go for the real deal with unfinished, exposed brick walls. These can be a great option and certain to attract attention. Popular not only in industrially-styled spaces, they are perfect to add a raw eclectic touch in minimalist interiors too.

Even though more and more people are now working from home, not everyone is fortunate enough to have a spare room within their home to convert into a home office, and having to use the laptop on the kitchen table is not the ideal situation. So how do you get around that? This small nook on a landing could easily have been overlooked, but look at this as a possible solution. Think open-plan and think outside the box. By placing a sturdy shelf in front of a window, create a desk with a view without blocking the light coming into the space. Shelving along the wall is practical for storing books and a printer, while a bright desk lamp adds a shot of colour. Or how about sneaking a desk under the slope of the roof in a dormer? By tucking a desk right under the lowest part of the roof, it utilises a potentially wasted space, with the desk chair positioned underneath the highest pitch of the roof to avoid bumping your head. Another option if you really want to get the home-office scenario going is to install or convert a shed in the garden. See the feature on doing just this further on in this magazine.

Darken your door!

Painting an interior door in a rich, darker colour adds warmth and character to the space. Paired with great hardware, a dark door can provide an artistic element to the room. The personality portrayed by the colour can be as fun as the stories of the people who walk through the door!



How will the pandemic impact future design? Lockdown has forced us all to spend more time in our home – so how will it alter what we want from our spaces in the future? HOW we use our homes - and how we feel about them - has changed dramatically for many people over recent months. So, as the world adapts to the ‘new normal’, it stands to reason that the pandemic and the impact of lockdown is set to have a big influence on future trends. With increased awareness of social distancing and the functionality of our homes being questioned like never before, Houzz UK & Ireland (houzz. co.uk/ideabooks/ireland) - a leading platform for home renovation and design - analysed search data and spoke with professionals from their community to predict how life after coronavirus may translate into the design of our future homes... 1. More multifunctional spaces Lockdown meant far more of our daily activities took place in our homes, with many quickly adapting them to double up as an office and

can be given new life with a different configuration and flexible desk space, which can be tidied away when not in use.

exercise space too. Professionals on Houzz expect future homes will be designed with this in mind, utilising clever joinery to create rooms that are reconfigurable depending on the time of day. ‘One of the most effective and flexible design solutions for making your home work harder is found with bespoke joinery,’ says designer Samantha Watkins McRae. ‘Smart, well-considered bespoke furniture will always improve living and aesthetics, but now more than ever this can be used to transform a room into different functions.’ Top tip: A spare bedroom can incorporate a bed that folds seamlessly away to become a desk/ study when guests are not there. A children’s bedroom can have a play aspect with a fun, considered storage and sleeping solution that moves overspill from other rooms. A poorly used living or dining room

2. Mudrooms and porches As awareness for how we bring germs into our homes rises, designers may rethink entryways, with mudrooms and larger porches becoming the norm. Closed off from the rest of the house, these transitionary spaces will allow us to remove and store outerwear, leaving germs at the door. ‘Buffer zones have become even more important. These allow the outside to be tempered – viruses, as well as mud, coats and mess, can be contained and not walked through the house,’ says architect Rebecca Jones, who suggests putting a sink in this space. ‘Not just for muddy football boots, but for essential hand-washing before you get into the house.’


To incorporate a mudroom into your home, Jones says: ‘Consider converting a garage for this, or you could add a porch. The beauty of this approach is that in most cases this can be done without extensive remodelling or even the requirement for planning permission. ‘Porches can be put on, or spaces converted without planning permission provided certain criteria are met - position, distances to boundaries, height restrictions and materials. This can be explored in more detail with a design professiona.l’ 3. Smart technology Technology has been a growing priority for homeowners over recent years, with

Home&Garden 13% of renovators now incorporating smart technology, according to Houzz. As tech continues to become more and more innovative, and more household items have the ability to be controlled remotely, we may begin to see voice recognition technology more commonly used in the home, reducing the need to touch switches, household appliances and remote controls - all common germ hotspots. No-touch technology is likely to become more popular in the bathroom too, with professionals on Houzz reporting sensor-controlled taps and lights rising in popularity. Nowadays there are lots of entrylevel smart home products which can control lighting, heating and audio, available on the market. Look for those that are Alexa or Google Assistant enabled. These products are fairly easy to set up and can often be done by the homeowner. Larger systems will allow you to

water-resistant properties too. 5. Connecting to the outdoors Access and connection to outdoor space has become far more valuable. As a result, the Houzz pros expect homeowners to place greater importance on having outdoor space of their own, increasing the demand for homes with balconies and gardens. Connecting kitchens to the outdoors has been a popular trend on Houzz for the last few years, with 52% of kitchen renovators opting for designs that open up to their garden or patio area. Architect Richard Hobden expects to see this continue: ‘The intrinsic links we seek to create between home and garden have become invaluable. Although somewhat cliched, the merging of internal and external environments provides the impression of greater



This being a particularly elaborate example, but ‘mudrooms’ of all shapes and sizes will have a much greater appeal. control almost any element of your home, speak to a smart home specialist who could advise you on the possibilities. 4. Antimicrobial materials As we become more aware of how germs live on the objects we regularly touch, a trend towards more materials with natural antimicrobial properties it also predicted. In the kitchen and bathroom, breeding grounds for germs, professionals on Houzz expect that we could begin to see copper, brass or bronze fixtures replacing stainless steel counterparts. Floors are another area prone to harbouring germs and as a result, materials such as cork may become more prevalent, utilising its handy antimicrobial, sound-insulating and

space and significantly reduces the feeling of confinement.’ Hobden says improving the connection between your kitchen and garden can be achieved in several ways, suiting both how you live and your budget. Simply enlarging a traditional small window, dropping the sill to the floor and opening it up will create an impact. Equally, adding a projecting window with a reading seat can provide an attractive light-filled feature. Extending your kitchen and introducing large format glazed pivot or sliding doors will add swathes of light to both your new and existing spaces. Where possible, always detail a level sill between the inside and outside, making the garden feel like an extension of the room, and improving access for all.



Adapting to change Niamh Hayes has a look at what we can do to keep our homes as comfortable and accessible as possible as we navigate through life

TO allow you to live comfortably within your home as you get older, or maybe after injury or illness, some changes may need to be made. From big renovation jobs to minor works, making adaptions will help to make your home a safe haven. Before doing any work, an occupational therapist, physiotherapist or public health nurse will best advise you on your basic daily needs and therefore what works need to be carried out. It is important to not just look at your short-term needs, but also plan for what you might need in the future. Bedroom A bedroom on the ground floor is a good idea as you get older. You won’t have to worry about climbing stairs, and it will make for a faster exit in

Furniture As you age, comfort is key and there are some key pieces of furniture which will make life easier. With an adjustable bed you can raise your head and shoulders, as well as your feet, which will help you to find the most comfortable sleeping position, and help you get in and out of bed. High-support chairs, chairs that recline and allow you to lie back while also raising your feet, and chairs that assist you to a standing position, can all make your day easier.

case of emergency. If you don’t have the existing space for a ground-floor bedroom and you want to build an extra room, you may have to apply for planning permission, depending on the size and any previous extensions already on the house. Bathroom Like having a bedroom on the ground floor, having an easily accessible bathroom is good for safety reasons. If you just have a small washroom downstairs, you might want to adapt the space to make it a wet room. Installing a level access shower will provide you with peace of mind as they are much safer to use than a bath. You can also install a seat and grab rail in the shower for extra safety.

Stairlifts & lifts Installing a stairlift can take the fear and difficulty out of using the stairs. Both straight and curved stairlifts are available, depending on the design of your house. Through-floor lifts are also available


and can be made to suit standing or a wheelchair. Just remember, in the case of a fire or emergency, it is important to not rely on a mechanical device to exit your house. External work To avoid using steps outside, ramps with an anti-slip surface will provide you with safety, as well as wheelchair access. A handrail will add security to the entrance way. Upgrading paths and driveways to ensure they have a firm, level surface, as well as widening entrances and doorways, will make the house more accessible. Handy gadgets • A personal alarm or panic button, worn around the neck or wrist, will provide help when you cannot reach a phone. Either your designated

Stairlifts can be installed on straight and curved stairs with relative ease.






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Grants The Housing Adaption Grant for Older People and People with a Disability is available if you need to make changes to a home to make it more suitable, such as making it wheelchair-accessible, adding a ground floor room or stairlift. The Housing Aid for Older People

Scheme is used to improve the condition of a home, including rewiring, upgrading heating systems and structural repairs. The Mobility Aids Grant Scheme can help with minor work, such as grabrails, a level access shower, access ramps or a stairlift. You may also qualify for a local authority home improvement load to improve, repair or extend your home. The above schemes are available from local authorities. For Cork County Council Housing Grants Section, visit www.corkcoco.ie, email privatehousegrants@corkcoco.ie or call 022-30421. Medical card or long-term illness card holders may be entitled to get essential items of equipment free of charge. Age Action provides a Care & Repair service that uses volunteers to carry out small DIY jobs free of charge, such as fixing shelves, changing locks, painting and decorating, moving furniture and gardening. Visit www. ageaction.ie. Pobal offers funding for a personal monitored alarm through the Senior Alert Scheme. Visit www. pobal.ie.

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emergency contacts or the emergency services will be called, depending on your needs. • A key safe allows emergency services or family and friends to access your house once they know the code to open it. • A grab hand will help you pick up items around the house. • A kettle tipper will help you tilt the kettle. • A stool which supports you in a nearstanding position can be good for cooking. • If you have difficulty getting to the front door to answer it, an intercom, entry phone or a button can let you open the door from where you are. • Motion sensor lights which come on automatically when you move around will keep your home well lit.

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Shedloads of options! Traditionally considered to be little more than a convenient storage solution, sheds are now finding a whole new life as home offices, hobby rooms and lots more, writes Niamh Hayes SHEDS were once somewhere to just throw odd tools, the barbecue and bikes, but more recently they have become much more practical and versatile and can essentially become an extra room for your home. Working from home has become a reality for so many this year, and while some are lucky enough to have a dedicated office space inside their house, others have been forced to create a temporary office at the kitchen table or in the corner of another room. Others may have been forced to close their business premises, while others may want to start a new business venture and need somewhere to operate from. The solution to all the above? Well a garden shed is certainly an option which should be explored.

who could work from a suitably fitted shed. Mary Cummins, sales executive at Steeltech Sheds Ltd. in Bishopstown, says that the interest in using a shed as a home workplace has been phenomenal over the last few months. ‘There are a lot of people in business who were paying rent and rates and had staff to pay, but because of social distancing, the volume of people coming through their doors has gone down, so working in a single unit such as a shed has become a better option as it is much more affordable’, she says. Size, type & materials Sheds come in a variety of sizes and types. You can get small one-room sheds, or you can go bigger and get a

‘Having a shed in your garden dedicated as your office will certainly make a clear distinction between work and home life’ Separate home life and working-from-home life If you are working from home, the lines can easily become blurred as to when work stops, and home life starts. A simple solution to keeping them separate is to have a dedicated space where work takes place. A space where the door can be closed at the end of the working day and not opened again until the next workday begins. Having a shed in your garden dedicated as your office will certainly make a clear distinction between work and home life. If you have your own business and need space to work with clients, a shed can be a great alternative to renting or buying a premises. Beauticians, hairdressers, chiropractors and physical therapists are just some of the professionals

multi-room one. It really depends on your needs, budget and the available space, and if you are investing in one, it’s important to think about whether you just want it as an office, or whether you may have another use for it, either now or in the future. There is no need to kit the full thing out immediately, you can just buy a shell, fitting out one part for your office and leaving the other side bare until you have a use for it. The typical materials used for the exterior of garden sheds are steel or timber. You can choose to have solid steel or PVC doors, or you can go for half-glass or full-glass doors. You can also choose what size windows to put in, from small to extra-large, depending on how much natural light you want. Keeping warm during the winter months won’t be a problem as

Depending on your budget and your requirements, the interior of your shedcum-office can be as plush as you wish. Natural light and bright colours are recommended however, especially in small spaces. insulation can be put into the walls and roof. Fittings Your shed can come fully wired with lights and sockets so you can plug in your computer or laptop and get to


work immediately. They can also be plumbed if you want to put in a toilet, sink or kitchen facilities. Ground works A concrete slab or base is required to bolt down steel sheds, while a solid

Home&Garden base is advisable for timber ones, both of which will make them secure. Once you get size guidelines of the shed, you can begin the concrete work yourself, hire an experienced tradesperson, or the company may have the resources to do it. In any case, ensure the size of the slab or base is completely accurate for the shed you want. Planning permission You don’t need planning permission if your shed is under 25 square metres, if 25sqm of garden space is left, it’s not forward of the front wall of the house, and the shed height has a maximum height of 4m pitched roof or 3m flat room. If you do plan to use your shed for commercial purposes, you will have to apply for planning permission. An extra room Not only are sheds great as home offices, you can use one as a playroom, hobby room, home gym, games room, man cave, or even a conservatory, sunroom or dining area.

Garden sheds have come a long way from the basic wooden shell used to keep the lawnmower and tools out of sight and away from the elements!

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Bring more Feng Shui into your home and garden Finding calm and positive energy at home has never been more important. Here are some ideas to help you achieve domestic bliss WITH a growing focus on finding comfort at home and turning our living spaces into calming sanctuaries, this year has reignited our interest in Feng Shui. The ancient Chinese practice is all about creating harmony in a space but goes far beyond using colour and light to create the right ambience, for instance. Strategically placing furniture to promote wellness, using artwork and living plants to get the right vibes and keeping rooms clear of clutter all factor. Based on the belief there’s a continuous flow of ‘chi’ - or energy - between an individual and their surroundings, thinking about how to arrange our objects to promote good work-life balance has additional

appeal right now, with so many more of us adapting to life without a commute. There’s plenty of scope for Feng Shui to feature in gardens and patios too, for an extra boost when you throw open the doors or look out the window. The practice of Feng Shui aims to strike a balance between the self and the natural world. It can be applied to any room of the home, particularly outdoor spaces, where there’s already a connection with nature. Adding plants and greenery is an easy place to start, and depending on the ‘bagua’ (centre of energy), the colours you choose can increase the energy in certain areas. Calculating your bagua map is simple but needs approaching differently depending on

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your home. If you live in an apartment, align the bottom of the bagua map with the front entrance wall. If you live in a house, use a compass and place the ‘career area’ (bottom middle on the bagua map) where your compass indicates the north. So, when planning your garden, think about planting blue and purple flowers in your ‘wealth corner’ (south east), and pink, white and red flowers in the ‘relationship corner’ (south west) to increase the energy around love and partnerships. Furthermore, outdoor mirrors can be used to attract abundance. With its curved shape and smooth flowing lines, an oval mirror can be used to reflect the light from the sun, making the space feel bigger and brighter. For smaller spaces, place two mirrors to face each other so the light bounces off, creating beautiful brightness. Fancy giving your home some Feng Shui magic? Read on for more tips on how to go about it ... Think about muted tones and textures When introducing the tools of Feng Shui into the home you need to think about adding balance and drawing energy into the room. You can start with colours - using muted tones mixed with natural materials and soft furnishing


accessories immediately creates a calming effect. Try a natural wooden armchair, with muted colours on the walls and textured vases and ornaments with a soft rug or carpet underfoot. Keep colours positive if you’re not into neutral Of course, colour is subjective, and what’s positive and calming to one person may be undesirable to another. Try using colours that reflect your personal happiness - but try to avoid darker colours or too much black, as these can sap positive energy flows throughout the home. Brighter colours will have an immediately uplifting effect, so this may be the perfect opportunity to create a feature wall. You might even want to go so far as using your ‘commanding position’ (the spot furthest from the door and not in direct line with it) wall as the accent – and earn yourself double Feng-Shui points while you’re at it. In Feng Shui, green is the colour of renewal, fresh energy and new beginnings and is believed to help relieve stress. But if going full-on green with walls – whether that’s paint or wallpaper - isn’t possible, look for accessories to enhance good energy. Living plants, brightly coloured cushions or a wall decoration will brighten a room and tie the look

Home&Garden together in one fell swoop. Try to separate work and relaxation Another key Feng Shui tip is to keep your work space separate from your relaxation area, to help balance your work and home life and enable you to properly ‘switch off’ while working from home. Out of sight, out of mind can only be a positive move on many levels signalling when it’s time to end those video conferencing calls, light a candle and chill out. And just in case you’re wondering, candles should be placed in the bagua of your home - as well as releasing daily stress, their glow brings fiery energy and will keep the ‘chi’ harmonious and happy. But back to the business of a work station: slim, movable tables, deep enough for a laptop and bits and bobs will maximise your desk area, while taking up less room - and they can be rolled away when it’s time to log off. Aim for minimal clutter The starting point for any positive environment is to keep kitchen work surfaces and table tops as clear as possible. This might mean having a good sort-out, and investing in some suitable storage solutions. Old magazines, dusty ornaments and

general bric-a-brac once placed in haste and never removed will not contribute to a positive energy environment. If you find it hard to part with sentimental clutter, find a box to neatly pack it away. Do be cautious though - simply moving clutter from one spot to another won’t do much to aide your energy flow. Donate to charity shops or find a way to bid farewell to items in order to clear your space, and ultimately, your mind.


Bring the outside in If you’re short on outdoor space, stress not. Think about bringing the outside in with some greenery. “Plants are a brilliant way to bring energy into the room, add colour and cleanse the air. They look great in natural baskets or ceramic vases and succulents are easy to care for. Last but not least, another important Feng Shui tool to build a soothing environment is to consider carved furniture with smooth edges, over angular and sharp designs. Sharp edges and corners, otherwise known as bad energy ‘sha’, could have a negative effect when you’re unwinding - and right now it’s all about maximising the feel-good factor where we can and letting positive vibes flow!



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Succulent plants, candles and you might even ‘splash out’ on a miniature indoor fountain – all things that can help bring peace and tranquility to your living space.



Light up, light up … BY EMMA CONNOLLY LIGHTING has an incredibly important role to play in your home. Get it right, and it can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, but get it wrong and it can make even the most fabulous features fall flat. If you’re at the build stage of your home, this is an area worth spending lots of time on. Agonise, and then agonise some more. You want to make all the right decisions while your electrician is still on site. And if your budget allows, it’s well worth getting an expert lighting plan drawn up. In the meantime, lets shed some light on a few things… The Basics There are three types of lighting you need to know about: ambient, task and accent. Ambient: Or background light, this is essentially the light that mimics daylight, gives general illumination and is the starting point in lighting a room, e.g. a central pendant. Task: This one is pretty selfexplanatory. It’s what you need to carry out specific tasks such as reading, cooking or personal grooming. It’s important to get right – in the bathroom it can be the difference between good brows or not, and in the kitchen it could save you a finger. Task lighting should always be in front of you to avoid shadows and eye strain, e.g. kitchen counter lighting and study lamps. Accent: These are typically three times as bright as ambient lights and their function is to draw attention to a feature, such as a painting, a particular corner or some architectural details, and turn them a focal point. Think adjustable wall lights or track lighting over a picture. General pointers • At the outset, always ask yourself what you use a room for. As Dermot Bannon himself: ‘Form always follows function.’ • Work with the golden trinity and aim to create three levels of light: floor, wall and ceiling. It’s about creating points of interest and drawing the eye around the room, filling spaces. • Put as many of your overhead lights

Left: A combination of ceiling lights and suspended bedside lights offer functionality and atmosphere in this bedroom setting. Above: This large free-standing floor lamp makes quite a statement! as possible on dimmers. This will add to the comfort and experience of a room more than you imagine. • Remember that different bulbs and different textured and coloured lampshades create dramatically different effects. • LEDs come in a confusing array of strengths – the recommended range is 2,500K to 2,700K warmth. • Regardless of the room, clusters of similar lights suspended at varying heights is an easy way to be impactful. • But note that more isn’t always more when it comes to lighting. How many houses have recessed spots that never get switched on because of their runway-like effect? Bedroom This room needs to be both atmospheric and functional. Brian McSwiney of Hegarty Lighting, Clonakilty, says you can establish your own style in the bedroom – everything is possible, from country house vibes to modern. There’s a lighting option to suit your taste. • Regardless of what you like/don’t like, take it that you’ll need a central light, a floor light and bedside lights. • Ceiling suspended bedside pendants are enjoying a moment in the limelight right now. They can also be wall mounted. Either way they’re a

great space saving option. • Bedside lamps will always be popular, but to be functional the lampshade needs to be at shoulder level. Good lampshades are especially important in the bedroom for creating a soft glow. An off-white or cream colour give maximum warmth. • Remember to have dressing table and mirror lights in front of you, and not behind, for best function and to avoid shadows. • You can afford to have some fun with your central pendant, and indulge your fancy as this is your personal space, as opposed to a communal living room. Go for feathers, an extravagant glass chandelier, whatever! Don’t tie yourself to the traditional! Brian says fabric and wood are great materials for bedroom ceiling lights as they accentuate cosiness. • Brian says LEDs work brilliantly in bedrooms, and and to go for around 100-150 lm/m² for a bright room. Multi-bulb ceiling lights are a good solution for larger spaces. • Depending on your taste (which is what it all comes back to), run LED strips along the bottom of the bed to create a modern floating effect, to illuminate the headboard or run them along the front of your wardrobe for a classy touch which


also help make the room look bigger. • Ideally, you should be able to control all of the room’s lighting from by the bedroom door and from the bedside (just like a hotel!). Bathroom Traditionally this room featured a pullstring light over the mirror and a basic central pendant. Thankfully things have got a lot more sophisticated! • Safety first: Brian says it’s essential to get a qualified electrician to do all installation procedures in the bathroom. • He says that as bathrooms are divided into different protection zones, each with its own requirements, make sure to choose the right light for each zone. • Downlights, he advises, are an elegant alternative to bathroom ceiling lights which can cast shadows and be unflattering, even if they’re a bit more difficult to install. • To make grooming easier, the downlight should be installed over the basin – not behind it. Put dimmers on them to create atmosphere, say if you’re having a relaxing bath. • Side mounted sconces, or suspended pendants, on either side of the mirror, are very on-trend now.

Home&Garden Kitchen The heart of the home requires a lot of thought when it comes to lighting • This is probably the only room in the house where function overrules atmosphere, says Brian. But you can easily switch from full-on hectic to something more relaxing with a dimmer. • Good task-lighting is essential to illuminate the work surface, or for under cabinets if that’s where you do your food prep. • Make sure pendants (over tables, or islands) are at the right height, above eye level, so people won’t be obscured when dining, or you won’t risk banging your head. • Avoid fabric lampshades as kitchen vapours and odours will stick to them. • There is plenty of fun to be had with smart home lighting where you can change colours and lighting scenarios if that’s your thing. • Equally, LED strips can run under counters or along an island kicker for an individual look. • Flattering ambient lighting is also important in the kitchen to calm things down at the end of the day

– perhaps a counter-top lamp, or a light in a dresser to showcase your pieces. Hallway Often overlooked, here’s a chance to set the tone for the rest of the house • Make a good impression with something interesting in your hallway, if nothing else it will cheer you up every time you come home! • If your hallway is long and narrow, a series of pendants will draw the eye down and prevent it feeling claustrophobic. • Wall-mounted down/uplights will showcase art work or family photos. • Again, dimmers are really important. You don’t want to be in a subtly lit kitchen/living space, with glaring lights pouring in from the hall.

Strike a balance: Good task-lighting (think of your grooming regime!) is important in a bathroom, but remember, you’ll want atmospheric illumination too for those de-stressing soaks in the tub! much every mood. • Like the bedroom, you’ll need a combination of floor, wall and ceiling. • Ambient lighting comes into its own here where you can showcase art work with angled wall lights or modern track lights. • If you’re at the building stage, you have a glorious opportunity to consider recessed track lighting to run around the ceiling which makes an incredible statement. • Again, if you’re at the early stages,

Living room After the kitchen, it’s the busiest room of the house with lots of lighting needs • Brian says this room needs to be treated well from a lighting perspective. From pendant lamps, wall lights to dimmers and smart lighting, there’s a solution for pretty

consider floor sockets (I lie awake at night regretting not getting some). They work really well if you want to put a console at the back of a couch and want to include lamps on either side, but not have ugly trailing cables. • Task lighting for reading is obviously essential – perhaps an adjustable arc light. • And remember don’t have light shining directly on the TV to avoid glare.

Kellehers BANDON






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DESTINATION GLENTREE! Glentree Furniture is your local, family run home furnishings destination offering quality brands and products for all areas of your home as well as outstanding personal service and after sales care. The term ‘one-stop-shop’ is often overused but it’s absolutely appropriate for Glentree Furniture and here’s why: • • • • • • • • •

One of the biggest selections of home furniture in West Cork in their 12,000 sq ft showroom in Dunmanway Elegant, contemporary, modern, classic ... whatever your style, you’ll find it here Fabric and leather sofas, custom made suites and luxurious armchairs Dining, kitchen and side tables, chairs and dressers Beds, mattresses and wardrobes A wide range of quality carpets, vinyls & flooring including an in-house fitting service Pictures, mirrors, rugs, lamps, gifts and more Free delivery/installation service and removal of all packaging Conveniently located in the heart of West Cork, Glentree Furniture is within a short drive of Skibbereen, Clonakilty, Macroom, Bandon and Bantry

Paul and Evelyn, the driving force behind Glentree’s success, are passionate about sourcing new, interesting and stylish pieces of quality furniture from suppliers across Ireland and Europe so you can furnish your home to the highest standards. Their years of experience means they can provide you with guidance, advice and ideas to help you find what you’re looking for. They’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

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(Photo: Ben Russell)

Stay productive in the polytunnel BY JOYCE RUSSELL A POLYTUNNEL is a wonderful thing. It revolutionises what you can grow in a less than perfect climate. Most people think of tomatoes when they think of growing under cover, but they are just one small starting point. Think sweetcorn, melons, peppers and grapes, and that’s only to scratch the surface of what’s possible. If you have a polytunnel then I would urge you to think further again and aim to stretch your harvest beyond bright summer days. Think how nice it would be to grow enough to pick through the autumn and winter months and even to fill the

hungry gap of early spring when that comes around. It isn’t hard to keep some summer crops growing through September and into October; although courgettes, French beans, cucumbers and basil usually die back with the first hard frost. Keep harvesting tomatoes, peppers etc for as long as you can, and take action now to fill the gaps once the summer plants are done. It makes a lot of sense to get sowing and growing for winter crops, but it does take a small bit of planning and sometimes a bit of space-juggling to get new plants into the ground before old ones are gone.

Take a good look at your space and decide where a row of spinach or turnips could fit in. You could plant between tomato rows – provided you mark rows well and remove all lower leaves on tomato plants. Plants start out small so by the time they are fullsize, the tomatoes will be gone and there will be plenty of space to each side. Or perhaps there are plants that aren’t producing anything much – don’t wait to pick one courgette a fortnight when you could have two rows of salad greens instead. Clear out old rows and put new plants in and you could be rewarded with ten times more to pick.


Any empty space is waiting to be filled. Just make sure that new sowings and plantings have plenty of room by the time they are grown. Winter crops need plenty of air space around them so moulds and mildews have less chance to flourish. Look out for small plants to buy for some winter greens – these need a longer growing time in order to get big enough to be productive. Protect these late sowings and plantings from slugs and snails. These pests are less active in cold weather but a polytunnel provides them with some protection so they may continue to do damage right through a mild winter.


Use the bounty!

What to sow in a polytunnel now

What to plant in a polytunnel now

(Photo: Ben Russell)

Spring cabbage, Winter turnips, Mustard greens, Rocket, Mizuna, Red sorrel, winter purslane, winter lettuce, spinach, spinach beet. Sow a row of kale for tiny tasty salad leaves. Try some early carrots in a large pot protected with some bubble wrap, but make sure slugs don’t eat the seedlings when they emerge.

An excess of delicious, homegrown food isn’t just about what is available in your own garden. It can also be as a result of the bags of fruit and veg that neighbours donate, or even about the trays that appear in abundance on market stalls. And hedgerows can offer up their fruits too – it’s blackberry season and making a couple of jars of blackberry jam can make you feel great. Everyone has their favourite recipes. These are a couple of winners in my family. I make them each year when there is a glut to use up – I can’t remember where the original recipes came from, but they have been changed and adapted to suit taste as the years went by. They store for months and are one of the best ways to capture the flavour of summer fruits and vegetables.

Swiss chard, Florence fennel, spring cabbage, beetroot, kohl rabi, pak choi, lettuce. Try planting some broccoli and kale for spring crops. Autumn planting onion sets to use as spring onions or small bulbs next spring.

Jobs for September ... • Remove vegetable plants that are failing of have finished cropping • Chop dead foliage back in the flower border • Turn newly-filled compost heaps to add lots of air. Add some nitrogen to help the heap heat. • Keep mowing lawns and use the clippings to cover empty beds • Lift carrots and potatoes before slugs do damage • Keep sowing for winter and spring crops • Plant autumn onion sets and ho to garlic cloves on raised ridges :B en Ru • Bring pumpkins into a shed sse ll • Watch out for blight on tomatoes and caterpillars on brassicas • Collect and use windfall fruits

Cucumber (or courgette) pickle

Roasted tomato and apple chutney

4 large cucumbers or 6 medium courgettes (not marrows!) 4 onions 2 green peppers Thinly slice all the above. Put in a large bowl with 50g salt and toss until all mixed. Weigh down with a plate and leave for 3-4 hours. Drain off liquid and rinse several times in a colander to remove excess salt.

Step 1: 2kg tomatoes 5 red chillies (remove seeds unless you want a very hot chutney) 10 garlic cloves 2 red peppers 2 onions chopped 2 sprigs fresh rosemary and thyme Put all the above in a deep oven tray. Slosh some olive oil into the mix and roast until tomatoes burst and skins start to brown. Allow to cool a little and remove skins from peppers and tomatoes. Remove herbs if they blacken but otherwise chop everything (chop chillies v finely) – retain all the juices.


To make the vinegar: 500ml white wine vinegar or cider vinegar 225g soft brown sugar ½ teaspoon each of celery seeds, turmeric, ground cloves 1 tablespoon mustard seeds Put vinegar ingredients in a large stainless steel pan. Bring to the boil, stirring all the time. Add in drained vegetable mix and bring back to the boil for 3 minutes. Remove vegetables and put in warm sterilised jars. Boil remaining vinegar for 10 mins – you need to reduce it a little, but still have enough to pour over the veg and fill jars. Seal with sterilised rust-proof lids and store in a cool dark cupboard.


Step 2: 1kg cooking apples peeled, cored, and chopped 500ml cider vinegar 200g brown sugar Fresh ginger, 7cm x 2.5cm, peeled and finely chopped Juice of half lemon 150g sultanas chopped ½ teaspoon cinnamon Put all of above list in a stainless steel pan and stew until soft. Add tomato mix and juices from step 1 and cook until nice and thick. Taste and add salt, pepper and chilli powder if you think you need it. You can use a hand blender to get a smoother blend if required. Pour into warm sterilised jars and seal with rust-proof lids.


All year

round gardening


‘Tunnel’ your way into autumn!


As autumn knocks on our door, many of us see it as the end of the gardening year, but in the polytunnel we see it as the start of a new chapter. Not only are there many things to propagate to eat in the coming months, some of which will stand over winter and others that will push on in the new year for the earliest of spring crops, but we can also prepare for next years production by fertilising the ground with our composts and manures accumulated throughout this year, and as we are protected from all weathers we can do it all at a time that suits us. This is also a great time for anyone considering a polytunnel for the first time as the Autumn weather is perfect for building one and the ground conditions are at their most suitable. Most polytunnels can be erected in a day so you can be enjoying the benefits overnight and be ready for the new year’s growing – which begins as soon as we finish our Christmas dinner! For more information call Mark on 086 3457351 .


Contact Mark T: 028 37268 M: 086 345 7351

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Five great houseplants ... and how to care for them 2020 has been the year of spending lots more time at home - so it makes sense that many of us have been looking for ways to brighten up our surroundings. Plants are the easiest way to do so. They’re a cheap and efficient way to make your house feel more homey (particularly if you’re renting and can’t make any major changes), they can improve a room’s air quality and even boost your mental health by reducing stress. It’s little wonder then that we’ve been furiously googling houseplants of late, so without further ado, here are five of the most popular and interesting plants out there, and how you can best care for them yourself:

Snake plants are a good starting point if you’re dipping your toes into the world of houseplants with little watering or attention required, you can see it grow and thrive before your eyes.

plant - which can grow to around 60cm if cared for correctly - make sure it has plenty of indirect light, is well watered and drained, and regularly spray water over the leaves.

2. Cactus

4. Prayer plant

This is definitely the best known houseplant on the list. The joy of cactus plants is that no two are the same - each have unique shapes, flowers and needles. They thrive in light and airy spaces, but beware of their prickles when you handle them. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking these hardy desert plants are indestructible - a surefire way of killing a cactus is to overwater it.

3. Peacock plant 1. Snake plant

There’s no wonder snake plants (aka Mother-inLaw’s Tongue) top the list: not only do they look great, but they’re pretty easy to look after. If you’re not the most diligent plant parent they will survive a fair amount of neglect (although not forever), and will stay green and leafy even if you live in a basement apartment with little natural light.

Named for their leaves’ resemblance to peacock feathers, peacock plants stand out for their beautiful foliage, which almost look like they’ve been painted on. This houseplant originates from Brazil, so it needs a fair amount of humidity to thrive. To get the best out of your


Similar to peacock plants, prayer plants have knock-out leaves, need plenty of light and grow best in humid conditions. Regularly spray the leaves and keep its soil moist, but be careful not to overwater and drown the plant. The name comes from the way the leaves turn upwards when it gets dark, like hands in prayer.

5. String of hearts

With dangling fronds and leaves shaped like hearts, it’s no wonder this houseplant has won over the Instagram crowd. For optimal growth, keep these pretty plants in indirect, bright light and treat them to a few hours of direct sunlight a day. They really don’t need much water - unlike with many other houseplants, it’s recommended you let the soil dry out before watering. Once you’ve got the hang of caring for them, the fronds will start to grow extra long.


Simple ways to make your small home feel bigger A few interiors tricks can make all the difference IF you’ve spent the last few months in a flat or apartment, or you’ve set up an office in the box room of the house, you’ll know that the struggle to make a tiny space feel bigger is real. No matter how many times you move the furniture around, tidy your desk or fiddle with the placement of your houseplants, your workspace still feels frustratingly claustrophobic to the point where you feel seriously demotivated while working. Thankfully, there are lots of simple things you can do to make a small space feel cosy rather than cramped - whether you have a dedicated home office or you’ve stuck a desk

in the corner of a living room. With a few of these interior hacks, you can make even the smallest lockdown workspaces feel bright, open and airy.

also switch out netting or blinds that block natural light for floor-to-ceiling curtains, which make the room feel instantly taller.

1. Give your windows a good clean The first rule of small spaces is to check out your windows. Unobstructed glass allows for more natural light in your home and create the illusion of a bigger space. If you have a window in your office, a bit of elbow grease and light DIY might be all you need to make a difference. As well as removing any dirt or smudges from the glass, you could

2. Colour code your walls and drapery Speaking of curtains, there’s a time and place for a statement patterns, but if your interiors are already feeling crowded, it’s worth keeping

• A wonderful selection of perennial plants in full flower... • Huge selection Roses Above: Keep it neatof and get ridinofflower, clutter. Right: Make the most of natural light. including Bush, Hybrid Tea, Floribunda, Climbers. • Our well known super Hydrangeas are again available in many colours and varieties. • This is a good time to plant your own Fruit trees and Bushes - come and explore our fruit section.

We’re open through Lunch!

We’re open through Lunch!

Gift Vouchers available at our Garden Centre or by phone/email. • A wonderful selection of perennial plants in full flower... • Huge selection of Roses in flower, including Bush, Hybrid Tea, Floribunda, Climbers. • Our well known super Hydrangeas are again available in many colours and varieties.


everything to one tone - specifically neutral beiges and greys. 3. Hang large-scale artwork If you don’t like the idea of wallpapering an entire wall, you can achieve a similar effect by hanging a large-scale piece of artwork. Creating a focal point on the opposite wall from the entrance to the

Home&Garden room helps to draw attention away from the overall size and leaving the rest of the walls blank will help to make the space feel less cluttered. Experiment with these tips and try putting a few into practice. If you’re on a tight budget, there are always ways you can save money, such as painting artwork yourself or buying furniture second-hand from online marketplaces. 4. Keep your floor clear Removing clutter can seriously transform a tiny space - whether that’s small objects like piles of books or bigger pieces of unused furniture. With fewer things battling for your eyesight, your space will look neater and more spacious. 5. Get a statement mirror It’s the oldest trick in the designer’s book but adding mirrors to a small space really does help to expand your four walls. Specifically, placing a large mirror opposite a window helps to reflect the outside in, making your interiors naturally appear more feng shui.

Above and left: Mirrors reflect light and make a space feel bigger while plants and artworks create focal points in rooms – especially when you have cleared the clutter.




JAMES O’DRISCOLL | TEL: 086 6613989 Castlefreke, Clonakilty, Co.Cork castlefrekeshutters@gmail.com www.castlefrekeshutters.com



Cheap and easy DIY projects Want to do some home improvements but you’re on a tight budget? These simple ideas won’t break the bank

HAVING spent more time at home than ever before over the past few months many of us have become more aware of what we love about it, and also what’s less appealing. This has spurred some people into action, tapping into a new-found passion for DIY. Some surveys estimate that over half of us have been using the extra

time at home as an opportunity to tackle jobs that had previously been put off for months, or even years. But, before you grab your paintbrush or drill, there’s no point starting projects you’ll become fed up with and give up halfway through. Instead, pick smaller jobs that will have bigger impact and you are certain to complete: painting a ceiling,

BARRY BROS. Building Supply Stores

Stockist of all quality building, electrical, glazing, cladding, DIY and general hardware goods. Townshend St., Skibbereen • Tel: 028 21633 • Email: barrybros@gmail.com

redoing the woodwork, making some new cushion covers or blinds. Keeping things small and simple helps keep costs down too – and nobody wants to be making any expensive mistakes right now. If you’re up for giving it a go, here are eight tips for small and simple DIY projects on a budget… 1. Paint that cheap table you bought Many of the best DIY tips involve paint, as it’s an affordable way to make a difference. If you have a table that you bought a while ago at a junk shop or car boot sale, now’s the time to create something bespoke and individual with a tin of chalk paint. Or you could simply paint the legs of your kitchen table. 2. Re-make blinds using the old parts Window dressings are often expensive, as so many of us have windows that aren’t standard sizes. If you have a blind that you no longer like, or that doesn’t go with the decor, try taking it apart and re-using the


mechanisms so that all you have to do is re-make the material part. 3. Make cushion covers with remnants You can have the back and front in different fabric, so it’s as if you have twice as many cushions. If you don’t have a fabric remnant that is large enough, try sewing a few together to create a colour block or patchwork effect. If you aren’t confident sewing a zip, make an envelope cover like a pillowcase, or use a couple of large buttons. Again, you can buttonhole by hand if you don’t have the right attachment on your sewing machine. 4. Recover a simple drum lampshade You can buy lampshade kits but if you have a simple drum shade that, again, you would like to refresh, then you can simply glue some different material over the top and attach with pegs while it dries. Bear in mind it might not give out as much light as before, so choose a light fabric. But it will still give direct light

Home&Garden from the top and bottom, rather than a gentle ambient and diffused glow. 5. Paint those tiles you always hated or redo the splashback Tiles can be expensive and messy to replace and you will probably need a skilled tradesperson to help you. But you can paint tiles yourself using simple bowls or a ruler to create a new pattern. You may need at least two coats and allow them to dry fully. To protect the tiles afterwards, add a layer of lacquer. 6. Create a gallery wall by printing photos from your phone How many of us have phones crammed with photos? Print a few and create a gallery wall. A staircase is a great place to start, as you don’t have to worry about straight lines. You could either match all the frames and have different sizes, or choose a variety of colours. Try laying them out on the floor first to get a feel for the overall look.

7. Change your cupboard handles Refreshing handles is an effective way to update kitchen cupboards or drawers. The easy way is to choose handles that are the same size as the existing ones. If you want something different, be prepared to fill the old holes, sand them down, and paint over before drilling new holes. 8. Paint the edges of the doors to create interest You don’t have to pay for lots of tins of paint to give a room a new look. Painting the edges of doors can add interest. Carefully tape the edges of the door on both sides and paint the edge in a bold colour, so that you only see it when the door is open. Match the colour of the room the door opens into – or try adding a bright totally contrasting shade for fun.

Use fabric remnants to make fab new cushion covers or try upcycling some old furniture.


BUY ONLINE ON OUR WEBSITE www.croninshardware.ie Delivery nationwide

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Your stuff and your relationships

Look for signs that your things might be affecting your relationships CLUTTER could be having a greater impact on your love life than you think, according to ‘interiors therapist’ Suzanne Roynon. Clutter means many things to many people. And what might be one person’s clean and tidy could be

someone else’s super-messy. But whatever side of the clutter fence you sit on, one thing’s for sure – we all own stuff that’s sentimental to us. ‘The average home is a sea of memories,’ says Suzanne, who is

Coakley Decor High Street bantry Tel 027 51639 Key Cutting ServiCe

author of Welcome Home: How Stuff Makes Or Breaks Your Relationship. ‘Although we’ve learned clutter is bad for our wellbeing, most people don’t realise their possessions (not just clutter) have a much greater impact than they might think. If you’re single and want to be loved, or your relationship is going downhill, Roynon says interiors therapy can reveal the story your home is telling – and change it for the better. ‘No one likes a sneak, but your home is the biggest one you know! Thanks to coronavirus, we’ve been inviting people into our homes via Zoom and other platforms. ‘Looking at places where friends and colleagues live, we’ve subconsciously made judgements based on the tiny square of information on screen… but did it cross your mind you do the same thing to yourself?’ Indeed, our subconscious is the part


of our mind which remembers things we’d rather forget; and influences our behaviour without us being aware of it. ‘Your subconscious tells you to eat chocolate during a diet; or open another bottle when it’s time to stop,’ explains Roynon. ‘It’s incredibly powerful, and dictates your actions every single day.’ So, what has this got to do with relationships? ‘Quite simply, everything!’ she says. Here, Roynon – who’s worked with clients all over the world – reveals how you can create more harmony at home… 1. You need space for love ‘Look around the home of a single person, male or female, and you’ll see single things everywhere – in photos, art, imagery, a lamp, sole night-stand, a solitary chair at the table. They’ve been drawn to them, because they

Home&Garden reflect their situation. These homes say ‘one is fun’, that you are happy alone, and you want to keep it that way. ‘Taking it to another level, in the homes of singles, the wardrobe, drawers and closets are often bursting with clothes, sports gear and stuff they don’t use, need or love. There’s physically no room for anyone else to live there. ‘If you desire a romantic relationship, the first thing to do is make space to welcome love into your life.’ 2. There’s no symmetry ‘I’ve noticed genuinely contented couples tend to buy matching pairs. They instinctively create symmetry, which makes everything more harmonious. You can see this pair energy in happy homes, large and small. The funny thing is, you can easily re-frame your subconscious mind by using pair energy – it pays off twice over, by bringing more balance in other areas of your life, too.’ 3. New home items might be causing wobbles It may sound far-fetched, but

Roynon is adamant: ‘There’s something you aren’t seeing in your home. Even if you’re now separated or divorced, you want to identify the source before it does more damage. ‘Begin by looking for changes coinciding with the wobble in the relationship. A good place to start is with new additions to the home, gifts you’ve been given, things you inherited and recently-decorated spaces. Ask yourself the story it’s telling – is it supporting your relationship? Is it describing what’s going on?’

have a massive impact on a couple. Roynon says, if you’re overwhelmed, depressed, feeling trapped and everything is against you, look for grey in your home. ‘It drains the life from a room and energy from people. Yes, it’s glamorous and fashionable, but only a room with masses of natural sunlight can carry off a grey scheme. “Anywhere else is going to seem bleak and listless. Sound familiar? No one wants to be a grey man or woman, it reflects in your life and your complexion!’

4. Life can mirror art ‘Where infidelity occurs, classic triggers include forgotten items. They might still be in a box unopened in a corner. ‘Look for wedding mementos after a divorce, letters from past loves… ‘If you put something on the wall look at it closely, is it showing a couple walking away? A fight or violence? A woman alone on a bed? Life frequently mirrors art – what is it saying about the two of you?’ Understandably, a change in physical or emotional health can

5. Your home’s looking unloved ‘In practical terms, check your home for evidence of depleted resources, damage from leaks or a dripping tap – get them fixed. If you live surrounded by broken items or threadbare clothes, you suggest you aren’t worthy of money, love or anything better.

Suzanne Roynon, interiors therapist and author of Welcome Home: How Stuff Makes or Breaks Your Relationship.


Clonakilty’s finest interiors store


‘It’s time to upgrade your thinking and improve your outcome … you deserve the story your home tells, to be one of love and connection, rather than heartache.’ adds Roynon.

Neewwlyly reddeessigignn eedd Beddrroooomm Deeppaarrttmm eennt t



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s iture s

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CONSTRUCTION Whether itʼs it’s a complete new kitchen & dining Whether a completebuild, build,conservatory, conservatory, new kitchen & dining roomroom or a or two storey house Construction provide a two storey houseextension. extension.Warwick Warwick Construction cancan provide all all the the required skills toto complete tothe thehighest higheststandards standards. required skills completethe the job job to

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You and your TV!

Niamh Hayes contemplates the various viewing options out there TELEVISIONS bring us entertainment and joy, information and knowledge, they bring us together and give us a place to unwind and relax, they even make us shed a tear every now and again. Televisions have been the centre of the home for a long time. If you are thinking of investing in a new one, here are some simple tips to help you get it just right for you, your family and your home. Size Deciding on the size of a television will depend on the space available and how far you will be sitting from the screen. It shouldn’t just be about buying the biggest one you can afford, you should really take the time to look at your dimensions so that your viewing will be a pleasurable experience. They generally vary from 19 to 65+ inches. There are many guides available online which suggest what size screen you should buy, based on where you will be sitting. These distances are generally for high definition televisions. If you about six feet away from your TV, a 24-inch would give you a comfortable view. If you are seven feet away, go for a 32-inch. For eight feet, a 40-inch, and for 9 or 10 feet, a 48-50 inch. If you are 11 or 12 feet away, 55-inch screens have become popular, while if you are 13 or more feet away, you could push the boat out for a 65+ inch screen. Before you go shopping, measure the space in your room accurately so that you are not guessing when you get to the store. Remember that screens are measured diagonally, not horizontally. Quality The standard quality of televisions is high definition. HD screens give you good colour and sharpness. However, you can enhance your viewing experience with 4k televisions which are mostly available in screens more than 40-inches, because it is only at this size that you will be able to appreciate the quality difference. With 4k screens, you will be able to sit a little closer than the above guides.

Curved screens Many new types of televisions have curved screens which ‘wrap’ the picture around you to give you a more immersive experience. While it shouldn’t matter which angle you sit at for this, it is best experienced when you are sitting straight on.

your home internet so that you can watch online content. Different TVs will have different built-in applications where you can stream TV shows, movies and videos on apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube. You can also access social media sites, news apps and catch-up services. Smart TVs can also allow you to connect to other devices, such as your phone or tablet, so that you can share content between the screens.

Sound While picture quality and the thinness of televisions has vastly improved in recent times, it may have come at the expense of great quality sound produced by the TV itself. Many are now opting for external sound systems, such as sound bars or home cinema systems. Surround sound systems will fill your room with great quality sound which will give you a more immersive experience as you watch your favourite TV show or movie. Sound bars are long bars which can be placed beneath your TV or can be fixed to a wall or left free-standing. Many come as wireless options, so you don’t have to worry about cables. Home cinema systems have both front and back facing speakers which will make you feel like you really are at the cinema.

Extras Saorview gives you access to free Irish channels, as well as some free UK channels when you buy certain products. Some Smart TVs have

access to Saorview but you can also buy a box or just access an existing aerial which will allow you to connect to the channels. A package such as Sky will give you access to Sky TV channels including RTÉ, Virgin Media, TG4, BBC and Channel 4, as well as access to Netflix, YouTube, RTÉ Player, Virgin Media Player and All4. You can also pay for additional sports and movie channels. Smart TVs only come with a select number of applications, however you can purchase NOW TV which gives you a full range of streaming apps, including access to Sky Originals, Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, US comedies and HBO dramas, Netflix, YouTube, as well as catch-up players.

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Internet Smart TVs allow you to connect to



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All Cork Driveways install all types of tarmac, gravel, tar & chip and bitumen & chip driveways, roadways and parking areas. All the work we do is overseen directly by us which means that each and every job is done to the highest standard possible. With over 30 years experience in delivering high quality tarmac driveways across Cork and county, you’re in good hands when you choose All Cork Driveways. We have a large range of machinery capable of tackling all sizes of tarmac driveways and are confident that we can deliver you a perfect tarmac installation each and every time.

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• All aspects of tree work FIREWOOD • KILN dried birch 1.17 cubic metre pallets • Air dried ash 1.17 cubic metre pallets • Air dried sycamore/beech mix • Air dried softwood • Natural firelighters | kindling Prices ex yard but FREE local delivery, delivering on a weekly basis.

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Bantry and Clonakilty Credit Unions Are you dreaming of making your nest bigger, brighter or warmer? Well the answer might be just around the corner!

BANTRY CREDIT UNION Phone: (027) 50535 www.bantrycu.ie CLONAKILTY CREDIT UNION Phone: (023) 88 33842 www.clonakiltycreditunion.ie

IMAGINE MORE Loans are subject to approval. Terms and conditions apply. If you do not meet the repayments on your loan, your account will go into arrears. This may affect your credit rating which may limit your ability to access credit in the future. Bantry Credit Union Limited and Clonakilty Credit Union Limited are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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‘Selling bark mulch products for 33 years’ Riverstick Bark Mulch

• Beautifully composted, matured, screened bark • Variety of grades available • No one can match our quality • Available bagged or loose • Buy direct from source at half the price

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