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Erica Wagner suffered a traumatic brain injury from a car accident when she was 20 years old. Her rehabilitation was facilitated by Shepherd Center and Andee’s Army.

“As you can see, we have made great progress. All of these wonderful accomplishments we completely credit to Shepherd’s Beyond Therapy program and Andee’s Army, through which all was made possible. Because of your donors’ generosity, Erica will return to live a full, productive and independent life…of this we have no doubts.” – the wagner family Gina & Greg, ERICA, and siblings Megan, Jessica & Devon


rica Wagner was in a near-fatal car accident in August of 2013. She was partially ejected from the driver-side window with her seat belt still on. She suffered an open head fracture on the right side, as well as diffuse axonal injury to several parts of her brain. After six months at four hospitals plus an additional six months of out-patient therapies, Erica’s traumatic brain injury (TBI) had left her with numerous physical impairments. She had tremors in her left arm and hand, ataxia in her trunk, spasticity in both legs, and coordination and severe balance issues. Forward progress was not occurring so Erica’s family reached out to the Shepherd Center for its expertise. She began Beyond Therapy at Shepherd Center five days a week for two hours a day. Improvement was seen almost immediately, as Erica, a soccer player since she was four years old, was pushed to her fullest potential and beyond. Five weeks later, the Wagner family headed back home to Hudson, Ohio. Last spring, Erica achieved another milestone: she returned to college, majoring in communications at Kent State University. She retired her walker for a cane, and recently amazed her family by walking unassisted down the street and back. She continues to work hard with her personal trainer and physical therapy team on her mobility, with each day full of promise. Inspired by the peer mentoring program at Shepherd Center, Erica hopes to encourage others as a TBI survivor. Southern Seasons Magazine


Summer 2016  
Summer 2016