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Changing Lives One Smile at A Time – Another Success Story...

Many Dentists and Many Years Later


Atlanta woman gets the smile she deserves

ots of kids fall off their bikes. Usually all it takes is a Band-Aid and a hug from mom to make things right. That wasn’t the case for Atlanta resident Juliette Shivers. “I fractured my front tooth and damaged a nerve in a bike accident as a child,” Juliette recalls. “Unfortunately, I had to deal with the consequences for decades.” A titanium rod was implanted to shore up the broken tooth. But the repair was not satisfactory in terms of function, comfort or esthetics. Juliette struggled for years. She experienced pain while chewing, was uncomfortable smiling and was often teased. (“The tooth basically looked like a piece of corn,” she recalls.)

Feeling desperate

Atlanta area, as well as by celebrities, sports figures and media personalities across the U.S. and beyond. Dr. Goldstein and his colleagues often see patients whom other dentists have been unable to assist. They welcome the challenge and the opportunity to make a difference. “I only wish I’d met Dr. Goldstein 15 years ago,” says Juliette. “He is truly the best – not only very professional but very down to earth and easy to talk to.”

Team approach Creating the beautiful smile that had eluded Juliette required several stages. The first was a process to repair damage caused by receding gums. The next step involved improving the shape and positioning of her lower teeth. GG&S orthodontist Dr. Maurice Salama fitted her with Invisalign®, often referred to as invisible braces. “Invisalign uses custom trays made of smooth, invisible plastic that are worn over the teeth,” Dr. Salama explains. “Approximately every two weeks the patient gets a new set of trays, which gently – and painlessly – straighten the teeth.” The process is especially popular among adults who don’t want the distraction and stigma of traditional braces. “We see many Baby Boomers whose lower teeth have become crowded, sometimes because they failed to wear their retainers

In 1972 Juliette, who currently works as an interior designer, moved to Atlanta. Determined to finally get the help she needed, she searched for a new dentist. The specialist assured Juliette he could match the color and make other improvements to the poorly repaired truth. But neither he, nor several other dentists she tried subsequently, succeeded. “The last one I saw – who was quite well-known – tried ten times to match the color, but the lab couldn’t get it correct.” At this point Juliette was starting to feel desperate. Although he could not help her, this dentist left Juliette with a glimmer of hope. “He suggested I see Dr. Ronald Goldstein and said he was probably the only one who could handle my situation.” Dr. Goldstein is senior partner at Goldstein, Garber & Salama (GG&S). The Atlanta-based practice was founded 83 years ago by Dr. Goldstein’s father, Dr. Irving Goldstein. He is also the author of the bestselling consumer guide to cosmetic dentistry, Change Your Smile. GG&S dentists offer routine care as well as the full range of esthetic and restorative procedures. They are in demand in the dr. ronald e. goldstein, dr. maurice A. Salama and Dr. David A. Garber. 8

Profile for Southern Seasons Magazine

Southern Seasons Magazine Holiday 2012 - Cover 1  

First cover of Southern Seasons Magazine Holiday/Winter 2012-13 issue on newsstands December 2012.

Southern Seasons Magazine Holiday 2012 - Cover 1  

First cover of Southern Seasons Magazine Holiday/Winter 2012-13 issue on newsstands December 2012.