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Louise Bourgeois: Maman.

The museum’s entrance features Nancy Schon’s bronze piece Tortoise and Hare. 118

sculpture-punctuated Art Trail that connects the museum acreage to downtown Bentonville. Trace the trail about a mile into town and you’ll find a cultural and culinary renaissance in progress. Thanks to becoming an unlikely art destination, Bentonville – a supremely walkable charmer bursting with flower beds – boasts a growing population, new galleries, and an assortment of hip restaurants. Launched in 2013 at a corner of the town square, 2lc Museum Hotel is the third property in a rapidly growing chain, an uncommon venue that is both a buzz-stirring boutique hotel with a hot restaurant – Chef Matthew McClure’s The Hive – and a gathering of works by 21stcentury artists. It’s a collection you can view around the clock in the restaurant and bar, on elevators, in hallways and restrooms, on the roof and sidewalk. In the mix, sculpted from recycled plastic, is a whimsical platoon of migrating fourfoot penguins that may turn up anywhere at all. Including, rumor has it, in your shower. The hotel is hard to miss, thanks to some of

Summer 2016  
Summer 2016