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Litter Cuddle Clones Anchors Aweigh!

Waggo puts a nautical spin on playtime with these durable rubber chew toys, both bright and buoyant. Non-toxic; phthalates and BPA free. $15 each; $24 per set.

Proud parents of fur babies are sure to love Cuddle Clones, custom-made stuffed animals that capture the unique likeness of one’s pet. Submit photos of the pet, and in several weeks an exact replica arrives at the door. The company, based in Louisville, Ken., gives a portion of every purchase to animal shelters, pet adoption services and other pet charities. $179 and up.

Happy Trails Soak up the sun and have some fun on these dog-friendly trails recommended by David York of Barking Hound Village: Sweetwater Creek State Park, just outside the perimeter, boasts a network of hiking trails along a whitewater-filled creek; Morningside Nature Preserve comes complete with a “dog beach” on South Peachtree Creek; and West Palisades Trail, winding along the Chattahoochee River, offers a shallow mid-hike swim on Rottenwood Creek.


Unlike conventional dog life jackets, the HedzUp Pets Watercollar™ is designed to keep a dog’s nose and ears above water, even if unconscious. The collar hangs loosely away from the neck for ease of movement out of the water. In the water, the straps position the flotation device under the dog’s chin – allowing for easy treading or a panic-free swim to safety. $39-$55.


Summer 2016  
Summer 2016